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Feeling cornered by the never-ending cycle of tasks? Time running out faster than you can type? Let go of the stress! Our skilled squad is geared up, ready to guide you towards ultimate performance. Experience the liberation of worry-free, quality task completion with our superior help. Reach your full potential without the strain. Start your hassle-free experience with us today!



Our dedication to quality sets us apart. We don't merely complete tasks, we perfect them, pushing limits in our pursuit of excellence.


Got a head-scratching essay or a tricky paper to write? Nothing's too tough for our expert team, eager to build the best outcome for you.


With us, most of your tasks return right back to you in a day, no matter how tough. Fast work without cutting corners–that's our promise.


Yearning for that perfect result? Worried a few more changes could do the trick? Fret not, we offer unlimited free revisions to ensure your satisfaction.

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The glowing testimonials from students hailing from prestigious institutions around the world validate our reputation as the most dependable consultation service. Your success is our success, and we aim to uphold our commitment towards your academic journey.

Good Trust Score 4.7

Reviewed by  Leo King

Pro Level Proofreading

Proofreading has never been my strong suit. I always find myself needing a second pair of eyes to go over my work. That's where they step in, never disappointing and always ensuring top-notch quality.

Reviewed by  Jack Williams

Long-Time Client

Being a long-standing customer of Assignments Mavens, I've continually turned to them for editing my creative work. They've never failed to deliver, consistently surpassing my expectations. Their services are an easy recommendation for anyone looking for superior consultation.

Reviewed by  Daphne Craig

Boundless Savings

A huge shout-out to you for generous discounts. Their affordable pricing and regular deals let me make proofreading orders even on a student budget. Assignments Mavens not only saves my papers, but also my wallet!

Excellent Trust Score 4.8

Reviewed by  Rita Taylor

Quick Fix Team

I'm thoroughly impressed by how promptly the team addresses issues. When I encountered trouble retrieving my file due to internet hiccups, they immediately sent it to me via alternate means. Swift and effective, they won't let you down.

Reviewed by  J. Malarkey

Quality Matters Here

Finally, a service that is done right by the client. I've engaged with others, but none match up to the exceptional guidance here. Keep paving the way, guys!

Reviewed by  Sunny K.

Good Job On The Summary

The summary of my coursework novel was expertly edited. The professionals at Assignments Mavens truly are remarkable, with proper dedication to quality. They've exceeded all of my expectations.


Allow our specialized experts to shoulder your challenging tasks—quality solutions that won't weigh heavy on your budget!


Research Paper

College Paper

Movie Review


Personal Statement

Scholarship Essay

Cover Letter

School Paper

Book Review

Book Report

News Release

Annotated Bibliography

Argumentative Essay

Application Letter

Research Proposal

Thesis Proposal

Literature Review

Business Plan

Careful Editing

Building trust is our mission and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring superb quality for your work. Step into a world of first-rate editing and proofreading services with our devoted team.

Precise Editing

Dreading those small slip-ups that could impact your grades? Breathe easy! We attentively sift through every word of your papers, ensuring no grammatical or contextual errors sneak through.

In-depth Proofreading

Not fully confident about your paper? Don't let those niggling doubts keep you up at night. Our seasoned professionals are here to comb through your work, spotting any potential mistakes that may have slipped your notice.

Delight in a  60% Discount    For Students at Every Level!

Why  is our student retention  so high.

Our dedication to quality, delivering orders at lightning speed of 3-24 hours, offering services at up-to 60% discounted prices, and a rock-solid guarantee of 24/7 dependability, set us apart from the rest.

Happy Clients

Quick Delivery

Nonstop Support

Protected Services

Numbers Speak For Themselves, , Witness Our Impact on Students


Joanna Jetton

Subject marketing, type term paper, level undergraduate, consultant jason smith rating satisfaction 99% 99% complete, deadline 24 hours, kristen reese, subject accounting, type assignment, level high school, consultant robert parmenter rating satisfaction 100% 100% complete, deadline 12 hours, stephen louis, subject chemistry, level bachelors, consultant mathew simpson rating satisfaction 99% 99% complete, deadline 06 hours, joseph platt, subject history, type research paper, level masters, consultant betsy jackson rating satisfaction 100% 100% complete, winfrey gray, subject physics, type research work, level intermediate, deadline 02 days 05 hours, alexis scott, subject bioinformatics, type research proposal, consultant mathew simpson rating satisfaction 100% 100% complete, deadline 04 days, sylvia stacy, subject psychology, consultant betsy jackson rating satisfaction 99% 99% complete, michael seiler, subject communications and media, level doctorate, deadline 05 hours 30 minutes, deniese blain, subject ethics, consultant thomas johns rating satisfaction 99% 99% complete, deadline 48 hours, philip rawling, subject auditing, type analysis, consultant thomas johns rating satisfaction 100% 100% complete, deniese petterson, subject finance, subject statistical analysis, type numerical problems, consultant robert parmenter rating satisfaction 99% 99% complete, deadline 05 days, edwin montoya, subject computer science, level graduate, consultant joseph wilson rating satisfaction 100% 100% complete, deadline monday, 12:30 pm, stacy carter, subject management sciences, deadline thursday, 07:40 am, mandy mosley, subject english, deadline sunday, 02:00 am, richard hendricks, subject tourism, deadline friday, 04:40 am, cara herdon, subject law, deadline thursday, 09:25 pm, james barnes, subject personal, type dissertation, deadline monday, 08:14 am, what kind of paper is it.

Be ready to get paired with a specialist in the blink of an eye.

Get  Your Paper in  Four Easy Parts

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Whether you're an old friend or a new face, we're glad to have you! If you're new here, take advantage of our streamlined sign-up - just plug your name, email, and number into the form and let's get started.

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Got all those pesky details out of the way through the order form? Perfect, now you're ready to move to the next step - order and payment review. Take a glance, finalize, and use our secure payment methods to complete your order. All major credit and debit cards accepted! Plus, enjoy an amazing 60% off discount.

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Blink, and you'll find us hard at work on your paper. We prioritize your deadlines over ours, ensuring that you receive your final file well ahead of schedule. Keep an eye on your email, we'll notify you with any updates in your order. Feel free as you'll receive unlimited revisions too.

Dreaming of high-grade paper but it's out of reach? Leave it to the professionals!

Absolutely  free exclusive perks.

Explore our amazing range of complimentary features that accompany every order. Enhance your experience further with our paid options - it's well worth it!

Rely on our consultation services that come with FREE and special paid features too. If you have an essay that's due soon or a big dissertation project, just give the work to us. No need to worry about anything at all. We aim to do more than just get the job done - we want to exceed your expectations with each service.

Free Features

  • Flexible Formatting
  • Dedicated User Area
  • Revisions of Your Choice
  • Citations & Reference List
  • 24/7 Order Tracking
  • Originality Report

Paid Features

  • In-depth Grammar Analysis $6.75
  • Opt for a Preferred Adviso $8.75
  • Single Page Summary $8.00
  • Abstract Section $8.00
  • Detailed Quality Audit $3.75

Listen to What Our Happiest Customers Have to Say!

Our gratified customers have some incredible stories to tell about the superior quality of our work and how it's been instrumental in enhancing their progress..


As a medical student, I'm pretty good with hands-on practice but sometimes struggle with complex Consultation papers. I had this particular paper on human anatomy that I needed an expert to review and point out the areas for improvement. I sought help from these consultants, and they brilliantly edited my work, highlighting where I needed to make changes.

Medical Student

45 minutes ago, martin from texas.

I was working on a research paper about the history of psychology – a topic I generally find quite dull. After spending hours writing the paper, I still felt it lacked the final touch. That's when I turned to the team at Assignments Mavens. Their assistance turned my paper into a polished, professional piece. They truly are the best!

Psychology Student

Kunal from ohio.

Whenever I used to encounter complex equations involving operating system timings and execution cycles during Consultations, I would always feel flustered. I wasn't sure where to turn for aid until I discovered this website. I have to admit, your team completely bowled me over with their insightful assistance and now, I feel confident cracking those complex equations!

Computer Science Student

Austin from utah.

As a student of digital marketing, I'm never short of creative concepts. Yet, I often find myself needing help when it comes to aligning these ideas and crafting detailed scripts and voiceovers for my videos. I was looking for someone to refine my script and that's when I discovered academicessay Online. Their service was unmatched and they provided a fantastic turnaround. Just splendid!

Marketing Student

3 hours ago, mindy from nyc.

I wear two hats: one as a high school teacher inspiring young minds, and another as a Master's in Education student. It frequently becomes quite challenging to juggle both roles due to the hustle and bustle of school activities. I was in dire need of consultation and what a relief it was to discover an Assignments Mavens! I can confidently say it has been an impactful platform for my studies!

Teacher at Local School

Cameron from la.

During my course project requiring pro-level site mockups, I was in search of perfect textual content. My research led me to Assignments Mavens - truly the best on the internet. Undoubtedly, they have my highest recommendation!

Ph.D. Student of HCI

12 hours ago, we employ experts who've graduated from world-class institutions, showcasing our expertise.

Discover. Review. Trust. Return

Research Proposal Undergraduate, 13 Pages

Scrutinizing the Implications of Online Text-Based Communication in the Autistic Community.

Business Case Study High School, 6 Pages

Conducting a SWOT Analysis to Decipher the Corporate Landscape of Amazon.

Research Paper Masters, 4 Pages

Examining the Pillars of Stability in the Government of the United States.

Methodology Undergraduate, 6 Pages

Prevention Tactics Against Firearm Violence Among African American Youth: A Analytical Approach.

Research Proposal Masters, 13 Pages

Exploring the Consequences of Bank Mergers and Acquisitions on Banking Productivity.

College Response Paper College, 4 Pages

Insights into Genetically Modified Food: A Biological Sciences Research and Analysis.

Research Paper Graduate, 7 Pages

The Tale of Beowulf: A Legendary Warrior's Saga of Bravery and Valor.

Business Paper Undergraduate, 5 Pages

Deconstructing Porter's Strategy Lecture: An Analytical Perspective.

Exploring Online Text-Based Communication in the Autistic Community: An Investigation.

Why 500+ Students Monthly Entrust Their Success to Us

We're not just about getting the job done. We're about getting it done YOUR way - with zeal, attention to detail, and personalized care. Discover our distinctive quality approach.

Where Every Subject Meets an Expert

The road less traveled doesn't intimidate us. Be it mainstream or the most unique course, delegate your tasks to our seasoned experts.

Your Guidelines, Our Blueprint

Your instructions don't just guide us - they define the work we do. Even amidst managing 300 - 400 consultations daily, we never blur your guidelines.

24/7 Real-Time Updates

Every stride we take, you're with us - thanks to our email notifications. Plus, spark up a live chat anytime to get the up-to-the-minute status.

Domains of Our Expertise

Alternative Medicine

Communications and Media


Financial Analysis


Medicine and Health

Political Science

Religion and Theology

Statistical Analysis

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Join hundreds of students who use our consultation services to achieve academic success.

Good Trust Score  4.7

Excellent trust score  4.8.

We are perfectionists and provide proactive EXPERTS. We passionately craft your papers and go the extra mile to improve the quality of your work.

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Paper Blues? Forget your worries and hire best and exceptional perfectwriter to write your essays.

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Melinda Schiller

Harriet bailey, what’s new about our services.

AssignmentMavens are highly skilled and experienced essay writers who specialize in various subjects and writing styles. We offer comprehensive writing services, including essay writing, research papers, term papers, and more. With a team of dedicated dissertation experts, we also provide assistance in crafting well-researched and well-structured dissertations. As top educationalists, AssignmentMavens prioritize the success of our clients and strive to deliver flawless and original content such as blog writing for websites, web content writing, marketing material content, white papers, research articles, proof reading services, infographic content, social media content, press releases, product descriptions and many more that meets academic and business standards.

assignment mavens

Our Services

Business paper reports, essay writing, dissertation writing, lesson planners and lectures, personal ai assistant, research paper writing, thesis writing.

For businesses, we offer specialized services such as business paper writing. Our team of expert writers can create well-researched and professionally crafted papers on various business topics, helping you in areas like business plans, market research, or strategic analysis.

Our skilled writers specialize in crafting well-structured and compelling essays on various subjects. With in-depth research and proficiency, we provide high-quality essays that meet academic standards and cater to the specifications of our clients.

Our dissertation writing service is designed to support researchers in presenting their original findings in a comprehensive manner. We guide clients through the entire process, from formulating research questions to conducting data analysis and writing the final dissertation.

We cater to educators with our teaching planner, lesson plan, and lecture preparation services. Whether you are a teacher looking for assistance in planning your lessons or a professor in need of engaging lecture materials, we can provide you with carefully designed resources that align with your educational objectives.

We provide a unique service that enables you to have your very own personal AI assistant. This virtual assistant can help you with a wide range of tasks, including managing your schedule, organizing your emails, and even drafting professional correspondence. With our personal AI assistant, you can enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Our expert researchers are skilled in conducting in-depth studies and producing high-quality research papers. We assist clients in formulating research questions, gathering and analyzing data, and presenting findings in a clear and concise manner.

We understand the significance of a thesis in academic pursuits and offer comprehensive assistance in developing a strong and cohesive thesis. Our team collaborates closely with clients to ensure their research findings are effectively presented, enabling them to make significant contributions to their field of study.

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Reviews 4.6.

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Assignmentmavens delivers impeccable…

Assignmentmavens delivers impeccable service with utmost professionalism, meeting all academic needs promptly. Their high-quality work reflects expertise and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring customer satisfaction. For top-notch academic assistance, assignmentmavens is the go-to choice without hesitation.

Date of experience : February 17, 2024

True professionals in every sense

True professionals in every sense, they handled my project with precision that mirrored their glowing reputation. Their execution was top-notch, aligning perfectly with the high standards set by their reviews.

Date of experience : December 20, 2023

I'll admit, I had reservations about entrusting my life's work to them.

I'll admit, I had reservations about entrusting my life's work to them. But after receiving my project back, all my worries melted away. You've done an outstanding job , and I'm feeling genuinely relieved and grateful.

Date of experience : October 04, 2023

A standing ovation for the 24/7…

A standing ovation for the 24/7 lightning fast customer support! Their rapid assistance is a game changer for productivity. It's refreshing to know that expert help is just a message away, anytime, day or night.

Date of experience : October 17, 2023

I love how they takes customer service…

I love how they takes customer service seriously. Anytime I have a question about an order, they respond promptly and courteously. It's clear that they value their customers peace of mind

Date of experience : October 11, 2023

Prepare to be amazed because this…

Prepare to be amazed because this service doesn't just deliver; it's dazzle's. Each object feels like a work of genius, and their ability to consistently surpass expectations is truly remarkable.

Date of experience : December 07, 2023

I felt like they had a personal…

I felt like they had a personal concierge dedicated to my needs. Navigating their online service was a breeze, and their customer support felt as warm and attentive as a trusted friend.

Date of experience : December 01, 2023

Result oriented

You will always be happy to see the results after availing their services. You will feel a real change in your career and that's all because of their professional experts.

Date of experience : September 29, 2022

In a world where promises can be…

In a world where promises can be fleeting, this company stands out. Their money back guarantee is a testament to their confidence in delivering impressive results.

I am so impressed with this service

I am so impressed with this service. It's even better than I expected. The CS team were polite and efficient. Five stars from me.

Date of experience : September 26, 2023

They did great work

I read assignmentmavens reviews and decided to approach them. There customer service was just amazing. Moreover, I was shocked that they did the work according to my instructions and delivered it before the deadline.

Date of experience : August 31, 2022

Helping Service

I got my master's degree successfully because of their help. They helped me get through some troubled and stressfully times.

Date of experience : September 28, 2022

I had reservations, but the delivered work exceeded expectations.

I had reservations, but the delivered work exceeded expectations. A reliable choice for anyone seeking top-tier service.

Date of experience : January 16, 2024

This service is a beacon of innovation

This service is a beacon of innovation. Their forward thinking approach and inventive solutions consistently push the boundaries of what's possible.

Date of experience : September 10, 2023

Great, thanks for the help with the essay. Appreciate it and will use your services again.

Date of experience : August 29, 2022

The website is easy to use and ensure…

The website is easy to use and ensure you don't skip any important steps.

Date of experience : August 25, 2022

So far so good

So far so good! AssignmentMavens is super easy and the customer service rep was super helpful!

They consistently deliver exceptional…

They consistently deliver exceptional work that exceeds my expectations while nothing is truly perfect, they come incredibly close. Highly recommended.

Date of experience : September 14, 2023

AssignmentMavens provides the best…

AssignmentMavens provides the best service at the lowest rates.

Date of experience : August 30, 2022

Highly suggested

Highly suggested because they are worth it

Date of experience : September 21, 2022


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