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  1. How to Writing Research or Thesis Cover Page/Title

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  1. Thesis & Dissertation Title Page

    The title page (or cover page) of your thesis, dissertation, or research paper should contain all the key information about your document. It usually includes: Dissertation or thesis title. Your name. The type of document (e.g., dissertation, research paper) The department and institution. The degree program (e.g., Master of Arts)

  2. Dissertation Structure & Layout 101 (+ Examples)

    Time to recap…. And there you have it - the traditional dissertation structure and layout, from A-Z. To recap, the core structure for a dissertation or thesis is (typically) as follows: Title page. Acknowledgments page. Abstract (or executive summary) Table of contents, list of figures and tables.

  3. Formatting your thesis: Overall layout and specifications

    The final copy of the thesis must be converted to .pdf (PDF/A format) for submission to the Library (maximum 600 mb). See the guide Saving your thesis in PDF/A format for instructions. Theses must be formatted for US Letter (8.5X11) pages. Landscape 8.5X11 and 11X17 pages are permitted. Legal, A4, or other paper sizes are not permitted.

  4. Dissertation & Thesis Outline

    Dissertation & Thesis Outline | Example & Free Templates. Published on June 7, 2022 by Tegan George.Revised on November 21, 2023. A thesis or dissertation outline is one of the most critical early steps in your writing process.It helps you to lay out and organize your ideas and can provide you with a roadmap for deciding the specifics of your dissertation topic and showcasing its relevance to ...

  5. Formatting Guidelines

    Footnotes. Format footnotes for your thesis or dissertation following these guidelines: Footnotes must be placed at the bottom of the page separated from the text by a solid line one to two inches long. Begin at the left page margin, directly below the solid line. Single-space footnotes that are more than one line long.

  6. Formatting your Thesis Part 2

    This screencast explains the role of setting up a page layout template, and creating page and section breaks, in a postgraduate thesis, or extended length te...

  7. Master's Thesis Formatting Standards

    Page Layout and Spacing Pages should be 8 ½ by 11 inches. Margins at the top and bottom must be 1". ... p. 154) and a single space after punctuation marks at the end of sentences should appear in all drafts of a master's thesis. Page Numbering Center all page numbers below the bottom margin, 0.7 inch from the bottom of the page. The number ...

  8. Free Dissertation & Thesis Template (Word Doc & PDF)

    The cleanly-formatted Google Doc can be downloaded as a fully editable MS Word Document (DOCX format), so you can use it as-is or convert it to LaTeX. Download The Dissertation Template. Download Grad Coach's comprehensive dissertation and thesis template for free. Fully editable - includes detailed instructions and examples.

  9. Dissertation & Thesis Outline

    Example 1: Passive construction. The passive voice is a common choice for outlines and overviews because the context makes it clear who is carrying out the action (e.g., you are conducting the research ). However, overuse of the passive voice can make your text vague and imprecise. Example: Passive construction.

  10. Page Layout, Margins and Numbering

    Page Size. For a text-based thesis, or the text portions of a thesis, the page size must be 8.5" x 11", and the text must be in a single, page-wide column. Do not use two or more columns in your thesis. Paragraphs. The text of the thesis is written in paragraph form. the first line of each paragraph should be indented, OR

  11. Thesis Format Guide

    Formatting your thesis makes your research work not just look good but also helps others understand it easily. These guidelines show you how to structure and organize your thesis neatly, from the title page to the reference section. Page Layout: Use standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper. Set 1-inch margins on all sides.

  12. Pagination, Margins, Spacing

    The final version of your thesis/dissertation must be on an 8.5" x 11" (letter size) page. All manuscript text, excluding manuscript page numbers, must fit within these specified margin requirements: Minimum 1-inch margins from the top, left, right, and bottom edges of each page.

  13. How to Write a Thesis in LaTeX (Part 2): Page Layout

    In the first line we've entered a blank \fancyhead command which clears all the header fields. In the second line we've told LaTeX that we want the text "Thesis title" on the right-hand side of the header for the odd pages and the left for even pages. The third line clears the footer fields using a blank \fancyfoot command.

  14. Formatting a Thesis or Dissertation

    On this page: Student Responsibility General Format Page Layout Text Requirements Figures and Tables Parts of the Document Pretext Pages Body of Text Bibliography Appendix Final Requirements Congratulations! You have arrived at an important step in the pursuit of your graduate degree—the writing of your thesis or dissertation. Your scholarly publication reflects the results of your research ...

  15. Thesis Format

    Thesis format refers to the structure and layout of a research thesis or dissertation. It typically includes several chapters, each of which focuses on a particular aspect of the research topic. The exact format of a thesis can vary depending on the academic discipline and the institution, but some common elements include: Title Page; Abstract

  16. PDF Guide to Preparing a Dissertation, Thesis, or Report at Michigan

    Each page in a document should be assigned a unique and sequential number. In a traditional document, page numbers on pages preceding the main body of the document are printed using lower case Roman numerals (e.g., i, ii, iii, etc.). Arabic numerals (e.g., 1, 2, 3, etc.) are used for page numbers in the main body of the document and any

  17. Formatting

    Use the same white acid free resume/thesis paper for the entire document (recommended: 20-30 lb. paper). Document text must appear on only one side of the paper (no double-sided pages). Photocopy the final document, OR print using a laser printer. Do not use an inkjet printer or water-soluble ink.

  18. PDF Layout and Guidelines for Writing a Thesis/Dissertation

    LAYOUT AND GUIDELINES FOR WRITING A THESIS/DISSERTATION This section discusses requirements for the general layout of your manuscript, the order of front and back matter, and page numbering. See the Sample Pages located at the end for additional information. Guidelines are similar for both theses and dissertations; instructions specific to ...

  19. Dissertation Table of Contents in Word

    In the 'References' section at the top, locate the Table of Contents group. Click the arrow next to the Table of Contents icon and select 'Custom Table of Contents'. Here, you can select which levels of headings you would like to include. You can also make manual adjustments to each level by clicking the Modify button.

  20. PDF Word: Thesis formating and Long documents

    Setting the page layout to enable double-sided printing of thesis documents. Word provides several preset margins you can choose from, but for thesis layout it is necessary to make your own custom margins. 1. On the ribbon bar, select : Layout. 2. Click on : Margins: to access the drop-down options. 3. Click on : Custom Margins…

  21. Page layout

    The basic LaTeX command \documentclass activates default layout, specific for each document class (e.g. article or book ). The oneside and twoside options of \documentclass adjust page layout for the one- and two-sided printing, respectively. Together with options a4paper and 11pt (defining the dimensions of a paper and the value of \normalsize ...

  22. Knowledge Center

    Basic template In the Basic Template, the layout is present but the student fills in each part by hand, including page numbers in the Table of Contents (this can get frustrating and difficult to keep accurate). May be the right choice for students with limited word processing experience, especially in the Microsoft Office Suite, and may be appropriate for ETDs that have few text sections ...