1. 8-Step Framework to Problem-Solving from McKinsey

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  2. The McKinsey Approach to Problem Solving

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  3. McKinsey 7-step problem-solving process

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  5. McKinsey's problem solving process: MindMapper mind map template

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  6. McKinsey Problem Solving Test

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  2. Best Practices in 8D

  3. 2024 McKinsey Assessment Game / Case Interview Tutorial

  4. Organizational Diagnosis

  5. Lean Coach: Problem Solving Coaching / Avoiding Jumping to Solutions

  6. Ex Mckinsey Partner explains What is Management Consulting (GGI Masterclass)


  1. Adopting the right problem-solving approach

    In our 2013 classic from the Quarterly, senior partner Olivier Leclerc highlights the value of taking a number of different approaches simultaneously to solve difficult problems. Read on to discover the five flexons, or problem-solving languages, that can be applied to the same problem to generate richer insights and more innovative solutions.

  2. McKinsey Problem Solving: Six Steps To Think Like A ...

    The McKinsey problem solving process is a series of mindset shifts and structured approaches to thinking about and solving challenging problems. It is a useful approach for anyone working in the knowledge and information economy and needs to communicate ideas to other people.

  3. McKinsey Approach to Problem Solving

    Problem solving — finding the optimal solution to a given business opportunity or challenge — is the very heart of how consultants create client impact, and considered the most important skill for success at McKinsey. The characteristic "McKinsey method" of problem solving is a structured, inductive approach that can be used to solve ...

  4. Distilling the Essence of the McKinsey Way: The Problem-Solving Cycle

    Drawing on consulting practitioner approaches, this article presents a translation of the McKinsey approach as a six-stage structured problem-solving methodology that can be used to guide students on how to develop solutions in a systematic, logical, and evidence-based way. Prescribing a standardized methodology to students to guide their ...

  5. 8-Step Framework to Problem-Solving from McKinsey

    8 Steps to Problem-Solving from McKinsey. Solve at the first meeting with a hypothesis. Intuition is as important as facts. Do your research but don't reinvent the wheel. Tell the story behind ...

  6. The McKinsey Mind: Understanding and Implementing the Problem-Solving

    Taking a step-by-step approach, The McKinsey Mind looks at the McKinsey mystique from every angle. Owners, executives, consultants, and team leaders can look to this comprehensive treatment for ways to: ... solution-driven look at the celebrated McKinsey problem-solving method. " The McKinsey Mind provides a fascinating peek at the tools ...

  7. What I learned at McKinsey: How to be hypothesis-driven

    McKinsey consultants apply two methodologies to problem-solving: top-down and bottom-up. Most professionals intuitively opt for a bottom-up approach. Consultants often bias towards top-down.

  8. The McKinsey's way of Problem Solving

    Problem solving is the answer to the question — "What should I do". According to McKinsey, problem solving requires a structured, deliberate approach of knowing the right scope of work. It ...

  9. Into all problem-solving, a little dissent must fall

    Senior leaders need to establish a work environment in which it is safe to offer dissenting views. The McKinsey Health Institute's work on employee well-being points to a strong correlation between leadership behaviors, collaborative culture, and resistance to mental health problems and burnout: only 15 percent of employees in environments with low inclusivity and low support for personal ...

  10. Unraveling McKinsey's Approach: A Guide to Problem-Solving ...

    Testing and Analyzing. The McKinsey Way: Rigorously test these hypotheses with data and analysis. McKinsey's approach is heavily data-driven. Practical Application: Gather data that supports or ...

  11. A in-depth guide to the McKinsey Problem Solving Game

    MCC is here to help. McKinsey's Solve assessment has been making candidates sweat ever since it was initially trialled at the firm's London office back in 2017 - and things have gotten even more difficult since a new version launched in Spring 2023, adding the Redrock case study. More recently, in Summer 2023, we have seen a new iteration ...

  12. The McKinsey's way of Problem Solving

    Techniques for prioritization problem : a. Pareto rule (80/20) — It is a tool to identify the important issues that can be solved that would provide the most impact in the problem statement ...

  13. McKinsey's Structured Problem-Solving Approach

    The core principles of McKinsey's problem-solving approach lie in its methodical nature, which can be summarized into four key steps: 1. Problem Identification: The first step involves defining ...

  14. "The McKinsey Way" Book: A Comprehensive Summary

    The McKinsey problem-solving process can be summarized in the 5 steps: define the problems, find the root cause, use "hypothesis-driven" process, analyze with "issue tree" and propose solutions. 1. Define the problem: Every consulting project revolves around a "problem". But the "problem" is NOT always the problem!

  15. Distilling the Essence of the McKinsey Way: The Problem-Solving Cycle

    I use in my classes is the 'Problem-Solving Cycle' (PSC), which is a format translation of the McKinsey approach3. This translation is based on practitioner texts by Rasiel (1999), Rasiel and Friga (2001), and Friga (2009), and is supplemented by various publicly available resources on the McKinsey approach3. Five student-centered criteria ...

  16. "The McKinsey Way: A Comprehensive Guide to Structured Problem-Solving

    "The McKinsey Way" is a book by Ethan M. Rasiel that provides an insider's perspective on the consulting firm McKinsey & Company and its problem-solving methodology. The book outlines the ...

  17. PDF Solving Approach 7-Step Problem McKinsey's

    McKinsey's 7-Step Problem Solving Approach Consulting Committee Week 7 - Winter 2021. Our client is a teddy bear manufacturer, Fuzzy Factory, which produces teddy bears for various companies throughout the United States. Fuzzy Factory has noticed that their gross profit margin has been decreasing over

  18. Manage data like a product to unlock full value

    The benefits of this approach can be significant: New business use cases can be delivered as much as 90 percent faster. Total cost of ownership, including technology, development, and maintenance costs, can decline by 30 percent. The risk and data-governance burden can be reduced. Getting started with data products

  19. Achieving a sustainable future in consumer goods

    Investors. The financial sector is, to some extent, already ahead of the real economy when it comes to sustainability. A survey of decision makers from more than 40 investment firms (including BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street) shows that an ESG-oriented mindset is already an integral element of investment decisions. 3 "The investor revolution," Harvard Business Review, May 1, 2019.

  20. How To Start Solving AI's Sustainability Problem

    A recent study by McKinsey concluded that "generative AI has the potential to change the anatomy of work" by accelerating labor productivity growth by up to 0.6% annually through 2040. What ...

  21. McKinsey Problem-Solving Test Completion

    This allows me to examine all angles of a problem and devise inventive strategies, essential traits for passing the McKinsey problem-solving test successfully. Choose me for an organized approach, absolute dedication, on-time delivery, and unceasing support throughout the project. Let's hurdle this challenge together!

  22. Wavefunction matching for solving quantum many-body problems

    An approach called wavefunction matching transforms particle interactions so that their wavefunctions match those of easily computable interactions, to allow for calculations of quantum many-body ...