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The free Movie Presentation Google Slides theme is designed to enhance storytelling presentations on video streaming and the film industry. With vibrant visuals, including film rolls, cameras, clapboards, and reels, these slides create an engaging cinematic atmosphere that helps audiences easily recall your topic. The theme’s dark violet and orange gradient backgrounds provide a stunning backdrop, adding a dramatic flair reminiscent of modern and old cinema.

Perfect for discussing the latest in technology and OTT services, the template reinforces presentation topics with specific film industry metaphors. For instance, the side-lights slide blends a dark violet and orange background, creating a gradient effect that complements the vertical timeline design with orange circle spots. This slide evokes a cinema shooting atmosphere, complete with camera and light-up illumination.

The template includes a variety of slides suitable for diverse uses, such as theater-related topics or company profiles. It features a flat cover slide, a table of contents slide, a team introduction slide, a pricing table, and an organizational chart slide. Use this action-packed movie theme to make your Google Slides presentations memorable and captivating, ensuring your audience remains engaged and informed.

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Our templates work smoothly with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. Moreover, they’re compatible with Apple Keynote, LibreOffice Impress, Zoho Show, and more, ensuring flexibility across various presentation software platforms.

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How to Easily Create a SlideShare Presentation

Ginny Mineo

Updated: January 06, 2021

Published: January 05, 2021

You know how hot visual content is, and you want to jump on board to enjoy the engagement, traffic, and leads that follow. But maybe you're not keen on writing a blog post, and you don't have the production resources to create videos. What to do? Create a SlideShare presentation.

marketer creating a slideshare presentation

What is a SlideShare presentation?

A SlideShare presentation is a presentation hosted on, a hosting service for presentations and infographics that functions as the world's largest content sharing community. By submitting a SlideShare presentation, you have the opportunity to get your content in front of their more than 80 million monthly visitors.

I know, I know. You may have felt personally victimized by PowerPoint sometime in your career. When you open it up, you're hit with stark black Calibri font on a white background, killing any creative spark you may have felt. It's daunting enough to create a 10-slide deck to report your monthly marketing metrics -- never mind putting together slides that can be seen by the large volume of SlideShare users.

Well, there's good news: Creating a SlideShare presentation in PowerPoint doesn't have to be that daunting. With the right templates and tools at your disposal, you could easily create an engaging, visual presentation -- all without fancy design programs, huge budgets, or hiring contractors.

How to Create a Stunning  SlideShare Presentation in PowerPoint

To help you make a SlideShare of your own, we've created some free PowerPoint presentation templates for making awesome SlideShares. That way, your presentations will look great  and be a breeze to put together.

Download the free PowerPoint templates , scroll down, and we'll walk through how to use them. When we're done, you'll know exactly how to create a sexy presentation that gets featured on SlideShare's homepage. Ready? Let's dive in.

1. Get a feel for the types of presentations you can find on SlideShare. 

Just as you'd master any other medium, it helps to consume other content in that medium to get an idea of the format and what works. Go to and discover SlideShares that interest you. You can view them on the platform or download them to your computer and peruse them on your local machine. 

SlideShare Presentation Download

Here's how to download a PowerPoint from SlideShare:

  • Sign up for a SlideShare account.
  • Navigate to the SlideShare presentation that you want to download.
  • Click the button labeled " Download ."
  • When asked if you want to clip the slide, click " Continue to download ."
  • Click " Save File " and then confirm by clicking " OK ."

Some may not download as a .ppt file, and some may not be available to download at all. However, this method works in all other cases.

2. Decide on fonts and a color scheme. 

Before you get too caught up in the specifics of your storyline, figure out which fonts and color scheme you want to use. (If you're using our free templates , you can skip this part.) 

When you're choosing fonts , consider two different ones to use throughout your presentation -- one for your headers and one for your body text. Your header font should be bold and eye-catching, and your body text font should be simple and easy to read. The contrast between the two will make it much easier for your SlideShare viewers to grasp your core messages. 

For your color scheme, pick a scheme that will have enough contrast between colors to make colors stand out. Whether you decide to use two, three, or four different colors in your presentation is up to you -- but certain color combinations go together better than others.

Below is an example of what certain fonts and color combinations can look like. Notice how the header fonts stand out much more than the body? You can also see what different color palettes might look like: The top is monochromatic, the middle is complementary, and the bottom is analogous. 

3 combinations of header and body fonts.

3. Outline main takeaways and crucial sub-bullets.

Next up: Creating an outline for your SlideShare's narrative. I like to treat SlideShare outlines just like I would blog posts -- you decide on the working title and main takeaways first. Then, you elaborate on those sections with a few supporting points.

For each of those components (title, section headers, and a few supporting points), create a slide. Below is an example of what those slides might look like: 

title slide using hubspot powerpoint template

Supporting Points

supporting point slide using hubspot powerpoint template

You'll also want to create slide placeholders for the call-to-action and conclusion slides (you don't need to elaborate on them just yet).

Keep in mind that these slides should not be complex -- just a title and maybe a few details that you want to remember down the road. No paragraphs. No supporting images. Nothing that's not built into your template already. 

4. Fill out the body of your presentation.

Then, fill in the meat of the content -- all the slides between the headers. Just make sure you're not relying too much on text. SlideShare is a primarily visual platform -- people are used to breezing through presentations. So if your presentation reads like an ebook, you should edit down the text and rely more heavily on visual content. 

Another thing to remember is to switch up your format from slide to slide. Try doing a checklist slide followed by, say, a quote slide -- it keeps people on their toes as they flip through your presentation.

checklist slide in hubspot powerpoint template

5. Add introduction slides. 

After you've created the majority of your SlideShare presentation, head back to the start. Wonder why we didn't begin here? It'll be much easier to tee up the bulk of your content if you already know what that content is about. In this step, just introduce what you just wrote about -- it'll be a breeze. 

6. Wrap up the conclusion.

Then, head to the end of your SlideShare and wrap it up in a slide or two. There is nothing more jarring than going from a body slide right to a CTA slide. You only need a slide or two to conclude your presentation, but it should naturally tee up the CTA that you will have next. 

7. Add a call-to-action slide.

At the verrrrrry end of your SlideShare, you want to keep your viewers engaged by providing a call-to-action. The CTA could be about downloading an ebook, attending an event, or even just visiting your website -- pretty much any CTA you'd like to include. Here are two CTA slide examples that we included in the SlideShare template:

cta slide in hubspot powerpoint template

8. Edit, edit, edit.

You're almost there! Next, you need to go through and edit your copy and design components. Try to get another coworker -- marketer or not -- to give it a once over. If you need some direction, you can use our ultimate editing checklist  to make sure you're catching everything you can.

9. Add "animated slides" and clickable links.

Though it's easy to create a presentation in PowerPoint and upload it immediately to SlideShare, not all of the same features will appear in both programs. As a result, there are two things you'll need to add in: "animated slides" and clickable links. 

As far as slide animation goes, SlideShare does not support PowerPoint animations. This means that all of those smooth entrances you planned for your text boxes and objects go out the window once you upload your presentation to SlideShare. But, it's easy to manually introduce new elements on a series of slides to make it seem like it's "animated."

Once you've built in your animations, you'll also need to make sure people can actually click on the CTAs in your presentation. 

10. Upload your PDF to SlideShare.

After you're finished with your clickable links, your presentation will be in a PDF format. At this point, you're ready for the final step: uploading your PDF to SlideShare. When you do this, you have the option to add a description and tags, and even schedule the SlideShare to go live at a certain time. Once your SlideShare is live, you should spend some time promoting it on your blog and social media accounts, and to your email lists. (For more SlideShare promotion tips, check out this blog post .)

Just follow this process when you need to create a SlideShare presentation, and you won't have to fear that blank PowerPoint template ever again. 

Editor's Note: This post was originally published in August 2013 and has been updated for freshness, accuracy, and comprehensiveness.

Blog - Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation Template [List-Based]

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slideshare film presentation

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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Slide Decks: 10 Actionable SlideShare Tips for Maximum Results

Photo of Kevan Lee

Former VP of Marketing @ Buffer

Copy of Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post (2)

Is SlideShare part of your content strategy? Truth be told, we have yet to fully integrate it into our content creation process here at Buffer. We’ve felt lots of great nudges, though.

We’ve heard tell of the amazing opportunity on SlideShare , how it’s a primed network of highly engaged influencers just itching to find and share your stuff . What might ultimately sell us, though, is the response we got from a single slide deck , created in a hurry, that garnered over 5,000 views in one weekend.

It would appear that SlideShare has the potential for big returns on a small investment.

I dove into some research on SlideShare content in order to see the best route to success and how to best invest your time. Here are the best Slideshare tips and resources I found.

Our SlideShare experiment: 5,000 41,000 views for 10 minutes of work

We’ve long been told that SlideShare is a great place to invest quality content creation time. The stats bear this out .

There are over 60 million unique visits to SlideShare every month.

Seven million SlideShare pages get viewed every single day.

SlideShare receives 500 percent more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

SlideShare by the numbers

SlideShare was one of our key suggestions for advanced content tips and ways to take content beyond the standard blog and social scenes . We just hadn’t quite fit it into our schedule yet.

When the opportunity arose to practice what we preach and create a slide deck of an existing blog post, I jumped on it. I hopped into Google Presentations—one of the cloud services that come with Google Drive—and started building with a template. I pulled headings and images from our social media frequency guide and uploaded them into the slides. I placed the featured image from the blog post as the background. I added some sources and a call to action. Voila!

When the slides were done, I saved as a Microsoft PowerPoint file and uploaded to SlideShare. All told, the presentation was 12 slides and included fewer than five words per slide.

Since I created the slide deck as part of a blog post that had yet to go live, we gave it zero promotion. And yet, when we happened upon our SlideShare page the following day, it had earned over 3,000 views. The presentation got picked up as a featured slideshare on SlideShare’s social media page . Our 10 minutes of quality time to build it resulted in over 5,000 views in one weekend. Today, after a slide facelift from Ethos3 and Slideshare , it has 41,000 views and counting.

What did we learn from this?

  • SlideShare is worth our time.
  • SlideShare users are eager for quality content.
  • SlideShare has huge potential for businesses and brands looking for a new audience.

Of course, it all starts with the slides.

5 critical elements to creating a beautiful, viral slidedeck

The most important rule of SlideShare: If your presentations aren’t good enough, you won’t get anything from SlideShare.

Talk about pressure! This quote comes from blogger and presenter Mauro D’Andrea who put together a huge resource of SlideShare information for the KISSmetrics blog . D’Andrea’s biggest takeaway from the post: Design a great presentation.

I might amend that bit of advice just a tad. I’m not sure I was well equipped or capable of building a great presentation on my own, yet we still saw good results. So how about: Design a good-to-great presentation. It doesn’t have to be Picasso; it should be better than elementary.

A great place to start in understanding how to design beautiful, viral slidedecks is with this all-encompassing presentation from Slides That Rock .

In summary, here are the five principles of good SlideShare design:

  • Your message
  • Keep it simple
  • Stunning images
  • Awesome colors

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 11.08.05 AM

1. Your message: Focused and clear

A strong message is focused, clear, and concise. Know where you’re headed with your presentation before you begin. D’Andrea, the author of the KISSmetrics resource, has some further advice on what makes slide content stand out. If you’re aiming for a strong message, consider one of these elements:

  • Show something shocking
  • Explain useful information
  • Evoke emotions

2. Keep it simple: The average Slideshare deck is 14 slides

A strong, focused message will help prevent your presentation from veering off into complex, superfluous territory. Simple works best on SlideShare. Keep in mind that the average SlideShare presentation is 14 slides and fewer than 25 words per slide.

New Rainmaker , a branch of CopyBlogger, has some of the simplest (and beautiful) slides out there. Here is an example from their first presentation .

3. Cool fonts: Look beyond the basics

Choose a font outside the norm. Here are some standard fonts alongside some alternatives.


Many graphic design/presentation programs allow for adding custom fonts to a design. If you can’t find a new font from the drop-down list of fonts in your tool of choice, you might see something you like at Font Squirrel , a free font resource.

4. Stunning images: See our guide of free sources

Emphasizing visual content is important not just on blogs and social media but also on SlideShare. The more stunning images you can include, the better. If you’re in need of a resource (or two, or 53) for free images, you can check out our complete roundup of free image sources . A couple of sources I use every day are compfight , Photo Pin , and Death to the Stock Photo .

The slides from Rand Fishkin ‘s presentations are very image-focused. Here is a recent example from his presentation on content marketing .

5. Colors: Create a consistent palette

Not only is it great to include awesome colors but also consistent colors. Choose one or two colors to be consistent throughout your slides , and if you can make them awesome colors, all the better!

One fun tip is to pull colors from a main image or logo in your presentation. Pictaculous is a tool that lets you upload an image, and get a full color palette based on the image you uploaded.

Here’s a before-and-after of a Buffer presentation

We held our first webinar back in March , which also meant our first opportunity to put together a set of slides . They got the point across but were far from elegant. So we went to the presentation experts at Ethos3 for a slide makeover.

Here are some of the images—before and after—along with the advice behind the changes.


Ethos3’s advice : Add a stunning image and a complementary icon to the slide. Find a custom font that relates well to the theme of the presentation (in our case, a thin, modern font helped support the theme of “science”).


Ethos3’s advice : Place floating screen captures into a picture of a laptop, giving the image a sense of purpose and place and helping the viewer get an easier sense of where the Buffer screen grabs belong. The bright green should be the central color of the presentation; it’s carried over here from the opening slide.


Ethos3’s advice : Instead of screen-capturing a quote from another site, create your own in your presentation builder. In the new example, Ethos3 used our new standard font and standard green color.


Ethos3’s advice : Title decks like these can be highlighted with some well-chosen iconography or imagery (plus the return of our green color and modern font).

In general, some quick wins for any amateur slide designer can be broken down into these points:

  • Find a custom font and eye-catching color , and stick with them throughout the presentation.
  • Use visual metaphor to supplement the text on a slide. Try iconography and images that support the message.
  • Fill the slide with an image . Avoid placing an image in the center of the slide (with white border around it), if at all possible.

5 tips for working faster and smarter when creating slides

Once you know the basics, you can add a few new tips and tricks to your toolbox to really make the most of the slide deck time you have.

Tip #1: Pick a favorite presentation builder and get good at it

The better you know your design tool, the faster you can work. Some of the top presentation tools out there include:

  • Google Presentations

I’ve mentioned before that my go-to tool for building visual content is Canva, which has a lot of customizable, premade templates to get you started on a design, and you can copy past presentations to modify for future slide decks.

Canva templates

(I used Google Presentations to build the slide deck that earned 5,000 views in one weekend. The templates and customization options are quite intuitive there as well.)

Tip #2: Create a template and use it forever

The single best bit of advice I can give for building SlideShare into your workflow is to create a template. It’s like paying in advance for a season pass. The upfront investment is big, but the template will pay for itself before you know.

My template solution might be a bit of a muddle. I simply copy a past presentation and use it as the basis for building a new one, deleting out all the old text and images and replacing them with new. (If you’ve got a more elegant solution, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!)

Tip #3: Build your slides to fit the full SlideShare screen

Notice a difference between these two presentations?

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 8.13.14 AM

One is letterbox and one is full-screen. This comes down to the size of slides that you upload to SlideShare. When I built a presentation in Google Presentations, the default size was letterbox, and the resulting upload failed to fill the full size of the SlideShare viewer.

If you want to have a presentation that fits snugly, build slides that are 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels tall , or a similar aspect ratio.

Tip #4: Include links, starting with your fourth slide

Clickable links are not allowed on the first three slides of a SlideShare presentation. If you happen to have one there, SlideShare will disable it.

Starting with the fourth slide, though, you can add links to your heart’s content. Hubspot has a helpful post about how this process works ; essentially, you create hyperlinked text boxes in PowerPoint, export to an Adobe PDF, then upload to SlideShare.

At the very least, your slides can include the text of the URL so that viewers can type it in themselves. If you happen to be linking to a long URL on your call-to-action page, you might be interested to try’s custom URL shortening for a snappier, easier, more memorable link to type.

Tip #5: Make the most of the upload process—optimize, optimize, optimize

Did you know that the information you enter when you upload your SlideShare file is the information indexed by Google? And did you know that 12 million visits every month come from Google traffic alone?

Here are some quick tips on the most important elements of a successful SlideShare upload (for more specific details, I’d recommend this SlideShare post by Ian Cleary of Razor Social ).

Give your presentation a good title and description

Both the title and description you enter at upload will be the title and description Google uses in search results. Google will grab only the first 65 characters of a title and the first 155 characters of a description. Keep this in mind when you’re composing.

(It’s okay to go longer with your SlideShare description, so long as the first 155 characters represent a solid summary.)

Tag and categorize your content so it gets found on SlideShare

Users find presentations on SlideShare using these tags, so be sure to hit three or four of the most relevant ones for your upload. FYI: the six most-used tags on SlideShare are business, statistics, social media, market, trends, and research.

Allow others to share your slides, and then share your slides yourself

Double check that the share settings are enabled for your presentation, including the option for others to embed your slides on their site.

You can also promote your slides yourself. SlideShare presentations are easily shared on Twitter via built-in embedded media. Here’s an example.

You should be more like Jay-Z to become a better leader, says @piethis. Here’s why: — SlideShare (@SlideShare) May 27, 2014

What will you share on SlideShare?

Hopefully this post has made the idea of SlideShare an attractive option for your content strategy. We’re excited to dive in with more SlideShares ourselves and to continue to get better and faster at our creation process.

Have you used SlideShare before? What tips do you have for those just getting started?

Is SlideShare something you might consider for your brand? What other questions can we answer to help you decide?

It’d be awesome to take this conversation to the comments. Let me know how you plan to use SlideShare and if you have any questions about how we might use SlideShare at Buffer.

P.S. If you liked this post, you might enjoy our ">Buffer Blog newsletter . Receive each new post delivered right to your inbox, plus our can’t-miss weekly email of the Internet’s best reads. ">Sign up here .

Image credits: michael+yan

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Film Analysis Unit

Contemporary English

“As students view a film, we want them to pay special attention to those areas of the film we consider important and to draw conclusions from their experience with the film. Only then does a passive viewer become active; for by thinking about the film’s content, the student is interacting with the film.”� -Resch and Schnicker

Why Study Film?

“…film is one medium which cuts across diversities of ability, student background and communication modes. When film is effectively integrated into the curriculum, it touches upon a wide variety of skill areas.”� Resch and Schicker

According to Corrigan

“Writing about films

can serve one or

several functions. It

can help you :

  • Understand your own response to a movie better
  • Convince others why you like or dislike a film
  • Explain or introduce something about a movie, filmmaker, or a group of movies that your readers may not know
  • Make comparisons and contrasts between one movie and others, as a way of understanding them better
  • Make connections between a movie and other areas of culture in order to illuminate both the culture and the movies it produces.”

Analyzing Films

Three ways of looking at a movie

  • Those aspects that films share with literature:
  • point of view
  • recurring images

Literary Aspects of Film

Questions to ask when viewing on a

Literary Level:

  • Who are the characters?
  • What is the setting?
  • What is the plot?
  • From whose point of view is the story told?
  • What is the film’s theme?
  • Are there any symbols or recurring images?


Dramatic Aspects of Film

  • Those elements that film shares with live drama:
  • actors portraying characters through dialogue, costumes, and makeup
  • sets and/or locations
  • directors who leave personal stamp on final product

Questions to ask when viewing on a dramatic level:

  • How effective is the acting? Why?
  • How does the set affect understanding and enjoyment of the story?
  • How are the costumes and makeup effective in establishing a character?

Effective Acting?

Effective Setting?


Cinematic Aspects of Film

  • Elements unique to film
  • Requires some knowledge of technical terms


Film Terminology & Cinematic Effects

  • How shot is composed
  • Shot = single uninterrupted piece of film


  • Object on-screen appears small or appears to seen from some distance
  • Can establish the scene, by showing, say, the Manhattan skyline
  • Can serve to show distance or separation between characters
  • Can show character is integrated with or alienated from the surroundings
  • Lack of detail; unclear, indistinct objects

Long Shot (LS)

  • A relative term
  • A shot taken from a sufficient distance to show a landscape, a building, or a large crowd
  • Subject takes up nearly 80% of the screen; thus, appears very large
  • Directs viewer’s attention to, for instance, a crucial clue, a facial expression or gesture, etc.
  • Viewer can only see what director intends
  • What is missing/excluded from sight?

Close Up (CU)

  • A shot of one face or object that fills the screen completely.
  • Gives importance to object
  • Allows us to see the emotion of a particular character
  • Between a long shot and close up
  • Most common and most naturalistic shot; “NEUTRAL”
  • Shows more context and setting than close up
  • Brings viewer closer to subject than long shot


  • Establish scene with a long shot
  • Move into medium shot
  • Only then use the close up
  • When director intentionally puts object slightly OUT OF FOCUS
  • Looks softer but also unclear
  • Think of Glamour Shots
  • Often used in romantic or nostalgic films but could also be used to highlight a character with mysterious or unclear motives
  • When focus is SHIFTED from one object to another in one shot
  • Example: character in focus in background, nervous and pacing. Phone rings and character goes out of focus and phone in foreground comes into focus = important call!
  • All objects in shot are IN FOCUS—both foreground and background
  • “The public may choose, with its eyes, what it wants to see in a shot” ----Orson Welles
  • Gives greater sense of reality---how our eyes work


  • Camera shoots subject from BELOW
  • Makes subject look LARGER than normal
  • Effect: subject looks STRONG, POWERFUL, THREATENING
  • Camera is ABOVE the subject
  • Usually makes the subject look SMALLER than normal
  • Effect: subject seems WEAK, POWERLESS, TRAPPED

High Angle (HA)

  • Angles are defined by where the camera is placed
  • Camera looks down on what is being photographed
  • Takes away power of the subject of shot
  • 90-95% of shots
  • Camera EVEN with characters’ eyes
  • Shot tilted sideways on the horizontal line
  • Also called “Canted” angle
  • Used to add TENSION to a static frame
  • Creates a SINISTER or DISTORTED view of character


  • Stationary camera moves left or right
  • Often used to introduce a setting
  • Often moves left to right as Westerners read
  • Can come from character’s point of view
  • Stationary camera moves up or down
  • Communicates distance, size, and strength
  • Can show power, objectification
  • Often male gaze on female body
  • Classic noir: tilt starts at her feet and slowly moves up
  • Camera is stationary but lens moves, making the object appear to grow larger or smaller
  • A way to direct audience attention to detail


  • The camera itself is moving with the action
  • It’s on a track, on wheels (smooth), or hand-held (can be jerky)
  • Audience becomes part of the action





  • Scene is flooded with shadows and darkness
  • Patches of bright light
  • Creates moods of mystery, suspense, danger
  • Good for horror films, film noir, detective films
  • Scene is flooded with light
  • Bright, open, lack of shadows, little contrast between light and dark
  • Good for romantic comedies, musical, costume dramas
  • Even lighting throughout
  • Neither bright nor dark
  • Similar to a “Medium Shot”---probably doesn’t mean much
  • Direct lighting from below or side
  • Often dangerous, evil looking
  • May convey split personality or moral ambiguity
  • Think: flashlight-under-the-chin look


  • Direct lighting on face or back of subject
  • May suggest innocence: a halo effect
  • Good for hero/heroine; honest, open characters




  • Any sound that could logically be heard by character within the film environment
  • Background noise, traffic, dialogue, etc.
  • Audience & characters hear the same thing
  • Sound NOT logically heard by characters
  • NOT part of film environment
  • Music—unless characters hear it too, voice over narration
  • Sound heard by only one character
  • Talking to himself, hearing a remembered sound





  • Most common way to move from one shot to another
  • Literally, one piece of film is cut and affixed to another
  • Tiny, split-second of black
  • Like a blink of the eye

How many cuts are in this scene?

29 cuts in 1 minute and 46 seconds!

  • Image on screen slowly fades away and is replaced by black or white screen
  • Might denote end of scene
  • Might show time passage
  • Very slow transition
  • Not very realistic effect
  • Image on screen slowly dissolves but this time, it’s replaced by another image
  • Can be used to make a connection between characters/objects
  • Another slow transition
  • Also called parallel editing
  • Cut to action happening simultaneously
  • Peaceful town + missile screaming across sky = town in danger!
  • Can create suspense as well as links between characters, themes, plots

Filmmaker's Insight�

  • In Francis Ford Coppola’s  The Godfather  (1972), parallel editing is used to develop  theme . The cross cutting back and forth during the baptism scene shows the contradictory lives of Michael Corleone (Al Pacino). In the church, Michael accepts God and renounces Satan. But parallel editing shows hitmen recruited by Michael murdering his enemies. The paradox is evident. Whereas in one scene Michael fulfills his religious obligations, in the other he carries on with his mafia duties.


  • Flashback: movement into action that has happened previously
  • Signified by a change in music, voice-over narration, or a dissolve
  • Flash-forward: does the same but moves us forward in time

What indicated the flashback?

  • Music/Singing
  • Dissolve Transition
  • Also known as point of view shot
  • Shot of person looking
  • Then a cut to what she’s looking at
  • Cut back for a reaction
  • Can reveal character’s thoughts, put view into character’s POV


  • Consider duration:
  • Shorter takes create excitement, suspense, rapid pace
  • Longer takes more calm, less distracting, more natural
  • Hitchcock’s Rope: 8 cuts in 80 minutes!


  • French term having to do with the theater
  • Describes what’s onstage: sets, costumes, lighting, acting

The Film Scholar's Insight �

  • Don't be confused. Mise-en-scène isn't a production term. Directors don't walk around saying “Let's create an elaborate mise-en-scène.” Not at all.
  • From the craftsman that builds fake bookcases to the cinematographer that chooses where the lights will go, the mise-en-scène is the result of the collaboration of many professionals. Thus in the production environment, the director is more specific with his requests and orders. Is he trying to talk to the prop master, the set designer, the actors, the make-up artists? All of them are part of different departments. But all of them, in the end, have influence in the mise-en-scène.
  • In the academic realm, the term mise-en-scène is always invoked when the overall look and feel of a movie is under discussion. 


  • Identify the technique/term
  • THEN describe its EFFECTS
  • “I saw a low-angle shot that demonstrates ________________.”


  • Similar to point of view in literature
  • Identify the point of view behind a shot and its effects
  • 3 types: subjective, authorial, and neutral
  • Shot/s align audience with ONE character’s point of view.
  • Somewhat like first person POV
  • We see what character sees
  • Eye-line matches
  • Audience limited to only what character sees
  • Author/director’s way of passing along information
  • Shot/s NOT attributed to any character
  • Also lighting, music etc.
  • Somewhat like third person omniscient narration
  • Most shots = neutral, not from character’s or director’s POV
  • Somewhat like third person objective narration


  • Shots may switch POV many times in a given scene
  • Look for WHEN it changes and think about WHY
  • Two separate PowerPoint presentations obtained online and revised for this course
  • Reel Conversations: Reading Films with Young Adults by Alan B. Teasley and Ann Wilder

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  • Presentations
  • Presentation Techniques

18+ Best PowerPoint SlideShare Presentation Examples (For 2024)

Laura Spencer

SlideShare is a great tool to promote your business. Also, you can reach your target market with your amazing PowerPoint presentations. Plus, your audience can review your information at their own leisure through the SlideShare platform.

PowerPoint to Slideshare

In this article, you'll learn all about SlideShare: 

  • We'll explain what SlideShare is and describe what makes a good SlideShare presentation. 
  • We'll also provide you with some top SlideShare presentation examples for inspiration. 
  • Next, we'll briefly touch on how to make SlideShare presentations. 
  • Finally, we'll discuss the importance of using templates to create powerful PowerPoint presentations.

If you're creating a presentation for SlideShare. Then consider using a PowerPoint template from Envato Elements or GraphicRiver .

Guide to Making Great Presentations (Free eBook Download)

Before you read on, grab our free eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations . It'll help you master the presentation process, from: initial idea, through to writing, design, and delivering with impact.

Making Great Presentations Free Guide Download

Now let's learn more about what SlideShare is, and dive into some great presentation examples with helpful tips:

What Is SlideShare?

If you're not familiar with SlideShare, you may wonder what it is and how it can help your business.

What is Slideshare?

SlideShare is a platform that lets users share slide presentations online. Presentations can be shared publicly, or the share can be limited to a private group. Since SlideShare presentations are viewed online, they can be considered a form of online content. As such, they've got some things in common with other types of online content.

SlideShare was founded in 2006. According to SlideShare's own About page , the website ranks within the top 100 most-visited sites and has over 80 million users. The popularity of SlideShare gives you a chance to reach a lot of potential clients when you use it to share your presentations.

What Makes a Great SlideShare Presentation?

As discussed earlier, SlideShare presentations can be considered a form of online content. As such, they've got much in common with other forms of online content. Perhaps the most notable common factor is that you've got seconds to attract a viewer's attention before they move on to other online content.

So, you may be wondering, what makes a SlideShare presentation great? Why do some SlideShare presentations attract thousands of views while others are skipped over and fail to become popular?

Let's look at some of the most popular SlideShare presentations of all time and see if you notice any patterns or similarities between them?

Most popular SlideShare presentations of all time

Of course, there's more than one factor that contributes to a good SlideShare presentation. But here are six of the most important factors that many great SlideShare presentations share:

  • Great cover image . This may be one of the most important factors on the list. If your cover slide doesn't draw your audience in, there's little chance that they'll stick around to view the entire slideshow. A compelling cover image is an important part of a compelling cover slide.
  • Covers an interesting topic . It may not seem fair, but the topic of a slideshow plays a large part in whether it reaches an audience. The more interesting the topic, the more likely it is to reach its audience. If your SlideShare topic seems dull, figure out a way to make it more interesting.
  • Tells a compelling story. It's no secret that we humans love a good story. If your SlideShare is interesting enough, you've increased the odds that readers will stick around long enough to find out how it ends. Don't be afraid to share your company's story.
  • Uses clear slide designs. There's good design and there's bad design. Good slide design enhances a slideshow without calling attention to itself. Bad slide design distracts from your message. Bad design is obvious—even to viewers without any design training at all. Good design is often less obvious.
  • Reaches a target audience. Not everyone is your potential client. A good SlideShare developer knows exactly who they're addressing. They'll customize your presentation through effective use of design, language, and other means. So that it's optimized for the target audience you're aiming at.
  • Hits a marketing goal . A great SlideShare presentation is also an effective SlideShare presentation. That's why nearly every presentation that hits a marketing goal includes one or more of the factors listed above.

For a more in-depth discussion of what makes a great SlideShare presentation, review Eugene Cheng's helpful slideshow, SlideShare Experts Presentation Design Secrets From 7 Experts .

Note: Cheng's slideshow is also a good example of an effective SlideShare.

The Best PowerPoint SlideShare Presentation Examples (+Killer Tips)

There's nothing like a good example to illustrate a point. Here are 14 recent examples of some of the best PowerPoint SlideShare presentations we've seen with this article. I'll include an image and a link to each SlideShare. After each presentation example, I'll briefly explain a few of the factors that make that SlideShare so effective.

In no particular order, let's look at some of the best SlideShare presentations out there, with easy to follow tips included:

1. Use an Engaging Cover Design

If a cover slide catches your attention, chances are good that you're going to explore the rest of the SlideShare. That's exactly what happens with this slideshow from Patrick Stahler of FluidMinds.

Look at the rocket on this presentation's cover slide. Not only does the rocket ship catch your eye, but there's a symbolic meaning there as well. The rocket could mean many things ranging from exploration to soaring success.

Notice also that the cover slide heading is both scannable and concise. The use of highly readable headings and text are consistent throughout the entire presentation.

2. Tell a Compelling Story

When you see the caped figure on the cover slide of this SlideShare presentation  from High Spark | Visual Storytelling Agency , your first reaction might be how does this superhero relate to storytelling? You'll want to click through to find the answer.

The SlideShare doesn't disappoint. It takes you through some popular superhero characters and explains why we find them so interesting. Here's an example of some of the storytelling in this presentation:

SlideShare Slide Tells a Story

The picture here tells the story of two humans having a friendly discussion. They're definitely NOT robots.

Note: The characters in the above presentation belong to DC Comics.

3. Use Questions to Draw People In

You may think that a cover slide has to have an image to be compelling. Think again.

This top SlideShare presentation  from Tim O'Reilly of O'Reilly Media starts with the three-letter question, WTF? Those three letters against a stark black background are enough to engage the reader. Inquiring minds want to know ... WTF?

The presentation goes on to answer the question of the title slide with a series of predictions about the future. The mood of the presentation is set by the title slide's dark background and is carried throughout the entire slideshow.

4. Good Design Makes a Difference

A good design should enhance a presentation, not distract from it. That's exactly how design is used in this SlideShare presentation  from DesignMantic . While the design is attractive, it's not busy. Nor does it compete with the message.

One of my favorite slides in this presentation is this one, where the dots in the slide design are echoed by the round frame around the photo image:

SlideShare Slide with Good Design

The elegant design worked well. Of all the SlideShare presentations featured in this list, this one had the most views.

5. Add the Human Factor

It's been shown that people are drawn to photos of other people. Wrike makes good use of this principle with this great SlideShare . Nearly every slide in this presentation features a photo of one or more people, usually interacting in a work environment.

For example, who wouldn't want to be part of this fun workgroup?

SlideShare Slide with Human Factor

This looks more like a group of friends at a coffee shop than a business team hard at work. But that's exactly the point.

6. Cover an Interesting Topic

Nearly everyone wants to become more productive. No doubt the authors of this SlideShare on Productivity Secrets  from Officevibe knew this when they created this presentation about productivity secrets.

It's full of solutions to common productivity problems such as problems like email overload and time management . Since these are popular obstacles that many people must overcome, most people will click through to find the answers .

7. Icons Can Be Effective

Incorporating icons into your slideshow design can add interest. In this presentation from Yuan Wang of Studio Ninja, colored icons are used  to add interest and not overpower the design or the presentation.

This slide is just one example of the effective use of icons throughout this top SlideShare presentation:

SlideShare Slide with Effective Icon Usage

8. Reverse Psychology Works

The cover of this interesting  SlideShare presentation  from Stinson is compelling because it uses reverse psychology. Instead of talking about 10 things you need to do to create an effective presentation, it talks about "10 Things Your Audience Hates..."

Immediately, the reader is hooked. They wonder, "Am I doing any of these things?" If they're part of the target audience for this slideshow, they'll click through to find out.

9. Talk About a Common Problem

Who hasn't faced a difficult conversation in a work environment? The answer is ... probably no one.

Sooner or later most of us will find ourselves in a difficult conversation. But that's what makes this SlideShare topic on Mastering Difficult Conversations so interesting to a broad group of people.

The common problem addressed by Piktochart on  this interesting topic with this SlideShare.

10. Share Statistics Effectively

This  SlideShare presentation  from Rand Fishkin of MOZ is about Google. There are an awful lot of people interested in what Google does. That interest in Google alone is enough to attract a lot of viewers to this SlideShare.

But this SlideShare is also about statistics. Statistics can be hard to share effectively. Fortunately, the SlideShare author makes effective use of charts to illustrate the data visually. Look at the sample slide below:

SlideShare Slide with Good Chart

The slideshow could have buried these statistics in text paragraphs. But instead, we've got this attractive and very scannable chart.

11. Keep It Simple

Often the best slides in a presentation convey a single thought. That's certainly the case with this effective SlideShare from Loic Le Meur . 

Nearly every slide in this presentation represents a single idea—sometimes with a phrase and sometimes with a photo. 

But those ideas really pack a punch. A reader can see at glance the message that the author is trying to convey.

12. Don't Be Afraid of Color

It's risky, but the use of bright colors can make your presentation stand out from the rest. That's certainly the case with this colorful SlideShare presentation from .

Look at the pink and purple in this slide about motivation:

SlideShare Slide with Effective Use of Color

It's colorful, but it works.

As a bonus, the entire SlideShare is only 14 slides long. The brevity means the audience is more likely to view the entire presentation.

13. Embrace Minimal Design

This SlideShare presentation  from Bonusly proves that less is more with its minimalist design. Each slide focuses on a single concept. It uses short sentences and paragraphs, often without an image. Yet, it works.

The next time you're tempted to overstuff a slideshow with graphics, photos, and text remember this simple presentation and don't do it.

14. Design Consistency Counts

This  SlideShare presentation by Barry Feldman starts with an elegant design that makes good use of graphic elements to add visual interest. The design shapes are echoed throughout the entire presentation in various colors.

In fact, the design element is so strong that no photos are needed. And, except for the cover slide, Barry doesn't use any.

This slide illustrates how effective a simple design can be:

SlideShare with a Simple Design

15. Always Add a CTA

Make the most out of your SlideShare by including a call to action on the last slide. Let the audience know what you want them to do, whether that’s visiting a related article on your blog, downloading a free report, or booking a call. Be sure that the call to action is directly related to the topic of the SlideShare itself to make it even more effective.

Consider how HubSpot incorporates a call to action on the last slide of their SlideShare about calls-to-action . If you’re currently trying to improve your call to actions and are viewing this SlideShare, chances are you'll be more than interested in downloading their book to learn more about effective CTAs.

16. Make It Clear

A lot of SlideShare presentations are uploaded as an afterthought once the webinar or oral presentation is done and in the past. But, by doing so, you leave out a lot of the context and wind up with a SlideShare that makes very little sense.

If you want your SlideShare to be as effective as possible, you need to make it clear. You want even people who haven't attended your presentation to still understand the topic and the context. Look at how Rand Fishkin makes it easy to understand the SlideShare about content marketing by making the entire presentation look like a comic book.

17. Tease the Content

Keep the users engaged with your SlideShare by teasing the content. This also encourages them to click through to the next slide and the next slide… all the way to the end.

Mark Schaefer , in his SlideShare about social media engagement , does an excellent job of giving you just enough content to pique your interest. Schaefer also teases what’s to come, which just begs you to keep on clicking through the slides.

18. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Images

Aside from icons, you can make your SlideShare more interesting and visually appealing by using quality images and photos. It’s a well-known fact that images help us tell a story, not to mention we absorb information better when it’s visual so use that to your advantage.

Donna Moritz uses eye-catching images to add extra visual appeal to her SlideShare about different ways to stand out on the platform .

19. Learn From SlideShare Itself

An example of what they've got to offer is the SlideShare about different ideas for what to upload on SlideShare  to get views on your presentation.

How to Quickly Make Your SlideShare Presentation

Feeling inspired by all those great SlideShare presentations?

Use SlideShare to share your own presentations to a wider audience. Here's what you'll need:

  • Internet connection . SlideShare operates through the Internet.
  • LinkedIn account. SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn. You'll need to log in to LinkedIn before you can share.
  • A great presentation. SlideShare supports PowerPoint, PDF, and document formats. Learn more at SlideShare Help .

Once you're online, logged in, and have selected your presentation, you're ready to download it. To start, click the orange Upload button in the upper right corner of SlideShare:

Click the Upload button to open the Upload File screen.

The Upload File screen displays:

Upload File Screen

Upload your presentation, and you've done it! You've just created your first SlideShare.

Learn How to Make Your SlideShare PPT Presentation Design in PowerPoint

Do you need more help creating a SlideShare-worthy presentation in PowerPoint? No worries. We've got you covered with a comprehensive series of tutorials on the subject.

Jump into these helpful PowerPoint and SlideShare tutorials to get stared: 

slideshare film presentation

You can also find more information about creating a presentation in our new eBook on making great presentations . Grab this PDF Download now for FREE with your subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter:

Making Great Presentations Free Guide Download

Or, look at this SlideShare case study from Board of Innovation , which is on “ How I got 2.5 Million views on SlideShare .” This SlideShare presentation has been viewed over 2.5 million times and author Nick Demey is telling how he did it.

Note : This SlideShare is also another example of an effective presentation.

There's one more step you can take to make your presentation great. Let's take a closer look at PowerPoint presentation template design.

Make Great SlideShares Quickly With PPT Presentation Templates

PPT presentation templates are an effective way to ensure that your SlideShare is well-designed. And, as we've discussed above, good design is one of the hallmarks of a great SlideShare PPT presentation.

Using a template gives you a proven design from a professional designer for making your slideshow project. Plus, it can save you from the headache of having to create your own presentation design from scratch if you're not a designer. 

Take a look at some of this year's best PowerPoint designs from Envato Elements:

slideshare film presentation

You'll find even more great presentation template designs at  GraphicRiver or Envato Elements . Learn how to customize PPT templates quickly to fit your presentation design needs. Get started with using PowerPoint's toolset: 

slideshare film presentation

The Best Source for PowerPoint SlideShare Presentation Templates (With Unlimited Use)

You've just learned how to make a good PowerPoint presentation SlideShare. Here's another tool you can use to make your SlideShare PowerPoints great.

Envato Elements is a subscription service where you get access to unlimited digital elements. All you need to do is pay a low monthly fee to become a member.

Envato Elements has hundreds of PowerPoint template that professionals make to look stylish. This subscription service has more than PowerPoint templates. It includes:

  • stock images

Explore Envato Elements Now

Envato Elements Membership

Envato Elements is a great deal if you work with digital elements or need to make SlideShare presentations often. Since you've got unlimited downloads, you can download a template. And if it doesn’t suit your current project, you can download a new template. It’s that easy!

Free templates aren’t as stylish and are often less attractive than premium templates. Premium templates still allow you to be creative while starting with an attractive template.

5 Top PowerPoint SlideShare from Envato Elements in 2024

Here are some of the top PowerPoint SlideShare templates from Envato Elements:

1. Business Plan PowerPoint Template

Business Plan PowerPoint Template

The business Plan PowerPoint template can be used as a SlideShare presentation and is fully editable. This template comes with ten color scheme options and 700 slides. The Business Plan PowerPoint template comes with a picture placeholder, making it easier to add an image of your choice.

2. Oriola: Business PowerPoint Template

Oriola Business PowerPoint Template

This SlideShare PPT comes with 100 unique and editable slides. Here are some key features of this template:

  • two theme variations
  • picture placeholders

This template is an excellent option if you’re looking for a clean business PowerPoint template with a simple design.

3. Business Consulting PowerPoint Template

Business Consulting PowerPoint Template

The Business Consulting PowerPoint Template can be used as a SlideShare presentation. This template has 1,200 total slides with 30 unique slides. Also, you can choose from five different color schemes. If you're looking for a business-themed template with infographics, this is a great choice.  

4. PowerPoint Business Presentation Template

PowerPoint Business Presentation Template

PowerPoint Business Presentation Template is a multi-purpose SlideShare PowerPoint template. Here are some highlights of this template:

  • total of 38 slides
  • all graphics are resizable
  • comes with picture placeholders
  • includes infographics and graphs

This template is great if you’re looking for a professional business template with a pop of color.

5. Narrow PowerPoint Business Presentation

Narrow PowerPoint Business Presentation

Narrow PowerPoint Business Presentation is a modern and clean premium template. This SlideShare PowerPoint template comes with over 50 unique slides. Also included in the Narrow PowerPoint Business Presentation is over 100 icons. Easily drag and drop an image of your choice into the picture placeholders.

Use PowerPoint + SlideShare & the Power of the Internet

Use SlideShare and the power of the Internet to reach a much larger audience for your presentation than you normally would. It's not difficult to learn to use SlideShare to showcase your best PowerPoint presentation and reach a wider audience if you know what to do.

The SlideShare presentation examples in this article may seem intimidating at first. But if you take a closer look at what each SlideShare author has done to make their slideshow effective, you'll see that an effective SlideShare isn't beyond your reach.

Turn to this article for inspiration in creating your own PowerPoint presentation for SlideShare. And don't forget to use a template when creating your presentation to save time and for a better design . 

Are you ready? Get started on your own SlideShare today.

Editorial Note: This post was originally published in August of 2017. It's been comprehensively revised to make current, accurate, and up to date—with special help from Brenda Barron and Sarah Joy . Brenda and Sarah are freelance instructors with Envato Tuts+.

Laura Spencer

16,111 English ESL powerpoints


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Film - powerpoint ppt presentation.

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View Film PowerPoint (PPT) presentations online in SlideServe. SlideServe has a very huge collection of Film PowerPoint presentations. You can view or download Film presentations for your school assignment or business presentation. Browse for the presentations on every topic that you want.


Slideshare Downloader

Download slideshare slides in pdf/ppt format.

Meet SlideShare Downloader, your easy tool to access materials from SlideShare. In today's digital age, good information helps learning and sharing knowledge. SlideShare has many resources like presentations, infographics, documents, and videos used by professionals and educators. But it's hard to access these materials offline for study or sharing without internet. SlideShare Downloader lets you download and save these resources to your device. This makes it simple.

Our service is designed for ease and accessibility. If you're a student needing presentation slides offline, a professional reviewing documents during commute, or an educator preparing for class, SlideShare Downloader gives you the right tools. Our platform supports many formats, so you can save presentations and documents in convenient, compatible ways. With SlideShare Downloader, you're not just downloading files. You're gaining richer, more accessible professional and educational resources.

Key Features of Slideshare Downloader

Unlimited downloads.

Get as many presentations as needed. There are no limits on how many you download. This makes our platform ideal if you need lots of resources for projects or studies.

Fast and Secure Speed

Speed is key when you're on a tight schedule. Your presentations download in seconds. We also make your security our priority.

Supports Multiple Formats

It's important to be flexible with digital content. Our downloader handles PDF, PPT, and more formats. Save content howe­ver works best for you.

Our core service downloads files, though we aim for an amazing experience. We get new tech advancements mean updated needs, so we update our tool regularly. It works across operating systems and devices. This way, you can use our service no matter your setup.

We also share knowledge to empower users. On our site is a guide explaining features and troubleshooting issues. Our customer support is ready to help with any questions. With us, you get more than just downloading presentations. You join a community valuing accessibility, efficiency, and secure digital content management.

FAQs regarding Slideshare Downloader

Q: is it okay to grab presentations from slideshare using this tool, q: do i need to make an account to use slideshare downloader, q: can videos on slideshare also be downloaded, q: what if the download doesn't work.

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Blog Beginner Guides How To Make a Good Presentation [A Complete Guide]

How To Make a Good Presentation [A Complete Guide]

Written by: Krystle Wong Jul 20, 2023

How to make a good presentation

A top-notch presentation possesses the power to drive action. From winning stakeholders over and conveying a powerful message to securing funding — your secret weapon lies within the realm of creating an effective presentation .  

Being an excellent presenter isn’t confined to the boardroom. Whether you’re delivering a presentation at work, pursuing an academic career, involved in a non-profit organization or even a student, nailing the presentation game is a game-changer.

In this article, I’ll cover the top qualities of compelling presentations and walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to give a good presentation. Here’s a little tip to kick things off: for a headstart, check out Venngage’s collection of free presentation templates . They are fully customizable, and the best part is you don’t need professional design skills to make them shine!

These valuable presentation tips cater to individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, encompassing business professionals, sales and marketing teams, educators, trainers, students, researchers, non-profit organizations, public speakers and presenters. 

No matter your field or role, these tips for presenting will equip you with the skills to deliver effective presentations that leave a lasting impression on any audience.

Click to jump ahead:

What are the 10 qualities of a good presentation?

Step-by-step guide on how to prepare an effective presentation, 9 effective techniques to deliver a memorable presentation, faqs on making a good presentation, how to create a presentation with venngage in 5 steps.

When it comes to giving an engaging presentation that leaves a lasting impression, it’s not just about the content — it’s also about how you deliver it. Wondering what makes a good presentation? Well, the best presentations I’ve seen consistently exhibit these 10 qualities:

1. Clear structure

No one likes to get lost in a maze of information. Organize your thoughts into a logical flow, complete with an introduction, main points and a solid conclusion. A structured presentation helps your audience follow along effortlessly, leaving them with a sense of satisfaction at the end.

Regardless of your presentation style , a quality presentation starts with a clear roadmap. Browse through Venngage’s template library and select a presentation template that aligns with your content and presentation goals. Here’s a good presentation example template with a logical layout that includes sections for the introduction, main points, supporting information and a conclusion: 

slideshare film presentation

2. Engaging opening

Hook your audience right from the start with an attention-grabbing statement, a fascinating question or maybe even a captivating anecdote. Set the stage for a killer presentation!

The opening moments of your presentation hold immense power – check out these 15 ways to start a presentation to set the stage and captivate your audience.

3. Relevant content

Make sure your content aligns with their interests and needs. Your audience is there for a reason, and that’s to get valuable insights. Avoid fluff and get straight to the point, your audience will be genuinely excited.

4. Effective visual aids

Picture this: a slide with walls of text and tiny charts, yawn! Visual aids should be just that—aiding your presentation. Opt for clear and visually appealing slides, engaging images and informative charts that add value and help reinforce your message.

With Venngage, visualizing data takes no effort at all. You can import data from CSV or Google Sheets seamlessly and create stunning charts, graphs and icon stories effortlessly to showcase your data in a captivating and impactful way.

slideshare film presentation

5. Clear and concise communication

Keep your language simple, and avoid jargon or complicated terms. Communicate your ideas clearly, so your audience can easily grasp and retain the information being conveyed. This can prevent confusion and enhance the overall effectiveness of the message. 

6. Engaging delivery

Spice up your presentation with a sprinkle of enthusiasm! Maintain eye contact, use expressive gestures and vary your tone of voice to keep your audience glued to the edge of their seats. A touch of charisma goes a long way!

7. Interaction and audience engagement

Turn your presentation into an interactive experience — encourage questions, foster discussions and maybe even throw in a fun activity. Engaged audiences are more likely to remember and embrace your message.

Transform your slides into an interactive presentation with Venngage’s dynamic features like pop-ups, clickable icons and animated elements. Engage your audience with interactive content that lets them explore and interact with your presentation for a truly immersive experience.

slideshare film presentation

8. Effective storytelling

Who doesn’t love a good story? Weaving relevant anecdotes, case studies or even a personal story into your presentation can captivate your audience and create a lasting impact. Stories build connections and make your message memorable.

A great presentation background is also essential as it sets the tone, creates visual interest and reinforces your message. Enhance the overall aesthetics of your presentation with these 15 presentation background examples and captivate your audience’s attention.

9. Well-timed pacing

Pace your presentation thoughtfully with well-designed presentation slides, neither rushing through nor dragging it out. Respect your audience’s time and ensure you cover all the essential points without losing their interest.

10. Strong conclusion

Last impressions linger! Summarize your main points and leave your audience with a clear takeaway. End your presentation with a bang , a call to action or an inspiring thought that resonates long after the conclusion.

In-person presentations aside, acing a virtual presentation is of paramount importance in today’s digital world. Check out this guide to learn how you can adapt your in-person presentations into virtual presentations . 

Peloton Pitch Deck - Conclusion

Preparing an effective presentation starts with laying a strong foundation that goes beyond just creating slides and notes. One of the quickest and best ways to make a presentation would be with the help of a good presentation software . 

Otherwise, let me walk you to how to prepare for a presentation step by step and unlock the secrets of crafting a professional presentation that sets you apart.

1. Understand the audience and their needs

Before you dive into preparing your masterpiece, take a moment to get to know your target audience. Tailor your presentation to meet their needs and expectations , and you’ll have them hooked from the start!

2. Conduct thorough research on the topic

Time to hit the books (or the internet)! Don’t skimp on the research with your presentation materials — dive deep into the subject matter and gather valuable insights . The more you know, the more confident you’ll feel in delivering your presentation.

3. Organize the content with a clear structure

No one wants to stumble through a chaotic mess of information. Outline your presentation with a clear and logical flow. Start with a captivating introduction, follow up with main points that build on each other and wrap it up with a powerful conclusion that leaves a lasting impression.

Delivering an effective business presentation hinges on captivating your audience, and Venngage’s professionally designed business presentation templates are tailor-made for this purpose. With thoughtfully structured layouts, these templates enhance your message’s clarity and coherence, ensuring a memorable and engaging experience for your audience members.

Don’t want to build your presentation layout from scratch? pick from these 5 foolproof presentation layout ideas that won’t go wrong. 

slideshare film presentation

4. Develop visually appealing and supportive visual aids

Spice up your presentation with eye-catching visuals! Create slides that complement your message, not overshadow it. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean you need to overload your slides with text.

Well-chosen designs create a cohesive and professional look, capturing your audience’s attention and enhancing the overall effectiveness of your message. Here’s a list of carefully curated PowerPoint presentation templates and great background graphics that will significantly influence the visual appeal and engagement of your presentation.

5. Practice, practice and practice

Practice makes perfect — rehearse your presentation and arrive early to your presentation to help overcome stage fright. Familiarity with your material will boost your presentation skills and help you handle curveballs with ease.

6. Seek feedback and make necessary adjustments

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and seek feedback from friends and colleagues. Constructive criticism can help you identify blind spots and fine-tune your presentation to perfection.

With Venngage’s real-time collaboration feature , receiving feedback and editing your presentation is a seamless process. Group members can access and work on the presentation simultaneously and edit content side by side in real-time. Changes will be reflected immediately to the entire team, promoting seamless teamwork.

Venngage Real Time Collaboration

7. Prepare for potential technical or logistical issues

Prepare for the unexpected by checking your equipment, internet connection and any other potential hiccups. If you’re worried that you’ll miss out on any important points, you could always have note cards prepared. Remember to remain focused and rehearse potential answers to anticipated questions.

8. Fine-tune and polish your presentation

As the big day approaches, give your presentation one last shine. Review your talking points, practice how to present a presentation and make any final tweaks. Deep breaths — you’re on the brink of delivering a successful presentation!

In competitive environments, persuasive presentations set individuals and organizations apart. To brush up on your presentation skills, read these guides on how to make a persuasive presentation and tips to presenting effectively . 

slideshare film presentation

Whether you’re an experienced presenter or a novice, the right techniques will let your presentation skills soar to new heights!

From public speaking hacks to interactive elements and storytelling prowess, these 9 effective presentation techniques will empower you to leave a lasting impression on your audience and make your presentations unforgettable.

1. Confidence and positive body language

Positive body language instantly captivates your audience, making them believe in your message as much as you do. Strengthen your stage presence and own that stage like it’s your second home! Stand tall, shoulders back and exude confidence. 

2. Eye contact with the audience

Break down that invisible barrier and connect with your audience through their eyes. Maintaining eye contact when giving a presentation builds trust and shows that you’re present and engaged with them.

3. Effective use of hand gestures and movement

A little movement goes a long way! Emphasize key points with purposeful gestures and don’t be afraid to walk around the stage. Your energy will be contagious!

4. Utilize storytelling techniques

Weave the magic of storytelling into your presentation. Share relatable anecdotes, inspiring success stories or even personal experiences that tug at the heartstrings of your audience. Adjust your pitch, pace and volume to match the emotions and intensity of the story. Varying your speaking voice adds depth and enhances your stage presence.

slideshare film presentation

5. Incorporate multimedia elements

Spice up your presentation with a dash of visual pizzazz! Use slides, images and video clips to add depth and clarity to your message. Just remember, less is more—don’t overwhelm them with information overload. 

Turn your presentations into an interactive party! Involve your audience with questions, polls or group activities. When they actively participate, they become invested in your presentation’s success. Bring your design to life with animated elements. Venngage allows you to apply animations to icons, images and text to create dynamic and engaging visual content.

6. Utilize humor strategically

Laughter is the best medicine—and a fantastic presentation enhancer! A well-placed joke or lighthearted moment can break the ice and create a warm atmosphere , making your audience more receptive to your message.

7. Practice active listening and respond to feedback

Be attentive to your audience’s reactions and feedback. If they have questions or concerns, address them with genuine interest and respect. Your responsiveness builds rapport and shows that you genuinely care about their experience.

slideshare film presentation

8. Apply the 10-20-30 rule

Apply the 10-20-30 presentation rule and keep it short, sweet and impactful! Stick to ten slides, deliver your presentation within 20 minutes and use a 30-point font to ensure clarity and focus. Less is more, and your audience will thank you for it!

9. Implement the 5-5-5 rule

Simplicity is key. Limit each slide to five bullet points, with only five words per bullet point and allow each slide to remain visible for about five seconds. This rule keeps your presentation concise and prevents information overload.

Simple presentations are more engaging because they are easier to follow. Summarize your presentations and keep them simple with Venngage’s gallery of simple presentation templates and ensure that your message is delivered effectively across your audience.

slideshare film presentation

1. How to start a presentation?

To kick off your presentation effectively, begin with an attention-grabbing statement or a powerful quote. Introduce yourself, establish credibility and clearly state the purpose and relevance of your presentation.

2. How to end a presentation?

For a strong conclusion, summarize your talking points and key takeaways. End with a compelling call to action or a thought-provoking question and remember to thank your audience and invite any final questions or interactions.

3. How to make a presentation interactive?

To make your presentation interactive, encourage questions and discussion throughout your talk. Utilize multimedia elements like videos or images and consider including polls, quizzes or group activities to actively involve your audience.

In need of inspiration for your next presentation? I’ve got your back! Pick from these 120+ presentation ideas, topics and examples to get started. 

Creating a stunning presentation with Venngage is a breeze with our user-friendly drag-and-drop editor and professionally designed templates for all your communication needs. 

Here’s how to make a presentation in just 5 simple steps with the help of Venngage:

Step 1: Sign up for Venngage for free using your email, Gmail or Facebook account or simply log in to access your account. 

Step 2: Pick a design from our selection of free presentation templates (they’re all created by our expert in-house designers).

Step 3: Make the template your own by customizing it to fit your content and branding. With Venngage’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can easily modify text, change colors and adjust the layout to create a unique and eye-catching design.

Step 4: Elevate your presentation by incorporating captivating visuals. You can upload your images or choose from Venngage’s vast library of high-quality photos, icons and illustrations. 

Step 5: Upgrade to a premium or business account to export your presentation in PDF and print it for in-person presentations or share it digitally for free!

By following these five simple steps, you’ll have a professionally designed and visually engaging presentation ready in no time. With Venngage’s user-friendly platform, your presentation is sure to make a lasting impression. So, let your creativity flow and get ready to shine in your next presentation!

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    Short films Presentation 2. Introduction toShort Films What is a short film? • A short film is a film which length is too short to be considered as a feature film. • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences describes and defines the term of a short film as "an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits".

  3. Film

    Film developed as an art form in the late 19th century with the invention of technologies like still photography, celluloid film strips, and early devices like the kinetoscope that allowed successive photos to be viewed as moving images. Over time, film evolved into a collaborative medium incorporating the work of directors, actors, cinematographers, editors and other roles. Directors work ...

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  11. PPT

    Key elements of film. Camera position. Camera position affects how viewers feel about a scene. A shot is a single, continuous view taken by a camera. A low-angle shot looks up at an object or person. This type of shot can make a character appear more important or threatening.

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    Film Presentation Oct 4, 2011 • Download as PPTX, PDF • 0 likes • 1,396 views N nickemo Business Entertainment & Humor 1 of 8 Download now

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    ANALYZING FILM In most narrative filmmaking, everything you see is designed to produce a precise graphic or pictorial effect. Everything is motivated. The image is shaped to cause you to make assumptions about a character according to the way he or she is dressed and moves in the frame, or is situated with respect to their environment.

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    11. Film Genres ADVENTURE: Adventure films are exciting stories, with new experiences or exotic locales, very similar to or often paired with the Action film genre. 12. Adventure Sub-genres swashbucklers serialized films historical epics expedition films treasure hunts disaster films strange mysteries.

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