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university presentation reddit

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Majors that don't have oral presentations

  • Thread starter krikey
  • Start date May 13, 2015

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  • May 13, 2015
cacajuate said: Click to expand...


Well to be honest I'm a psych major and we still have to give presentations. Furthermore, my school makes it a gen Ed requirement to take a speech class. It's spmethinf you just need to work on, I don't think you can really avoid it.  

How do you plan on interviewing, especially panel interviews, if you have no public speaking skills?? I can't tell you how important it is! Don't avoid it! As someone who has worked the last year for a major corporation in research and development, the must successful and highest earners (managers, directors) are the ones with great presentation and public speaking skills.  



I like dark rooms..

krikey said: I can do oral presentations, I just don't like them. I was just curious which majors tend to not have to do them. I'm not choosing a major based on this but it'd be a nice plus. I've read that Dental school doesn't really have oral presentations. Is this true? Click to expand...
Tikidude19 said: How do you plan on interviewing, especially panel interviews, if you have no public speaking skills?? I can't tell you how important it is! Don't avoid it! As someone who has worked the last year for a major corporation in research and development, the must successful and highest earners (managers, directors) are the ones with great presentation and public speaking skills. Click to expand...
johnamo said: Haha... well, if this is a real question, I suggest you actually do something that makes you work on public speaking/presentations. Though difficult at first, it's an important skill to have. Click to expand...
JPS398 said: Well to be honest I'm a psych major and we still have to give presentations. Furthermore, my school makes it a gen Ed requirement to take a speech class. It's spmethinf you just need to work on, I don't think you can really avoid it. Click to expand...


I got the impression you only do a few presentations in dental school, like 1-5. Choose the major that gives you the highest GPA. Its best not to avoid it. I hated them too and still do. But I get by now and to be honest, no body really cares that you're talking and everyone is just as nervous as you. It helps that I make my power points stand out by being creative and colorful with them. Gives me something to want to show off. It also helped to go to the gym before my presentation to work off my nerves. Good luck.  

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university presentation reddit

6 Tips For Giving a Fabulous Academic Presentation


Tanya Golash-Boza, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California

January 11, 2022

One of the easiest ways to stand out at an academic conference is to give a fantastic presentation.

In this post, I will discuss a few simple techniques that can make your presentation stand out. Although, it does take time to make a good presentation, it is well worth the investment.

Tip #1: Use PowerPoint Judiciously

Images are powerful. Research shows that images help with memory and learning. Use this to your advantage by finding and using images that help you make your point. One trick I have learned is that you can use images that have blank space in them and you can put words in those images.

Here is one such example from a presentation I gave about immigration law enforcement.

PowerPoint is a great tool, so long as you use it effectively. Generally, this means using lots of visuals and relatively few words. Never use less than 24-point font. And, please, never put your presentation on the slides and read from the slides.

Tip #2: There is a formula to academic presentations. Use it.

Once you have become an expert at giving fabulous presentations, you can deviate from the formula. However, if you are new to presenting, you might want to follow it. This will vary slightly by field, however, I will give an example from my field – sociology – to give you an idea as to what the format should look like:

  • Introduction/Overview/Hook
  • Theoretical Framework/Research Question
  • Methodology/Case Selection
  • Background/Literature Review
  • Discussion of Data/Results

Tip #3: The audience wants to hear about your research. Tell them.

One of the most common mistakes I see in people giving presentations is that they present only information I already know. This usually happens when they spend nearly all of the presentation going over the existing literature and giving background information on their particular case. You need only to discuss the literature with which you are directly engaging and contributing. Your background information should only include what is absolutely necessary. If you are giving a 15-minute presentation, by the 6 th minute, you need to be discussing your data or case study. At conferences, people are there to learn about your new and exciting research, not to hear a summary of old work.

Tip #4: Practice. Practice. Practice.

You should always practice your presentation in full before you deliver it. You might feel silly delivering your presentation to your cat or your toddler, but you need to do it and do it again. You need to practice to ensure that your presentation fits within the time parameters. Practicing also makes it flow better. You can’t practice too many times.

Tip #5: Keep To Your Time Limit

If you have ten minutes to present, prepare ten minutes of material. No more. Even if you only have seven minutes, you need to finish within the allotted time. If you write your presentation out, a general rule of thumb is two minutes per typed, double-spaced page. For a fifteen-minute talk, you should have no more than 7 double-spaced pages of material.

Tip #6: Don’t Read Your Presentation

Yes, I know that in some fields reading is the norm. But, can you honestly say that you find yourself engaged when listening to someone read their conference presentation? If you absolutely must read, I suggest you read in such a way that no one in the audience can tell you are reading. I have seen people do this successfully, and you can do it too if you write in a conversational tone, practice several times, and read your paper with emotion, conviction, and variation in tone.

What tips do you have for presenters? What is one of the best presentations you have seen? What made it so fantastic? Let us know in the comments below.

Want to learn more about the publishing process? The Wiley Researcher Academy is an online author training program designed to help researchers develop the skills and knowledge needed to be able to publish successfully. Learn more about Wiley Researcher Academy .

Image credit: Tanya Golash-Boza

Read the Mandarin version here .

university presentation reddit

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university presentation reddit

How research content supports academic integrity

university presentation reddit

Finding time to publish as a medical student: 6 tips for Success

university presentation reddit

Software to Improve Reliability of Research Image Data: Wiley, Lumina, and Researchers at Harvard Medical School Work Together on Solutions

university presentation reddit

Driving Research Outcomes: Wiley Partners with CiteAb

university presentation reddit

ISBN, ISSN, DOI: what they are and how to find them

university presentation reddit

Image Collections for Medical Practitioners with TDS Health

university presentation reddit

How do you Discover Content?

university presentation reddit

Writing for Publication for Nurses (Mandarin Edition)

university presentation reddit

Get Published - Your How to Webinar

university presentation reddit

Finding time to publish as a medical student: 6 tips for success

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university presentation reddit

How to Easily Access the Most Relevant Research: A Q&A With the Creator of Scitrus

Atypon launches Scitrus, a personalized web app that allows users to create a customized feed of the latest research.

university presentation reddit

Effectively and Efficiently Creating your Paper





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  • Presentation skills for quivering wrecks by Bob Etherington Ebook (available to University of Reading members only). Aimed at business presenters, but good advice for all.

university presentation reddit

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14 December 2022

Legally Using Images in Presentation Slides

legally using images in presentation slides

Do you use images in presentations? Whether an in-person or virtual presentation or class, this article will help you establish best practices for legally using images in presentation slides and minimizing your risks of copyright infringement. Images include photographs, charts, maps, illustrations, charts and more. You may also like our online copyright course that includes an entire module on legally using images.

Scroll down to the end of this article to download our Simple Guide to Legally Using Images in Presentations.

Are You Legally Using Images in Presentation Slides?

How much attention do you pay to copyright law when you create slides for a presentation? While it's important to focus on the non-legal aspects of the presentation such as content and images to enhance speaking points, it's just as important to consider copyright issues. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Include copyright management as a regular part of planning your presentations
  • Incorporate a permissions process into your planning
  • Be aware of your budget, if you have one, to pay for permissions
  • Plan for the possibility that if you're unable to secure permissions on time or the fees are too high, you'll need to adjust your content accordingly

As with most copyright issues, the matter of legally using images in presentation slides is nuanced. The answer to many questions is often “it depends” or "maybe" or "let's examine your particular circumstances." Understanding copyright issues will help ensure you're legally using images in presentation slides.

First Ask Yourself: Are the Images Protected by Copyright?

When you find an image online or elsewhere, assume it's protected by copyright. Once you identify the image you want to use, consider its copyright status and whether you need permission to use it.

Google has made it easier to determine an image's copyright status by providing copyright-related metadata for images in Google Images, when this information is available. To learn more, see Google’s article Image Rights Metadata in Google Images . Note that some images don't have this metadata and you'll need to do further research.

How Can You Avoid Copyright Concerns When Using Images in Presentations?

There are several ways to legally use images in presentation slides that don't require you to clear copyright permissions with the images' copyright holders.

Use Public Domain Images

If you determine that copyright in a work has expired and the work is in the public domain , you can use the work without obtaining permission. In the U.S., a work is in the public domain 70 years after the author's death. Most countries have a copyright duration of 50 to 70 years after an author's death.

Be mindful that a work that's been manipulated or adapted may constitute a new work. That new work may have a new and longer copyright duration, even though the underlying work is in the public domain.

State or Summarize Facts, News and Historical Events

You may state or summarize facts, news and historical events without permission as long as you don’t reproduce them exactly as you found them in the source.

This basic principle of copyright law works for text but is more difficult to apply to the use of images. You could, however, use data or summarize it rather than reproduce, adapt or share a source table or chart without permission.

Create Your Own Images

Instead of using third-party content, another way of legally using images in presentation slides is to use a chart or photograph that you or a fellow employee created. An employer generally owns the copyright in any works its employees create during the course of their job duties. So, keep in mind that if you take a photo as part of your employment duties, your company likely owns the copyright in it.

Employers, however, should be aware that you don't own copyright in everything created by your employees. You only own copyright in those works created as part of an employee's duties. So even if an employee posts a vacation photo on your organization's website, you likely don't own the photo if it wasn't created as part of their required duties.

Use a Stock Photo Agency

Your organization may have an account with a stock photo agency where you can find images that suit your purpose. You must follow the terms and conditions of the agency's license agreement to legally use these images in your presentation. Familiarize yourself with the license your stock photo agency uses (e.g., see the iStock Content License Agreement) .

Use Images with a Creative Commons (CC) License

Just because an image has a Creative Commons license doesn't mean you have unrestricted use of it. Read that license! Does it specifically allow your use of the image? Review the terms and conditions of the CC license to ensure your use complies.

Tips for using images governed by CC licenses:

  • You need to acknowledge the author of the image
  • Read the terms and conditions of the CC license to see what's permitted and what requires further permission
  • CC licenses are irrevocable, so you can use the image under the license as long as you need to

Don't Rely on Prior Copyright Permissions

If you already have permission to include a photograph in a management training session at your company’s headquarters in Baltimore, it doesn’t mean you can use that photo in a public presentation being made across North America. Know the terms of licenses and assignments (i.e., permissions). If they don’t apply to the current situation or current presentation, either seek additional permission or use an alternative image.

Use Images As-Is

Even if you have permission from the copyright owner, you may need specific permission to re-color, make black and white, or color, crop or otherwise manipulate images. Standard stock photo agency licenses, for example, may not allow these additional uses without further permission.

Does Fair Use or Fair Dealing Apply to Using Images in Presentation Slides?

Fair use or fair dealing provisions may apply to your use of images in your presentation, permitting you to reproduce a work without permission in some situations. You’ll have to apply the fair use or fair dealing criteria to your particular situation to determine if it falls within these statutory provisions.

Fair use and fair dealing are not without risk. The only way to know for certain if your fair use or dealing assessment is correct is in a court of law. It's wise to know your organization’s risk tolerance for an inaccurate fair use or fair dealing determination. It's also advisable to consult internal policy, a copyright specialist, and/or your legal counsel on these matters.

Familiarize Yourself with Copyright Law

Everyone needs to be familiar with the basics of copyright. Whether you’re designing presentations, writing the company newsletter, or photocopying materials, copyright should be part of your workflow. To understand how to legally use images, concentrate on:

  • What images are protected by copyright law
  • When you need to obtain permission to use images and when you can use images without permission or additional permission
  • Additional rights to consider when legally using images, such as moral rights that protect the paternity and integrity of an author, and privacy rights

You may also be interested in our article on obtaining permission to use comic strips , as well as Copyright Issues in E-Books and Electronic Publishing .

Want more helpful information like this? Our Copyright Leadership Certificate program provides a primer on U.S. and global copyright law, devotes an entire course to legally using images, and teaches you practical skills to interpret copyright in your workplace.

Online Copyright Course

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It feels ILLEGAL to know this trick to get out of a presentation

TABLE OF CONTENTS (jump ahead)

How to get out of giving a class presentation

You may be able to get out of a school presentation if you have a documented disability that is protected by Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the presentation is not an integral part of the course. Schools and colleges are required to provide reasonable accommodations to students with recognized disabilities, and you might qualify. However, there might be some circumstances where you can’t avoid a presentation, even with an accommodation.

I’m scared of doing a class presentation

So, you start wonder how you’ll avoid this presentation.

Can you switch classes?

In my own college classes, where students have presented, I have seen people get extremely anxious. One time a student thought she was going to pass out and had to be helped back to her desk in the middle of her presentation.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your professor about your mental health because it can impact your college coursework. It’s not something you should take lightly.

I don’t want to do a class presentation

You aren’t alone. It seems completely normal to have presentation anxiety.

Some psychologists have agreed that the fear of public speaking might be instinctual. Humans used to live in tribes and being rejected from our peers sometimes meant death.  You needed your tribe to survive oftentimes. You can equate this to a survival skill because they did not want to be vulnerable to rejection and get cast out.

There is more to it than that, but I am trying to explain how you aren’t different than most people. And because you are scared to present doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you.

How to get out of a college presentation

And if you haven’t been diagnosed, you should seek assistance from someone who can assess you.

But for people who have a medical diagnosis, accommodations are going to be your best bet. The federal government has something called Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

Now, you might not be able to completely avoid the presentation, but if you have accommodations through your school’s services , at least it is documented that you have a psychiatric illness and maybe your teachers are more likely to work with you.

Can a professor force me to do a presentation?

I reached out to an accredited college and talked with them about their accommodations around presentations and this is what they said.

If someone has a psychiatric illness that gives them social anxiety, and they have accommodations surrounding this disorder, then they may avoid presentations in certain classes. For example, if you are taking a sociology course and presentations are required and aren’t an integral part of the course, then your professor should try and modify it.

But the college said that sometimes it might not be possible. For example, if it were a speech class, and it’s an integral part of the course, it might not be avoidable.  This would depend more on your professor.

Tips to talk to your professor about getting out of a presentation

3.)  Give them a solution – Don’t just say, I have anxiety and cannot present, but give them some solutions. You might say something like, can you consider an alternative assignment? Is there a way I could present in a classroom with only you present, or could I record my presentation?

Understand that getting accommodations may not mean that your professor must do anything at all. This entirely depends on the circumstances. If you do have accommodations, you will want to speak with your college’s disability services’ office to ask about this possibility.

Should I just skip a class for a presentation?

In your job, you’ll need these oral presentation skills and you are missing an opportunity to build these skills when you skip a presentation. Finally you want to support your other classmates too.

university presentation reddit

I taught college students for about 15 years. I have experience teaching online and in-person. I have a graduate degree. I have a passion for education. But I’ve also worked in the professional world (outside of education) too. And with my teaching and educational experience, I want to help students answer their most pressing questions. I want to give my wealth of knowledge to college students to help make their life easier.

Why I got a 43" T.V. for my dorm and you should too

Your guide to asking your professor for help.

Frantically Speaking

9 Clever Ways to get out of a Presentation

Hrideep barot.

  • Body Language & Delivery , Presentation , Public Speaking , Workplace Communication

Ways to get out of presentations, to avoid presenting in front of people

Ever attended a boring presentation and thought to yourself why am I even here; or worse thought you were going to give a boring presentation and had the same thought as mentioned above? Having to wait before your turn in presentation is the scariest feeling of all; contrastingly, going through with it and delivering a successful presentation puts you on cloud nine. 

A presentation is the procedure of presenting an idea, topic or thought to an audience using creative and effective tools. Presentations have many purposes, that is to inform, persuade, entertain, instruct etc. It may be addressed to a single entity, to a group or to a crowd. It is also being used in all types of fields be it education, work, sales; or even casual like giving a presentation to your friend about how your favorite movie actor is the best.  

Why are presentations necessary?  

Presentations are important to polish your skills and get you ready to face and interact with the real world. Some of the reasons highlighting the necessity of a presentation include engaging your audience. Engagement with your audience is important especially if your presentation is persuasive; it pushes you to face the audience and put your voice out there to grab the attention of the audience. Additionally, it helps you to see whether the audience is bored or interested. Also, if they are bored you could always use diversion to steam off the boredom. 

Moreover, there is much flexibility when it comes to presentations. You can easily modify points or change the topic in the presentation when and if needed to go in line with your client’s needs. Although it is not possible in the case of a printed. Subsequently, presentations make you do extra research and reference slides; in turn increasing your knowledge of your topic making it easier to even refer in future 

The main of the presentation is to deliver an important message or explain a topic in a brief or concise manner so that the audience don’t lose much of their time and use much of their brain power. 

Why do people avoid giving presentations?  

There are many reasons for people to duck down when given the opportunity to give a presentation. Being lazy, not taking up extra work, not good at making a presentation or having the presentation skills etc. However, the most common reasons for avoiding presentations are getting that uncomfortable feeling before presentation, fear of public speaking or the fear of boring out the audience or messing up. 

Infact, according to the website verywellmind.com around 77% of the population have glossophobia or the fear of public speaking (fear of giving presentations in front of people). This problem also arises because of people thinking that they are being constantly judged by their audience or people around them for every move they make. 

How to get out of Presentations?  

1) confrontation .

Confront your teacher or superior, talk to them and explain in detail how uncomfortable you are to present in front of everyone else and ask if there is an alternative solution or work you could do to earn the credits or ask for permission to give one on one presentation. Chances are that they might agree to your requests. 

2) Video presentation  

Ask the person in charge if you could have a video presentation instead of a live one, this way they could have you perform it in the form of a presentation and you would also be comfortable doing it in the absence of a live audience. 

3) Sick Trip  

Sending fake sick leave messages to avoid presenting

One clever but unethical way to get out of a presentation is to call in sick or plan a trip for 2-3 days around that time. In the workplace this might spare you from presenting, as the presentation might continue without you. However, in school or college this may just simply postpone your chance to present or if you are lucky enough it will get you to present only in front of the teacher. 

3) Family Emergency  

Another unethical excuse to get out of a presentation is fake a family emergency call and get out of a presentation, same as before if you wish you to postpone your presentation, this might be of help. 

4) Less talk, more work  

If it’s a group project, with the permission of the authority, you can volunteer to do more research, technical and background work and in turn less speaking or none at all during your group presentation. 

5) Deleted Presentation

A reason specifically used so that you could postpone your presentation for some time is using this excuse that your presentation got deleted by mistake and that you did not take a back up. However, this could not be used in a group presentation and could be a little less plausible, because it is a very common excuse people used to get out of a presentation.

6) Home Emergency

home emergencies like pipe burst, water flooding, gas leak can occur anytime, hence becoming a very plausible and perfect way to reach late and miss the presentation. In addition no would ask you to show a photo of your house in a mess. So it is pretty much fool proof. (This could only work if you mention that you live alone)

7) Overslept

One of the commonly used yet barely doubtful justification for missing the presentation. You could say that you stayed up late practicing and preparing for the presentation and then you overslept and could not even hear your alarm as you by mistake put your phone on silent.

8) Untimely Death of a Close Relative

You wouldn’t want to wish or use this unless it’s badly needed. Almost everyone might believe this excuse and more so may give you a full day’s break (although your reason should be full planned like what happened, how did it happen etc.) 

9) Personal Reasons

Here, you can simply say that you couldn’t complete the presentation on time due to personal reasons that you would not be comfortable sharing. The authorities might not ask you if you say that you’re uncomfortable sharing. Just in case they do be prepared with an excuse that sounds personal (example – you started menstruating and stained your clothes).

Can a teacher force me to give a presentation?  

Technically, a teacher cannot force you to present in front of the class; although they can strongly insist you to do so with the intention to improve your public speaking skills and decrease your stage fright. However, if you refuse to give a presentation, they could give a bad grade unless you show them an IEP (Individualized Education Plan – a legal document generally used for children with learning disabilities for personalized learning goals and needs). 

But this needs you to undergo an evaluation and is a lengthy process, on top of which it’s not applicable to get out of presentations at the workplace. So how can you successfully get out of a presentation without so many medical formalities? 

How do I tell the teacher/superior that I can’t perform a presentation?  

First and the most important of all inform them in advance. Don’t come up to them at the end moment, refusing to present. They wouldn’t be able to make changes or find an alternative to give to you this late. Besides, they will think that you are saying this only because you haven’t done your work or haven’t prepared for it and want to get away with it.  

Furthermore, be honest with them, tell them the whole truth and explain to them in detail why you can’t do the presentation. The more genuine you are, the more chance there is that they will understand your situation and help you out. 

Below is a template of the letter to write to the concerned authority/teacher and request them to allow you to not perform the presentation:

Pre-presentation jitters! What to do?  

Admit it or not, almost all of us have once had that feeling of nervousness running through our bodies before giving a presentation, thinking to ourselves “just get done with it already” or “I don’t want to do present anymore. What if I mess up? Somebody please get me out of this to be disaster!” So, how do I overcome that phase? There are quite a few ways to get rid of these jitters which include  

relaxing your whole body internally and externally to decrease the secretion of stress hormones, in turn slowing down the rate resulting in decreased anxiety making you calm and composed and ready to face the crowd. 

Listen to some music

it could help you calm down or distract you from terrifying thoughts (make sure your music has soft melody rather than it being anxiety increasing, bad thought inducing. 

Content familiarization

be fully familiarized with your content, learn about everything you need to know – questions, doubts, theory, statistics etc. This may make you become more confident on stage. 

Practice thoroughly

Try to practice thoroughly before in front of your friends or family and have them ask questions to create a mock environment which will help you get more comfortable in the real one. 

Talk to a close one

Have a conversation with a person who is close to you, this might help calm your nerves and gain you some confidence. Talk to them, tell them how you feel, they might have a solution or might give a pep talk to encourage you or simply their mere auditory presence could make you feel a lot better. 


So this is basically a way to loosen up your body a bit from all involuntary bracing that you are doing due to stress. Bioenergetics is a technique of stretching your body in weird ways and along with making weird sounds. This tends to open up your voice and make you more relaxed.

Some Tips to Give your First Presentation:

Here are some tips you can keep in mind when preparing your first presentation:

Pseudo eye contact

If you are nervous to look people in the eye while presenting, make a pseudo eye contact with them which means that look at empty spaces between the audience. Look at every empty space and it will appear like you are maintaining eye contact with them. However with the less amount of audience you could focus on anything on their face but their eyes.

Talk Slowly

Being nervous while on stage, one tends to unintentionally talk very quickly, this may make it difficult for the audience to perceive them and they might instantly lose the attention of the audience. Instead, what you could do is talk slowly than usual, this way you would be more conscious of your speech, seem more comprehensive and less nervous.

Presentation: Start and End   

The start is the most crucial point in the whole presentation. How you start will determine whether you will have your audience’s attention throughout or not. If your audience experiences a boring beginning, they will judge the whole presentation on the basis of the start and not focus on your presentation. Some interesting ways to start your presentation are using stories, weird facts, jokes, questions, games, or anecdotes. Starting in an unconventional way would give you an edge over others. 

For example, to give a presentation on your firm being the best tours and travels company, provides your audience with paper and pen to write their best and worst most hilarious travel memories and put them in a bowl to create a humorous and light environment at the start. 

Similarly, your ending must also be as impactful as the start. Make a strong statement at the end to make an impact on the audience or give them something to think about at end using rhetoric device like “Was your latest travelling experience as good as how we ensure ours to be?” forcing them to weigh the pros and cons of both the deals and thinking about your presentation for a longer time. 

For more effective opening slides, check out our article – 10 Of The Best Things To Say In Opening Remarks ; and our video:

Handing over the presentation to the next presenter, how?  

the unconventional way to handover the presentation to the next presenter

Now Peter is going to present about ‘xyz’ topic. Sounds a bit monotonous right? Because this is always the scene in almost every group presentation. Your team could try something different instead, like making a connection between your speech and the successor’s speech; similar to how you connect two paragraphs in an essay saying “now we know the importance of tea, but how to make one? My partner tom would now explain on how to make a tea.” and add in some more information on it. 

When to pause during a presentation?  

Whenever you give presentations remember that pauses are important, it helps give yourself and the audience some break and time to ponder upon. This is essential especially when you are having a solo presentation.  

Firstly, time them in your speaking after questions that could be answered (but not necessarily need to be, like rhetorical devices. Such as stand-up comedians ask a rhetorical question or crack an intellectual joke and wait for the audience to react, rather than directly jumping to the next joke or conversation. This makes their connection with the audience seem genuine and also makes the audience feel included. 

Secondly at the beginning of your presentation make eye contact with the audience for 3-5 seconds before you start. This somehow acquaints you with the audience and helps you to gain their focus. 

Lastly, take a pause after you make or convey a significant point. Take a pause for half a minute or so and let the information sink in and enter their long-term memory. You can use this technique even after explaining a complex point. 

Presentation gone wrong?  

We don’t give ourselves enough credit when a presentation is successful but we are the first ones to regret and crib for a long time when messing up a bit in presentation.

Lots of people make mistakes during their presentation possibly due to anxiety, some technical glitch or some kind of innocent mistake. However only some people learn from their mistakes and move ahead, the rest become embarrassed and develop presentation anxiety or stage fright and dread giving presentation for the rest of their lives. 

So how do we handle presentation mishaps in that moment?

1) First, when you realize your mistake, stop on the spot, take a deep breath, calm yourself down, find people around who understood your mistake but still gave you supporting smiles.

2) Next, explain your mistake and correct it, the audience will understand that you are just as human as everyone else in the room and can make mistakes.

3) Lastly take control of the situation and continue. 

4) Another way you could admit your mistake is to laugh at yourself, that is cope with humor. The environment would already be tensed when people have sensed your mistake and because they don’t know how to react to your mess up and that has made them uncomfortable enough. Therefore, to blow off the steam make a joke or laugh on yourself. 

diffusing the tension of making a mistake during the presentation with a joke

How to make presentations fun?  

Nobody likes those boring presentations with the same clichéd slides, with all the information crowded inside and no visual imagery. One could use different presentation tools to make your presentation more visually appealing. Some sites even have games to add on the slides to make it interesting. 

Additionally, you could add videos, visual imagery, audios, social experiments, good examples, and animations etc. to captivate the audience’s attention. 

To know more about different tools of presentation visit our article : 5 Presentations Tools To Use With Multimedia Presentations


Presentation skills must be developed since childhood since they are used in every field. However, if you are anxious to present and cannot face a crowd, it is important that you work on your public speaking skills to make it easier for you in the future. Additionally, you need to ask for help from your supervisors or teachers to improve your skills and make you a better communicator. One also needs to learn that their presentations wouldn’t always turn out as expected and that is okay, what is important is to show up, it is fine if you mess up; as explained in the show Brooklyn 99 that “two steps forward and one step back is still one step forward”. One should always keep moving forward, learning from all their mistakes and experiences. 

Hrideep Barot

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Lost Voice? Here’s How to Recover Sore Throat and Speak Again

7 Keys to Emcee Like a Pro: Unlock Your Hosting Potential

7 Keys to Emcee Like a Pro: Unlock Your Hosting Potential

control noise while speaking

8 Ways to Rise Above the Noise to Communicate Better

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FREE University Presentation Templates & Examples

Impress Your University Peers and Create Your Presentation with Template.net's Free University Presentation Templates. Browse Through Our Website for a Ready-Made Powerpoint Presentation for Student Group Reports, Classroom Introductions, Rubric Presentations, and More. Each Template Comes with Preformatted Layouts from the Front Page to the Last Page of the Slide. Check Out Our Samples and Grab One Today!

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Presentations take more time to make since the content should have a tailored approach for the viewers. You need to do extensive research for it to become more accurate. If you need to make one in the shortest amount of time, our University Presentation Templates are a handy collection that you can avail! The templates are 100% editable and customizable. They're available in PowerPoint, Pages, and Google Slides as well. The original content gives you ideas in creating your presentation without any hassle. Score the best deals by downloading our templates now!

How to Create a University Presentation?

A university presentation is a document that students and staff make to present a topic. These types of documents are also used to introduce the university to new students.

Presentations come in handy when you need to present a topic at school . The features in applications you choose to make it on are convenient for you. If you need to create one for your class, read our tips below.

1. Decide on a Topic

You can't make a proper presentation without a topic in mind. Determine the kind of topic that you want to tackle. Almost all presentations are informative, and these help a lot during lectures. Create a list of possible subtopics from your main topic.

2. Research the Facts

Get relevant information based on your list of topics and subtopics. Make an outline of all the information that you have gathered—from facts, statistics, and other useful data. If you're working with a group for your presentation, it's easier if you assign each member a topic to research on.

3. Write Content

Open a blank slide and start writing your content. Begin with a catchy introduction. You can use a video, a quote, an iconic poster , or a historical fact to kickstart your presentation. Statistics work better when you're making an academic presentation. Just write the content in the simplest manner possible.

4. Add Details

It's not just content that adds beauty to the presentation. The details also contribute a lot as well. Add graphics and colors to your presentation. Use tables, pie charts, and diagrams to present statistical data accurately. Doing so will make viewers understand your topic better.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you add images in a presentation.

Adding an image in a presentation is simple with the following steps:    

1. Download the image.  2. Go to the file and choose a slide where you want to put the image. 3. Click right and Insert. 4. Choose "Add Image" and click. The image will appear right away. 

Can you add a video in a presentation?

Yes, but make sure that you've already downloaded the video first. Cite the source of the video at the bottom of the slide. You can even add some context to it in another slide if you want.   

Do students work better in groups during a presentation?

If the students have great teamwork, they work well during a presentation. It all lies on how they work as a group.   

What are the characteristics of a good presentation?

The characteristics of a good presentation include:

1. Well-researched content 2. Captivating images and videos 3. Clean fonts 4. Simple writing of complex information 5. Smooth flow from one slide to another

What do you need to do before delivering a presentation?

Before delivering a presentation, it helps if you do the following:

1. Study your topic well.  2. Have a practice presentation. 3. Make sure the audio visual aspects work well.  4. Ask a friend to review your presentation.  5. Check each slide for spelling and grammar mistakes. 

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Reddit Presentation Template

In 2005, two college friends co-founded one of the most-viewed websites in the world : Reddit. Every day, more than 52 million users take to Reddit to post, comment, and vote on virtually any topic of interest. And with more than 100 thousand communities at their fingertips, Redditors can ‘Dive Into Anything.’

Just as unique as its communities (from Shower Thoughts to Astrophotography), Reddit’s pitch deck is quirky, eccentric, and original. Filled with lots of data and, of course, photoshopped cats, it captures the essence of the site’s personality. But Reddit’s presentation called for a more simplified and streamlined design that contains fewer cats. As a result, Beautiful.ai has created a revamped Reddit pitch deck, made for anyone ready to bring their own thoughts and ideas to life.

Use this Reddit presentation template to create:

  • Investment pitches
  • Website analytics
  • New website, platform, or app ideas

See the Reddit presentation redesigned with Beautiful.ai

Creating a successful pitch deck doesn’t require dozens of slides packed with mountains of data and information. Instead, your presentation should be short and simple — but with a design that’s as impressive as your ideas. Enter: our redesigned Reddit presentation with a variety of template slides you can use for your next pitch.

Reddit Title Slide

Pro tips for creating your own unique Reddit Presentation

Ready to make a lasting impression? With the help of our template — and these tips — you’re sure to create a presentation that will excite your audience.

Help tell your story through engaging photos, videos, graphics, and icons.

You don’t have to present numbers in hard-to-read tables, charts, and graphs. Draw attention to the data that matters most with a sleeker and simpler design.

Longer presentations increase the chances of losing your audience’s attention. Simplify your story, sharing only the most crucial information.

Reddit’s co-founders weren’t afraid to include photoshopped cats in their presentation. Take note by adding your own unique flairs to your deck!

More Popular Templates

DMAIC Presentation Template

DMAIC Presentation Template

Learn how Beautiful.ai’s DMAIC can help you increase quality through data-driven strategies and processes.

Case Study Presentation Template

Case Study Presentation Template

Convert clients and showcase your success with our case study presentation template. A thoughtful case study can set your brand above the rest.

Shopify Pitch Deck

Shopify Pitch Deck

Shopify created a global commerce operating system that enables merchants of all sizes to sell to anyone, anywhere. We took a look at Shopify’s original pitch deck to look for ways to improve the design.

Marketing Plan Template

Marketing Plan Template

Create a full-stack marketing plan with this fully customizable marketing plan template.

Sales Battlecard Presentation Template

Sales Battlecard Presentation Template

Learn how Beautiful.ai’s sales battlecard presentation template can help sales teams position themselves against competitors in the sales cycle.

 Snapchat Pitch Deck

Snapchat Pitch Deck

This Snapchat pitch deck shows how simple presentations can persuade investors into action with simple, clean design.

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    Practice out loud and record yourself so that you can listen to learn where you need to be louder, quieter, slower, and faster. The more you record, the better you'll get. Once you have practiced a handful of times, go outside to practice. Practice on campus, in your car, and/or in your backyard.

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    Don't use more than one slide/minute and use no more than ten slides in total. Be prepared in case the tech in the room fails - make a backup handout if it's essential for your audience to see the content of your slides. 6. Practice at home. "According to most studies, people's number one fear is public speaking.

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    Tip 4: Make use of charts and graphs. We all love a good stat. Charts and graphs are a great way to present quantitative evidence and confirm the legitimacy of your claims. They make your presentation more visually appealing and make your data more memorable too. But don't delve too deep into the details.

  7. 6 Tips For Giving a Fabulous Academic Presentation

    Tip #4: Practice. Practice. Practice. You should always practice your presentation in full before you deliver it. You might feel silly delivering your presentation to your cat or your toddler, but you need to do it and do it again. You need to practice to ensure that your presentation fits within the time parameters.

  8. 50 Creative Ideas to Nail Your College Presentation

    Here's the good news: no need for an all-nighter. Beautiful.ai can help you nail your college presentation in a pinch. The ease of use, and intuitive controls, help you create something brilliant in minutes, not hours. Start inspired with our inspiration gallery of pre-built templates and customize them to fit your content.

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    Giving presentations. Presentations are becoming more common as university assignments because they develop a range of skills in oral and visual communication. Delivering a presentation gives you the opportunity to gain immediate feedback on your ideas from your interaction with your audience and from the questions they ask.

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    Oral presentations are amongst the most common form of assessment at university along with written assignments and examinations. A formal oral presentation will almost certainly be required during your studies in the Faculty of IT. This could include presenting a summary of issues, reporting on an assignment, reporting on progress in your ...

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    Whether an in-person or virtual presentation or class, this article will help you establish best practices for legally using images in presentation slides and minimizing your risks of copyright infringement. Images include photographs, charts, maps, illustrations, charts and more. You may also like our online copyright course that includes an ...

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    Explain - Tell your professor that you have tried to overcome your fear and explain what you've tried. You want your professor to know that you've tried to overcome your fears and anxiety and present, but can't. 3.) Give them a solution - Don't just say, I have anxiety and cannot present, but give them some solutions.

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    3) Sick Trip. One clever but unethical way to get out of a presentation is to call in sick or plan a trip for 2-3 days around that time. In the workplace this might spare you from presenting, as the presentation might continue without you.

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    Slide 5: AdAge Quote. We love a good quote. Reddit's 2014 pitch deck featured a brag-worthy statement from AdAge, marveling that the website had become, "mainstream media."The quote was obviously important to Reddit - and effective - so we kept it in our redesigned slide deck using our Quotes Smart Slide template.Our custom color palette and typography were automatically applied to ...

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    Impress Your University Peers and Create Your Presentation with Template.net's Free University Presentation Templates. Browse Through Our Website for a Ready-Made Powerpoint Presentation for Student Group Reports, Classroom Introductions, Rubric Presentations, and More. Each Template Comes with Preformatted Layouts from the Front Page to the Last Page of the Slide.

  17. Reddit Presentation l Beautiful.ai

    Filled with lots of data and, of course, photoshopped cats, it captures the essence of the site's personality. But Reddit's presentation called for a more simplified and streamlined design that contains fewer cats. As a result, Beautiful.ai has created a revamped Reddit pitch deck, made for anyone ready to bring their own thoughts and ideas ...

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