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Essay on Mobile Phone for Students [100, 150, 250, 400 Words]

Essay on Mobile Phone: Mobile Phone is a wonderful gift of science. In this article, you are going to learn to write an essay on Mobile Phone in English (100, 150, 250 and 400 Words). So, let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Essay on Mobile Phone: 100 Words

The mobile phone is one of the greatest gifts of modern science. It is also called cell phone or smart phone.  It is a great medium of communication. In earlier times mobile phones were used only for communication. But now-a-days a mobile phone is used as an entertainment device. We can use it for watching videos, listening to music, capturing pictures, web browsing, calculating, navigating and many more purposes.

The mobile phone has many advantages but we should use it in moderation. Excessive use of mobile phones can affect our physical and mental health. Students often misuse it and their study is affected badly. We should use our mobile phones very wisely.

Essay on Mobile Phone in English

Mobile Phone Essay: 150 Words

The mobile phone is a miracle of science. From a minor student to an ordinary Worker, everyone possesses a cell phone. Indeed, this is a very popular item today. It is truly, a mark of modern living, a part of the modern life-style. Of course, its usefulness is undeniable. Now a man can have communication anywhere, anytime to anyone sitting thousands of kilometers from him.

Today it is not only a communication device. It can be used for a number of purposes like online ticket booking, navigation, playing video games, taking pictures, recording videos, web browsing, video calling etc. In fact, now we use mobile phone for taking online classes. Hence it is called a Smart Phone. At the same time, the excessive craze for this is not desirable and may even prove dangerous. Mobile phone is to be taken as an utility service, and not as a show-piece.

Mobile Phone Essay in English

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Essay on Mobile Phone: 250 Words

A mobile phone or cell phone is a hand-held portable radiophone that uses the cellular or satellite network for voice or data communication. Unlike landline phones, which are fixed, mobile phones can be easily carried, and one can contact a person anywhere whether at home, on the bus, in street, or in a meeting. Apart from talking, it can be used for sending SMS, e-mail and for taking photos and videos.

High-end mobiles act as mini computers, offering services like internet, diary, music, iPod, calculator, alarm clock, etc. It is extremely useful in emergencies. But there is a tendency to abuse it. To many, it is an Addiction rather than a necessity. A cell phone ringing in an auditorium is most annoying. Using a mobile phone while driving a car or a motorbike and crossing a road or a railway track had led to many accidents.

Teleshopping is a great nuisance. Privacy is often violated, as most mobile users are unaware that they could be photographed or tracked. Terrorists use this gadget to trigger bombs and achieve their ends. Mobiles can also cause health hazards. The radiations from mobiles may cause injury to the brain. Cellphones on vibration mode put in front pocket may damage the heartbeat system. With all its advantages, what is, therefore, needed is moderation in the use of mobile phones.

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Essay on Mobile Phones: 400 Words

When telephone was first introduced in the world in the 1950s, people were keenly interested in it. As an easier way of communication, telephone has its own merit. Of late, the introduction of mobiles makes an easy access to communication. It is in fact inevitable in the present day of hurry and business. People have warmly accepted mobiles as the blessing of science. There is little doubt that without the use of mobiles none is nowadays able to lead one’s life quite normally. One is capable of communicating with people, staying far away very quickly. Thus many a problem can be well- solved by way of using these mobiles.

But everything has its merit and demerit. As science is a bane as well as a boon, mobiles are to some extent to be cursed. People, especially the young generation, have been abusing mobiles. They not only chat in an unexpected way but also indulge themselves in leading immoral life by abusing mobiles. Apart from this, several mercenary companies exploit the advantage of mobiles to meet their selfish ends. They do business through mobiles. As a result, young people have been misguided. To use mobiles is for them to be up to date. They avail themselves of the opportunity of the internet connection in their mobiles and do whatever they like to do. Obscene video clippings and some other versions of immoral entertainment are now available in mobiles. Therefore, the students have now tremendous fascination for the mobiles. Consequently, instead of studying, concentrate on using mobiles for sheer fun.

Another demerit is that because of the excessive use of the mobiles different companies plunge themselves into doing profitable business. Consequently, numerous towers have been erected for the network of mobiles. It is well known that a particular wave which is responsible for the mobile network does harm to the ecological balance of the environment. It is evident in the pale colors of the trees and fruits adjacent to the mobile towers.

Thus, it is the time to be conscious of the abuse of the mobiles. The concerned authority should take immediate steps to stop immoral business which is proliferating in abusing mobiles. All should remember that the sole purpose of mobile is to communicate. Entertainment may be available in the network of mobiles. But there should be no immoral design. Above all, the government should restrict the use of mobiles, so much so that anti-social activities may not be done through mobiles.

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Essay on Mobile Phone: 100 Words, 300 Words, 500 Words


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essay on my mobile phone

Mobile Phones are portable electronic devices used to make calls, browse the internet, click pictures, and do several other tasks. However, the mobile phones discovered in the early 1970s were quite different from the compact and slim devices we use today. Cell phones were invented by John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola in 1973.

my cell phone essay

As modern humans, we all use mobile phones for our day-to-day functioning. At academic and higher education levels, students are given the task of writing an essay on mobile phones. An essay on mobile phones requires a comprehensive and detailed study of their history, major developments and the purposes it serve. In this article, we have provided essays on mobile phones for class 6,7,8.9, 10, and 12th standard students. Students can refer to these sample essays on mobile phones to write their own. Keep reading to find out essays on mobile phones and some fun facts about the device.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Sample Essay on Mobile Phone (100 Words)
  • 2 Sample Essay on Mobile Phone (300 words)
  • 3 Sample Essay on Mobile Phone (500 words)
  • 4 Essay on Mobile Phone: 5+ Facts About Smartphones

Sample Essay on Mobile Phone (100 Words)

Mobile phones are also known as cell phones or smartphones. It is a revolutionary technology that can connect people even from a distance. A smartphone can be used to call, text, click photos, send photos, manage calendars, calculate things, browse the internet, play music, watch movies, or simply use social media. Even banking activities can be done by using a smartphone. To this day and date, almost everyone is a mobile phone user. Although mobile phones are not recommended for children, it is a versatile tool that can be used by a student of any age.  Hence, it has become a significant part of everyday life.

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Sample Essay on Mobile Phone (300 words)

In the modern world, a smartphone is a necessity. Human beings have become dependent on devices to do their important work. The reason is, mobile phones have several applications that make the daily life of the user easier. It is no longer a luxury to own a mobile phone. The prices have gone down so much that an average middle-class person can afford it. It is the most important and affordable tool available in the market.

An average mobile phone can perform several tasks. Starting with connecting people at a distance through calls or texts to playing games. For example, a Nokia 1100 can have applications that can assist in calls, texting, listening to the radio, playing games, calendars, and more. A more advanced mobile phone such as an Android device or an iPhone can connect the device to the internet and open up plenty of possibilities. That is, on a smartphone along with the basic functions customers can send emails, and use social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and X.  

Along with the advantages, a mobile phone comes with disadvantages too. However, the disadvantages of a smartphone are less based on the device. It is more related to how a user used the device. It can cause health problems such as poor eyesight, and sleep disruption. Aside from this, being excessively dependent on the phone can result in social isolation and less productivity.

Mobile Phone is an excellent device that can perform several functions for a user. Due to its advantages, it has become an indispensable tool in the modern world. However, with its benefits comes the cons. A user should not be too dependent on a smartphone. It can result in health problems, social isolation, and less productivity. 

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Sample Essay on Mobile Phone (500 words)

Mobile Phone is a portable telephone that performs a variety of functions for its users. The smartphone can be used to text, call, watch movies, listen to music, and even use social media applications. This cellular device has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, most of the disadvantages of a mobile phone circle around its overuse or misuse. The price of a mobile phone can vary between INR 2000 to $48.5 million based on the model and brand. 

Mobile phones have several advantages. For this reason, it has become a modern-day necessity. Some of the advantages of mobile phones are listed below:
The main reason why anyone would purchase a mobile phone is to make calls. Smartphones make it easy for a user to communicate with another user. Be it video calls, normal calls, or texting it can all be done on a mobile phone.
Browsing the Internet:
The Internet makes it easier to access information at your fingertips. A mobile phone user can use the internet to browse the internet, and even use applications that run on the internet. Thus, it can help a user to listen to music, watch movies, send emails, manage social accounts are more.  Furthermore, it also helps users to make online payments
Performing Business
Several established businesses use marketing strategies to promote their products and services. These are done with the help of the Internet. Mobile phone users can use social media accounts to promote their products and services. It also enables users to engage with other businesses.
Learning Applications
A variety of applications available on cellular devices help users to learn and grow. For example, educational materials such as online courses are available on these platforms/

There are several disadvantages to using mobile phones. Some of them are listed below:
Social Isolation
People are more interested in mobile phones than actually communicating with others face-to-face. Hence, mobile phones have created a time when people are connected and disconnected at the same time.
Lack of Productivity
Mobile phones have become so engrossing that it has resulted in smartphone addiction.  Being on the device for too long can make a person be in the virtual world more, and not in the real world. Thus, making a person unproductive.
Health Problems 
Smartphone addiction can result in disrupted sleep, poor eyesight, bad posture, depression, and other health ailments.  Hence, using mobile phones for a long duration is bad for a person’s health.
Lack of Privacy
Mobile phones can compromise the privacy of their users. Anyone can access information about any person. Moreover, viruses, phishing attacks, etc. can result in loss of data.

A mobile phone has its pros and cons. Smartphones can perform several functions and have made life easier for humans. The limited use of mobile phones can be incredibly useful.  The importance of mobile phones can’t be denied in today’s world. However, using the devices for too long can result in several health ailments and social isolation. 

Essay on Mobile Phone: 5+ Facts About Smartphones

Here we have listed some of the interesting facts about smartphones. These facts can be added to the ‘essay on mobile phones’ to make it more interesting. Below are the 5 interesting facts about smartphones:

  • The most expensive smartphone in the world is the Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond. It is worth  $48.5 million.
  • The cheapest mobile phone in the world is the Freedom 251. It just cost INR 251.
  • Apple is the world’s most popular smartphone
  • The first phone greeting was “Ahoy-hoy, who’s calling please?” 
  • The first smartphone was invented by IBM. It was released by IBM in 1994. The original screen name of the 1st smartphone was “Simon.” 
  • The first text message in the world was ‘Merry Christmas’

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A mobile phone system gets its name from diving the service into small cells. Each of these cells has a base station with a useful range in the order of a kilometre/mile.

Mobile phones have become extremely important due to the ease of communication it has brought about. Moreover, it can perform several major tasks easily and effectively. For example, a calculator. Aside from this mobile phones can help a user connect to the internet, and use social media applications, and other applications. Mobile phones can even assist in online payment. 

The full form or the meaning of a Moble is Modified, Operation, Byte, Integration, Limited, Energy”. John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola discovered the device in 1973. An essay on mobile phones can include the mobile phone full form.

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Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lifestyle. There are several advantages and disadvantages of having a smartphone. However, the pros outweigh the cons. A mobile phone essay can be written by including both the advantages and disadvantages. To discover more articles like this one, consult the study abroad expert at Leverage Edu.

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  • Mobile Phone Essay in English for Students


Essay on Mobile Phone for Students

What is an essay? An essay is a write-up from one’s perspective or jotting down one’s thoughts in one place regarding any topic. Writing an essay helps one to develop their writing skills and inculcate creativity in their writing. Likewise, all the parents should teach their kids how to write an essay. 

For your convenience, we have provided a sample essay on ‘Mobile Phone’ in the following. Take a glance through the article so that it becomes easy for you to teach how to write an essay effortlessly.

Mobile Phone

In the era of technical advancement, mobile phones play a very significant role. Technology has made our life quite easier. Life without a mobile phone seems to be quite impossible these days. Precisely, we become handicapped without a phone in hand.

Speaking of mobile phones, it is also referred to as ‘cellular phone’ or ‘smartphone’. Martin Cooper of Motorola produced the first handheld mobile phone call on a prototype DynaTAC model on 3 April 1973. 

Earlier it was only used for calling. But these days, everything is possible through a mobile phone. From sending a message to video calling, internet browsing, photography to video games, emailing and a lot more services can be availed through this handheld phone. 

Advantages of Using Mobile Phones

There are several advantages to using a mobile phone. Here are some provided in the following. 

Helps to Communicate:

Life is easier with mobiles. It helps you to communicate with your near and dear ones through calls, video chats, text messages, emails. Apart from that, it helps you to book a cab, show the map direction, order groceries and many more things. The main advantage of having a mobile is it helps to keep you connected with the entire world irrespective of your location.

A Medium of Entertainment:

With the advent of mobile, now you will be able to get entertained wherever you are. Now the world of entertainment is available just a click away, such as you can watch movies, listen to music, or watch your favorite sports or browse on social media networks etc. 

Mobile Banking:

Can you imagine doing all of your banking transactions and other relevant work through your cell phone? Yes, now everything is possible with the advancement of technology. Be it making a quick payment or transferring money to your family or checking the transaction history or accessing the bank accounts, everything is possible with just a tap of your button. So, it is quite efficient and saves a lot of your precious time.

Office Work Through Mobile:

These days mobiles are used for different types of official work such as scheduling meetings, giving presentations, sending and receiving important documents, applying for jobs, etc. Mobiles have become an essential device in every working person’s life.

Disadvantages of Using Mobile Phones

Creating distance:

While mobile phones claim to connect people and help to communicate with each other, the irony here is that it is creating more distance between people. Nowadays people are more hooked on their phones. So, they mostly spend their time browsing social media or texting each other rather than meeting and talking face to face. 

No Privacy:

These days one of the major concerns is losing one’s privacy through mobile usage. Now anyone could easily access all the important information related to you with just one tap. Not only your information, information about your family, friends, personal life, career, everything is pretty easily accessible. 

Waste of a Lot of Time and Money:

Time and money both are precious in everyone’s life. As the utilization of mobile phones is increasing day by day, the waste of time and money is also increasing gradually. People are becoming addicted to their phones, be it surfing the internet or playing games or checking social media. Besides, the smarter a phone becomes, the more money people spend to buy that phone instead of spending the money on something useful.


FAQs on Mobile Phone Essay in English for Students

1. What is essay writing?

An essay is a piece of writing that expresses the author's point of view; yet, the definition is ambiguous, merging with those of a letter, a paper, an article, a pamphlet, and a short fiction. Formal and casual essays have typically been divided into two categories. The formal essay has a serious objective, dignity, logical organization, and length, whereas the informal essay has a personal element, humor, graceful language, rambling structure, unconventionality or freshness of theme," and so on.

Literary critique, political manifestos, academic arguments, observations of daily life, recollections, and reflections of the author are all popular uses for essays. Although almost all modern essays are written in prose, compositions in verse have often been labeled as essays. While an essay is typically defined by its brevity, works such as John Locke's An Essay Concerning Human Understanding and Thomas Malthus's An Essay on the Principle of Population are exceptions. To garner more information, click here.

2. Give a brief overview of mobile phones and their history.

Mobile phones are quite important in this age of technological growth. Our lives have been made much easier by technological advancements. These days, life appears to be impossible without a cell phone. Without a phone in our hands, we become disabled.

When it comes to mobile phones, they're also known as 'cellular phones' or smartphones.' On April 3, 1973, Motorola's Martin Cooper made the first handheld mobile phone call on a prototype DynaTAC device.

It was formerly only used for calling. However, nowadays, everything is possible via a mobile phone. This handheld phone can do anything from sending a message to video calling, internet browsing, photography, video games, and emailing, among other things.

3. What are some advantages of using mobile phones?

Using a mobile phone has several benefits. The following are a few suggestions.

Aids in Communication:

Mobile phones make life easier. It allows you to contact your loved ones via phone conversations, video chats, text messages, and emails. Apart from that, it assists you in booking a cab, displaying map directions, ordering groceries, and a variety of other tasks. The biggest benefit of owning a mobile phone is that it allows you to stay connected to the rest of the world regardless of where you are.

An Entertainment Medium:

With the introduction of mobile phones, you may now be amused wherever you are. The world of entertainment is now just a click away, with options such as watching movies, listening to music, watching your favorite sports or browsing social media networks.

4. State some of the drawbacks of using mobile phones.

Some of the drawbacks of using mobile phones are:

Creating a buffer:

While mobile phones claim to connect people and make it easier for them to interact, the irony is that they create more distance between them. People nowadays are more reliant on their phones. As a result, they choose to spend their time on social media or texting instead of meeting and talking face to face.

There is no privacy:

One of the major issues these days is losing one's privacy due to cell phone usage. With just one swipe, anyone may now readily access all of your vital information. Not only is your information easily accessible, but so is information about your family, friends, personal life, and work.

A waste of time and money:

In everyone's life, time and money are both quite valuable. As the number of people using mobile phones grows, so does the amount of time and money spent on them.

5. How is an essay writing useful to students?

Writing essays help students develop important abilities and functions in their education, making them more useful. One, writing essays allows students to practice and improve abilities that they can apply throughout their academic careers and into their careers. For example, one can improve their reading and writing skills, as well as their capacity to think, organize thoughts, and communicate effectively.

Two, it enables pupils to develop a formal and orderly writing style that reliably conveys information. Three, it aids in the organization of your thoughts on what you are learning, the development of vocabulary, and the development of a distinct writing style. Get free study materials through the Vedantu app and website.

83 Cell Phone Essay Topics & Examples

If you’re willing to explore the pros and cons of mobile devices, you need to find a good cell phone topic. Read this list of ideas for argumentative essays, research papers, and speeches prepared by our team.

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👍 good cell phone essay topics, ❓ questions about cell phones for research paper.

  • Economic Analysis of the Cell Phone Oligopoly Generally, the ability of the firm to dominate the market and have probability of control is determined by the economies of scale.
  • The Cellphone: The History and Technology of the Gadget that Changed the World This paper reviews the book The cellphone: the history and technology of the gadget that changed the world by Guy Klemens.
  • Technology Impact: 24 Hours Without My Cell Phone I use my laptop extensively as I am a student and do most of my academic work with the help of this tool.
  • Banning Cell Phone Use in Moving Vehicles Of course, some people will disagree and say.”Use of cell phones while driving is the same as talking to a passenger in a car”.
  • Use of Cell Phones in Public Schools and Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in Public Schools The following themes are included: the patterns of cell phone use in public schools; the benefits and drawbacks of using cell phones in class; the Massachusetts cell phone policy; and possible methods to solve the […]
  • A Literature Review on Night Cell Phone Use in Adolescents In that regard, the problem lies in listing confirmed adverse health outcomes of night cell phone use and linking them to a potentially helpful intervention of cell phone use restrictions.
  • Digital Cell Phone Inc.’s Regression Analysis By taking a look at the trend in sales of the past 36 months I was able to apply the least square regression method and come up with the following equation which would allow me […]
  • Analyzing Smart Blackberry Cell Phone The quality of services it renders the users and the advancement of its features will form the feasibility study in the aim of trying to compare it with related computerized mobile devices.
  • Importance of Development of the Cellphone In the process of product development, it is highly recommended for MM distribute cell phones among a small group of potential consumers and ask them to provide feedback on it.
  • Cell Phone Information and Investigation In conclusion, cell phone data can give a lot of information to the investigator about the cell phone owner, who can then simplify the investigation process.
  • Cell Phone Privacy and the Constitution In this chapter, the authors investigate the concept of privacy and whether government employers’ warrantless searches may be considered reasonable and justified.
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  • Cell Phone Unlocking in the USA Phone unlocking is now a thing of the past in the United States of America. If the infringement of this law was done for commercial gain, it is considered a criminal act and is associated […]
  • Cell Phone Use and Our Ability to Build Quality Interpersonal Relationships To be more precise, using a cell phone may have a positive effect on many relationships but, of course, only if the cell phones are not used inappropriately or excessively.
  • What Makes Ultimate Cell Phone Cover Different From Other Products? The device is conveniently clear which makes it possible for the user to browse the different features of the device with ease.
  • Ban on Drivers Cell Phone Use However, truck drivers are known to have accidents for a number of other reasons also and will we see laws that ban the movement of trucks.
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  • Customer Loyalty in Prepaid Cell Phone Industry The main business focus should be on customer retention and continuous buying by customers, hence in the end organizations will ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Prepaid Cell Phone: Design and Development for AT&T As per field experts, a product is an item that can be put up for sale in the market for grabbing the attention, achievement, utilization, or consumption and would be capable of meeting the needs […]
  • Cell Phone Trends in China, Japan, the US In the research for the demographical differences for the substantial usage of technology in China, Japan, and the United States, it will be necessary to ask the question: “what are the driving forces that entice […]
  • Trends in Cell Phone Market: Data Collection In the constitution, the act of law provides the right of privacy, which may be used to bar data collectors from data access.
  • Cell Phone Use and Driving: Mian vs. City of Ottawa However, the judge considers the disclosure of the disciplinary records to be irrelevant to the case. However, the Crown specifically stated that the disclosure of these records is not relevant to the case without O’Connor’s […]
  • Cell Phone Use While Driving: Policy Analysis Therefore, in a public policy debate, proponents of regulation would argue that per capita healthcare savings and resulting QALY measures are significant enough to justify a ban on the use of private cellphones in driving […]
  • The Supreme Court Saves Cell Phone Privacy From the article, it is clear that the government advanced an argument that police officers need to be given the power to search cellphones because of the long-established exception to the Fourth Amendment, which makes […]
  • Cell Phone Radiofrequency Signal’s Health Effects Therefore, the authors of the study come to the conclusion that there is no connection between the risk of the development of tumors and the exploitation of cell phones.
  • Cell Phone Use in Driving and Recommended Policies Auditory, when on phone, drivers shift their focus to the sound of the phone instead of listening to the adjoining atmosphere on the road.
  • Technologies: Amateur Film vs. Cell Phone Photography An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the two forms of photography concludes the paper. Cellphone and film cameras have apertures that regulate the quantity of light passing to the sensor and film, respectively.
  • Technology Issues: Cell Phone Effects My claim is that cell phones have no impact on people’s health because it is supported by a number of researches, in particular on the psychological influence of cell phones on pregnant women and the […]
  • Cell Phone as an Indispensable Companion It has brought a variety of innovative things for the user and to a substantial extent affected the way people relate in the globe.
  • Cause and Effect of Cell Phone Usage Among High School Students from U.S. and Middle East A stratified random sampling will be used to divide the classes into strata from which a simple random sample of 20 students will then be selected from each class following the respective classes’ register which […]
  • Innovations in the Cell Phone Industry and Sustainability The cell phone industry makes products that are friendly to the environment and develops mobile applications that can help in enhancing environmental sustainability.
  • Chinese-American Cell Phone Price Negotiations Some of the benefits of having a third party intervention are to create an enhancing environment and a platform of communication between the two parties.
  • Cell Phone Usage at Al Ittihad Model School Among Male Students After the finalization of data entry from the selected samples, the next step will be analysis of the data using descriptive statistics to determine the accuracy of the research objectives and hypotheses.
  • Effects and Causes of Cell Phone Usage Among Male It will specifically determine the various factors that may cause the use of cell phones among the male students, and how the use can affect the students in the several possible ways ranging from psychological […]
  • Cell Phone Industry in the USA Cell phone industry is indeed one of the most developed sector in the modern world considering the fact that, cell phones are currently in use in almost all parts of the world.
  • “The Cellphone: The History and Technology of the Gadget That Changed the World” by Guy Klemens In order to bring the reader into the same level of understanding, the author has tackled the introductory topics on the bandwidth and radio systems and how the latter two concepts influenced the development of […]
  • Can Cell Phones Close Digital Divide? On the other hand, there has been concern as to whether, radiofrequency energy from cell phones pose a cancer risk to cell phone users.
  • The Effect of Cellphones and Internet on Teenagers From one point of view, it is possible to see that texting and using other features of a cell phone have become detrimental, but at the same time, there are some advantages to the communication […]
  • Cell Phone Magnifier Market Cell phone manufacturers are now taking advantage of the exploding market of the aging Baby Boomers. Cell phone magnifiers are meant to cater for the needs of a special segment of the mobile phone users.
  • Drivers Use of Cell Phones While Vehicles Are in Motion Should Not Be Prohibited However, many scholars and government agencies have argued that, the use of cell phones while driving “increases the risk of traffic collisions, property damage, injuries, and fatalities” This concern however, has made many policymakers to […]
  • Why Some People Choose Not to Carry Cellphones Thus, most of the times people who do not want to be victims of robbery go about their daily activities without their cellphones in order to limit their vulnerability to robberies.
  • Is Using Cell Phone Dangerous? Research has further shown that “the side of the brain that is exposed to the ionizing radiations from the cell phone metabolizes more glucose than other parts that are not exposed to it”.
  • A Theoretical Analysis of the Act of Cell Phone Texting While Driving The past decade has seen the cell phone become the most common communication gadget in the world, and the US has one of the highest rates of cell phone use.
  • Drivers of Automobiles Should Be Prohibited From Using Cellular Phones While Driving When a driver is utilizing a hand-held or hands-free cellular phone at the same time as driving, she or he should dedicate part of their concentration to operating the handset and sustaining the phone discussion […]
  • Should People Be Banned From Using Cell Phones When Driving? Why or Why Not? Many people have blamed the cell phones to the current high increases in the number of road accidents witnessed worldwide, while others argue that the use of mobile phones while driving is not wholly to […]
  • The Dangers of Using Cell Phone While Driving The authors further note the subsequent increase in the count of persons conversing on cell phones while driving unaware of the risks they pose to themselves and their passengers.
  • An Analysis of the Use of Cell Phones While Driving The first theory is the theory of mass society, and the second theory is the theory of the culture industry. The theory of mass society states that, popular culture is an intrinsic expression of the […]
  • The Use of the Cell Phone While Driving Indeed, many of the culprits of this dangerous practice are teens and the youth, ordinarily the most ardent expressers of popular culture in a society.
  • Should Drivers of Automobiles Be Prohibited From Using Cellular Phones? Although all have the right to utilize the technology to the maximum, the situation or the environment that one is in significantly determines whether he/she has the right to use it. Use of cellular phones […]
  • On Becoming a Cell Phone Junkie Although I must admit that cell phones have earned their merits as essential tools of existence in the new millennium, I do not subscribe to the idea that my life should depend on it.
  • How to Control Mobile Phone Addiction?
  • Why Is Cell Phone Radiation Harmful?
  • Should Cell Phone Usage Improve Our Social?
  • Why Has the Cell Phone Become a Staple in Modern World?
  • How Do Cell and Cell Phone Impact Modern Education?
  • Should Cell Phone Use Be Allowed While Driving?
  • Are Cell Phone Laws in the U.S. Effective in Reducing Fatal Crashes Involving Young Drivers?
  • Why Is Cell Phone Ban a Bad Idea?
  • Should You Worry About Cell Phone, Cellular Antenna, and WI-Fi Device Radiation?
  • How Did Cell Phones Have to Impact the World?
  • Does Cell Phone Make People’s Lives Bring Lots of Harmful?
  • How Has Cell Phone Use Become a Subculture?
  • Are Handheld Cell Phone and Texting Bans Effective in Reducing Fatalities?
  • How Might Cell Phone Money Change the Financial System?
  • Are Modern People Computer and Cell Phone Addicted?
  • Can Cell Phone Cause Brain Tumors?
  • Should Cell Phones Be Allowed to Use in Classroom?
  • What Does Cause Cell Phone Radiation and How Does It Affect Your Body?
  • When Will Society Hang Up on Cell Phone Rudeness?
  • Why Banning the Use of Cell Phones Should Be Mandatory Nationwide?
  • Is It Possible to Have a Negative Impact of Mobile Phone Use on the Average per Capita Share in the Short Term?
  • How Does 4G/3G/2G Switching Work?
  • What Is the Relationship Between the Mobile Phone Usage Pattern and Financial Decision?
  • How to Measure Mobile Phone Radiation in Poultry?
  • What Are the Mobile Phone-Based Applications Useful for Agricultural Research?
  • Are There Any Adverse Effects of Radiation From the Mobile Phone Towers?
  • How Are Students Using Mobile Phones for Learning?
  • Are We Becoming a Mobile/Smartphone Driven Nation?
  • Can Mobile Phones Transmit Diseases?
  • What Are Some of the Problems Caused by Mobile Phones?
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  • Chicago (A-D)
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IvyPanda. (2024, February 23). 83 Cell Phone Essay Topics & Examples. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/cell-phone-essay-examples/

"83 Cell Phone Essay Topics & Examples." IvyPanda , 23 Feb. 2024, ivypanda.com/essays/topic/cell-phone-essay-examples/.

IvyPanda . (2024) '83 Cell Phone Essay Topics & Examples'. 23 February.

IvyPanda . 2024. "83 Cell Phone Essay Topics & Examples." February 23, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/cell-phone-essay-examples/.

1. IvyPanda . "83 Cell Phone Essay Topics & Examples." February 23, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/cell-phone-essay-examples/.


IvyPanda . "83 Cell Phone Essay Topics & Examples." February 23, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/cell-phone-essay-examples/.


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114 Cell Phone Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Inside This Article

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives, affecting various aspects of society, culture, and personal interactions. With their widespread use, it is no surprise that cell phones have also become a popular topic for essays. Whether you are writing an essay for an academic assignment or simply want to explore the impact of cell phones on different areas, we have compiled a list of 114 cell phone essay topic ideas and examples to inspire your writing:

  • The evolution of cell phones: From bricks to smartphones.
  • The impact of cell phones on communication patterns in the 21st century.
  • How cell phones have transformed the way we interact with each other.
  • The pros and cons of cell phone usage in educational settings.
  • The role of cell phones in emergency situations.
  • The effects of excessive cell phone use on mental health.
  • Cell phones and distracted driving: A deadly combination.
  • The influence of cell phones on social relationships.
  • How cell phones have changed the way we shop.
  • The ethical implications of cell phone tracking and surveillance.
  • The impact of cell phones on workplace productivity.
  • The role of cell phones in political activism.
  • Cell phones and the digital divide: Access and inequality.
  • The effects of cell phone radiation on human health.
  • Cell phones and sleep disturbances: A growing concern.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of children owning cell phones.
  • Cell phones and cyberbullying: Addressing the dark side of connectivity.
  • The impact of cell phones on academic performance.
  • Cell phones as tools for empowerment in developing countries.
  • The portrayal of cell phones in popular culture and media.
  • The effects of cell phone addiction on personal relationships.
  • The influence of cell phones on the economy and business.
  • Cell phones and privacy: Balancing convenience with security.
  • The role of cell phones in disaster management and response.
  • The impact of cell phones on healthcare delivery and access.
  • Cell phones and cultural identity: How they shape our self-expression.
  • The effects of cell phone use on children's cognitive development.
  • Cell phones and environmental sustainability: E-waste and recycling.
  • The influence of cell phones on political participation and activism.
  • The ethics of using cell phones in educational settings.
  • The impact of cell phones on language and communication skills.
  • Cell phones and the decline of face-to-face interactions.
  • The effects of cell phone use on academic cheating and dishonesty.
  • Cell phones and the preservation of cultural heritage.
  • The role of cell phones in promoting access to information.
  • Cell phones and the decline of public phone booths.
  • The effects of cell phone use on memory and cognitive abilities.
  • Cell phones and democratization of media production and consumption.
  • The influence of cell phones on body image and self-esteem.
  • The impact of cell phones on the music industry.
  • Cell phones and the rise of digital nomads.
  • The effects of cell phone use on physical activity levels.
  • Cell phones and the gamification of everyday life.
  • The role of cell phones in fostering global connectivity.
  • The impact of cell phones on the tourism industry.
  • Cell phones and the transformation of news consumption.
  • The effects of cell phone use on driving skills and road safety.
  • Cell phones and the redefinition of public and private spaces.
  • The influence of cell phones on political campaigns and elections.
  • The future of cell phones: Trends and predictions.
  • Cell phones and the rise of online dating and relationships.
  • The effects of cell phone use on academic motivation and engagement.
  • Cell phones and the decline of traditional photography.
  • The role of cell phones in disaster preparedness and response.
  • The impact of cell phones on consumer behavior and purchasing decisions.
  • Cell phones and the transformation of news reporting and journalism.
  • The effects of cell phone use on creativity and imagination.
  • Cell phones and the accessibility of healthcare information.
  • The influence of cell phones on cultural assimilation and integration.
  • The ethical implications of cell phones in surveillance and law enforcement.
  • The impact of cell phones on urban planning and design.
  • Cell phones and the decline of landline telephones.
  • The effects of cell phone use on reading habits and literacy.
  • Cell phones and the empowerment of marginalized communities.
  • The role of cell phones in disaster recovery and rebuilding efforts.
  • The impact of cell phones on personal safety and security.
  • Cell phones and the transformation of the music industry.
  • The effects of cell phone use on concentration and focus.
  • Cell phones and the accessibility of government services and information.
  • The influence of cell phones on cultural preservation and heritage.
  • The future of cell phones: Innovations and technological advancements.
  • Cell phones and the rise of citizen journalism.
  • The effects of cell phone use on mental well-being and happiness.
  • Cell phones and the decline of traditional media consumption.
  • The role of cell phones in promoting financial inclusion.
  • The impact of cell phones on the dynamics of romantic relationships.
  • Cell phones and the transformation of the advertising industry.
  • The effects of cell phone use on academic performance in different age groups.
  • Cell phones and the accessibility of legal services and information.

These essay topic ideas provide a broad range of perspectives to explore the impact of cell phones on various areas of society, culture, and personal life. Whether you choose to focus on the positive aspects, the negative consequences, or the ethical implications, there are numerous angles to approach this subject. Use these examples as a starting point to develop your own unique and compelling essay on cell phones.

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Essay on Mobile Phone

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Essay on Mobile Phone: The mobile phone is one of the greatest invention in the twentieth century. A mobile phone can make phone calls, enable the user to send text messages, play games, take pictures, record videos, provide access to the internet, and much more. The mobile phone can be very useful in many different situations. For the past few years the world has witnessed a tremendous growth in mobile phone usage.

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Today, mobile phone users in the world are around 5 Billion. Despite having several advantages, there are certainly some disadvantages to owning and using a mobile phone. In this article, we have covered a few essays on mobile phone that talk about both advantages and disadvantages. Find long and short formats of essay on mobile phone here.

Long and Short Essay on Mobile Phone in English

Below we have given a set of 5 essay on mobile phone and has covered various related topics to fulfill your requirements.

After going through the following mobile phone essay you will learn various significant topics on mobile phones like – its uses and abuses, is it helpful or rather annoying, what are its advantages and disadvantages, and how mobile phones are important for our daily life, etc.

A cell phone simplifies our lives. It serves for work or business, online classes, entertainment, and communication with friends and family. Nowadays, smartphones come with various handy features and fast internet, making it easy to access information promptly.

Essay on Mobile Phone in 200 Words

A mobile phone is a communication device, often also called as “cell phone”. It is a device mainly used for voice communication. However, technological developments in the field of communication have made the mobile phones smart enough to be able to make video calls, surf the internet, play games, take high resolution pictures and even control other relevant gadgets. Because of this mobile phones today are also called “Smart Phones”.

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World’s first ever mobile phone was demonstrated way back in 1973, by the Motorola’s then President and COO, John Francis Mitchell and an American Engineer, Martin Cooper. That mobile phone weighed around 2 kilograms.

Since then mobile phones have evolved in technology and shapes. They have become smaller, slimmer and more useful. Today mobile phones are available in various shapes and sizes, having different technical specifications and are used for a number of purposes like – voice communication, video chatting, text messaging, multimedia messaging, internet browsing, e mail, video games and photography. They also have short range wireless communication like Bluetooth and infrared. Phones having wide range of advance functions and large computing abilities are called smart phones. They have an edge over other conventional mobile phones, which are used only for voice communication.

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Essay on Mobile Phone in 300 Words – Uses and Abuses

There is no denying the fact that mobile phones are useful gadgets. They help us in our everyday life in a number of ways, making it easy and convenient. But, mobile phones are a blessing till they are used only for useful purposes. Using them beyond a certain limit even when there is no need at all, is not an use, but and abuse.

Uses of Mobile Phone

Mobile Phones can be used for a number of purposes like – voice communication, sending e mails, sending text messages, browsing internet, taking pictures. Smart phone today have better computing abilities and have many advance functions like – real time video chatting, interactive voice response, document manager, social media, high resolution camera, music player, location finder etc.

Communicating with our loved ones, friends or colleagues has become a matter of seconds due to the mobile phones. You just have to dial the other person’s number from your phone and wait till he/she responds to it. Mobile phones today have become so useful that, they have actually replaced the use of laptops and other bigger gadgets. Today, people send e mails, browsing the internet, manage social media accounts, power point presentations, perform calculations, and much more by using their smart phones.

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Abuses of Mobile Phone

Excessive and unnecessary use of a mobile phone leads to its abuse. Even, talking for long durations on mobile phones over trivial and insignificant issues is also a type of abuse. Doctors have repeatedly warned that continuous and excessive use of mobile phones is harmful to health. Another abuse of mobile phones includes listening to loud music. Mobile phones are handy and are easy to carry in pockets. Some youngsters today have taken this entertaining capability of mobile phones to a new level of abusing it. They drive or walk on busy roads, listening to loud music, with ear plugs; unable to listen an approaching vehicle and respond on time, resulting in accidents.

It is established beyond doubt that mobile phones are useful and necessary gadgets for our everyday life. Without mobile phones, life would be harder, both personally as well as professionally. But, despite the uses that mobile phones serve in our everyday life, we must also be aware of its abuses. Mobile phones could have health and safety consequences when not used appropriately.

Essay on Mobile Phone Boon or Bane – 400 Words

Mobile phones are a boon as they are used for a number of useful purposes. Nevertheless, there is also no denying the fact that a gadget as useful as a mobile phone could sometime be annoying and irritating.

Boon or Bane

Of course mobile phones are a boon given to the number of useful purposes they are used for like – internet, voice or video chat, documentation etc. Despite from the usual there are other uses like – social media and remain updated about the developments. Today every mobile phone user has a social media account, which he manages from his mobile phone. It helps him/her to remain connected to family and friends as well as other dignitaries like politicians, actors, cricketers etc.

But despite all the advantages, mobile phones could sometimes be annoying too. The use of mobile phones for various purposes and the accessibility of internet have compromised the privacy of the user. Also, every form that we fill today has a mandatory column asking to provide the phone number. Today the number of a common mobile phone user is available with many marketing agencies whose main aim is to sell their product. This loop hole in privacy has led to unwanted and unexpected marketing calls. People get annoying calls from insurance agents, marketing executives, etc, trying to sell their products to the mobile phone user, who is not at all interested.

Next in line is social media. Social media is a place where people share their views, pictures etc with those who are connected. However, this has also compromised the privacy to a certain level as someone undesirable could also peek into your account and send annoying messages; trailing you regularly. Such unwanted social buffs could be really annoying and some people are known to be trailed so regularly using inappropriate and indecent comments that they had to totally shut down their social media account.

In the end it would be more appropriate to say that mobile phones are both a boon and a bane. They are a boon when used appropriately and within limits but could be bane when they are used with mala fide intentions. Even a useful gadget as a mobile phone could be well annoying when it is used with the bad intention of deceiving someone, trailing him/her inappropriately on social media and other accounts.

Essay on Mobile Phone in 500 Words – Advantages and Disadvantages

An electronic gadget as a mobile phone has both advantages and disadvantages. There are a number of advantages of mobile phones and also a good number of disadvantages. Though, most of the disadvantages arise from it’s over use or misuse. Below we will go through both the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.

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Advantages of Mobile Phone

A Mobile phone makes things simpler for us. We can use it for work, learning online, having fun, or chatting with loved ones. Newer phones have lots of helpful stuff, like speedy internet to find things fast and without trouble.

  • Communication: It is one of the prime significance of mobile phones. You can instantly connected to the person you want to convey an important message or to have a casual chat. Distance too doesn’t matter and even people situated on two extremes of world can be connected within seconds.
  • Internet Browsing: Rapid advancements in mobile phone technology have led to an ease of internet accessability on mobile phones. Today, one can check the news, send/receive emails, and manage social accounts, all on mobile phones.
  • Performing Business: Mobile phones have become so popular that many established business groups cannot even think about their marketing strategy without considering mobile phone users. Social media accounts are the easiest way to connect with millions of users (in these case consumers) in a very less time.
  • Learning Applications: There are a variety of applications available on mobile phone which helps the students to learn and evolve their skills. Moreover, there are a number of online free tutorials available for the children and other willing audience.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

  • Making People Non communicable: Widespread use of mobile phones has made people meet less and talk more. One doesn’t care to meet a friend who stays just yards away; they rather just chat over phone or comment on social media account.
  • Time wastage: Now day’s people have developed an addiction to the mobile phones. As mobile phones became smarter, people became dumber. People are habitual of surfing the internet, even when they don’t need to.
  • Causes Ailments: Long exposure to mobile phones, stresses our eyes, brain and other organs resulting in various kind of ailments. Staring long hours on the screen, results in damage of eye sight, stress and headache along with sleeplessness and dizziness.
  • Loss of Privacy: Use of mobile phones for various purposes has resulted in compromising the privacy of the user. Today anyone could easily access the information like where you live, who are your friends and family, what is your business, where is your house etc; by just easily browsing through your social media account.
  • Money Drain: As grew the usefulness of the mobile phones so grew their purchasing and maintenance cost. Today people are spending a good amount of money on buying smart phones, which could rather be spent on more useful things like education.

A mobile phone could both be an advantage or a disadvantage; depending on how it is used by the prospective user. While used only when needed, it is of course an advantage, but when used beyond a certain limit or for a totally different purpose for which it intended to, it is definitely a disadvantage.

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Essay on Mobile Phones in 600 Words – Importance in Our Life

Mobile phones are a useful gadget for our every day chorus. Gone were the days when mobile phones were only used for communication purposes. Today, they are used for various purposes in our daily life and have become an inseparable asset.

Mobile Phone Importance in Daily Life

There are several advantages of mobile phones in our daily life. Some of the major advantages are listed below-

  • Keep connected: The most significant importance of mobile phones is that, they keep us connected to our friends, relatives and others. You can talk video chat with whoever you want, by just operating your mobile phone or smart phone. Imagine shuttling between office and home to know the where about of your family and friends. Today, you can stay up to date about the school timing of your kid’s school on your phone.
  • Every day commuting: Mobile phones have become useful for every day commuting. Today, one can assess the live traffic situation on mobile phone and take appropriate decisions to reach on time. Many apps provide navigation assistance to a stranded driver or someone who wants to get to a particular place.
  • Keeps Us Informed: Applying for jobs, sharing your Curriculum Vitae has become so easy with the use of mobile phones. With 24 hours access to the internet, there is no time boundation and you can apply for a new job, even in the middle of night. Apart from it, one also has a 24/7 access to the developments around the world.
  • Provides Entertainment: Another daily use importance of mobile phone is that it can be used as an entertainment device. Whenever we get bored of routine work or during the breaks, there are a number of things you could do on your smart phone to relax. One can listen to music, watch movies or just watch the video of one’s favorite song.
  • Security Device: For daily commuters, mobile phones could be a blessing in disguise. They are handy and easy to be carried around in pockets. Every city commuter today has a mobile phone in his/her pocket or bag. They could be really useful gadgets in case of emergency. Relatives, friends as well as emergency services could be easily and instantly contacted when needed.
  • Managing Tasks: Mobile Phones today have become smarter and are used every day for a number of official purposes. Today they are used for managing everyday tasks like – meeting schedules, sending and receiving documents, giving presentations, alarms etc. Mobile phones have become an essential gadget for every office goer.
  • Take Photographs: Taking photographs has become a craze due to the advancement in mobile phone technology. Today mobile phones come equipped with high resolution cameras. Any picture could be easily taken and instantly uploaded over social media and other accounts. It helps us our family and friends to stay connected with the developments in our daily life.
  • Mobile Banking and Payment: This is another significance of mobile phones in our everyday life. Today, sending or receiving money has become easier as never before. Money could be transferred almost instantly to friends, relatives or others by using mobile baking in the smart phone. Also one could easily access his/her account details and know past transactions. The transactions have become much convenient with the use of mobile phones, which would rather have required a visit to the bank.

There are innumerable ways in which a mobile phone could be useful in our everyday life. It keeps us updated of the developments around, stay us connected, entertain us, help us find job and opportunities etc. Besides, there are hundreds of utilities that could be used to make life easy and entertaining as well. But, despite all the importance that a mobile phone has, it is advisable to use it only on purpose and not misuse or over use it.

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Essay on Mobile Phone FAQs

What is a mobile phone in your own words.

A mobile phone is a small device that lets us talk to people, send messages, and use apps. It's like a tiny computer we can carry in our pocket.

What is the role of mobile phone in our life?

The mobile phone plays a big role in our lives. It helps us stay connected with family and friends, work from anywhere, get information quickly, and even have fun with games and apps.

What are the uses of mobile phone in English speech?

In an English speech, a mobile phone can be used to record our voice, play helpful audios, or even read from notes. It's a handy tool for practicing and delivering speeches.

What is the benefit of mobile?

Mobile phones offer many benefits. They keep us connected, provide information, entertain us with music and videos, and help with tasks like shopping, banking, and learning.

Why mobile is important for students?

Mobile phones are important for students because they can help with learning. Students can access study apps, research online, connect with classmates, and even attend online classes using their phones.

How mobile phone changed our life?

Mobile phones have changed our lives by making communication instant, providing endless information at our fingertips, and offering tools for work, study, and entertainment. Life has become more convenient and connected because of them.

Do phones affect mental health?

Yes, phones can affect mental health. Spending too much time on them or constantly checking for messages can increase stress. It's essential to take breaks and use phones in a balanced way.

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Smartphone Essay

500 words essay on smartphone.

Smartphones have become a very important form of communication these days. It is impossible for a rational person to deny the advantages of smartphones as they are devices suitable for a wide variety of tasks. Let us try to understand smartphones along with their benefits with this smartphone essay.

Smartphone Essay

                                                                                                                                    Smartphone Essay

Understanding the Smartphone

A smartphone is a mobile device that facilitates the combination of cellular and mobile computing functions into one single unit. Moreover, smartphones have stronger hardware capabilities and extensive mobile operating systems in comparison to feature phones.

The strong operating systems of smartphones make possible multimedia functionality, wider software, and the internet including web browsing. They also support core phone functions like text messaging and voice calls.

There are a number of metal–oxide–semiconductor (MOS) integrated circuit (IC) chips within a smartphone. Moreover, such chips include various sensors whose leveraging is possible by their software.

The marketing of early smartphones was primarily towards the enterprise market. Furthermore, the attempt of the smartphone manufacturers was to bridge the functionality of standalone personal digital assistant (PDA) devices along with support for cellular telephony. However, the early smartphones had problems of slow analogue cellular network, short battery life, and bulky size.

With the passage of time, experts were able to resolve these issues. Furthermore, this became possible with faster digital mobile data networks, miniaturization of MOS transistors down to sub-micron levels, and exponential scaling. Moreover, the development of more mature software platforms led to enhancement in the capability of smartphones.

Benefits of Smartphone

People can make use of smartphones to access the internet and find out information regarding almost anything. Furthermore, due to the portability of a smartphone, people can access the internet from any location, even while travelling.

Smartphones have greatly increased the rate of work. This is possible because smartphones facilitate a highly efficient and quick form of communication from anywhere. For example, a person can participate in an official business meeting, without wasting time, from the comfort of his home via a live video chat application of a smartphone.

Smartphones can also be of tremendous benefit to students in general. Furthermore, students can quickly resolve any issue related to studies by accessing the internet , using a calculator, reading a pdf file, or contacting a teacher. Most noteworthy, all of this is possible due to the smartphone.

People can get in touch with the larger global community by communicating and sharing their views via social media. Furthermore, this provides a suitable platform to express their views, conduct business with online transactions , or find new people or jobs. One can do all that from anywhere, thanks to the smartphone.

These were just a few benefits of smartphones. Overall, the total benefits of a smartphone are just too many to enumerate here. Most importantly, smartphones have made our lives more efficient as well as comfortable.

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Conclusion of Smartphone Essay

Smartphones have proven to be a revolution for human society. Furthermore, they have made the whole world united like never before. In spite of its demerits, there is no doubt that the smartphone is a tremendous blessing to mankind and it will continue to play a major role in its development.

FAQs For Smartphone Essay

Question 1: How is a smartphone different from a feature phone?

Answer 1: Smartphones have stronger hardware capabilities and extensive mobile operating systems when compared to feature phones. Furthermore, the smartphone can perform almost all computing functions that a feature phone can’t. The internet and camera capabilities of a feature phone are nowhere near as powerful as that of a smartphone.

Question 2: What is meant by a smartphone?

Answer 2: A smartphone refers to a handheld electronic device that facilitates a connection to a cellular network. Furthermore, smartphones let people access the internet, make phone calls, send text messages, along with a wide variety of functions that one can perform on a pc or a laptop. Overall, it is a fully functioning miniaturized computer.

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Home — Essay Samples — Information Science and Technology — Smartphone — The impact of smartphone on daily life


Impact of Smartphones on Adolescents: The Problem of Addiction

  • Categories: Impact of Technology Negative Impact of Technology Smartphone

About this sample


Words: 1233 |

Published: Nov 19, 2018

Words: 1233 | Pages: 3 | 7 min read

Table of contents

Introduction, signs and symptoms of smartphone addiction, the impact of smartphone addiction, works cited, impacts in the physical health, impacts in the psychological health.

  • Increasing loneliness and depression:
  • Feeling anxiety:
  • Increasing stress:
  • Disturbing your sleep:
  • Encouraging self-absorption:

Impacts in the Social Health

  • 70% check their phones in the morning within just one hour of getting up
  • 56% check their phones before going to bed
  • 48% check their phones over the weekend
  • 51% constantly check their phones during vacation
  • 44% reported they would feel very anxious and irritable if they did not interact with their phones within a week.
  • Roberts, J. A., & David, M. E. (2016). My life has become a major distraction from my cell phone: Partner phubbing and relationship satisfaction among romantic partners. Computers in Human Behavior, 54, 134-141. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chb.2015.07.058
  • Chóliz, M. (2010). Mobile phone addiction: A point of issue. Addiction Research & Theory, 18(5), 489-498. https://doi.org/10.3109/16066351003628299
  • Demirci, K., Akgönül, M., & Akpinar, A. (2015). Relationship of smartphone use severity with sleep quality, depression, and anxiety in university students. Journal of Behavioral Addictions, 4(2), 85-92. https://doi.org/10.1556/2006.4.2015.010
  • Elhai, J. D., Levine, J. C., Dvorak, R. D., & Hall, B. J. (2016). Problematic smartphone use: A conceptual overview and systematic review of relations with anxiety and depression psychopathology. Journal of Affective Disorders, 207, 251-259. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jad.2016.08.030
  • Thomée, S., Härenstam, A., & Hagberg, M. (2011). Mobile phone use and stress, sleep disturbances, and symptoms of depression among young adults—A prospective cohort study. BMC Public Health, 11(1), 66. https://doi.org/10.1186/1471-2458-11-66
  • Bianchi, A., & Phillips, J. G. (2005). Psychological predictors of problem mobile phone use. CyberPsychology & Behavior, 8(1), 39-51. https://doi.org/10.1089/cpb.2005.8.39
  • Lee, S. Y., & Kim, M. S. (2017). Mobile phone addiction and its associated factors in college students. Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health, 50(3), 179-183. https://doi.org/10.3961/jpmph.16.086
  • Chóliz, M., Villanueva, V., & Chóliz, M. C. (2009). Factors influencing mobile phone addiction in adolescence: The role of self-esteem and the need to belong. In R. Zheng, S. Y. Li, Z. Hou, & J. Liu (Eds.), Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare (pp. 923-932). CRC Press.
  • Samaha, M., & Hawi, N. S. (2016). Relationships among smartphone addiction, stress, academic performance, and satisfaction with life. Computers in Human Behavior, 57, 321-325. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chb.2015.12.045
  • Billieux, J., Maurage, P., Lopez-Fernandez, O., Kuss, D. J., & Griffiths, M. D. (2015). Can disordered mobile phone use be considered a behavioral addiction? An update on current evidence and a comprehensive model for future research. Current Addiction Reports, 2(2), 156-162. https://doi.org/10.1007/s40429-015-0054-y

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Impact of Smartphones on Adolescents: The Problem of Addiction Essay

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As a college student, it is essential to recognize the impact of screen time on adolescents in today's technological world. While it is important to acknowledge the benefits of technology in education and entertainment, it is [...]

Have you ever wondered why your parents hesitated to get you a phone at a young age? What impact do smartphones have on the lives of middle and high school students? In the modern era, technological devices like smartphones play [...]

In recent years, the pervasive use of smartphones among young people has sparked a debate about their potential negative effects on a generation's well-being and development. Some argue that smartphones have had detrimental [...]

When it comes to smartphones, two brands that have dominated the market for years are Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy series. Both companies have loyal followings and offer high-quality devices with cutting-edge technology. [...]

It was a time when personal computer was a set consisting of monitor and single choice of technology, but it wasn’t good like using only one thing on technology. And after that was a revolutionary change of different computing [...]

In today’s society, smartphones have become a part of everyday life. Over the years, numerous scientists have gained interest in the notion of the use of smartphones (which includes social media and/or texting) and its effects [...]

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my cell phone essay

Cell Phone - List of Essay Samples And Topic Ideas

It’s hard to imagine modern life without cell phones. They’ve accomplished much for humanity and have inspired us to be adaptable and resourceful. Cell phones have helped us communicate better, foster relationships, and improve our work lives. But that’s not all. Cell phones have brought information to our fingertips, and now, we live in a world where knowledge is not scarce.

However, using cell phones comes with a few disadvantages too. For instance, cell phones are costly. The more innovation companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung bring to them, the more expensive they get. There is also the problem of the need for more privacy and driver communication. Today, anyone can find out much about you just by looking through your social media profiles, including where you live, your friends and family, what you do for a living, and where you live. Because cell phones have become such an integral part of our lives, writing about them is easily an exciting venture. Your essay on cell phones could be a technical and more research-based outline, like argumentative essays. Alternatively, your 5 paragraph essay about cell phones could be creative or more reflective of your mobile phone use. Any cell phone essay introduction should begin with a captivating topic sentence. This could be a historical fact, a statistical analysis, or something relatable to your audience.

Then, for the essay’s body, you can discuss the benefits, risks, and costs of cellular phones. By the time you arrive at your conclusion titles, ensure that you have provided answers to the questions for research paper if you are working with one thesis statement. Nevertheless, the number of cell phone essay topics is practically unlimited, and each topic can be approached from several perspectives. For instance, a cell phone essay topic could be based on the advantages of cell phone use. A content marketer’s views on the subject would naturally differ from the psychologist’s. That is why we encourage students to properly study any essay topic and fully understand how they want to approach them. You can view our free essays on cell phones here.

No Cell Phones Allowed in Class

No Cell Phones Allowed in Class "Students will also tend not to pay attention and use them for the greater good, as they do now. Under no circumstances should phones be allowed during class.. The principal and teachers have many reasons why, and so do many other people. If anybody brings a phone to class when they are not allowed, they will be given a detention and have the phone taken away. First of all, it is a big distraction […]

Cell Phone Addiction is Becoming

Cell Phone addiction is becoming a big problem in today's society. In past generations, parents would think of an addiction to be drugs, but today drugs are not the only addiction that one would have to worry about. Now it is cell phone addiction. Cell phone addiction is so common that it becomes hard to overcome because cell phones are becoming so essential in life. It is important to become aware of the signs causes and effects of cell phone […]

Comparison Essay Android Vs IPhone

216 million. That is the number of iPhones sold just last year according to statista.com. Today I will be telling you 10 reasons whyiPhones are better than androids. Apple is known to have great privacy and security for its users, and that is why I chose to have this as my first reason. The App Store is very good at making sure malicious apps don’t make it on to users phones and is also always being monitored for any suspicious […]

We will write an essay sample crafted to your needs.

Hipaa and the Use of Cell Phones Analysis

Introduction The healthcare industry is always looking to introduce new technology so that they can expedite, improve client services and lower costs. With the introduction of the new technology, one needs to consider the impacts of the technology and how it may violate a patient's privacy and care. The technologies that seem to have the most impact are smartphones and social media. Some examples of social media are Snapchat, Facetime, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to name a few. […]

The Effects of Cell Phone Use

The Effects of Cell Phone Use The average American spends about two hours and thirty minutes talking on their cell phone devices every day. With the growing use of cell phone device usage, there is a concern about the safety of the device that is now being questioned. Cell phone device usage has been an important means of communication all around the world for many years, however, we now question if the usage of these devices impose a threat to […]

Technology is a Useful Servant

"Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master ("The Nobel Peace 29). This is a true statement because technology can be used to do work, just like a slave. In schools though, cell phones can be a dangerous tool to students when it starts to control them, like a master does. Cell phones and schools just don't mix, which is why they shouldn't be used there. Despite the reasons for using cell phones in school, cell phones should not […]

Cell Phones May be Beneficial

While cell phones may be beneficial, the cons for cell phones outweigh the pros in classrooms. Cell phones have been a part of people's lives for some time and they allow people to communicate, play games, and go on social media. Additionally, people use cell phones everywhere including school. There has been much debate on whether cell phones should be permitted in classrooms. Although cell phones may aid in learning and allow parents to contact their children, the time in […]

Cell Phone Use during School

Should Cell Phone use during school be allowed or prohibited? You have probably heard many complaints throughout your lifetime, whether you're a student, a teacher, or just a parent, on about the high Cell Phone usage in the classroom and in the learning environment. Well, if you ask me, the use of Cell Phones during the school day should not only be aloud, but in some cases be supported. I know, the thoughts are " this is just a teenager […]

Effect of Online Dating

Using the network as a medium, borrowing chat tools and so on to chat with each other, people understand each other and fall in love. In real life, there are abounds, successes and failures. More and more people that having excellent technology skills start doing online dating, matching up the relationship from the digital device became a concern. Online dating consumes a lot of personal growth and development time. Researchers found that more user using the app involve worries. Once […]

Cell Phone: Descriptive Essay Unveiling its Multifaceted Wonders

History says that Alexander Graham Bell created the first telephone. He created the telephone in 1876. The telephone was a very revolutionary invention. Later in 1900, on December 23, a man on the outskirts of Washington named Reginald Fessenden made the first wireless telephone call. I know that this is just the beginning of the idea of the phone. It went from telephones to rotary phones and eventually to your everyday iPhone. In this essay, I will explain to you […]

Cell Phones: from Luxury to Necessity: the Transformative Impact

Cell Phones: From Luxury to Necessity The development of cell phones has changed the face of the world and how people communicate and obtain information. While cell phones have advanced in many ways since their inception, there are many concerns about their safe use. How have cell phones changed us socially? There was a time when cell phones didn’t even exist; they have changed their identity from luxury goods to a necessity. Hidden Dangers of Connectivity Over time technology has […]


Abstract The primary objective of this paper is study the recent developments in the field of 5G technology of mobile communication. This paper develops upon the previously published paper [1] written by Asvin Gohil, Hardik Modi and Shobhit K Patel, which was published at the 2013 International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Signal processing(ISSP). In addition to this, we also discuss the various success made in the field of 5G by the leading tech companies like Verizon, AT&T, Qualcomm etc. […]

Invention of Cell Phone: Effects on Society, Education, and Finances

Do you know that moment when you realize your phone isn't in your pocket? A lot of people do; nomo (bile phone)phobia has been clinically recognized as a phobia, and as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary (no·mo·pho·bia | \ ?n?-m?-?f?-b?-? \) nomophobia is: “the fear of being without access to a working cell phone.” It's also called a phone addiction. However, the invention of phones hasn't had all the favorable effects. Trying to talk to a person while they're on […]

Cell Phone Health Risks: Exploring the Physical and Mental Impacts

Cell phones are a great way to communicate with people all over the world at any time of the day; although this may sound stupendous, It may be the reason why our society is in such a critical condition. Approximately two-thirds of the world's population owns a cell phone which means they have connections not only to social media but to basically everything they want. Having a technical device with you almost 24 hours of the day can be harmful […]

5 Reasons your Kid should not have a Cell Phone: Addiction and Responsible Use

Introduction Should a teenager have a cellphone., this is a big issue nowadays, and many people argue about it. Because their children were getting in trouble by using cell phones, cell phones have frequently been taken away by parents. But there are still a bunch of teens or students who get distracted in school, learn bad things through social media, and use a cell phones in an improper way. Teens said that cellphone is a necessity in their life; is […]

Cell Phone Use: Distractions, Productivity, and Academic Performance

The cell phone was invented in 1973. Since then, the cell phone has progressed into a piece of technology that people cannot live without. Cell phones are now a distraction for people. They keep people from being able to concentrate on tasks that happen in our everyday life. Cell phones make it harder for humans to be productive. Cell phones also make it harder for students to do well in school. Cell phones are becoming more of a hassle every […]

Mobile Games Addiction

Among the addictions that we have in our life, there is addiction to the mobile phone. Today's technology has gone so far as to make the mobile phone a global means of communication through calls, SMS and the Internet. In addition, the phones have a number of additional functions: photo and video cameras, games, programs, notebooks, alarm clocks, MP3 players, radio, etc. Mobile addiction in children and adolescents is alarming, because instead of studying in the classroom, they play games, […]

Cell Phone – Reason of Drivers Distraction

Cell phone usage while driving affects the safety of those in the vehicle and around them. Legislatures plan on restricting the usage of cell, mobile, or smart phone around the world because of safety issues. The experiment provides evidence that legislation may use to inforce laws restricting farther cell phone use while driving. There have been countless research policies that have recorded that cell phone usage is tied to car crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, (2015) stated that […]

Cell Phones Give off

In the society we are living in today, there has been numerous development of technology to help us in our everyday lives. The most recognizable form of technology is called cell phones, one of the many technological advances most used today. We have become dependent on mobile phones and a high percentage of the population including elderly people, young adults and even kids that are under 18 has one of these devices. Smartphones are a constant in everyday society, it's […]

A Day Without my Cell Phone: Navigating the Uncharted Territories of Digital Detox and Rediscovery

Imagine a world where screens take a backseat, notifications cease their ceaseless clamor, and the digital chatter mellows into silence. A world where a daring experiment unfolds: one day without the ubiquitous phone. Amidst the cacophony of modern connectivity, this narrative leaves the cell phone behind to embark on a voyage into the uncharted territories of disconnected existence. It delves into the intricacies of relinquishing our digital companions and reaping the unexpected fruits of this endeavor. The Enigma of Our […]

Technology has Improved

Technology has improved the lives of many. It has improved communication and learning, but there are some bad things about certain electronics. Phones, they can be very bad for people. Although they help us in today's society. There can be some bad side effects of social media and the phone in general. Three bad effects of cell phone use include bad grades, eye and brain damage,and cyberbullying. Phones can have a bad effect on grades. Using a phone before going […]

Impact of Mobile Gaming on Youth

Gaming is one of the biggest industry in the world from last few years. it is booming into the entertainment market since many years. A study says that by 2023 mobile gaming industry will produce around $196 billion revenue. Many big tech companies such as google Microsoft and amazon are start taking this industries more seriously. Along with a gaming industries streaming industries are also getting huge benefits due to gaming. Recently google launches it Stadia cloud gaming service, where […]

Alexander Graham Bell

"Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell, we can now simply pick up a telephone and reach someone on the other side of the world in seconds! In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell first created the telephone(Cantu, 2016). This was the beginning of an evolution of the telephone that changed the way we communicate forever. Over the years, the smartphone has been largely improved creating multiple advancements to our daily lifestyles. Yet today, teens are awake around 15 hours of the day, and […]

The Exemplification of Dangerous Smartphone Habits in Modern Relationships

Technology has taken over the world and taken it by storm. No single place in this world is void of it, even remote places such as Antarctica and the deserts. The smallest and most versatile technological device is a smartphone, which has spread among the populace alarmingly. With new tools come new habits, and some phone habits are very toxic to any relationship. 1. Hiding What Makes You Smile From Your Significant Other We all scroll through memes and receive […]

Essential Part of Everyday Life

Cell phones have become an essential part of everyday life. With cell phone use increase and the improvement in cell phone technology, students are becoming dependent on them. They have also infiltrated into school systems, sometimes becoming a helpful tool to students of all grade levels. Although cell phones can be used as a tool in schools, more often than not, they have become a distraction. Cell phones should not be allowed in schools because they distract students and inhibit […]

According to Sophie Hui

According to Sophie Hui, with The Standard, a daily Hong Kong newspaper that provides current events and what is happening in and out of schools around Hong Kong. Hong Kong has taken phones out of the school system. School authorities around Hong Kong believe there's no need for cell-phones because they don't need to text classmates for social interaction when the students could talk face to face "The policy is for easy management," he said. "They also don't need mobile […]

Proponents Argue

Proponents argue that cell phones can be crucial in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, the society we live in today is no stranger to crime. On everyday life, one is not exempt from being in a potentially dangerous situation. Teenagers go to school and it is true that many have to walk. An emergency can occur on the way to or from school. As part of their social life, teenagers also tend to explore. They can find themselves lost and […]

Cellphones in Schools: Joanne Orlando’s Perspective

Should cellphones be allowed in schools, is a question that has been up for debate for the longest time. There are people who believe a cell phone shouldn't be allowed in schools, but there are others who beg to differ. At the end of the day who are the people that are in the right and who are the people that are in the wrong? It is true that cell phones are and can be a distraction to many young […]

Martin’s First Jobs

Martin Cooper was born on December 26, 1928. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. Martin's parents were Arthur and Mary. He had one brother. His parents were Jewish immigrants. They were from Ukraine, Russia. He had one younger brother and he is still alive today. Martin started school at Lawson Elementary School in Chicago. He then went to Crane Technical High School. He graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology. He studied electrical engineering. Martin Cooper got married to Arlene […]

Jack Tessier Believes

Everyone owns a smartphone. In today's world of technology, we are giving smartphones to younger and younger children. But children are not being taught how to use their smartphones for success. Smartphones need to be used as a learning tool in the classroom because students need to learn how to use their devices for success. If you were to sit in a classroom today and watch the students, whether in college, high school, or even grade school you would witness […]

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  • Mobile Phones

Essay on Mobile Phones

500 + words uses of mobile phones essay.

Mobile phones, chiefly used to make voice calls to people, are also popular as cell/cellular phones. The current technological developments have made our lives more comfortable. We are becoming more and more dependent on mobile phones for our communication. From calling to emailing or texting and even making purchases online, the uses of mobile phones are numerous. For this reason, mobile phones are also known as “smartphones” now.

Mobile Phones Essay

The fact that we should also avoid overdependence on mobile phones is also discussed in this essay on the mobile phone. This mobile phone essay in English discusses the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. Learn from this essay how to write a persuasive essay on mobile phones for students and help them ace essay writing.

Advantages of Mobile Phones Essay

This section of the mobile essay talks about the advantages of mobile phones. See here what this mobile phone paragraph has to say.

  • Stay connected: – Mobile phones are the best way to stay connected with your friends and family living away from you. Voice calls, video calls, emails, messages and texts- thus, the communication modes via cell phones are multitude.
  • Mode of entertainment: – As technology advances, you can now find the entire entertainment industry at your fingertips on your mobile. There are apps on mobiles to watch films, series/ shows, documentaries, news, read books, listen to music and much more.
  • Managing office work :- With working from home becoming more popular now due to the Covid-19 pandemic, mobile phones can also simplify our work. From creating and getting reminders about meeting schedules, online meetings, sending and receiving emails/ files, giving presentations, setting alarms and applying for jobs to setting up a calendar to do jobs, mobile phones are beneficial for working people. Instant messaging and official emails via mobile phones also flow forth to connect with office people.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones Essay

There are also cons to using mobile phones. Find here the disadvantages of mobile phones.

  • Become overdependent on mobile phones :- It is seen that people tend to become overdependent on mobile phones, thus wasting their time. With technological advancement, the use of mobile phones has increased, making people addicted to them.
  • People become more non-communicable :- They use mobile phones more as a mode of communication or to entertain themselves, thus meeting people less or talking less. As time goes by, they become rather incommunicable.
  • Privacy loss:- Loss of privacy is another primary concern on the rise due to over usage of mobile phones. It is now possible to get personal details like where you live, details of your friends and family, job and education and so on via mobile phones.

Thus, see how there are pros and cons to using a mobile phone, from these advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones essay. Seeing as how mobile phones are now an integral part of our lives, it’s up to us to know how to use them properly to lead a hassle-free life without misusing them.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Mobile Phones Essay

Who invented the mobile.

The mobile phone was invented in the year 1973 by Martin Cooper.

What is the role of mobile phones in our lives?

Mobile phones are a part of our lives now. Some of its main roles are storing data, instant communicative purposes, digital cameras, etc.

How can a mobile phone be of use to the student?

Students can use mobile phones for various study and research purposes. An abundant amount of information which is useful for students can be accessed through mobile phones.

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my cell phone essay

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The Importance of Mobile Phones

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Have you ever noticed that every morning that you wake up that your hands go to your phone? This...

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In our world today, mobile phones can be seen globally as they keep us in endless interaction...

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Study Paragraphs

My First Cell Phone Essay & Paragraphs For student

All of my friends have had cell phones for a while now. I was excited when my parents said I was finally old enough to get my phone this year! In this essay, I will share what kind of phone I chose and how it changed my life. I’ll also discuss some fun things I like to do on it. By the end, you will understand why getting a cell phone is a big deal for any kid.

Table of Contents

Essay About My First Cell Phone

Choosing the perfect phone.

When I went shopping with my parents, there were many cool options. (Topic sentence) I had to decide between an iPhone, Samsung or Google Pixel. After testing features like cameras, games and face ID, I settled on the iPhone 12 mini. Its small size fits perfectly in my hand yet packs lots of power. Plus, all my favorite apps are available, which sweetened the deal. Now I had my very own mini communication computer!

Calling (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); and Texting Friends From My First Mobilephone

Right away, I enjoyed keeping in contact with friends way more easily. (Transition) Before, I relied on WiFi to message or needed help dialing on our landline. (Topic sentence) Now, I can text whenever and keep chats going day or night without interruption. Quickly sending photos from sports games and concerts entertain us endlessly, too. Hearing friends’ voices on the go while walking instead of online makes conversations more real. Staying connected is so fun and simple now.

Fun Phone Apps

Another huge perk of smartphones is access to millions of free or inexpensive apps. (Transition) Games like Candy Crush and Subway Surfers kill time, whether riding in cars or waiting in lines. I also love the Snapchat filter gallery for making silly selfies with friends. Music services let me build playlists for any mood at any time. It is like carrying an entertainment system everywhere I go! Discovering new apps to love feels like an adventure in itself.

Memorable Moments

Having my cell ensures I will never miss special moments again. (Topic sentence) I recorded sliding into the home base during my last baseball game. Friends and I make funny videos of routines we create, too. Family trips become more interactive, snapping pictures together in new places. Precious memories captured prove why cell phones enhance experiences rather than replace real-world fun. The exciting stories they help create make the device totally worth it.

Staying Safe

Lastly, my parents feel better knowing we can keep in touch if anything happens because of my phone’s safety features. (Topic sentence) I understand checking in occasionally is important so they do not worry. Overall, my mobile buddy assists me in living fuller days while assuring them of my well-being wherever our adventures lead. That balance of freedom and protection is also a smart parenting choice!

In closing, getting my first cell phone has brought many wonderful benefits beyond contact with others. Between endless apps, memories captured, and peace of mind for parents, I am thrilled to join the mobile generation! Though screens are only some things used properly, it is a major convenience filling any kid’s daily life. I feel so grown up yet excited for mobile adventures still ahead. Now, if you will excuse me, my phone awaits some fun!

Paragraph Writing

Hello! Welcome to my Blog StudyParagraphs.co. My name is Angelina. I am a college professor. I love reading writing for kids students. This blog is full with valuable knowledge for all class students. Thank you for reading my articles.

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Cell Phone Essay

In this cell phone essay you have to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the way in which cell phones and the internet dominate the ways in which people relate to each other socially. 

This is the question:

These days, cell (mobile) phones and the internet are very important to the ways in which people relate to one another socially.

Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Analysing the Question

This is a type of question that has appeared in the IELTS test a few times:

  • The impacts of technology on the way we communicate with each other

With IELTS essay questions, you always need to note carefully exactly what you are being asked to write about. 

In this case it is about cell / mobile phones and the internet . So you must write about both . Sometimes an essay may just ask you about one or the other. 

This is also important in this cell phone essay:

  • 'The way in which people communicate with each other socially'

my cell phone essay

You are  not  being asked about work situations but social situations. So you should  not  talk about how these types of technology have impacted on organisations or workers. 

You are also being asked if there are  more advantages or disadvantages . So you must clearly state your opinion on this and also write about both in your cell phone essay (as the suggestion is that there are both).

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Write at least 250 words.

Cell Phone Essay Model Answer

It is rare these days to find someone who does not communicate and interact with others through a cell phone or the internet as they are widespread throughout society. I believe that the benefits of this development outweigh the drawbacks. 

One main negative consequence of this development is that people may have become disconnected in relation to conversing with each other face-to-face. People now tend to use their cell phones or the internet to communicate, but rather than actually speaking, they send a message. Some of the most popular applications are WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Line, all of which encourage messaging. The result of this is that people may lack the benefits of engaging with others in conversation and the closeness this brings. 

Despite this, there are several important advantages as well. Firstly, the internet and cell phones mean that people can stay connected however far away they are from each other. For instance, these days, many people live in different countries or go travelling in different countries. Cell phones and the internet mean that parents can easily keep in touch with their children who are on holiday and people who immigrate to live abroad can easily communicate with their loved ones when needed. In addition to this, the internet means that people also interact with strangers and increase their knowledge of other cultures because through such things as Facebook, people connect to all sorts of people around the world, becoming friends and also discussing and exchanging knowledge. 

In conclusion, although a disadvantage of the internet and cell phones is the lack of face-to-face conversation, they have improved the way we can stay in contact with loved ones and exchange ideas with new people. Overall then, this is a positive development for society. 

(297 Words)

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Essay on Life Without Mobile Phone

Students are often asked to write an essay on Life Without Mobile Phone in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

100 Words Essay on Life Without Mobile Phone


Mobile phones are a vital part of our lives. They serve as our lifeline to the world, but have you ever imagined life without them?


Information access.

Access to information would be limited. We would have to rely on books, newspapers or computers to gather knowledge.


Entertainment options would be restricted. Without mobile games or social media, we might engage more in outdoor activities.

250 Words Essay on Life Without Mobile Phone

Life without a mobile phone, in today’s digital era, seems like an unimaginable scenario. However, there was a time when communication was not as instant and accessible as it is today. This essay explores the implications of a life devoid of mobile phones.

Communication in a Mobile-less World

Without mobile phones, communication would be more deliberate and less spontaneous. Letters, landlines, and face-to-face interactions would regain their prominence. While this might slow down the pace of life, it could also lead to more meaningful connections, as people would invest time and effort in communication.

Information Access and Entertainment

Navigation and convenience.

While life without mobile phones might seem inconvenient in the beginning, it could potentially lead to a more mindful society. It would encourage deeper interpersonal relationships, more focused information consumption, and enhanced self-reliance. Hence, it is an interesting thought experiment to ponder upon our dependency on this ubiquitous device.

500 Words Essay on Life Without Mobile Phone

The dependency on mobile phones, life without mobile phones: a blessing in disguise.

In a world without mobile phones, we would see a significant shift in our lifestyle. The constant need to check our phones for updates would no longer exist, leading to fewer distractions and increased productivity. We would be required to plan our schedules and remember important dates without the aid of reminders, thereby improving our memory and organizational skills.

Impact on Social Interactions

Without mobile phones, our social interactions would undergo a drastic change. We would no longer have the luxury of instant communication. Instead, we would revert to more traditional forms of communication such as face-to-face conversations and handwritten letters. This could potentially lead to more meaningful and personal interactions, as the convenience of digital communication often leads to superficial relationships.

Challenges of a Life Without Mobile Phones

A life without mobile phones would indeed be a drastic change from the world as we know it. It would present both opportunities for personal growth and challenges in terms of accessibility and convenience. However, it’s important to remember that mobile phones are tools. Like any tool, their value depends on how we use them. Perhaps the question we should be asking is not what life would be like without mobile phones, but how we can use them more effectively and mindfully to enhance our lives, rather than allowing them to control us.

Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

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my cell phone essay

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Essay On My Cell Phone

Type of paper: Essay

Topic: Marketing , Students , Life , Song , Ethics , Cell Phones , Entertainment , Business

Published: 11/07/2019


Cell phones are a wide part of our society in our day and age. Everyone student, businessmen and businesswomen has a cell phone. Cell phones are as good as having a good modern car. Though cell phones are good in some situation, they are quite hindering more than helping. I really accept that I am an avid user of my cellular phone. Using a phone is as frequent as using cups and plates. People highly value phones like the way they value money. People who have no phones are as poor as a church mouse. We always find that cell phone users are always as busy as bees. My attitude towards cell phones is quite immeasurable. My cell phone is just but a sea of information and comforts. My cell phone as seem to be as important as parts of my body. I cannot imagine living without my cell phone. I have been using my cell phone for various different purposes. It is my East and West, my compass. There are various services that I get from my cell phone. One of these services is entertainment. My cell phone contains various songs that I usually use to entertain myself during leisure time. Despite the fact my cell phone is as old as hills; I have been able to get maximum entertainment from it. It contains as many songs as sands. It is always my responsibility to make sure that I make sure that my cell phone is neat like a pin. Neatness of my phone is what makes it as softy as a baby’s bottom. My cell phone is always personalized with special ring tones for special people. However, it is always hard to assign a ring tone to every contact. I have tried my best to make sure that I get as many ring tones as possible. The stench of failure has never depressed me. It is always good to assign ring tones to every contact. It helps me identify the caller as fast as possible. This is a deep secret that I will never reveal to anybody. The complexity of my phone pours cold water on those who finds it complex. However, I have always let them pull their socks up. The ability of my cell phone to perform all this tedious functions depends on its fast memory. Memory is always a crazy woman that hoards colorful rags and throws away food. It is a very important component in every cell phone. As a student I cannot imagine how valuable my cell phone is. It has helped me serve various important functions. Certain numbers on my cell phone serve a very important purpose during classes. I always tie this trait of my cell phone to my test taking skills. My easy and hard subjects keep changing every week. Sometimes when I get math problem the following week I may improve on it. The numbers 3, 6 and 9 on my cell phone would work as if they were not broken. It has always been a great challenge to see how the photo gallery of my phone has served a very big role in my life. There are more than ten photos that fully portray my lifestyle. All the photos look as smart as an owl. Some of this photos are shown in form movie but others are as still as death. These photos as helped me to remember the past important events. Some create an identity collage that portrays my lifestyle.


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My Mobile Phone Essay Example

My Mobile Phone Essay Example

  • Pages: 3 (606 words)
  • Published: May 15, 2017
  • Type: Essay

In today’s generation, our technology has been very advance. In the past, mobile phones are just used to communicate to anyone and anywhere. But in this present time, they are more than just a communication device. They have been a necessity in our everyday lives. Even children nowadays have their own cell phones. Many teenagers today describe their cell phones as their “life”. But as for me, I own a Blackberry Curve 3G phone and it can be very useful for communication, school, and entertainment. The main use of my mobile phone is for communication.

Describe a mobile phone

I can use it for sending text messages and for calling anyone from anywhere in the island without a landline connection. It also allows me to call for help during times of

emergencies. For example, if I encountered an accident, I can immediately call my friends or family for help. And any cellular phones can make a call to 911 in case there is no service to where the person is, or in case he has no load. In the past, whenever a person needs to get a hold of someone, he can only call them using their landline phone.

Or if he is not home, he needs to run to the nearest telephone booth to make a call. Because of technological advancements, I can also use my phone for sending e-mails and instant messages through Blackberry Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and MSN. Even social networks like Facebook and Twitter that can only be accessed through the computer can now be accessed on my phone. I will never be bored when I have my cell phone. It is not jus

a great communication device; it can be a good source of entertainment as well.

My favorite thing is my mobile phone

My phone’s entertainment feature is very useful whenever I am waiting for my ride, waiting for my next class or if I have a doctor’s appointment. There are thousands of free games available that can be downloaded easily. With the access on the internet, I can go on YouTube, Google, and Yahoo! anytime. I do not have to bring a camera, iPod, or mp3 players separately because my mobile phone has all their features. I can take pictures and videos, listen to music, watch movies, and play games with it.

It is hard to picture life as it was before the mobile phone was invented. I do not just use my phone’s entertainment feature for pleasure and entertainment, but for educational purposes as well. I cannot always go to the computer lab or use the computers in the classroom to look up something, so it is very convenient to go on Google on my phone. Having a dictionary with me helps a lot in writing my essays in English class, but having a dictionary on my phone is more convenient and saves more space in my bag.

I also use my phone as a calculator for mathematics class. My phone’s organizer helps me organize my plans and schedule of activities and events that I need to attend. My cell phone, being lightweight and small is very convenient to have and can be used anytime. A device small enough to fit in my pocket that can be used to communicate, for entertainment, and of good help in school is

a great invention. Carrying it will not be a hassle for me since it is small. Having all the features mentioned above in just one cell phone makes my life easier.

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Cellphones Turned My Teaching Career From ‘Awesome’ to Exhausting

my cell phone essay

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Two decades ago, no one could have predicted that a device small enough to fit in a student’s back pocket could upend K-12 education. But in recent years, cellphones have emerged as educators’ No. 1 nemesis.

Teachers cite them as a near-constant source of distraction in the classroom. They’re blamed as a culprit in the mental health crisis pervading our nation’s youth. Teachers say trying to compete with cellphones for students’ attention contributes heavily to stress and burnout.

Mitchell Rutherford knows this all too well. The Tucson, Ariz.-based educator, who just completed his 11th year as a biology teacher at Sahuaro High School, will not be returning to the classroom next year, in part because of how students’ cellphone use has transformed the nature of the job.

Rutherford said he felt the “all-consuming” nature of the job was unsustainable, especially once he and his wife prepared to have their first child (she arrived just last week). Much of what consumed Rutherford as a high school teacher, especially recently, were his attempts to understand kids’ attachment to their cellphones, and to get his students to see the addictive nature of their personal devices—as well as the rewards in putting them down in favor of live, real-time connections.

Rutherford spoke to Education Week about his teaching trajectory, and how it went from “awesome” to exhausting as cellphones became an ever-more prominent part of students’ lives. His story has been edited for length and clarity.

In the beginning of my career, I thought: This is awesome; I’ll do this as long as it’s still awesome. I started referring to teaching as my calling, rather than my career.

When I started teaching, I wanted my students to use their phones—to do research, to check their grades, to listen to podcasts—not necessarily in class, but in general. Then, I didn’t see it as a big problem in class or in general. There were kids who wanted to check out, who didn’t care about school or their futures. Those kids would go on their phones. But it was a very small percentage.

Observing students’ growing fixation with cellphones

What I’ve seen more recently is that even the kids who are the most motivated and want to learn and have dreams and aspirations for their futures—even those kids really struggled, especially this year, with getting off their phones in class and, they told me, outside of class and in between class and at lunch.

Outside of schools, I’ve been noticing this for at least a few years. Everywhere you go, everyone’s on their phones. Any spare minute: Waiting in line anywhere, taking public transportation, driving—people are looking at their phones. And that’s what I started seeing in the classroom, too. I’d be teaching a lesson and students would look up, and then they’d look down. It was just so clear that there were some very addictive tendencies coming out that just wasn’t the deal before.

Something shifted to kind of pull people more deeply into it. It’s kind of like the frog in the boiling water. I guess it’s always been increasing as an issue. And then finally, I was like: Oh, we’re boiling now.

A student holds a cell phone during class at Bel Air High School in Bel Air, Md., on Jan. 25, 2024.

I work primarily with sophomores. When the pandemic hit, these students were 12 and 13. I have a theory about why cellphone use might have affected this group more than most. This age is the sweet spot for puberty. It’s also the time when you start to feel awkward and uncomfortable and when socialization gets weird and difficult. Add to that the pandemic when, all of a sudden, society was completely upended. As this was happening, it was easier for kids to self-isolate and sit on their phones, to retreat to their phones as a kind of safety from social interaction. Then it became a habit.

Teaching how to connect in real-time

Interestingly enough, in 2023, the longest-running study on human happiness since the Great Depression came out of Harvard , and it found that the No. 1 determining factor of health and well-being is relationships, connections. I started observing more, and it became very obvious that my students were not connecting with each other. They weren’t connecting with me either, which is normally the most fun part of teaching.

Everywhere you go, everyone's on their phones. Any spare minute. ... And that's what I started seeing in the classroom, too. I'd be teaching a lesson and students would look up, and then they'd look down.

So I decided right after the pandemic that I would no longer just teach biology. I would teach students to connect, to contemplate, and to be creative. I had kids do lab reports, and in them I would ask them to track things like their habits, and their sleep routines. We talked about why sleep is so important, and why phones prevent them from sleeping well, and I’d have them reflect on it to get to that contemplation piece.

And then I shifted a lot of the stuff to the connection piece. We would take nature walks and at first it was just silent contemplation with no phones. Then I was like, “Let’s hang out with each other.” I would take them out to a grassy field with trees. And the only rule was that you could not have your phone.

Some kids would sit in silence, but then others would congregate, and they would just chat and laugh and talk about whatever. Then the kids would write reflections. We did a [cellphone] detox challenge and we’d do mini-reflections where I’d ask them things like, “How did it feel to be without your phone?”

Recognizing the magnitude of the problem

When I had my students track their cellphone use, almost every kid was either shocked or embarrassed by the amount of time they spent on their phones. I would tell my students, “It’s not your fault.” Almost all of them wanted to find a way out, or reduce the time they spent on it. I’ve seen kids change their addictions. I’ve seen kids prefer to talk to each other. I know kids want that. Social connection is the strongest drug of all.

Teachers everywhere recognize that this is a massive problem that’s way bigger than our school, way bigger than school policies and small-scale enforcement. Our school has policies, our district has policies, but I think the approach to addressing cellphone use has to come from all angles, including at a much higher level—by holding tech companies accountable for making the most addictive apps and products that the world has ever seen, intentionally.

Mitchell Rutherford, who taught biology at Sahuaro High School in Tucson, Ariz., left the profession due, in part, to student's cell phone usage. Here, pictured at Finger Rock Trailhead in Tucson on June 8, 2024.

In the end, I knew I had to leave teaching because of the toll it was taking on my mental health. I wasn’t emotionally available for myself or my wife because I was pouring my heart into my students that I saw struggling with socializing, anxiety, and focus, which in my opinion is largely caused and certainly exacerbated by intentionally designed addictive cellphone apps.

I have recently applied to jobs at BASIS [a network of charter schools that originated in Arizona], the local state and federal correctional complex, and a tutoring company. I’m also completing my yoga teacher training this summer.

My daughter arrived last Monday, so I’m enjoying the unemployed time with her very much. But I’d really like to earn enough to help my wife go part-time.

As my daughter grows up, I’ll be the strictest dad ever. I will not put a phone or iPad in her visual field for years. My plan is to never have my infant daughter see me on my phone, ever.

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Staff of the National Education Association, the nation’s largest teachers union, strike outside the organization's building in Washington on June 20, 2024. The staff union alleges that the NEA violated labor law.

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    114 Cell Phone Essay Topic Ideas & Examples. Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives, affecting various aspects of society, culture, and personal interactions. With their widespread use, it is no surprise that cell phones have also become a popular topic for essays. Whether you are writing an essay for an academic assignment or ...

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    A cell phone simplifies our lives. It serves for work or business, online classes, entertainment, and communication with friends and family. Nowadays, smartphones come with various handy features and fast internet, making it easy to access information promptly. Essay on Mobile Phone in 200 Words

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    Answer 2: A smartphone refers to a handheld electronic device that facilitates a connection to a cellular network. Furthermore, smartphones let people access the internet, make phone calls, send text messages, along with a wide variety of functions that one can perform on a pc or a laptop. Overall, it is a fully functioning miniaturized computer.

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    Technology in Education Cell Phones. Topics: Distraction, Mobile phone, Push-button telephone, Rotary dial, Text messaging. 1 2 3. Argumentative essay on Cell Phones from GradesFixer Best writing team Examples by straight-A students High-quality paper.

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    The number of estimated Smartphone users in the world were more than 1.08 billion in early 2012, and the use of smartphones has increased rapidly. The use of smartphones might result in Smartphone addiction which is similar to many aspects of internet and cell phone addiction. It has been reported that the rate of Smartphone addiction is 8.40%.

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    Your essay on cell phones could be a technical and more research-based outline, like argumentative essays. Alternatively, your 5 paragraph essay about cell phones could be creative or more reflective of your mobile phone use. Any cell phone essay introduction should begin with a captivating topic sentence. This could be a historical fact, a ...

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    See here what this mobile phone paragraph has to say. Stay connected: - Mobile phones are the best way to stay connected with your friends and family living away from you. Voice calls, video calls, emails, messages and texts- thus, the communication modes via cell phones are multitude. Mode of entertainment: - As technology advances, you ...

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    Conclusion. In conclusion, mobile phones have become an essential component in our daily lives and not many people would be able to live without them. They formed a sort of multitasking ability that allows people to do various things such as communicate with others, watch movies, search for websites, and many more all in one small device ...

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    Essay About My First Cell Phone Choosing the Perfect Phone. When I went shopping with my parents, there were many cool options. (Topic sentence) I had to decide between an iPhone, Samsung or Google Pixel. After testing features like cameras, games and face ID, I settled on the iPhone 12 mini. Its small size fits perfectly in my hand yet packs ...

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    Firstly, the internet and cell phones mean that people can stay connected however far away they are from each other. For instance, these days, many people live in different countries or go travelling in different countries. Cell phones and the internet mean that parents can easily keep in touch with their children who are on holiday and people ...

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    250 Words Essay on Life Without Mobile Phone Introduction. Life without a mobile phone, in today's digital era, seems like an unimaginable scenario. However, there was a time when communication was not as instant and accessible as it is today. This essay explores the implications of a life devoid of mobile phones. Communication in a Mobile ...

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    Essays on cell phones usually recognize the dangers of cell phones: many believe that devices which emit electromagnetic field are carcinogenic. However, recent official research denies these allegations - so make sure to include only valid data in your essay. Nevertheless, cell phone's influence on fertility and sleep has been proven ...

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    In the past, mobile phones are just used to communicate to anyone and anywhere. But in this present time, they are more than just a communication device. They have been a necessity in our everyday lives. Even children nowadays have their own cell phones. Many teenagers today describe their cell phones as their "life".

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    Essay On My Cell Phone. Type of paper: Essay. Topic: Marketing, Students, Life, Song, Ethics, Cell Phones, Entertainment, Business. Pages: 2. Words: 600. Published: 11/07/2019. ORDER PAPER LIKE THIS. Cell phones are a wide part of our society in our day and age. Everyone student, businessmen and businesswomen has a cell phone.

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    My Mobile Phone Essay Example 🎓 Get access to high-quality and unique 50 000 college essay examples and more than 100 000 flashcards and test answers from around the world! ... My cell phone, being lightweight and small is very convenient to have and can be used anytime. A device small enough to fit in my pocket that can be used to ...

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    Submit an Essay Submit a Letter to the Editor ... Ariz., left the profession due, in part, to students' cell phone usage. Here, pictured at Finger Rock Trailhead in Tucson on June 8, 2024. ...