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supernatural monster movie review


Agree. OMG, it was funny. I couldn't stop laughing. How can this show do serious and funny and do both so well?

Love your comments as usual, Billie. You left out two of my favourite bits: The part about Dean talking about being "re-hymenated", and this hilarious quote: Jamie: "Ever think you might be lonely because you kill people?" Dracula/Shapeshifter: "Or maybe I kill people BECAUSE I'm lonely." The way Todd Stashwick delivered that line was TOO good!

supernatural monster movie review

Great episode and good review! I liked the shout out to The Big Lebowski, which is one of my favorite movies -- "And the dude does NOT abide." (what Dean said when he was talking about his re-hymenation)

I love this episode! So original and funny. Ben Edlund is my favorite writer of Supernatural and my God, after Joss Whedon.

supernatural monster movie review

What a lot of fun. A much needed breather after the first four! Loved seeing the brothers interacting like that again. Hope it lasts.

One of the rare episodes where my favorite moment does not come from a main or recurring cast member. My favorite is the scene where the shifter gets a pizza delivery, just hilarious. "I have a coupon." Fun fact: during the fight scene between the shifter and Dean - don't know which one, sorry - Todd Stashwick had to hit Jensen three times with his arm/elbow. On the gag reel we see that, on the third one, Todd actually connected with Jensen's face. Both of their reactions were hilarious. "I hit you that time." "You did."

I saw the black and white WB logo and groaned. I am not generally a fan of B&W episodes as they tend to be entirely too corny. I haven't been reading your reviews before I see the episode, as I don't want to spoil anything for myself, but I even went so far as to skip down to your rating to see if I should go ahead and watch it or just skip it. What I should have remembered is that Supernatural constantly surprises me and does everything well. I'm glad I watched. This episode was a hoot! Sure, there was corniness, but it was well done. The over-the-top parts were gloriously hokey and fit so well, that they didn't feel stupid. All in all, a fantastic episode. I'm really glad I gave it a chance.

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Supernatural send-off: Robert Singer revisits the black-and-white 'Monster Movie'

Samantha is a writer based in Los Angeles. Television is her one true love, and she tweets about it. A lot.

supernatural monster movie review

"We were always looking for off-the-wall ideas," says co-showrunner Robert Singer. "Doing an homage to the old horror movies sounded like a good idea, but how do we put the Supernatural spin on that?"

The answer was to introduce a very lonely, movie-obsessed shapeshifter (played by Todd Stashwick) in the season 4 episode "Monster Movie," an hour that found humor in all of the old horror movie tropes, such as vampires hating garlic ... on their pizza? "I'm pretty well steeped in those movies and [show creator] Eric [Kripke] is a fan, so we knew these movies by heart," says Singer, who directed the episode. "I was a very big fan of James Whale, who did the original Frankenstein , and I just had a real fun time doing [this episode]."

There are two cuts in particular that Singer remembers fondly. "Todd Stashwick leaps over this fence, it was very sort of heroic and vampire-ish, and then escapes on a motor scooter," Singer says with a laugh, before continuing, "Then there was another one where he's down in his lair. We didn't know exactly where it was but it looked like an old castle, and a doorbell rings and you come up and you realize he's just in the basement of this suburban home. There were things like that that were just great."

A fan-favorite moment came when Dean ( Jensen Ackles ) found himself unwilling playing a role in the shapeshifter's own movie, complete with Ackles wearing Lederhosen. "Jensen felt kind of silly. He was like, 'Really I gotta do this?' To help him out, I put on a pair of Lederhosen when we did that scene just so he would feel a little better," Singer remembers.

At the end of the day, the hour worked not only because it was creative, not only because it was hilarious, but because the monster story had depth. "Eric and I used to talk about that if you give the villains or the monsters of the piece a personality and have their own story, that those always made for the best episodes," says Singer. "And when Todd did his monologue at the end, you really felt for the guy."

Eleven seasons later, "Monster Movie" remains a favorite in the fandom, and Singer agrees. "Our wild swings always seem to work out well one way or another," says Singer. "That one just clicked. It was a good script, it was wonderful casting with Todd, and I had a ball trying to recreate some old horror movie tripes. That's always one of my favorite episodes, not only of the ones that I did, but just of the entire series."

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Monster Movie

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Monster Movie is the 5th episode of  Season 4 . It aired on October 16th, 2008.

  • 3.1 Main Cast
  • 3.2.1 Co-Stars
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Summary [ ]

Dean and Sam investigate several murders at Oktoberfest. The first victim was found with bite marks on her neck, much like a vampire would leave, while the second victim has wounds that look like a werewolf attack. After a mummy rises from his crypt, Dean determines that a shape-shifter demon is terrorizing the town as iconic monsters from the old Hollywood movies.

Dean and Sam are driving into Pennsylvania to investigate a vampire murder, but Sam is somewhat distracted by the upcoming end of the world. Dean, however, is happy to be working on an old-school, black and white monster case, like they used to. The brothers find themselves at Oktoberfest in Canonsburg, PA. After buying pretzels and admiring the local women, they spot Sheriff Dietrich and approach him, posing as FBI agents Angus and Young.


The 'Dracula' victim.

He takes them to the morgue and shows them the murder victim, Marissa Wright, who notably is not the mangled mess they have become accustomed to seeing as a vampire victim, only having sustained two perfectly circular puncture wounds on her neck. He then directs them to the witness, Ed Brewer , but warns that he isn't reliable. They go to the Bavarian Beerhaus Tavern to find Ed and talk to the waitress, Jamie , who directs them to Ed. They find him gulping from a gigantic stein of beer and ask him for details, but he is reluctant to talk anymore because he's already been made a laughing stock. He finally explains that he was walking through the park when he spotted what he initially thought was a couple kissing, until the woman started struggling. Ed's description of the man is a perfect match to the movie version of Dracula, complete with Transylvanian accent, which he demonstrates for them.


Ed describes exactly what he saw to Agents 'Angus' and 'Young'.

Jamie talks with another waitress, Lucy , who daubs her lipstick on a napkin and moves off. Dean and Sam go back to the bar and Sam notices the napkin. Dean figures that the " vampire " is an impostor who just wants to hang out at Oktoberfest. He asks Jamie for a date and then informs Sam that he's come back from Hell completely restored, and wants to get rid of his restored virginity. Sam goes back to the hotel and Dean tells Jamie that the case isn't weird enough for them to stick around.

A couple are making out on lover's lane while a wolf howls in the distance. A wolf-like man approaches the car then rips the man out of the car as the girl, Anne-Marie, screams.


'Werewolf' victim, with a heart.

The next day Sam and Dean talk to Anne-Marie and confirm that she saw a classic movie werewolf kill her boyfriend Rick Deacon, complete with furry face, black nose, claws and torn up clothes. They go to the morgue and examine Rick's body, concluding that the murderer was supernatural. However, the killer didn't remove the heart, indicating it's not a werewolf like the ones they've fought. Dietrich reveals that they've found wolf hairs on the body. They head back to the bar and discuss the fact that werewolves don't have actual wolf hair. Jamie comes over and agrees to a date with Dean that night.


The 'Mummy' kills.

At the Canonsburg Museum of Natural History, a security guard discovers that an Egyptian sarcophagus just appeared on the dock. As he calls for confirmation, a mummy emerges from the sarcophagus. The guard's gun proves useless and the mummy strangles him. The brothers go to the museum after the police secure the scene and discover the sarcophagus is from a prop house and the "mummy" used dry ice for its smoke. Dean leaves Sam to check it out and goes to meet Jamie. Jamie has been waiting for Dean and takes off when he doesn't show. She walks down the street, only to find Dracula behind her.


Dracula finds his 'Mina.'

He corners her in a dead-end alley and refers to her as the reincarnation of his beloved, Mina. She sprays him with pepper spray and runs past him and into Dean. Dean, unimpressed, punches Dracula but the vampire quickly overwhelms him. The vampire calls Dean " Harker " but Dean yanks on his ears and rips one off, then yanks off his medallion. Dracula runs away and Dean goes after him. The vampire climbs over a locked gate and drives away on a scooter.


Feels like a shapeshifter.

Back at the bar, Dean shows Sam the ear and tells him to touch it: It's the skin of a shapeshifter . Dean also shows him the medallion, which belongs to the same prop house as the fake sarcophagus. Sam figures that the shapeshifter is reenacting horror movies and recognizes the names Mina and Harker as characters from the novel Dracula. It must be fixated on Jamie, meaning he's been around her. Jamie doesn't recognize anybody who might be acting strange, but does note that Ed moved in a month ago and her friend Lucy claims he has a crush on her. He works as a projectionist at the old movie theater in town. Sam goes to investigate while Dean explains to Jamie about the real monsters that roam the world. She figures out he's not really FBI and figures that his life must suck given all the responsibility involved. Dean admits it used to weigh on him... until he had a near-death experience. Now he admits that things are different and he saves people, and it's his mission from God. She checks to see if that means he's celibate, and he admits it doesn't. They kiss but are interrupted when Lucy comes in to get a bottle. She wishes them well, but Jamie invites her to stay for a drink.


Sam acosts Ed at the theatre.

Sam approaches the theater and finds Ed playing what looks and sounds like pipe organ in shadow. Sam goes behind the curtain to take care of him, and finds him playing a small portable keyboard set upon a big desk, in his underwear. He sneaks up and aims his gun at him, declaring that he knows what he is, and knows what he's been doing. He yanks on terrified Ed's ear, only to discover that it's real.

At the bar, Lucy dabs her lipstick on a napkin and talks to Dean and Jamie, who starts to pass out. Realizing that she's drugged them, Dean punches Lucy, dislocating her jaw and revealing "she" is the shapeshifter.


Dean manages to ruin the shapeshifter's make-up before he passes out.

Jamie collapses and Dean breaks a bottle and tries to hold Lucy off but faints. He wakes up, clad in lederhosen and bound to a metal contraption, in a basement laboratory that Lucy has set up. The shapeshifter is in his Dracula form and reveals that "Lucy" was an actress from a horror movie. The shapeshifter believes he's Dracula and all the other characters, preferring them to real life. Dean points out that every monster movie ends with the hero winning and the monster dying, but Dracula is confident he'll write the ending. He slowly prepares to electrocute Dean, thinking he's Jonathan Harker, but the doorbell rings. The shapeshifter goes to answer the door and finds a puzzled pizza delivery boy. As he pays for the pizza, getting a discount with a coupon, Sam returns to the bar and finds the napkin, and realizes Lucy is the shapeshifter.


Dracula has an outfit picked out for his bride.

Jamie wakes up to find Dracula waiting for her. Still thinking she's Mina, he asks her to put on the gown he's provided and offers her pizza. She resists, but he finally snaps and orders her to put it on. Meanwhile, Sam arrives at Lucy's house and slips in. The shapeshifter apologizes for scaring Jamie, who tries to convince him he can't make the movies real. He notes that he has spent his life being called a monster and his father tried to beat him to death. He finally found the great monsters of the movies and has taken on their strength by assuming their form. The shapeshifter hears something and Jamie calls out for Dean.


Sam releases Dean from an awkward position.

He knocks her out while Sam finds Dean and frees him, and they break through a fake door to make their escape. They find Jamie but the shapeshifter throws Sam through a wall (calling him Van Helsing ) and beats back Dean. Dean knees him in the groin and tries to go for the gun loaded with silver bullets. The shapeshifter throws him back... but Jamie grabs the gun and shoots him. As he dies, the shapeshifter admits that perhaps that is how the movies should end.


And.... Scene .

The next day, Dean and Jamie kiss as the brothers prepare to leave town. She thanks them for saving her life and Sam admits it's good to be back on the job of simple monster-hunting. He says he wishes life would be more like a movie, and Sam figures the movie Dean would like life to be like is Porky's 2. Dean dismisses it as a lucky guess.

Characters [ ]

Main cast [ ].

  • Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
  • Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Recurring Cast [ ]

Co-stars [ ].

  • Todd Stashwick as the Unnamed Shapeshifter (disguised as Dracula)
  • Holly Elissa as the Unnamed Shapeshifter (disguised as a woman called Lucy)
  • Melinda Sward as Jamie
  • Michael Eklund as Ed Brewer
  • Garry Chalk as Sheriff Dietrich

Featured Supernatural Beings [ ]

  • Archangel ( Lucifer , referenced only)
  • Mummies (allusion only)
  • Primordial Entity ( God , mentioned only)
  • Shapeshifters ( Monster Movie Shapeshifter ; Serial Killer Shapeshifter , referenced only)
  • Vampires (allusion only)
  • Werewolves (allusion mentioned only)
  • Antagonists: Monster Movie Shapeshifter
  • When Sam and Dean are driving into town at the beginning of the episode the word "Pennsylvania" on the sign by the road changes to "Transylvania" briefly when the lightning flashes.
  • The names Sam and Dean use are "Angus" and "Young." Angus Young is a member of the band AC/DC.
  • Sheriff Dietrich mentions the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, this is the third time the series has referred to this author. The name Talbot (in reference to Bela's last name) is also important in Rice's Vampire Chronicles as David Talbot is a major character who even narrates one of the chronicles, Merrick. In the episode "Malleus Maleficarum", when Dean called 911, he said that the witch is in the "circle of Mayfair", "The Mayfair Witches" being another book series by the same author.
  • The episode is composed in black-and-white, similar to old-fashioned movies.
  • The X-Files and Bram Stoker's classic Dracula are referenced in the episode. [1]
  • "Lucy" (one of the monster's identities) is also a character from Dracula . In the original story, Lucy was Mina's best friend before being turned into a vampire by Count Dracula.
  • In the episode, the Shapeshifter turns itself into Dracula, the Werewolf and the Mummy to kill its victims. At the bar with Sam and Jamie , after his encounter with the creature in Dracula's skin, Dean mentions the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" - also known as the Gillman - as one of the possible future movie monster creatures the Shapeshifter would mimic. All these creatures appeared in Stephen King's famous novel, IT , as alternative natures of the villain's main personality, Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, a demonic and ageless entity who used to kill children and feed on them. Perhaps Dean is, indirectly, making reference towards this book.
  • When the shapeshifter is shot by Jamie he states, "Was beauty that killed the beast." This is a reference to a line spoken near the end of the 1933 film King Kong , another classic monster movie.
  • Dean's line saying he's "[on] a mission from God" is a reference to The Blues Brothers.
  • After talking about regaining his virginity, Dean mentions that 'the dude does not abide' which references the cult movie " The Big Lebowski ".
  • This was revealed as one of Jared Padalecki's favorite episodes.  He said that it's because it has some classic movie monsters, it's filmed in black & white, and you get to see Jensen Ackles in lederhosen.
  • Marissa Wright
  • Rick Deacon
  • Unnamed museum guardian
  • Unnamed shapeshifter

Featured Music [ ]

  • Bach - Toccata & Fugue in D Minor
  • Dean: "I've been rehymenated!"
  • Dean: Come on, man, it's like the good old days! An honest-to-goodness monster hunt! It's about time the Winchesters got back to tackling a straightforward, black-and-white case.
  • Jamie: No self-respecting bar wench lets herself get picked up by a customer on the first try.
  • Dracula: (to the pizza boy) Ah, you have brought a repast. Excellent. Continue to be of such service, and your life will be spared!
  • Dracula: Was Beauty that killed the Beast. No, Mina, do not weep. Perhaps this is how the movie should end...
  • Dean: (looking at bite marks on dead girl) What the hell?
  • Deitrich: Hey, you got me. I mean, this killer is some kind of grade-A whacko, right? I mean, some Satan worshipping, Anne Rice-reading gothic psycho vampire-wannabe?
  • Sam: (pulling on Ed's ear) It's supposed to come off!
  • Ed: No, it's not!
  • Dean: Hero gets the girl, monster gets the gank. All in all, happy ending. With a "happy ending," no less.

International Titles [ ]

  • Brazil: Filme de Monstro (Monster Movie)
  • German: Monsterfilm (Monster Movie)
  • Hungarian: Szörnyfilm  (Monster Movie)
  • French: Film d'épouvante (Monster movie)
  • Polish: Horror (Horror)

External Links [ ]

  • " Supernatural: "Monster Movie" Review ", IGN review.

References [ ]

  • ↑ Is there garlic on this pizza? An oral history of Supernatural' s 'Monster Movie' episode

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supernatural monster movie review

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Recap / Supernatural S 04 E 05 Monster Movie

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Previous: Supernatural S 04 E 04 Metamorphosis Next: Supernatural S 04 E 06 Yellow Fever

Recap of Supernatural Season 4, Episode 5:

Monster Movie

Dean Come on, man, it's like the good old days! An honest-to-goodness monster hunt! It's about time the Winchesters got back to tackling a straightforward, black-and-white case.

Written by Ben Edlund.

Directed by Robert Singer.

Air Date: October 16, 2008.

Sam and Dean go to investigate a possible vampire killing only to end up involved in a series of murders modeled after old monster movies of The Golden Age of Hollywood .

For the series so far = At least 270 humans (of which 3 were witches), 14 demons, 24 ghosts, 10 vampires, 6 changelings, 3 gods, 3 shapeshifters, 2 werewolves, 1 crocotta, 1 djinn, 1 rakshasa, 1 rawhead, 1 shtriga, 1 wendigo, 1 zombie, 1 rugaru, and 1 dog.

  • All in the Eyes : When we first see Dracula, his eyes are framed in a beam of light.
  • Big Electric Switch : Drac takes his time reaching for it, to draw out the suspense as much as possible.
  • Buxom Beauty Standard : Plenty of buxom beer wenches with Oktoberfest on. Dean: "I never forget a pretty [glaces down at Jamie's chest] everything."
  • Captive Date : Dracula kidnaps Jamie and uses violence against her when she rebels.
  • Classical Movie Vampire : Dracula . Invoked by the shapeshifter.
  • Cliché Storm : Beautifully and hilariously invoked .
  • Conveniently Timed Attack from Behind : Jamie shooting Dracula In the Back .
  • Credits Gag : The opening credits list several producers, co-producers, executive producers, co-executive producers...
  • Curse Cut Short : "You sorry sack of sh-" [punch]
  • Damsel in Distress : Jamie. She turns into a Damsel out of Distress when she stands up to "Dracula" and is the one to kill him.
  • Deliberately Monochrome : As an homage to classic black and white horror films.
  • Dramatic Thunder : Can be heard throughout.
  • The End... Or Is It? : A question mark appears after THE END .
  • Evil Is Hammy : Justified Trope with Dracula who's channeling his movie persona.
  • Face Death with Dignity : Despite his earlier Genre Blindness , Dracula accepts that his death is in fact the most appropriate ending.
  • Faux Affably Evil : Dracula drops his polite demeanor and is Suddenly Shouting when Jamie refuses to put on the gown.
  • Freudian Excuse : It's revealed that the shapeshifter suffered from Parental Abuse and publical shunning which made him become a real monster .
  • Frequently Full Moon : Played with. The night Sam and Dean arrive in town, the moon is a Waxing Cresent, and still at least 9-10 days from being full. However, a few nights later when the shapeshifter takes the form of a werewolf, the moon is very full.
  • Genre Blindness : Dean points out that the monster gets killed at the end of every monster movie. Dracula replies that this is his movie, and this time the monster wins and gets the girl! ...good thing this isn't actually an episode of Supernatural , or he might be wrong about that !
  • Girl of the Week : Jamie for Dean.
  • Glamour Failure : When the shapeshifter's face gets demolished by Dean.
  • Grievous Bottley Harm : After realizing he's been drugged, Dean smashes the bottle to carve up the person responsible...then keels over unconscious.
  • Immune to Bullets : The Mummy, but not Dracula (who is shot with Silver Bullets ).
  • Impairment Shot : Dean seeing his glass 5-fold.
  • I Need a Freaking Drink : Spoofed; the first witness drinks from a huge beer stein when giving his statement to the Winchesters, the next witness drinks from a super-size soda cup.
  • Intermission : That lasts like 5 seconds.
  • Iris Out : In the second to last scene.
  • Knockout Punch : Dracula knocks Jamie out with a punch.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall : Dean notes before getting to the town that the supposed vampire investigation is a simple, "black and white case." Dean : The X-Files is a TV show. This is real.
  • Left the Background Music On : Haunting '50s music plays during the Title Sequence as we view in on Dean, who then meddles with his car radio, complaining about how bad the local station is.
  • Lightning Reveal : The sign in the beginning of the episode reading "Pennsylvania" changes to "Transylvania" when the lightning flashes.
  • Mad Scientist Laboratory : Dean is Strapped to an Operating Table in Frankenstein's lab, so Dracula can electrocute him.
  • Moment Killer : Lucy interrupts Jamie and Dean kissing.
  • Monster Mash : Dracula , a Wolf Man and a Mummy . Technically subverted, as it's one monster: a shapeshifter.
  • Neck Lift : The Mummy killing the security guard.
  • The Noisy Straw : Anne-Marie makes loud noises sucking on her drink when being interviewed by Sam and Dean.
  • Not So Stoic : Whenever something happens with Jamie that isn't according to Drac's script. Drac : "PUT ON THE GOWN!"
  • Oh, Crap! : The security guard when seeing the mummy rise from the grave. He also drops his phone .
  • Ominous Fog : Turns out to have created by a bucket of dry ice in the Mummy's coffin.
  • Ominous Pipe Organ : Sam enters an old movie theater (currently showing Phantom of the Opera ) and sees the sinister shadow of someone pounding away on a pipe organ. The man then presses a button and starts playing light music instead, as the 'organ' is just a digital keyboard resting on an old dresser.
  • "Open!" Says Me : Sam goes to kick down a heavy wooden double door, only to knock a hole in what's actually a flimsy prop. The second kick sends it off its hinges.
  • Our Vampires Are Different : The bite on the first victim's neck is two neat little bites, which confuses Sam and Dean, since in Supernatural vampire bites are huge, messy wounds .
  • Our Werewolves Are Different : Like the vampire, the Wolf Man causes the Winchesters some confusion, since Supernatural werewolves aren't like the traditional Wolf Man .
  • Pivotal Wake-up : The Mummy rising from its coffin.
  • Playing the Heart Strings : Plays when Dracula is lethally wounded by Jamie.
  • Red Herring : Ed.
  • Running Gag : Sam mistaking an innocent person for a monster and then awkwardly apologizing after attacking them.
  • Screaming Woman : Anne-Marie.
  • To many, many classic monster movies, from Dracula (1931) to The Phantom of the Opera .
  • Dean also mentions the Creature from the Black Lagoon .
  • Dean after figuring his virginity's been restored says " The dude will not abide ."
  • Silver Bullet : Apparently Sam's weapon has these.
  • Slashers Prefer Blondes : The villain isn't a slasher, but it's likely not a coincidence his preferred 'bride' is blonde, given their popularity in the movies he's copying.
  • Slipping a Mickey : The Shapeshifter roofies Jamie and Dean.
  • Smash to Black : "And... scene." [boots Dean in the face]
  • Special Edition Title : A parody of classic black and white monster movies, with a black and white opening.
  • Stalker with a Crush : "Dracula".
  • Take That! : "Satan-worshiping Anne Rice -reading psycho Gothic vampire wannabe"
  • Tempting Fate : "Anna-Marie, there aren't any wolves in Pennsylvania." [wolfman pulls him out of the car]
  • Terror at Make-Out Point : A teen couple is attacked by a Wolf Man .
  • Theatre Phantom : Sam is seen walking into a moviehouse called the Goethe Theater after hours. The feature film is The Phantom of the Opera . In the stereotypical Phantom fashion, a "mysterious" shadowy figure inside is at the organ playing Bach's "Toccata and Fugue". Believing this organist to be a murdering shape-shifter, Sam sneaks up behind him in a gender-bender parody of the unmasking scene in an attempt to tear off his ear. This turns out to be an embarrassing mistake for Sam.
  • This Is Reality : What The X-Files isn't.
  • Title Drop Drac : It is a monster movie, after all.
  • Tourism-Derailing Event : In the episode, Sam and Dean are investigating a series of deaths that appear to be caused by classic movie monsters such as Dracula, the Wolfman, and the Mummy. It's occurring during the town's Oktoberfest , which the Sheriff is not happy about. That leads to this exchange while he's in the morgue showing the body of the first victim to Sam and Dean. Sheriff : Last thing this town needed, what with Oktoberfest and all. Sam : (Sarcastically) Well, it's definitely the last thing she needed.
  • Unexpected Virgin : Played with. After being brought back from Hell, Dean believes he has been "re-hymen-ated". Sam, however, believes that his history is so sordid that even an angel can't wipe it clean.
  • Unlikely Hero : Jamie proves much more than a Damsel in Distress when it is she, not one of the Winchesters, who shoots the shapeshifter dead.
  • Vampire Hickey : A dead body with two neat puncture wounds on the neck confuses Sam and Dean, who know that real vampires have far more fangs and far worse bites. Justified because the shapeshifter was impersonating Count Dracula instead.
  • Vampires Hate Garlic : On their pizza.
  • Vampire Vords : Dracula speaks with an accent.
  • Villain Ball : Yes, Dracula, go and answer the door before flipping the switch to electrocute Dean to death.
  • Villain: Exit, Stage Left : Spoofed with Drac putting away on a moped, including honking the horn.
  • Villain Has a Point : At the end, Dean admits that he agrees with the shapeshifter that life would be simpler if it was like a movie.
  • Villains Out Shopping : The monster takes a break from killing Dean to get his pizza, and tries to use a coupon to lower the price. Delivery Guy : Look, mister, I got four other deliveries to make. You want to just pay me the money so I can go? Dracula : Of course, yes, but I have a coupon.
  • Would Hit a Girl : Dracula knocks out Jamie with a punch.
  • Supernatural S 04 E 04 Metamorphosis
  • Recap/Supernatural
  • Supernatural S 04 E 06 Yellow Fever

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supernatural monster movie review

Supernatural : Monster Movie

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Supernatural : monster movie (2008), directed by robert singer.

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supernatural monster movie review

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Supernatural Reviews

supernatural monster movie review

A big fat goose egg.

Full Review | Original Score: 3/10 | Jun 23, 2020

supernatural monster movie review

The entire thing, running only 65 minutes, is berserk, and makes very little sense, but it's brisk and jaw-dropping enough to be worth seeing.

Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/4 | May 1, 2020

supernatural monster movie review

The real attraction here is Lombard, wonderful as she plays basically a dual role. It does make one wish she had done a few more horror films to round out her oeuvre.

Full Review | Apr 20, 2020

supernatural monster movie review

What makes the film work is really found in its occasional shock effects combined with its utterly straight-faced acceptance of the supernatural and the overall atmosphere it generates.

Full Review | Original Score: 4/5 | Jan 23, 2015

supernatural monster movie review

Full Review | Original Score: 2/5 | Aug 22, 2005

supernatural monster movie review

A weird low-budget film from Paramount about the occult...

Full Review | Original Score: B- | Nov 12, 2001

The 25 Best Supernatural Horror Movies of The 21st Century

best psychological horror movies

This has been an exciting century for the supernatural. New monsters have been invented, the found footage subgenre was revamped (until it became the laughing stock of horror), character development has become prominent in more and more films, and the new wave of filmmakers have made truly frightening films, from The Conjuring to The Innkeepers.

Please note that this isn’t a conclusive list. However, it represents the best (and often most influential) supernatural horror movies of this century. So feel free to add any film you think should be here in the comments!

25. The Gravedancers

the gravedancers (2006)

Kira, Sid and Harris are three longtime friends who reunite when their friend Devin passes away in a car accident. After his funeral, they have an ad lib wake at a roadhouse that’s close by, drink a lot, then return to the grave to pay their final respects.

They pick up a note on Devin’s grave and, believing the words on it are the lyrics to a song, they sing it and dance all over the cemetery, trampling the graves. They soon learn that the song was actually a magic spell, and now they’ve awoken angry spirits that start to terrorize them. The only way to stop the haunting is by dying.

Featuring some familiar faces, the Gravedancer is unnerving, entertaining and rarely slows the pace.

24. Session 9


Gordon Fleming is a new father struggling to keep his small asbestos removal company in business. Desperate to make some money, he wins a bid to clean out the Danvers State Hospital, which has been closed for fifteen years, in just one week. He hires a crew to help him meet the deadline. But each of them has a dark secret, and the asylum starts to affect them.

The film’s permeating sense of dread makes up for the light plot. The location is largely responsible for this, with the hospital rotting from inside and every dark corner seeming to hide something sinister.


When Taguchi, a college student, commits suicide, other youths across Tokyo begin to have scary visions when they access the Internet. More and more people vanish all over the city, and a few youths try to solve the mystery of the deaths.

Similar to Ringu, technology is used as the medium for paranormal occurrences. The first half is arguably better than the second; it focuses more on scares while the latter is more philosophical than frightening. However, Kairo still does a good job in making you think twice about using your webcam after you watch it.

22. Absentia


After Tricia’s husband goes missing for seven whole years, she is finally ready to accept that he won’t return. She decides to declare him legally dead. Just before the ruling is made, Callie, her sister, discovers that a menacing tunnel close to Tricia’s house. This tunnel might be a portal into a supernatural world. Furthermore, it might be behind her husband’s disappearance all those years ago. Now it looks like they are next.

Absentia doesn’t have a major payoff. Instead, viewers have to make do with the brilliant writing, narrative twists and turns and occasional scare; not such a bad trade-off.

21. Insidious


A family moves into an old house, and they soon suspect that they are haunted when their son falls into a coma. The parents, Josh and Renai, try to discover what’s really put their son in his coma, but it seems more and more likely that it’s something supernatural, and their son might be possessed by a malevolent spirit.

Insidious is a welcome entry to the haunted house subgenre. The first half is incredibly atmospheric and unsettling, enough that you can forgive the second half—and the horribly overblown climax.

20. Last Shift

Last Shift

Jessica Loren is a rookie police officer who has been assigned to the last shift of a police station that’s permanently closing down. She has to wait for a hazmat crew to come and pickup various biomedical evidence, and until then, she is not to leave the station for any reason. Jessica soon learns that she’s not alone in the station, and the others inside are bloodthirsty.

Last Shift takes time to build tension, and for the first half of the movie, most of the tension come from Jessica being alone. It has a number of clichés, but it still shocks and manages to leave the viewer disoriented and wondering if the scares are really happening or if Jessica is imagining them all.

19. The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin in the Woods

Five college friends go to a cabin in the middle of nowhere for their vacation. Stereotypes abound, with the typical sex, drugs and monsters. However, there’s more than meets the eye.

The Cabin in the Woods, like Scream before it, is self-aware and parodies the horror genre while also celebrating it. It plays to famous clichés only to subvert them in favor of something entirely unexpected. It’s more comedy than horror, and this has polarized a lot of people, but Cabin in the Woods is something every horror fan needs to watch, whether to love it or to hate it.

18. The House of the Devil

The House of The Devil

Samantha Hughes is a college student desperate to make money. She accepts a job as a babysitter, but after arriving at the house, she learns that there is no baby; instead, she will be taking care of the mother of an old couple, Mr. and Mrs. Ulman. Coincidentally, this is the night of a complete lunar eclipse. As Samantha explores the house, she starts to suspect that something sinister is going on.

Director Ti West successfully made a nostalgic horror film that could be mistaken for something from the 80s. It evokes a similar sense of dread to classics like The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen.

15 Replies to “The 25 Best Supernatural Horror Movies of The 21st Century”

' src=

Solid list. Nice work.

' src=

I like Gothika

' src=

The Conjuring at 8 is this a joke !

' src=

I just do not get why everyone loved The Babadook so much.

' src=

Same…I thought that it was one of the dumbest horror films I’ve ever seen.

I didn’t think it was especially dumb,I just thought it was boilerplate.

It also came out right around the same time The Witch did, which was the best horror movie of the decade.

' src=

I hate The Babadook, it was pure torture to sit through such annoying film with such annoying villain with such unlikable two characters. But nonetheless with good visual atmosphere and a nice handcrafted book.

' src=

I would have liked Case 39, The unborn and more on the list…

' src=

I like the way the list is dobe with a short synopsis, then a comment on how the films paced and written n stuff. Just watched We Are Still Here, not a bad film actually, gonna watch Last Shift now, so thanks for the recomendations.

' src=

Really quite a shitty list.

' src=

The list should have been named “25 mediocre supernatural horror movies of the 21st century” instead.

[…] to the website Taste of Cinema, the best Supernatural Horror film is The Devil’s Backbone (2001) followed by The Orphanage […]

' src=

Session 9 is spectacular. Cool it made a list and all, but it’s neither supernatural nor 24th. “Psychological,” if you must, but better to just list it #1 atop ’21st Century Horror’ (because ‘All Time’ gets murky with The Shining/Exorcist in play).

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Future of the Force

Future of the Force

Pop Culture From Every Galaxy…

Review | Supernatural The Complete Series Boxset

  • Collectibles
  • TV Series Reviews

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supernatural monster movie review

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' src=

Carl fights off evil with Warner Bros’ extraordinary boxset of the entire Supernatural show!

Supernatural . What do you do when you’re confronted with a boxset of this magnitude? Eighty-six discs adding up to two hundred and twenty-one hours and thirteen minutes of viewing. Every episode from the first from 2005 right up to the finale in 2020. Dose up on caffeine, lock the doors, unplug the phone, and binge-watch! That’s what you do! If one was to binge-watch the boxset twenty-four hours a day, it would take ten days to watch it all. The trick is to watch what you can when you can and enjoy every moment of the popular series.

Supernatural The Complete Boxset


For the uninitiated, the show concerned the Winchester brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). The show follows their adventures taking on every kind of threat from other dimensions. During the show’s run, the audience sees them taking on everything the writers can throw at them. From the yellow-eyed demon that murdered their mother through vampires, shape-shifters, ghosts, fallen gods, angels, and of course the two most powerful of them all, God and Lucifer. Crossing the country in their 1967 Chevy Impala, we follow their exploits from the first episode when Sam is forced back into the paranormal world by Dean up to the tear-jerking final episode in season 15. All are here in full.

Supernatural The Complete Series Boxset


As is common with most home entertainment releases, there are special features to accompany the main feature. And it is the same here. While the Blu-Ray boxset contains, even more, the DVD set holds its own. We will delve deep into what goes into making a show such as ‘ Supernatural ‘ and get to see how they brought some things to life. From the Impala itself through to make-up and creating the creatures we see in the show. The boxset has it all for the hardcore fan to delve into.


This is the first special feature we are given and it is wonderful. An intriguing look into how the look of the creatures came into being and how their looks and designs were finalized. We go behind the scenes to find out how the look of ‘The Changeling’ was accomplished. We discover how the showrunners perceived the look and movement of the ‘Black Smoke’. How certain nasty and gory effects were created. Many were done the old-fashioned way. By using practical effects.

Of course, nowadays, you can’t have a show like ‘ Supernatural ‘ without resorting to CGI. And we are shown how these effects were created. From the decapitation of a vampire by razor wire and the shot of his severed head. It is all revealed to us. How ‘The Changeling’s’ mouth design was agreed upon. The art of having a character get shot with blood splatter erupting from the wound, either front or behind them. How certain scenes were created digitally. The die-hard fan will relish this look behind the curtain.

supernatural monster movie review

The iconic car gets its own featurette, which it completely deserves. The Impala is almost like another character in the show, one that we would sorely miss if it wasn’t there. It is here where we go behind the scenes to see how the car is maintained. And here’s the kicker. There are many different editions of the same car stored away for use in the show. There are stunt cars, cars that are on casters and come apart easily for interior only shots. Some are used solely for parts for the others to be maintained and so on.

Every Impala used in the show, except for the one used in the pilot episode has to be repainted. But the beauty of them is exceptional. The interiors have been brought back to the original factory standard. The stereo inside the car is non-functioning but that is a moot point. We are even allowed a look inside the trunk of the car where the Winchester brothers have their weapons. Everything that we wish to know about the vehicle is presented to us in a fun little featurette.

Supernatural Impala

No set of special features is complete without the obligatory gag reel. And we are afforded that luxury here. Mainly, the reel features Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles goofing around on set, messing up each other’s take but even Lauren Cohen gets in on the act. The goofiness of the two leads gives rise to giggles for the viewer and we get a sense of the fun everyone had onset. There are some real standout moments of hilarity. Whether it’s the goofy behavior of the two leads or the forgetting of lines. Even the waiting for a large snake to come over a shoulder. It is all here to bring some levity to the special features.


This is set into three parts. Paradiso, Purgatorio, and Inferno. We start with Paradiso. This is broken down into three sections.

supernatural monster movie review


The first is ‘ Angels and Archangels ‘. Here, we will discuss the philosophical beliefs we have regarding angels. Various religious leaders speak about the perception we have and speak about the real truth. About how angels are warriors of God and about their orders. About how humanity is touched by these beings and how they influence our daily lives.


This part deals with resurrection and returning from the dead. During the show, characters return from heaven and hell and we delve into the aspects of this. Jesus is mentioned regarding performing miracles and we look into all beliefs and how all religions portray this. And how the subject is broached in the show. How God is the one who will allow the miracle to happen. About how we all view miracles in different ways. Such as the moon landing and seeing the earth from above. How the miracles are within us all.

supernatural monster movie review


This final part deals with the end of days. Where God will ultimately triumph. The internal battle within ourselves. How we must decide between doing right or wrong daily. About what we, as human beings can do in the everlasting struggle between good and evil. About the part, we will play in the eventual outcome. How our hearts and minds can be twisted and manipulated by what we believe to be outside forces. In reality, it is the battle inside ourselves. The philosophical questions that the entire section throws up are something we all ponder. And only we can decide what side we are on.

Here we will discuss the bonds of limbo. About the three believed states when we die. If we are good, we go to heaven. If we are evil, we go to hell. But what about those in between? They go to purgatory. A waiting room if you will where their ultimate fate will be determined. About how the dead, whether they died tragically, before their time, are unexpecting of death or any other form, will try and cling onto this world. This is where ghosts come into play. How the dead, who haven’t been guided to their final destination can become angry. Hence the term ‘angry spirits’. We also hear about our preconception of the grim reaper. The figure of death who will come for us when our time has come. All aspects are discussed here.

supernatural monster movie review

It is here where we will discuss and discover our darkest fear. The place we all fear we will go to when we pass on. Hell. Once again, this is broken up into three sections where we will look at all aspects of this fiery and feared place.


In this first section, we will discover the beliefs regarding the devil and his minions. How God created man and showed him to his angels to love and worship. When Lucifer/ Satan refused, he was cast out of heaven. How his minions showed man how to do things while at the same time manipulating the design to become something that mankind could use as a weapon against each other. How the power of good and evil is within us all. Many religions have their interpretations of the devil but ultimately, they all describe him the same. Just in different ways.



In this part, we will discuss and discover the history of the sirens. How through the ages and mythologies, they have been portrayed. From the tales of tempting unsuspecting sailors to their doom to tales from greek mythology. About how Jason on his quest for the golden fleece brought along Orpheus, the son of Apollo. When Jason and his crew encountered the sirens, Orpheus countermanded their song and lulled them into a state which allowed Jason and the Argo to pass safely. How the sirens have evolved throughout history until they were portrayed in ‘Supernatural’ as strippers. The same principles applied. The sirens still grabbed the hearts of men and made them do what they wanted. Cash was now their payment for luring unsuspecting males to their charms.

supernatural monster movie review


This final section is devoted to Lilith. Contrary to beliefs, Eve was not the first woman on earth. It was Lilith. Adam rejected her and so she went off to become the first demon. She preys upon young boys. A defiler of children. How she refused to be subservient to Adam. When Eve was punished for being tempted by the serpent in the garden of Eden, she was punished by receiving the pain of childbirth and being subservient to man. Lilith refused to accept any of these and became a demon to be feared. Her story is told here and is a fascinating watch.


We now come across a feature about our two eponymous heroes themselves as they enter the rift. They come upon a world between worlds. A world where angels and demons fight. A world that is apocalyptic and desolate. We see how the look and style of this world were created. What the makers decided they wanted to show. And how they went about it. Everything is brought to us, from the costumes right up to the looks of the demons. Everything we wanted to know about this vital world is delivered to us in a short but interesting feature.

supernatural monster movie review


Next up, we have a featurette regarding Jack and his father, Lucifer. We look at how Sam nurtures Jack, believing him to do good while Dean wants to destroy him for good. The moral fiber that runs through the storyline is examined in great detail with contributions from the actors themselves. They discuss how they approached the storyline and how their respective characters felt about the son of the devil being torn between good and evil. The discussion also speaks of the entire storyline and how they feel it should be resolved. We also get the chance to feel sorry for Lucifer himself. But of course, it is all a ploy that we have fallen into. Once again, the devil pulls out his bag of tricks to con us into siding with him. To fall for his lies and make him powerful once again.

The movie and tv conventions happen around the world and ‘ Supernatural ‘ didn’t disappoint. Among the special features is a featurette about their appearance at one of the Comic cons as well as the full-length 2017, 2018, and 2019 panels that the stars and creators took part in. As someone who has been to hundreds of panels like this, I can say the viewer will get enjoyment out of watching what happens at these amazing events.  Just to be able to see, hear and interact with your favorite actors and actresses is cool!

supernatural monster movie review


Continuing with our look at the mythology behind the series, we now take an in-depth look at the aftermath of Michael taking possession of Dean and Lucifer taking possession of Jack. Dean willingly accepted Michael into him but wasn’t prepared for the consequences of his actions. Whereas Jack took Lucifer in willingly and was never going to change. The featurette follows what will happen during season 14 and the revelation that will lead into season 15 and the final season. We see Jack’s struggle after the events of season 13 and we witness the tragic events that follow him as the season hurtles towards its conclusion.


All good things must come to an end and that extends to ‘ Supernatural ‘. After fifteen seasons, the curtain has come down on the Winchester brothers and their exploits. This featurette celebrates this fact. It follows the cast and crew as they commence on the last ride for their characters and the resolution of the storylines that have been running from the start. The characters’ fates are revealed and you get a real sense of sadness that it is all ending. It is revealed that the end of the show was always on the cards from day one. The logistics had to be worked out but the creators were always going to end it the way they did. Covid played a huge part in delaying the finale but it was worked around to complete the arcs. It is a satisfying and enjoyable feature.

supernatural monster movie review


Sam and Dean Winchester during the series created their own sense of family. It was the same for the entire cast and crew of the show. Throughout the fifteen seasons, they came together as one huge, extended family. This segment celebrates that fact as we go on a journey with them through the seasons and beyond. We see the cast meeting fans. We see fans reacting to the series finale and the events that make up the emotional parts. And hear about the loss of crew members during the fifteen seasons and how it impacted everyone involved. We get a huge sense of togetherness with everyone. And we discover some people met their husbands or wives on the show. How births were celebrated. How crew members were treated after hospital stays. These people are their own unique family.


Creator Eric Kripke envisioned the show to be, in his words, ‘a cross between Roue 66 and The X-Files ‘. The characters of Sam and Dean embody that in some way. They are almost like modern-day cowboys. The show is almost like a western in some respects. The town or people are in danger. Nobody can stand up to the villain and his gang. From out of nowhere rides in a lonesome stranger or two gunslingers who will save the day and the town. The same mythology goes for Sam and Dean. They travel across America solving supernatural problems for those who can’t solve them by themselves. They travel through the mid-west like drifters from an old John Wayne movie. This section celebrates that.

supernatural monster movie review


The final special feature on the DVD boxset. It is a special one-off documentary that was shown before the final episode aired in the United States. It looks back at the entire history of the show from its pilot episode up to its final goodbye. Many of the stars appear during the documentary including Padalecki, Ackles alongside Micha Collins, Alexander Calvert, Samantha Smith, Jim Beaver, Kim Rhodes, Ruth Connell, and Mark Sheppard. Eric Kripke, Andrew Dabb, and Robert Singer also make an appearance alongside archive footage of the guest stars from the entire fifteen seasons.


During the documentary, there are a few snippets that may surprise fans of the show. These include Jared Padalecki revealing he would like to do a whole season about ‘ Scoobynatural ‘. Robert Singer revealing the audience loved The Impala so much, they filmed the entire episode from the Impala’s point of view. Jensen Ackles revealing ‘The French Mistake’ is one of both his and Jared’s favorite episodes. And Eric Kripke comparing the relationship of Sam and Dean to that of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo .

supernatural monster movie review


That isn’t all of course. The set also contains audio commentary on certain episodes, deleted scenes, and a terrific collectible 68-page booklet with the synopsis of every episode alongside photographs from the episodes themselves. All in all, it is quite a package and one that will be the pride of place in anyone’s collection.

But what of the boxset itself? It is incredible. Five jewel cases hold the eighty-six DVDs, three seasons to a case. Every episode holds the attention with its terrific storytelling and special effects. We feel invested in these characters from the start. We laugh with them. And cry with them. We feel their pain and hope they get a happy ending when all is said and done. The front of the boxset features the Impala, driving down a dirt road into another frightening adventure. The back packaging has a lift-off description of what is contained within the box and what is contained on the discs themselves. Remove the lift-off packaging and a picture of Sam and Dean posing in front of the Impala is revealed.

Supernatural The Complete Series Boxset


It is rather a large box set as can be expected but what it contains will bring weeks of top-quality entertainment. For those fans who have yet to own the complete series for themselves, it is the perfect gift to buy for themselves or to receive as a present. For those who have yet to experience the show, they don’t know what they’ve been missing. This is the perfect way to see every episode ever produced. Scary, frightening, nasty, gory, and utterly compelling viewing. Jump in the Impala, race down to your local store, and grab yourself something supernatural to watch at home. You won’t regret it. Just make sure no angels or demons get their hands on it before you!

supernatural monster movie review

Supernatural: The Complete Series Boxset is released by Warner Bros. and is available to own NOW !

supernatural monster movie review

Future of the Force News Editor, Liverpool F.C fan, Halloween Movie Fan, Friday The 13th movies fan, Star Wars Fan, Star Trek Fan.

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supernatural monster movie review

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supernatural monster movie review

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supernatural monster movie review

Snack Shack | Available To Rent Or Buy On Digital This June


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‘the moogai’ review: indigenous australian trauma feeds supernatural horror in mixed-bag expansion of potent short.

Writer-director Jon Bell’s debut feature uses a predatory monster as an allegory for the Stolen Generations, Aboriginal children taken from their parents in white assimilation programs.

By David Rooney

David Rooney

Chief Film Critic

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A still from The Moogai by Jon Bell, an official selection of the Midnight program at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival.

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Russell crowe is a horror movie actor who begins to unravel in 'the exorcism' trailer, 'the first omen' review: horror prequel is a fever dream with more atmosphere than narrative coherence.

Short films are a tricky medium. For every example that makes smart use of the condensed time frame to tell a pithy story, there are countless others that play like incomplete doodles. The Moogai , in its original form, is a riveting watch.

Extended to 86 minutes, the film remains a striking allegory, building on the Stolen Generations inspiration to touch on everything from postpartum depression to Indigenous mythology to racial identity and parent-child reconciliation. It’s an ambitious bid to inject cultural relevance into boogeyman horror, though it dilutes the impact of the short film, suffering from uneven performances and occasionally stiff direction.

Cut to half a century or so later. Heavily pregnant Sarah (Shari Sebbens) is being toasted for closing a major deal at the city law firm where she’s on the way up. She confesses to her colleague Becky (Bella Heathcote) that she has nothing in common with Ruth (Tessa Rose), the Indigenous birth mother who has recently come into her life. But her husband Fergus (Meyne Wyatt) and daughter Chloe (Jahdeana Mary) seem to love the old woman.

Complications occur when Sarah goes into emergency labor. A near-death experience on the operating table prompts her doctor to warn of possible side effects when she and Fergus return home with their baby boy, Jacob. Visions begin to trouble Sarah, first when she’s cracking eggs to make an omelet, and then more insistently, when she starts seeing an Indigenous girl with white eyes around the house, whispering ominous warnings. This causes tension with Fergus, who dismisses her fears as dreams brought on by exhaustion. Sleep meds don’t make the visions stop.

While there’s not enough in the way of sustained suspense, the climactic stretch picks up the pace when Fergus finally sees a blurred image of the spirit in the background of photos of his wife and baby. This causes him to pack the family into the car and drag the heavily sedated Sarah out of a psych ward where she’s being held under observation against her will, one of a handful of plot points indicating ongoing oppression and stigmatization. The concluding scenes go big, with Sarah and Chloe joining Ruth in her rural homeland — the place first seen in the prologue — to make a stand against the “stealer of children.”

The Moogai emerges from the shadows only in the final act. The creature design is physically imposing and convincingly abhorrent, though while Bell throws in circles of fire and a mass of writhing snakes, the ending is short on power. The director wisely limits the use of jump scares and other standard tropes, but there’s a lack of command in what should be a pulse-pounding battle between the women and the beast attempting to take Jacob from them.

What saves The Moogai is its haunting final image, a variation on the same closing shot from the short film. The feature shows promise, but coming from the same producers as Australian horror breakouts The Babadook and Talk to Me , it measures up in conception only.

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Supernatural: 10 of the best monsters-of-the-week from the kripke-era.


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The 12 Most Important Supernatural Episodes That Defined The Show

10 devil fruits netflix's one piece will struggle to adapt in live-action, fire country season 2 finale images confirm bode's reunion with original season 1 character.

In the Kripke-era of  Supernatural , the first five seasons of the show,  Supernatural had many monster-of-the-week style episodes, something that became rarer as the series went on. These style of episodes rarely affected the overarching plot of the season; if anything, they would have a few moments of importance, but overall would usually be their contained story, and many of them were awesome.

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Through seasons 1-5, Sam and Dean encounter some wild, terrifying, and brilliantly done monsters, with many of them standing out either on their own or because of their great episode, being fan favorites remembered long after Kripke left the show.

Bloody Mary

In the season 1 episode titled after the main monster of the episode, Sam and Dean encounter the Bloody Mary, a vengeful spirit who appeared to those with dark secrets when they spoke her name into a mirror three times.

The spirit would liquify the eyes of those looking into the mirror, causing internal bleeding and death. The episode continued the great start of the show, and Bloody Mary is definitely one of the most memorable one-episode villains of the show's first season. She does pop up more, though, in seasons 14 and 15 after Chuck releases the spirits from hell, a delightful call-back for long-time fans.

Similar to  Scooby-Doo, humans would sometimes be the cause of true evil in  Supernatural. They often were in service to a real monster, including the Vanir, who the citizens of Burkittsville somewhat worshiped as it possessed a scarecrow.

Being the embodiment of a North Pagan God, the Vanir rewarded sacrifice with wealth and health during bad times and was also fairly creepy in his season 1 episode "Scarecrow." Dean was the only brother hunting the Vanir before Sam came right at the death to save his big brother, and it is one of the best monsters-of-the-week style episodes of season 1.

Woman In White

The  Supernatural pilot all the way back in 2005 kicked the show off in a great way as fans are introduced to the Winchester brothers as they search for John Winchester , and to the first monster-of-the-week, the Woman In White.

A ghost who suffered romantic troubles such as unfaithful spouses during their life before taking her own life, the Woman in White kidnapped men (and even children) and killed them. Constance Welch was the particular Woman in White that Sam and Dean fended off in the pilot and was a memorable first foe for the newly reunited Winchester brothers.

Following the death of Jess, Sam agreed to join Dean in the search for their dad, leading them to a forest in Blackwater Ridge where they would hunt the Wendigo - another fan-favorite monster from Supernatural’s early days.

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A former human transformed into a monster with superhuman abilities due to their cannibalism, Wendigos were deathly frightening and formidable creatures. The monster only appeared twice in the show, once in season 7 and in the second episode of the series. Fans wish there were more sightings of the monster whose name means “evil that devours,” but the creature made a big impact in its two appearances.

Werewolves in Supernatural  are not as prominent as the likes of vampires, but in the one appearance of the creature in the Kripke-era, “Heart,” (not including the shapeshifter in “Monster Movie”) a Werewolf gave audiences one of the best episodes of season 2.

Madison’s story in the episode was heartbreaking as she had a genuine connection with Sam, it was a doomed Supernatural  romance . The episode was one of the first and best to explore the humanity of monsters and the tragedy behind some of their stories. Madison was not the only Werewolf in the episode, of course, but she was certainly the main focus, and the creatures worked brilliantly.

Sam Winchester's fear of clowns is a hilarious running joke  for audiences and for Dean, but it also added a lot to the creepiness and terror that was induced by the Rakshasa, creatures from Hindu mythology who can shapeshift and turn invisible, and eat human flesh.

The creature is found in "Everybody Loves A Clown," the episode following the death of John Winchester death in season 2. The episode is solid, and the creature is a standout, being so intensely creepy. Them being in the form of a clown in the episode adds so much, playing on a fear many have, and it also showed the intelligence of the sickening creature, as they require permission to enter homes children's love of fare clowns made them easy targets.


Children in  Supernatural often find themselves targeted by various monsters and creatures, including the Changelings, who replace children who are taken to feed on by the Mother Changeling.

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These replacements are evil, physically identical to the human children, but can be seen in their true form via reflections, and often act mechanical, allowing parents to deduce it is not their child. They only appear once in  Supernatural in the season 3 episode "The Kids Are Alright," the debut episode for Lisa and Ben Braeden, and a great monster-of-the-week episode at that.

Djinns were prominent throughout  Supernatural  but only appeared once in the Kripke-era, in the Led Zeppelin title inspired "What Is And What Should Never Be," and was a fantastic monster for the brothers to face.

Also known as Genies, Djinns fed on blood and were cave-dwelling hermits who could induce a comatose state in a human while sending them off to a dream-like state with powerful hallucinations. A Djinn did this will Dean, sending him to an apple-pie life, making for an immense episode.


Another prominent monster in the series who provided a handful of great episodes was the shapeshifter, a classic horror villain who found its way to three episodes in the amazing seasons 1, 2, and 4 of the Supernatural  Kripke-era .

Shapeshifters can take the form of any human and are probably the most human of any  Supernatural  monster, driven by human impulses and choice rather than the instinct of, say, a vamp. In "Skin," a shifter took the form of people's loved ones and killed them; in "Nightshifter," the shifter robbed banks using employees and killing them, and in the wild "Monster Movie," a shifter took the form of classic Hollywood monsters, killing victims as they would. An excellent trio of episodes from an excellent monster.

The Trickster turned out to be the archangel Gabriel, so calling him any old monster-of-the-week is a bit unfair. However, when he posed as the Trickster, his episodes were contained stories and absolutely brilliant ones at that.

"Tall Tales," "Mystery Spot," and "Changing Channels" are three of the very best episodes out there in the whole of  Supernatural , not just the Kripke-era, especially the latter two. Gabriel obviously was not a Trickster but posed convincingly. Warping reality in an often sick yet humorous manner, as well as being just about immortal with a craving for sugary treats, Gabriel/the Trickster ticked all these boxes and was phenomenal throughout the Kripke era.

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10 Best Monsters Of The Week On 'Supernatural' Ranked

Saving people and hunting things every week.

While most shows suffer when they have too many filler episodes and take their eyes off the main story, Supernatural was arguably at its best when it leaned into the “monster of the week” format. Throughout the show’s 15 season run, Sam and Dean Winchester ( Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles ) went through several overarching stories ranging from saving a damned soul to stopping the obliteration of all of creation. But the spooky one-offs were the heart of Supernatural.

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Though the high-stakes main stories were great, the weekly monster hunt served as excellent compressed horror films for fans of the genre. The Winchester family business was “saving people and hunting things,” after all.

Thinman From “Thinman” — Season 9, Episode 15

Inspired by the creepypasta/modern urban legend of Slenderman, this episode focused on an entity with no face who stalked victims before closing in for the kill. Sam believes Thinman is responsible for the killings while Dean argues that it must be a ghost. In the end, they find out that Thinman was made up by one of the Ghostfacers, a group like the Ghost Hunters , to keep the other member from leaving the team. As his story spread, copycat killings resembling Thinman’s M.O. spread with it.

In the end, the killings were committed by regular humans. This is one of many episodes of Supernatural that remind you that humans can often be the worst monsters of all.

Shojo From “Party On, Garth” — Season 7, Episode 15

When Sam and Dean investigate brutal killings in which some people can see the creature while most cannot, Garth ( DJ Qualls ) points out that this entity operates more like a monster than a ghost. Eventually, they learn they are hunting a Shojo, a Japanese vengeful spirit that someone set loose to get back at his enemies. The difference between a Shojo and a regular vengeful spirit, however, is that a Shojo can only be perceived by a drunk person and can only be killed by a blessed katana.

The Shojo may not have haunted your dreams after the credits, but it made for a hilarious episode since the brothers had to fight under the influence to know where to strike.

Grim Reaper From “Faith” — Season 1, Episode 12

When Dean suffers a severe heart injury in a hunt, Sam searches far and wide to find a cure. They skeptically follow a friend of their father to a faith healer. The healer chooses Dean for a miracle and his powers prove legitimate. However, every time a person gets healed, another person dies of similar symptoms at the exact same time. The brothers discover that the healer’s wife has bound a Reaper, and she uses him to save people she deems worthy while punishing those she deems wicked.

Though Reapers would go on to feature prominently in Supernatural , this first episode laid the groundwork for the oft explored theme of how people try to fight death and the consequences that ensue from refusing to accept it.

Rugaru From “Metamorphosis” — Season 4, Episode 4

Another hunter calls the Winchesters for help with a case. The case centers on a man named Jack ( Dameon Clarke ) whose father was a Rugaru, a creature similar to the Wendigo that eats humans. As long as Jack doesn’t give in to his urge to feed, he can remain human and live a normal life.

Sam, dealing with how he has been tainted with demon blood, advocates for Jack. But when the other hunter threatens Jack’s family, he eats the hunter and transforms into a monster. He can’t get regain control and the Winchesters are forced to kill him in self-defense. The episode is a poignant exploration of whether people can be fated toward darkness and the harmful effects of assuming the worst in people.

The Ghost of H. H. Holmes From “No Exit” — Season 2, Episode 6

The Winchesters investigate an apartment building where women are going missing and discover that it’s being haunted. They try to identify the culprit so they can burn the body and get rid of the ghost, but the ghost’s identity is real-life serial killer, H. H. Holmes ( Stephen Aberie ). Holmes was buried in concrete to prevent anyone from messing with his remains.

When the brothers’ friend and aspiring hunter, Jo ( Alona Tal ) gets taken by Holmes, they race to rescue her and permanently trap the ghost since he can’t be destroyed.

John Wayne Gacy From “Lebanon” — Season 14, Episode 13

"Lebanon" is one of the most touching episodes of the series. For a short time, a magical item allows the Winchester family to be whole again. But tucked away in this sweet episode is one of the most memorable one-off monsters: the ghost of John Wayne Gacy. A teenager steals the Impala and carries Gacy's cigar box into a cabin where she's hanging out with her friends. Gacy's ghost manifests, but the Winchesters arrive in time to save the teens.

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This absurd hunt may be short, but it's both creepy and hilarious as Sam stands petrified before his greatest fear. Dean captures the moment perfectly when he says, "This is, like, the best worst thing that's ever happened to you...'cause you love serial killers, but you hate clowns."

Tulpa From “Hell House” — Season 1, Episode 17

When people begin dying in a haunted house with some local fame, the case looks like a cut and dry haunting. But the Winchester brothers cannot find proof that the ghost from the local legend, Mordechai Murdoch, ever actually existed. They figure out that a symbol in the house that also appears on a website about the legend is causing believers in Mordechai to conjure up a tulpa, a manifestation of thought.

When the website story changes, the real-life haunting changes as well. The brothers use this to create a weakness for Mordechai, but the site goes offline before it can take hold. So, they torch the house instead. The tulpa episode demonstrates the power of collective belief to fabricate danger as well as the power of changing the narrative .

Scarecrow From “Scarecrow” — Season 1, Episode 11

When people are murdered in an orchard in an isolated town, the culprit turns out to be the creepy scarecrow. Sam and Dean are unable to wound the creature, and eventually learn that it's an ancient fertility deity. The scarecrow consumes human life and blesses the town with a good harvest. The brothers eventually destroy the deity by burning a sacred tree that it draws energy from.

A well-made scarecrow at night is a creepy thing to come across. Supernatural brought this common and unsettling experience alive in a great way.

Possessed Television From “Scoobynatural” — Season 13, Episode 16

If you love Supernatural , chances are you grew up also watching Scooby-Doo . This episode was the ultimate crossover for lifelong fans of horror. After stopping a haunting at a pawn shop, the owner rewards the brothers with a free TV. They get sucked inside and find themselves in the world of Dean’s favorite childhood show, Scooby-Doo . This hysterical clash of the dark Supernatural with the lighthearted Scooby-Doo results in the gang of Mystery Inc being traumatized by a gruesome haunting by a real ghost.

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The brothers find out it’s a ghost who has been weaponized by being put into objects to cause trouble. They promise to free him, and he lets them go. But first, they put on a show of the ghost being a human so that the gang can return to normal.

Woman In White From “Pilot” — Season 1, Episode 1

In the very first episode of Supernatural , Dean pulls Sam back into the hunting life when he needs help investigating this vengeful spirit. A woman in white hitchhikes and when men stop to pick her up, she lures them to their doom. The brothers learn that the ghost belongs to a woman who killed her family upon discovering her husband’s unfaithfulness.

When they can’t find a way to stop her, Sam tricks her into entering her home where the ghosts of her children drag her to the netherworld. The first episode may have been a basic ghost story, but it was the perfect choice to set the spooky tone for the show.

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Jensen Ackles' Arrival On CBS' Tracker Was Full Of Supernatural Easter Eggs, And I Can't Wait To Stream It Again

Russell Shaw or Dean Winchester?

Jensen Ackles and Justin Hartley for Tracker Season 1x12

Spoilers ahead for Episode 12 of Tracker Season 1, called "Off the Books."

Just one week after Tracker expanded the Shaw family by introducing Melissa Roxburgh as Colter 's younger sister Dory , "Off the Books" debuted his brother. None other than Jensen Ackles was cast to play Russell , and not many actors have as much experience playing one particular character as Ackles does after fifteen seasons of Supernatural . The penultimate episode of Tracker Season 1 shed some more light on the baggage between the Shaw brothers, and also packed in some Easter eggs for viewers who watched Supernatural .

On the whole, this episode makes me happy all over again that Tracker is available streaming with a Paramount+ subscription and I'll be able to rewatch "Off the Books" with ease.

In "Off the Books," Russell tracked down Colter despite previously blowing off a meeting, making Colter less than thrilled at the surprise visit. The two brothers hashed out some of their history over beers, with Russell denying that he'd caused their father's death back in the day, and then asking Colter for help tracking down an army buddy who had gone missing. The Shaws joined forces and were able to find Doug before the worst could happen, with some assists from Reenie , but they didn't end the episode on a nice dinner like Dory and Colter did last week.

And honestly, even if there weren't some any other parallels between Supernatural and Tracker in this episode, Colter and Russell having a complicated brotherly relationship with poor communication and dad issues would have been enough for me to flash back to the days of Dean and Sam on The CW. Jensen Ackles' first line of Tracker was even "Hi, little brother." Was I supposed to not flash back to his time as Dean?!

Admittedly, some of the Easter eggs are open to interpretation, but one immediately jumped out at me as impossible to overlook. When Colter dropped by to pick Russell up, Russell passed next to what looks an awful lot like a 1967 Chevy Impala and gave it a pat before climbing into his brother's truck. Take a look and tell me that doesn't look like Jensen Ackles brought Supernatural 's Baby to the Tracker set!

Jensen Ackles touching the top of a black car in Tracker Season 1x12

The episode also included Russell living out of a shabby motel, attempting to fake his way into accessing a morgue, bonding with his bro over beers, reflecting on their childhood of bizarre survival lessons from their dad, and flirting up a storm with various ladies. Throw in the fact that Tracker films in Vancouver just like Supernatural did, and this almost felt like a reality in which Dean Winchester went in a different direction than hunting monsters. Then, there was this line of Russell speaking to Colter:


Your Daily Blend of Entertainment News

There were some guys in my unit that were pretty superstitious, Doug included. They were into that woo-woo stuff, the prayers and the rituals. Blood magick. Protection. In fact, I heard there was somebody you could go to to get blessings.

Other than the fact that I can't imagine even the most meta episode in Supernatural 's 300+ episodes would feature Dean referring to "woo-woo stuff," that speech sounds like it could come straight out of Jensen Ackles' former show. This wasn't exactly the actor looking straight into the camera – although he in fact did do that in one of Supernatural 's most meta installments – but this definitely stood out to me as somebody who watched the saga of the Winchester brothers.

And I'm not suggesting that Jensen Ackles playing a Dean-esque character means that he doesn't have range as an actor. Anybody can just look at him playing Soldier Boy on The Boys and in his Gen V cameo for proof that he can definitely play different kinds of roles. Plus, the actor hasn't tried to shy away from his Supernatural past in the years since the show ended in 2020. He was an executive producer on The Winchesters , as well as narrator with occasional appearances on camera as Dean .

At the time of writing, Jensen Ackles hasn't commented on whether that was indeed a Supernatural Impala on Tracker , but he did get to keep the iconic car at the end of the long-running series. Who knows? Perhaps Russell can return in Season 2 to shed a bit more light. The episode definitely left the story open to reunite Colter with his brother again, and Tracker was renewed for a second season months ago. For now, check out the promo for the upcoming Season 1 finale:

Tune in to CBS on Sunday, May 19 at 9 p.m. ET for the Season 1 finale of Tracker , between the finale of The Equalizer Season 4 at 8 p.m. ET and the series finale of the recently-cancelled CSI: Vegas at 10 p.m. ET. You'll also be able to revisit Jensen Ackles' episode of Tracker (or any of the earlier episodes of Season 1) streaming with a Paramount+ subscription.

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