Empress’ Report 1-4 [Updated]

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Full Schedule:

Not the best I can come up with, but this should do.

The schedule includes:

- Wicked Stages(1 Hour)

- Empress' Reports(2 Hours)

- Growing Evil(2 Hours)

- Growing Strange(2 Hours)

- Growing Epic(3 Hours)

Few notes to point out:

- To unlock Empress' Report and Growing Evil, you need to clear all 3 Wicked Stages including Wicked Cat, Wicked Tank, and Wicked Axe, and clear Unleashing the Cats/The Gates of Aku.

- To unlock the next Empress' Report, you need to clear the first Empress' Report.(Empress' Report 1 -> 2 -> 3 and so on)

- To unlock Growing Strange and Growing Epic, you need to beat Stories of Legends on 1-Star Difficulty.

- This will get updated in the future once version 11.0 drops.

empress research battle cats


Empress’ Report 1

Aku Studies 101: Intro

Difficulty: 4/10

Aku Doge(400%)

Star Peng(100%)

General Gregory(100%)

Aku Gory(200%)

Reward: +3 Catamin A

Starred Aliens at Normal Strength.

empress research battle cats

Aku Studies 101: Methods

Cerberus Kids(400%)

Sir Seal(1,500%)

B. B.Bunny (1,500%)

Gory Black(250%)

[BOSS]J.K. Bun Bun(300%)

Reward: +1 Legend Catseye

J.K. Bun Bun Stage.

empress research battle cats

Aku Studies 101: Field Research

Wall Doge(300%)

Cerberus Kids(500%)

Aku Gory(250%)

Reward: +3 Rich Cat

Aku Gories with heavy buffs.

empress research battle cats

Aku Studies 101: Inquiry

Difficulty: 5/10


Aku Doge(500%)

Mr. Angel(100%)

Angelic Sleipnir(100%)


Reward: +1 Aku Catfruit Seed

Dual Backliners supported by Angels & Akus.

empress research battle cats

Empress Report 2

Aku Studies 201: Intro

Doge Dark(800%)

Director Kurosawah(300%)

Reward: +3 Catamin C

Take out the Kories and Aku Gories first before taking out Kurosawah.

empress research battle cats

Aku Studies 201: Methods

Metal Doge(200%)


Sir Metal Seal(100%)

[BOSS]Cerberus Kids(500%)

Metal Stage. For Sir Metal Seal, you can easily kill it with Waitress Cat. For the Metal Doges, you can use Hurricat to clear them out.

empress research battle cats

Aku Studies 201: Field Research

Difficulty: 7/10

Elder Sloth(300%)

Ginger Snache(300%)

Reward: +1 Treasure Radar

Challenging Stage. Deadly combination of Elder Sloth, Capies, and Aku Gories.

Take out the first Capy as soon as possible so that you don’t have to deal with 2 Capies at the same time. After that, it’s now about stalling and taking out the second Capy while dealing with Aku Doges and Aku Gories.

empress research battle cats

Aku Studies 201: Inquiry

Zackie Peng(200%)



Zir Zeal(200%)

[BOSS]Nimoy Bore(1,000%)

Stack anti-Alien Crowd Control units to stop Nimoy Bore and use Holy Blast to cancel Zir Zeal’s Burrow.

empress research battle cats

Empress’ Report 3

Aku Studies 301: Intro

Sinner Snache(500%)


[BOSS]Teacher Bun Bun(1,500%)

Reward: +3 Catamin B

Teacher Bun Bun Stage except you have to deal with Sinner Snaches.

Sinner Snache has a 50% chance to spawn a surge attack at a certain range upon death(Death Surge is what I usually like to call it). So sometimes, it will appear frequently. Sometimes, it’ll rarely appear. And on rare occasions, it will never happen. So, it will be up to luck to decide.

empress research battle cats

Aku Studies 301: Methods

Miz Devil(300%)

Metal Hippoe(300%)

[BOSS]Super Metal Hippoe(200%)

New Aku Enemy, Miz Devil, has very low HP, but has a tough Shield. Piercing her shield will instantly kill her.

empress research battle cats

Aku Studies 301: Field Research

Those Guys(4,000%)


Aku Doges(500%)

Mr. Angel(150%)

Mr. Mole(100%)

Reward: +3 Sniper The Cat

Peon Spam Stage. Like Broton and Wrath of N-1 (Merciless), the stage spams a variety of peons and gets progressively harder overtime until the spam tires out.

Since they send out Mr. Mole, it’s best that you start focus on sniping him with Wave Attacks using the peons as stepstone. Slime Cat and Dark Lazer should be able to snipe the mole, killing it in a process.

empress research battle cats

Aku Studies 301: Inquiry

[BOSS]Lord Gravey(200%)

Chickful A.(200%)


Heavenly Hippoe(300%)

The main issue is the Zories and Zrocos will try to burrow underneath your defense. Kill them before they destroy your attackers.

empress research battle cats

Empress Report 4

Aku Studies 401: Intro

B. B.Bunny (4,000%)

Star Peng(2,500%)

Project A.(2,300%)

General Gregory(2,500%)

Superbuffed Starred Aliens w/ Sinner Snaches. Highly recommend to start using Surge Immune Cats including Gato Amigo and Beefcake Cat. It will be chaotic depending on how frequent Death Surges occur.

empress research battle cats

Aku Studies 401: Methods


Squire Rel(4,000%)


Be careful with Croakley’s long-range permaslow attack.

Get inside Croakley’s blindspot and kill the enemies from there.

empress research battle cats

Aku Studies 401: Field Research

Doge Dark(1,000%)





Reward: +3 Cat Jobs

Main task is to focus on taking out the Tackies.

empress research battle cats

Aku Studies 401: Inquiry

Difficulty: 8/10



H. Nah(300%)


[BOSS]Cala Maria(100%)

New enemy, Medu-san, has high health and can quickly land a guaranteed Surge Attack within a wide radius. Medu-san can be quite deadly by herself because her surge attacks can happen at a random spot despite her dealing mediocre damage. Combined with Cala Maria and H. Nah, they can be very dangerous to deal with. Worse case, there are Aku Gories incoming. Pretty nasty since you barely have the cash to send your attackers out, but luckily there are Celeboodles.

Gato Amigo and Beefcake Cat are really good for this stage mainly because of their Surge Immune Talents as it will help them survive Medu-san’s Surge Attack.

empress research battle cats

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2-Stars Uncanny Legend Part 4

empress research battle cats

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  • Cats are obligate carnivores who thrive on meat-based, not plant-based diets
  • Recent research reveals cats have taste receptors for bitter flavors, which were assumed to be of use only to herbivores as a way to detect toxins in plant matter
  • It could be that bitter taste receptors help cats detect toxins in or on prey animals. They may also help protect against internal toxins
  • It’s important that cats eat regularly, so even finicky kitties should always be encouraged to eat

Editor's Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published January 25, 2016.

Even if your own cat is a hearty eater, I'm sure you're aware that many feline companions are notoriously persnickety at mealtime.

For better or worse, the results of a recent study 1 by scientists at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia may shed some light on why little Percy or Priscilla is so darned fussy about food.

Cats (Meat-Eaters) and Plant-Eating Animals Have Certain Taste Receptors in Common

Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they must eat meat to survive. Their bodies aren't designed to process or assimilate large amounts of plant-based nutrition. But as it turns out, despite their strict meat-eating nature, felines have certain significant genes in common with plant-eating herbivores.

The specific genes I'm talking about give herbivores the ability to taste bitter flavors, which helps them avoid eating poisonous plants. Animals use their tastebuds to identify certain characteristics of foods they're about to ingest.

Sweet flavors mean there's sugar in the food, which is an important source of energy. And it has long been assumed by scientists that a bitter taste warns vegetarian animals that a plant or unripe fruit contains a harmful substance.

Cats have no sweet taste receptors, probably because as strict meat-eaters, they evolved without those receptors since they had no use for them. Other exclusively carnivorous animals, e.g., sea lions and spotted hyenas, have also lost the ability to taste sweet flavors. 2

Cats Are Carnivores, but Why Do They Have Bitter Taste Receptors That Can Detect Plant Toxins?

Animals' taste buds evolve in response to changing dietary requirements. Over time, alterations in an animal's normal diet can eliminate the need to sense certain chemicals in food, which causes the genes to mutate in response.

A good example of this is cats, which as strict meat-eaters have evolved without the ability to taste sweet flavors. But here's a question: If the ability to taste bitterness is nature's way of alerting vegetarian animals to potentially toxic plants, why do strictly meat-eating cats have a need to taste bitter flavors?

In theory, if cats have evolved with no ability to taste bitterness, their receptor genes should be mutated accordingly. However, when the Monell scientists looked at the genomes of different carnivorous species, they learned they all possess a similar amount of genes for bitter taste.

For example, cats have 12 identified bitter taste receptors, polar bears have 13, ferrets have 14, dogs have 15, and the giant panda has 16. All these animals belong to the order Carnivora, however, in terms of their diets, they range from strictly carnivorous (cats) to exclusively vegetarian (giant panda).

So the question becomes: If primarily meat-eating animals aren't likely to sample any bitter or potentially toxic plant-based food sources, why are they genetically equipped to taste bitter flavors?

Cats' Bitter Taste Receptors May Help Them Detect Toxic Compounds in Their Prey

Lead study author and molecular biologist Peihua Jiang set out to evaluate feline taste buds. He did this in the laboratory by inserting the cat taste receptor gene into human tissue cells. Together, the cells and the gene behave as a taste receptor that responds to chemicals.

The taste receptor created by Jiang responded to bitter substances in toxic plants, as well as to substances that also activate human bitter taste receptors.

The researchers determined feline bitter taste receptors help them detect potential toxins in the prey they hunt in the wild, including frogs and toads. According to study author Gary Beauchamp, Ph.D., a behavioral biologist at Monell:

"… [B]itter taste could exist to minimize intake of toxic compounds from skin and other components of certain prey species, such as invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians." 3

Could Bitter Taste Receptors Help Detect Infections in Cats?

The researchers suggest that cats aren't exposed often enough to bitter and toxic meat-based foods to warrant the number of bitter taste receptors they have retained.

Therefore, the study authors conclude that cat taste receptors may have evolved for reasons other than taste. Interestingly, human bitter taste receptors are found not only in the mouth, but in the heart and lungs as well, and may serve to detect infections.

"Alternate physiological roles for bitter receptors may be an important driving force molding bitter receptor number and function," says Beauchamp.
"For example, recent Monell-related findings show that bitter receptors also are involved in protecting us against internal toxins, including bacteria related to respiratory diseases." 4

Whether this is also the case with kitties remains to be seen.

Feline Foodies?

Based on this new discovery that our feline companions have taste buds for bitter flavors, it could be they pick up subtle noxious tastes in the food we offer them.

This would explain why many cats are so food finicky … except that dogs have a similar number of bitter taste receptors and most have never met a meal they didn't like.

Perhaps cats are simply more sensitive to bitter substances than dogs, or are able to detect many more bitter compounds in their food than dogs are. It's possible ingredients that are essentially tasteless to your dog taste just plain nasty to your cat … which would certainly explain why so many kitties are so selective when it comes to the food they will eat.

Tips for Encouraging a Fussy Cat to Eat

My first recommendation is to try to slowly and safely transition a cat eating processed pet food to a balanced, fresh, organic, non-GMO, species-appropriate diet. Unless your cat is hopelessly addicted to the processed stuff, offering fresh whole food with no additives or preservatives essentially eliminates the possibility her delicate tastebuds will detect noxious chemical compounds in her meal.

Whether her diet is fresh or processed, however, the goal should always be to make sure your cat eats something. Unlike dogs and humans, it's dangerous for kitties to go any length of time without nourishment, as it can lead to a potentially fatal liver disease called hepatic lipidosis.

Enticing a picky kitty to stay nourished can require creativity along with some gentle prodding, and lots of patience. Things you can do to tempt your finicky feline's sensitive tastebuds include:

  • Warming her food to bring out the aroma
  • Offering canned food with a strong smell or topped with a sardine (packed in water)
  • Offering new food from a paper plate in case she's developed an aversion to her food bowl for some reason
  • Offering a small selection of different flavors and textures of canned cat food or home cooked meat or bone broth
  • Enticing her with species-appropriate human food she has enjoyed in the past, such as warm baked chicken or salmon
  • If she's addicted to dry food and refuses everything else, try adding warm water to each meal or add an aromatic enticement like tuna juice, warm goat's milk, or chicken broth

It's also important to make kitty's mealtime a very low-stress, pleasant experience. Make sure you feed her in a calm, quiet environment that is optimally comfortable.

Sources and References

  • Discovery News October 21, 2015
  • Phys.org November 16, 2015
  • 1 PLoS ONE, October 21, 2015
  • 2,3,4 Science Daily, October 21, 2015

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Aku Researcher (Rare Cat)

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Aku Researcher is a Rare Cat that can be unlocked at a 30% chance when clearing Wrath of Hell . True Form added in Version 12.4 improves his health, attack rate and movement speed.

  • 1 Evolution
  • 3.1 True Form
  • 4 Cat Combos
  • 5 Description
  • 7 Upgrade Cost
  • 9 Appearance
  • 10 Animations
  • 13 Reference

Evolution [ ]

Evolves into Evil Aku Researcher at level 10.

Evolves into Cat Researcher when obtained from Fury of Hell (Merciless) (guaranteed to drop) and is level 20 or above.

Performance [ ]

+ 6% chance to perform a Critical Hit + 15% chance to instantly pierce Shields

  • Fast attack rate
  • Many knockbacks
  • High movement speed [True]
  • Long recharge time
  • Single Attack

Strategy/Usage [ ]

Aku Researcher's main usage is to destroy Aku enemies' Shields , some of which can be incredibly durable otherwise despite protecting a somewhat fragile enemy. Unlike most other Shield Piercers , he doesn't require gacha, Behemoth Stones or expensive NP upgrades. Against Metals , his damage, single target, and chances make him inefficient compared to other specialized Critters like Catasaurus and Catornado . This means that Aku Researcher's usage is mostly limited to occasionally piercing Shields, where damage matters none compared to proc rate. You will also have to protect and time him well since he dies quite easily, even with his many knockbacks. Due to his single target, he will also need to be supported by other attackers to clear peons from his path and give him a clear shot at Aku Shields. With proper support, he can even be a serviceable counter to Fallen Bear , able to outrange him consistently and eventually destroy his Shield.

True Form [ ]

Aside from moving much faster, Cat Researcher's improvements are an increase in health and more frequent attacks. The increase in speed allows him to serve as a rusher in timed levels. The former can be decently useful, exceeding 10k at level 30. While this isn't particularly high, it could potentially allow Cat Researcher to survive an attack that would have otherwise finished him, letting him reposition with his naturally high knockback count.

The latter is considerably more useful for increased chances to land Critical Hits and pierce Shields. More specifically, he attacks every 14f instead of every 35f, or 2.5 times as fast as before. While his niche of landing Critical Hits is still done better by other units, it does still see a noticeable improvement. The same, however can't be exactly said for Shield Piercing, which he now does much better since such usually openings don't persist, and having a higher overall chance to destroy shields makes these threats much more manageable.

Finally, Cat Researcher gains an efficient Worker Start Up combo with Ragelan Pasalan . Considering how Aku stages do tend to be cash-tight at times and both units are specialized in countering enemy Shields, they can give you a great head start against tight start-offs. Although the two are much less useful in general, they are still worth bringing as these Combos can stack with the likes of Don't Mess With Me! and Itchy Riches for greater effect.

Description [ ]

Switch EN/JP

  • Chapter 1: 360¢
  • Chapter 2: 540¢
  • Chapter 3: 720¢

Upgrade Cost

  • Level 30-59 upgrades cost Catseyes: 30-44 and 50-54 = 1 Catseye, 45-49 and 55-59 = 2 Catseyes

Multi Hit ( 38 38 {{{Normal Hit 1 Note}}} + 0 0 {{{Normal Hit 2 Note}}}) Critical Hit (6%) Shield Piercer (15%)

Multi Hit ( 52 52 {{{Evolved Hit 1 Note}}} + 0 0 {{{Evolved Hit 2 Note}}}) Critical Hit (6%) Shield Piercer (15%)

Multi Hit ( 52 52 {{{True Hit 1 Note}}} + 0 0 {{{True Hit 2 Note}}}) Critical Hit (6%) Shield Piercer (15%)

Multi Hit ( 52 52 {{{Ultra Hit 1 Note}}} + 0 0 {{{Ultra Hit 2 Note}}}) None

  • HP = Health ; AP = Attack Power ; DPS = Damage Per Second ; 2 Movement Speed = 1 Range/f
  • f = frame ; 30f = 1 second ; Attack Animation = Idle + Foreswing + Backswing (f)
  • Catseye , User Rank and game progress are essential to achieving max level, see here for details.
  • See here to understand Treasure effects.

Appearance [ ]

  • Normal Form: A tiny stick figure with a sign. Appears nearly identical to Angel Fanboy , except his sign says Aku instead of Angel .
  • Evolved Form: Aku Researcher's infernal insights have twisted him into a Aku himself! Now blue and with a small pair of horns. Spikes surround the text on his sign, which has changed to a different message that is pixelated and upside-down.
  • True Form: Having fully given into his newfound Aku nature, Evil Aku Researcher now flies on demon wings, with bigger horns and a devilish tail. The sign's message has changed again, while also gaining horns and the coloration of Wicked Cat .

621 f en

  • In the same way, the red text on Cat Researcher's sign translates to " Cat Information ", while the black text translates to " Cats are lifeforms whose thoughts are shrouded in mystery. "
  • Evil Aku Researcher's Japanese description directly mentioned The Aku Realms before they were added to the game.
  • The Vortex mentioned in Aku Researcher's description may be Aku Cyclone , whose own description reads " Souls it draws inside are sent to the Aku realms to join that land's wicked armies. "
  • Aku Researcher's sign says that "Akus" ignore anti-Floating attacks, but descriptions such as Aku Doge 's and Lilin 's have consistently used "Aku" as the plural of Aku.
  • As a result, Aku Researcher is the only unit whose appearance changes at all between these languages.
  • Aku Researcher does a complete 180 as he evolves. He starts as an ally of the Cats who is researching the Aku, but eventually becomes corrupted during his research and serves the Aku by researching Cats instead.

Reference [ ]

  • https://battlecats-db.com/unit/622.html

Units Release Order :

<< Hevijak the Wicked | Jagando Jr. >>

  • 1 Cat Dictionary
  • 3 Voluptuous Peony - Daji (Uber Rare Cat)


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