99 Customer Service Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

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  • Customer Service Field: Internship Experience I learned how to handle customer requests and complaints and forward them to the responsible staff at the bank. Each day of the internship period in the customer service section was often coupled with a […]
  • Toyota Company Customer Service Through the company’s quality products, Toyota has built a bank of goodwill that will enable it to maintain customer loyalty in the long-term.
  • FedEx Customer Service Malfunction The micro issues include poor tracking and follow up of the lost package, inadequate feedback to the client on the status of the package, and uncoordinated responses to alterations in customer delivery requirements.
  • Zappos: How Excellent Customer Service Can Drive Growth The company believes that the right corporate culture is the foundation of exceptional customer service. According Tony, zappos is a company that is committed to delivering happiness to all the stakeholders.
  • The Importance of Empowerment in Customer Service Management Customer service employees are in a better position to respond to the needs of customers because of their grassroots experience. Empowerment enables employees to follow the ideals and strategies of their organization in their interactions […]
  • Customer Satisfaction and Service Proper customer service, which is the act of providing services to the customer during the whole transaction process, is important for the success of every business.
  • Customer Service Conflict Management Strategies The key difficulty is, therefore, to find out what type of customer the support is dealing with and, thus, to choose the appropriate strategy to calm him/her down.
  • Burger King: Satisfying Customer Needs In response to the recent obesity trends in the US as well as in other countries, Burger King has started to adjust its menu.
  • Customer Service and Interpersonal Experience: Starbucks The focus of the paper is on the principles on which the company was created and this is tackled in the background section of this paper.
  • Customer Service and Its Value in Companies The top leaders of companies must realize that they have a duty to not only meet the needs of the customers, but also to work hard to exceed the expectations of the customers.
  • Customer Service Improvement Plan for Shopee Pte. Ltd. Role What do they do Who Change Sponsor The CO and the MGD will assess expenses to improve the complaint/refund processes to reduce the average dispute resolution time (Trustpilot, n.d.). Improving Shopee’s hotline service, including new tools, workforce expansion, and processes for investigating lost package cases without delay, will be considered (Trustpilot, n.d.). In collaboration […]
  • Flow Charts in Customer Service Problem Solving For solving the problems that arise in the customer service environment as well as improving the processes an organization uses, it is very important to understand what is done in the company at every stage.
  • Ryanair’s Customer Service The company exploits the fact that customers are concerned with company core products, service delivery and the company’s image. In addition, the company maximizes on its product delivery service with respect to the level of […]
  • The Mount Rundle Hotel’s Customer Service Failure The difference in the price of the same service on two different websites indicates that the hotel is not keen on customer services.
  • Customer Service Situations The price on the marking label was not the same as the price in the check. Describe a customer service situation where the customer won at the expense of the service provider.
  • Business Communication in Customer Services It is also important to note that effective business communication promotes employee retention strategies, which in turn reduces the rate of labor turnover within an organization.
  • Competent Customer Service in Business The customer is the principal value for any enterprise, and every company should improve the quality of products and services to provide the necessary level of assistance.
  • A Customer Service Position: A Job Description The skills required for a customer service position also vary depending on the company, but some common skills are typically required and, thus, must be included in the job description.
  • Outsourcing Customer Service for Axe Co. To avoid congestion at the headquarter premises To avoid workload for human resource and finance department To improve quality of customer service, support To promote the company’s awareness by partnership To provide quality customer […]
  • United Airlines Firm’s Customer Service Problem Complexity stands for the interconnection of the yield management system and the absence of actions to do in crises, such as overbooking.
  • Aspects of Customer Service In this progression, the association needs to distinguish why the things need to change, and on the off chance that individuals in the association are not fulfilled, it would be hard for the association to […]
  • Saudi Airlines: Excellent Airline Customer Service Strategic branding is what the airline management has put in place to ensure that better services are delivered to the customers.
  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital: The Customer Service Model The management of the hospital then uses the collected feedback to improve the manner in which its staff handles customers. The second way in which the adopted customer experience model of the hospital benefits the […]
  • Recommendation on Customer Service This department is the one which can significantly improve the quality of services provided as it is a mediator between the client and the hospital’s employees.
  • Functioning of the Customer Service in AL Baraha Hospital The customer service in Al Baraha Hospital is based on the principle that the well-being of the patients should be the top priority for medical workers and administrators.
  • Healthcare System: Customer Service The overall objective of this action was to defraud the public through false claims submitted to the Government by the company.
  • Customer Service Improvement Project at Qatar National Bank Evaluation Hayes and Wheelwright’s 4-Stage model is a conceptual tool meant to evaluate the project with the extent of how its operational contributions improve the company’s competitiveness.
  • The Mount Rundle Hotel: Customer Service Failure Moreover, the hotel is not committed to offering quality services to its clients, and that is why nobody is concerned that guests do not have adequate toiletries in their rooms.
  • Defending Public Service Values in a Customer Service Age Regardless of the propagation and persistence of requests concerning the process of serving customers, the relationships between the public and the organizations that provide services are impacted by the performance expectations and public priorities.
  • Richard Branson’s Customer Service Secrets It is exceptionally true when the competitors in the sphere of action are huge companies with billions of assets. The majority of big businesses’ owners are usually isolated from the employees and the customers in […]
  • Managing Customer Service for Abissnet Company The main purpose of this report is to develop strategies, which will help to improve the overall quality of customer service in the company Abissnet.
  • E-Business: Evaluation of Customer Service The Customer service page of the site http://www.drsfostersmith.com/general.cfm is quite exhaustive in that it offers all that a customer requires to know about his pets in regard to caring for them and about the different […]
  • Effective Customer Services and Common Customer Services Customer services are a very important matter to be considered in any business and it is equally difficult to handle. The fact is customer’s can never trained to be better customers than what can a […]
  • Customer Service Award for Excellence The main motive for the creation of this prize is the need to critically evaluate organizations working in the sphere and outline the most effective approaches and models that are used to create excellent customer […]
  • Excellent Customer Service: Models and Implications Furthermore, regarding the fact that the majority of companies recognize this idea, the need for the creation of long-term relations with customers and their loyalty becomes the only possible way to win the rivalry.
  • Customer Service Seminar: Project Proposal The major group to whom the project is intended is the executives and employees of Bank of America who deal with the customers. The sponsor of this project is Bank of America.
  • Atrium Health: Key Service and the Role of the Customer Service Department The customer receives reports and updates, as well as reminders and messages, which facilitates the communication process and helps the person to remain aware of the state of their health.
  • Customer Service: Quality and Protection It is important to note that the differences do not relate to the number of individuals involved in the purchase or consumption of the product.
  • Telefónica’s O2 Brand Marketing and Customer Service O2 is the trademark used by Telefonica U.K. Limited and one of the largest telecom companies in Europe. It is part of the global telecommunications group Telefónica S.A.
  • Customer Service Representative Training Evaluation The expected outcome of the survey comprises of the strengths and weaknesses of the content of the training session and evaluation of instructors who lead this training session.
  • Customer Service Representatives’ Training Program The seminar is aimed at re-emphasizing the duties of the CSR team and the value placed on them. It is intended to enable trainees to note the most appropriate and applicable communication skills in client […]
  • Best Food Superstores’ Customer Service Policy The problem is in the system’s weaknesses when the price on the label does not match the actual price fixed in the main computer at the cash desk, and the consumer should get or not […]
  • The Importance of Customer Service in Healthcare The location of the training was the Brooklyn Hospital Center, and the presenter was the Nurse Educator. Since the professional background of the audience was nursing, the subject was clinically relevant, and the nurses could […]
  • Touchpoints in UAE Government Customer Service Delivery A recent report published in the article by Ahmed indicates that the United Arab Emirates is ranked in the 21st position globally and the leading country in the Arab world in terms of citizens’ level […]
  • Hondwreck Partsheaven Project Plan: Inventory and Customer Service As a seller of car parts and a provider of wrecking services, Hondwreck Partsheaven is looking to improve the quality of the provided services, optimize the inventory processes, and optimize the overall performance of the […]
  • Customer Service Representative: Organizational Structure The method is usually simple to undertake, the HR manager will collect adequate information in a timely manner, and it reveals the aspects of the targeted position that might not be captured by the other […]
  • Customer Service Representatives’ Training The training program must also address the service orientation attitudes and skills of the CSRs because they are not able to apply their knowledge on registration steps for effective delivery of services.
  • Customer Service in the UAE Banking Sector What are the dimensions that have affected the level of service quality the most in UAE Islamic banks? Jabnoun & Khalifa carried out a research study on the dimensions of service quality that affect the […]
  • Sonic Drive-in: Customer Service Communication The personnel in the store had to shift from the automated communication system in the ordering station to a manual system that threatened to slow down the delivery of foods to the clients.
  • The Customer Service Perspective: Balanced Scorecards In the opinion of business administrators, these metrics can throw light on the experiences of customers and their assessment of the company’s performance.
  • Jordan’s Restaurant Customer Service The level of cleanliness within the restaurant, warm greetings the choice and preference of where to seat made the whole experience lively.
  • Customer Service as a Part of Business Strategy The use of the term “customer service” requires delineation to ensure that there is not confusion with other aspects of customer care in the business. The important issue in regards to the definition of customer […]
  • Improving Customer Service in a Nigerian Musical Instrument Company The research questions guided the development of the questionnaire and in turn, the specific questions in the questionnaire dealt with the issues associated with the project.
  • Restructuring Customer Service Department at Wall-Mart In addition, the consultant should be ready to face resistance on the part of the managerial staff and personnel; The role of the manager will include Controlling the availability of resource and device the exact […]
  • Walmart Project Plan: Customer Service and Technological Base Therefore, the project implementation should be controlled on the basis of performance measures and evaluation of the overall climate in the workplace.
  • Netflix Customer Services In light of setting up the support services, they have to consider the needs of customers in order to ensure that the support services are focused on customers.
  • Customer Service Training The main objective of a needs assessment in an organization’s training program is to identify performance weaknesses and necessary knowledge and skills needed to eradicate the weaknesses.
  • Apple Inc.: Customer Service The continuous innovation of the company has led to its capture of the music industry with the creation of iTunes and the Apple Store.
  • Role of Customer Service in Technology Industry However, it is significant to note that the preciseness of the value of customer service in an organisation varies in relation to the industry, the service offered and or the product being offered for sale.
  • Developing Competitive Advantage Through Customer Service The achievements of the company are attributed to its ability to attract and retain large numbers of customers from all parts of the world.
  • Customer Service Improvement: Mobilicity Phone Company With this situation in mind, I would like to propose to the CEO on the best advertisement solutions that would assist in improving the popularity of the company and hence its sales as well as […]
  • Stress Management among Customer Service Employees: Antecedents & Interventions A focus on the identification of current and potential stressors affecting this group of employees, and the subsequent development of interventions which could be used by the employees to manage and curtail stress effectively, is […]
  • Customer Service Excellence and Customer Satisfaction In service offering, product refers to a service concept that has the capacity to give value to customers. Here, their aim in the customer service system should be to boost the quality of their interactions […]
  • Socially Responsible Marketing and Customer Service To achieve this, organizations need to bring both the internal and external stakeholders together in such a way that they can share in the effort of maximizing the bottom line of the company.
  • The Problem of Customer Service in Companies In fact, one of the founders noted how customer service greatly impact on the products that the company sells and highlighted the very important part of their policy which is allowing the customer to provide […]
  • Empowerment in Customer Service Management The term empowerment refers to the process of providing more authority to the employees of an organization. Chebat and Kollias argue that the service industry is hugely dependent on the capacity of employees to deliver […]
  • Customer Service Operations and Excellence The Meriden Hospital is one of the many hospitals and clinics belonging to the BMI Healthcare organization owned by the General Healthcare Group PLC.
  • Hospitality Customer Service – Service Recovery Project As such, it is always important that the customer service supervisor is able to read the psychology of his or her staffers and ensure that all are of positive attitude to avoid service breakdown.
  • Customer Service Representative It will help to collect the necessary data to design the most effective training program for customer service representatives. It is also important to note that questionnaires should contain data concerning the future training program.
  • IT Role in Business Processes and Customer Service More importantly, the company implements the concept of full transparency of operations and is more attached to a scientific way of thinking.
  • Customer Service at WestJet The success behind WestJet as a low-cost carrier is mainly attributed to the quality of service that the airline provides to its passengers.
  • Customer Service Coordination Self-management on the other hand is the key factor because the coordinator must be self-aware all the time in relation to the environment and the needs of the customers.
  • What Constitutes Good Customer Service?
  • How Consistent and Reliable Customer Service Contributes to Customer Satisfaction?
  • How Customer Service Grown and Changed Over the Years?
  • How Does Customer Service Help Your Team?
  • How Can Email Improve Your Customer Service?
  • How Can Marketing Research Improve Customer Service of Popular?
  • How Are Millennials Redefining Customer Service?
  • What Reasons for Using Customer Service Policies Marketing?
  • What Recommendations for the Customer Service Branch?
  • What Makes Good Customer Service?
  • Where Has Customer Service Gone?
  • Why Customer Service Needed in Globalization of Logistics?
  • Will Improving Customer Service Result in Higher Stock?
  • Does the Web Reduce Customer Service Cost?
  • Can Customer Service Affect the Business a Restaurant Has?
  • What Relationship Between Customer Service and Logistics Management?
  • How Are Strategic Management and Customer Service Connected?
  • What Is the Customer Service Perspective?
  • Which Administrative and Customer Service Skills Need?
  • How Different Communication Techniques Used in Customer Service?
  • How Can International Retailers Achieve a Competitive Advantage Through Customer Service?
  • What Are the Three Essential Qualities of Customer Service?
  • What Is the Role of Customer Service?
  • What Are Customer Service Skills?
  • What Words Describe Good Customer Service?
  • How Is Culture and Customer Service Excellence Connected?
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IvyPanda . "99 Customer Service Essay Topic Ideas & Examples." March 2, 2024. https://ivypanda.com/essays/topic/customer-service-essay-topics/.

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115 Customer Service Essay Topic Ideas & Examples

Inside This Article

Customer service is a vital aspect of any business or organization. It refers to the assistance and support provided to customers before, during, and after their purchase or interaction with a product or service. Writing an essay on customer service can help you understand its importance and explore various aspects of this field. To help you get started, here are 115 customer service essay topic ideas and examples:

  • The impact of customer service on business success.
  • The role of customer service in building customer loyalty.
  • Analyzing customer service strategies of successful companies.
  • The importance of effective communication in customer service.
  • How technology has transformed customer service.
  • The impact of social media on customer service.
  • The challenges of providing excellent customer service in a globalized world.
  • Ethical considerations in customer service.
  • The connection between employee satisfaction and customer service.
  • How to measure customer satisfaction in a service-based industry.
  • The role of empathy in customer service.
  • The impact of customer service on brand reputation.
  • Strategies for handling difficult customers.
  • The benefits of personalized customer service.
  • The role of training and development in improving customer service skills.
  • How to create a customer-centric culture within an organization.
  • The influence of customer service on customer retention.
  • The role of customer feedback in improving service quality.
  • The impact of self-service options on traditional customer service.
  • The importance of creating memorable customer experiences.
  • The role of emotional intelligence in customer service.
  • How to effectively handle customer complaints.
  • The impact of language barriers on customer service.
  • The influence of cultural differences on customer service.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing customer service operations.
  • The role of customer service in the healthcare industry.
  • The impact of customer service on the hospitality industry.
  • Strategies for providing excellent customer service in e-commerce.
  • The connection between customer service and revenue generation.
  • The role of customer service in the airline industry.
  • How to recover from a customer service failure.
  • The impact of word-of-mouth marketing on customer service.
  • The role of customer service in the banking sector.
  • Strategies for managing customer expectations.
  • The importance of effective time management in customer service.
  • The influence of technology on customer service in the retail industry.
  • The role of customer service in the insurance sector.
  • The impact of customer service on online reputation management.
  • Strategies for handling customer service in a crisis situation.
  • The connection between customer service and employee motivation.
  • The role of customer service in the education sector.
  • The influence of customer service on customer lifetime value.
  • The benefits of proactive customer service.
  • The impact of self-service kiosks on customer service.
  • Strategies for providing excellent customer service in the telecommunications industry.
  • The role of customer service in the automotive industry.
  • The influence of customer service on customer loyalty programs.
  • The importance of personalization in customer service.
  • The impact of customer service on customer perception.
  • Strategies for providing excellent customer service in the hotel industry.
  • The role of customer service in the technology sector.
  • The influence of customer service on customer referrals.
  • The benefits of a multi-channel customer service approach.
  • The impact of customer service on customer satisfaction surveys.
  • The role of customer service in the fashion industry.
  • Strategies for managing customer service in a call center.
  • The connection between customer service and customer trust.
  • The importance of consistency in customer service.
  • The role of customer service in the food and beverage industry.
  • The impact of customer service on customer retention strategies.
  • Strategies for providing excellent customer service in the airline industry.
  • The connection between customer service and social responsibility.
  • The importance of empathy in customer service interactions.
  • The influence of customer service on online reviews and ratings.
  • The role of customer service in the healthcare sector.
  • The benefits of self-service options in customer service.
  • The impact of customer service on customer trust and confidence.
  • Strategies for managing customer service in a retail store.
  • The connection between customer service and customer loyalty.
  • The importance of communication skills in customer service.
  • The influence of technology on customer service in the banking industry.
  • The role of customer service in the entertainment industry.
  • The impact of customer service on customer lifetime value.
  • Strategies for providing excellent customer service in the hospitality industry.
  • The connection between customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • The importance of personalization in customer service interactions.
  • The influence of customer service on customer referrals and recommendations.
  • The role of customer service in the telecommunications sector.
  • The impact of customer service on customer perception and brand image.
  • Strategies for managing customer service in an e-commerce business.
  • The connection between customer service and customer loyalty programs.
  • The importance of emotional intelligence in customer service interactions.
  • The influence of customer service on customer reviews and ratings.
  • The role of customer service in the automotive sector.
  • The benefits of self-service options in customer service operations.
  • The impact of customer service on customer trust and loyalty.
  • Strategies for managing customer service in a hotel.
  • The connection between customer service and corporate social responsibility.
  • The influence of technology on customer service in the healthcare industry.
  • The role of customer service in the fashion sector.
  • The impact of customer service on customer retention and repeat business.
  • Strategies for providing excellent customer service in the technology industry.
  • The connection between customer service and customer satisfaction surveys.
  • The importance of personalization in online customer service.
  • The influence of customer service on customer referrals and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • The role of customer service in the food and beverage sector.
  • The benefits of self-service options in customer service delivery.
  • Strategies for managing customer service in a call center environment.
  • The connection between customer service and social media engagement.
  • The importance of communication skills in customer service interactions.
  • The influence of technology on customer service in the hospitality industry.
  • The role of customer service in the entertainment sector.
  • The impact of customer service on customer lifetime value and revenue.
  • Strategies for providing excellent customer service in the banking industry.
  • The connection between customer service and customer satisfaction indices.
  • The importance of personalization in face-to-face customer service interactions.
  • The influence of customer service on customer reviews and online reputation.
  • The role of customer service in the telecommunications industry.
  • Strategies for managing customer service in a retail environment.

These essay topic ideas and examples provide a wide range of areas to explore in the field of customer service. Choose a topic that interests you the most and delve into the various aspects, challenges, and strategies related to providing excellent customer service. Remember to conduct thorough research and support your arguments with relevant examples and evidence to make your essay compelling and informative.

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Customer Service - List of Free Essay Examples And Topic Ideas

An essay on customer service can emphasize the importance of quality service in business and customer satisfaction. It can discuss strategies for delivering exceptional customer experiences, the role of customer feedback, and the impact of excellent customer service on brand reputation and long-term success in a competitive market. A vast selection of complimentary essay illustrations pertaining to Customer Service you can find at PapersOwl Website. You can use our samples for inspiration to write your own essay, research paper, or just to explore a new topic for yourself.

Changing Demographics Customer Service to Millennials

Today, customer service is facing a new challenge is has never taken on: Millennials. We here about Millennials everywhere we go, and it seems everyone has an opinion about them. Teens, and adults in their 20s and 30s are what is considered the Millennial Generation, also referred to as Millennials. This generation has been called things like lazy, narcissistic, and coddled. But Millennials have also been defined in positive ways too though. "They are generally regarded as being more open-minded, […]

How Else Can Nordstrom Continue to Provide Exceptional Customer Service and Grow Brand Loyaltys?

Background Nordstrom has been in business since its establishment as a small shoe store in Seattle back in 1901 by John W. Nordstrom. Over the years, the shoe store has grown into a renowned fashion chain store operated by his generation. While establishing the company, John Nordstrom had in his mind the desire to provide clients with top notch customer service and high-quality merchandise to fit everyone’s needs and budget. The customer-based focus with which the company was established by […]

Elevating Intimacy: the Customer Service Tapestry of Victoria’s Secret

In the bustling world of retail, where brands compete for attention and loyalty, customer service emerges as the defining factor for success. One brand that has managed to carve a niche for itself, both in terms of product offerings and customer service, is Victoria's Secret. Known globally for its alluring lingerie and fashion shows, the brand's approach to customer service provides a captivating study on the delicate dance between brand image and customer engagement. Victoria's Secret, over the years, has […]

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Research Related to United Airlines: Customer Service is a Top Priority

At the turn of the twentieth century, two geniuses Wilbur and Orville Wright invented a machine in which humans could operate to fly in. Since the invention of flying, traveling has never been the same; the aviation industry makes traveling to a destination faster and more efficient. The aviation industry continues to improve the technology used in domestic and international travel, as well as everything that goes into riding on one of its airplanes. United Airlines is no less different […]

Internal Approach for Chern’s Department Stores with Focus on Superior Customer Service

The Flagship store for Chern’s Department store is in the need of a new store manager. This manager will be responsible for 150 full time sales positions, 50 Part time sales positions and 520 non sales positions. This store has the most focus of the CEO, Ryan Chern and COO, Ann Chern. In the following analysis it will be discussed of the correct approach for this position will be an internal or external hire. Also, what the steps are in […]

Bridgestone: the Success Dependent on Quality Customer Service

Bridgestone is a privately held for-profit organization. Bridgestone Americas is looking to add 800 or more retail points of sale to 2,200-plus company-owned retail stores it currently operates as it drives to “become the most trusted provider of automotive care in every neighborhood we serve” (Davis 2016). Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC (BSRO) is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and operates the largest network of company-owned automotive service centers across the United States – including Firestone Complete Auto Care, Tiers Plus, Hibdon […]

Customer Service Quality Analysis and about Engaging Customers to Take an Active Role in Services

How does the fact that a service affect the offering and perceived risk? Think in terms of intangibility, inseparability, variability, and perishability. Service is affected by many characteristics. For example, an intangibility service is identified by things that an individual cannot see, taste, feel, hear, or smell (Kotler & Keller, 2016, p.1402). Many service industries fall under offering and perceived risk because they do not hold tangible products, for instance, Sylvania Learning Center or any other academic tutoring facility as […]

Understanding Stakeholder Needs: Battery Explosions and Customer Service

Unlike the recall of the Samsung company, Note 7 of two and a half million phones for battery explosions, Apple Inc. also had multiple battery explosions from as far back as 2013 to deal with. One example being back on August 20, 2013 when a consumers iPhone 4 had suddenly burst into flames. The consumer was able to contain the fire from spreading further in the matter of seconds, however Apple Inc. customer service wasn’t as ready or quickly to […]

Lush, Whole Food and Etsy Companies and their Strategies and Customer Service

Lush, Whole Food and Etsy are companies with dissimilar industries that are chasing different business plans. This means that these companies are focused in different practices, however they all follow the same business strategy, which is focused differentiation. Due to their uniqueness of their products they have a competitive advantage of their competitors. Lush is a unique international brand that sells bath bombs, soap and conditioner bars, lotions, faces mask, fragrances, skin and eye makeup. They have a competitive advantage […]

Importance Customer Service for Sears Holdings Company

Sears Holdings Company was once at the forefront of the retail industry due to their revolutionary and innovative marketing of using a printed catalog to promote their merchandise. This style of marketing was a huge breakthrough for the company back in the late 1800s and was what attracted most of their customers. Their groundbreaking marketing is what has allowed Sears to be a historic and reputable company throughout their 125 years of business. Although the company still has their niche […]

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Essay Samples on Customer Service

The majority of Business Management and Marketing college students are forced to compose essays dealing with customer service challenges at least once per week, which makes it relatively difficult to come up with fresh topics. If you are looking for inspiration and want to learn how to write about customer service issues, you can check our free customer service essay examples. Learning this way always makes things easier and shows how to start writing and shaping ideas into words. Starting with an introduction and up to the conclusion part with a thesis restatement, these samples have all the necessary elements to help you compose an excellent customer service paper in no time. Just take your time to study each paragraph and check the structure mentioned in your grading rubric requirements.

The Importance of Service: Unlocking the Essence of SERVQUAL Model

Introduction The importance of service quality in the food and beverage industry has been widely recognized in the literature, as demonstrated by Hugh, Bill & Carmel (2007) and Parasuraman (1985). The value of service to the customer is a key aspect of service quality, encompassing...

  • Customer Service

The Role of Service Culture in Customer Loyalty

Introduction The purpose of this essay is to explain how successful or unsuccessful service culture may contribute to negative and positive encounters. I believe that customer service plays a huge role in customer loyalty. I will be sharing my delightful experience with Changi Airport Group...

  • Organizational Culture

Hospitality Work Experience: Skills Development and Effective Communication

Introduction First-year students were given an opportunity to have work experience in the Front of House, Food and Beverage and Housekeeping departments during November and December. Therefore, I chose to take this opportunity to gain experience in all of following departments shown previously. I thought...

  • Hospitality
  • Work Experience

Modern-Day Saviour: How the Retail Industry Makes Our Lives Easier

Retail is that the method of selling commodity or services to customers so as to form a profit through multiple distribution channels. Retailers meet the demand identified by a supply chain. The term 'retailer' is usually applied where a service provider fills the tiny orders...

Combination of Success: the Blend of Marketing and Customer Value

Marketing can be broadly defined as the communication channel linking a product or service to the targeted customers. Creation of value for customers is a critical task for marketers. From a customer's perspective, customer value is what they 'get' (benefits) relative to what they have...

  • Marketing Strategy

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Balanced Scorecard and Financial Perspective

Balanced scorecard is a performance measurement tool which identifies the issues and provides a framework to take appropriate actions to improve internal processes of a business and their subsequent external results. It is utilized to quantify and give feedback to companies. Data gathering is vital...

  • Balanced Scorecard

Impact Of Hotel Service Quality On The Customers Interest In Indonesia

Business development in Indonesia is one of the phenomena that a very interesting business to learn of. And globalization in economic aspect makes that increasingly opened the opportunity for foreign entrepreneurs to compete in the net of local consumers. The impact of globalization caused the...

The Comparative Analysis of Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts Franchises

According to Wiersbitzky (2014), “Fresh popcorn is near impossible to resist, second only to fresh doughnuts.” (p.128). There is no doubt that the doughnut industry has made outstanding progress to an extent where doughnuts have become an eminent food around the world most commonly among...

  • Dunkin Donuts

Business Analytics in a Sustainable World in British Airways

Company Description British Airways is a huge international airline, which is based in London’s Heathrow Airport. It is considered to be the largest airline in the United Kingdom in terms of its physical size, number of international flights and the possible destinations. Additionally, British Airways...

  • British Airways

Watch Quality Identification Method and Customer Rights

With the advancement of technology, the quality of watches has changed a lot from the past to the present. In theory, a few seconds of error will occur in a few hundred years. What are the methods for quality identification of watches? Nowadays, there are...

The History of Service and Offer Development on Ebay

eBay Inc., which grounded in San Jose, California, is an American multinational e-commerce corporation that facilitates consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-consumer (B2C) sales through its online website and application software. In the year of 1995, eBay is founded by Pierre Omidyar, where he served as chairman...

The Experience of Dissatisfaction with Southwest Airlines

Summary Southwest Airlines was organized due to the “consumer dissatisfaction with the service of existing carriers” and the increasing need for an air service between the cities; Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and San-Antonio. Braniff International Airways and Texas International Airlines were initially considered the biggest competitors,...

  • Southwest Airlines

The Effectiveness of Performance Evaluation by Mystery Shoppers

In this topic we will seek for a relation between using mystery shoppers technique and effectiveness in the banking sector. Mystery Shoppers are used worldwide by services to evaluate the performance of their front-line employees. An online survey of mystery shoppers compares the reality of...

  • Mystery Shopper

Pitfalls and Benefits of Using the Mystery Shopping

In Marketing term Mystery Shopping is the exercise of collecting surveys through training field employees so as to calculate customer research and service, operations, merchandising and goods or services quality. After finding out the survey they give back the collected to commission organisation. So lets...

  • Marketing Management

Improving Customer Experience And Performance: A Mystery Shopper Case Study

General Description of the Research Method: Case Study Case study method was first defined by Benbasat et al. (1987, p. 370) as “examining a phenomenon in its natural setting, employing multiple methods of data collection to gather information from one or few entities (people, groups...

Trivago'S Service Marketing Challenges & Recommendations

Three Main Challenges Most Service Products Cannot be Inventoried It provides an online searching, comparing and booking hotel rooms service for customer. The service they provide is intangible in neuter, and due to the nature of the serves it cannot be stored so, booking a...

  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Marketing

Main Threat to Ryanair Airlines Business and How the Company Should Manage It

The main threat of Ryanair faces its operation system, the rising cost of fuel and the the growth of the airline industry. Every expense grew of the fuel, increasing activity levels, and cost associated with the growing airline industry all posed a threat to Ryanair....

  • Strategic Planning

The Challenges Ryanair Airlines Faces in the Maintenance of High Customer Satisfaction and Morale of Its Employees

Most common form of negotiation between airports and airlines is price rebate on input charges. Since this practice results in downstream competition between airlines it often leads to legal proceedings by authorities. EU has alleged Ryanair of obtaining illegal state aids possibly offered by Charleroi...

  • Employee Engagement

Factors That Helped Dell Co's Success

Dell’s Overview Michael Dell, in 1984, founded the Dell Computer Corporation. Initially he started it from his dorm room with $1K investment and sooner gained much attention by providing customers a quality product at cheap rates. Additional features then were included a 24 hours customer...

The Pestle Analysis of British Airways Business

Introduction British Airways is one of the largest airlines in the United Kingdom. It is one of the largest in terms of fleet size and also the airlines they have. The main place from where they do their business is London where they participate from...

The Role of a Credit Underwriter

Leading companies make decisions on the issuance of new loans or new lines of credit based on the credit underwriter’s recommendation. Credit underwriters work closely with loan officers to assist them in verifying the adequacy of loan applications. They can also propose revisions to the...

ADA Issue on Gift Card Accessibility for People with Disabilities

It is a little-known fact that, in 1994, Blockbuster video was the first store to display pre-paid gift cards for sale. Unlike VHS rentals, the gift card industry has only grown in popularity. Gift cards from major retailers are at the top of many holiday...

  • Gift Card Industry

Influence of Grocery Store Image on Customer Preference

Jayanthi and Vennila (2018) conducted a research study on 'Customers’ Preference towards Departmental Stores'. Data for the study have been collected through issuing well-structured questionnaire to 218 customers in Pollachi Taluk by adopting convenience sampling technique. The data is analysed by using Simple Percentage, Weighted...

  • Grocery Store

Account of a Service Experience in the Hotel Industry

I worked in a metropolitan hotel as my second internship. It located in Harbin, which is my hometown. The owner of this hotel is my uncle and he has run almost ten years with an excellent reputation. I did my first internship in a sushi...

A Report On Local Businesses Analysis

I have chosen two local businesses. One of the businesses is Crow’s Nest Golf Club. The other is Little Shop of Soaps. I have chosen these businesses because they are both local. This means I can investigate them. There websites are informative and easy to...

  • Business Analysis

Case Study Analysis On The Maintenance Of The Brand Image

INTRODUCTION The purpose of this case study is to analyze the China Enterprise for the Levendary Café and propose possible solutions to the challenges encountered in maintenance of the brand image, especially with the new management in place. BACKGROUND Howard Leventhal, is the departing CEO...

Analysis Of Business Of Family Mart

Family Mart is a Japanese convenience store franchise chain and it is owned by FamilyMart Co.,Ltd. They are focus in provide convenience services to customers around their life circle. They are promote “Summer Fun & Fresh” promotion start from 18 July to 28 August 2018....

  • Business Insider

Positive Psychology Perspective For E-Customer Retention

Adding positive value on after-sales services increase customer satisfactionIf retailers understand customers wants and need beforehand they can provide best online experience, (Li and Zhang 2002) which can be gained by evaluating psychological state of consumers who shop online and by observing their behaviour and...

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Positive Psychology

Paid Memberships As A Way Of Revenue Enhancement

Paid memberships is a viable avenue for revenue enhancement. This top line growth method leverages not only the existing customer base but also increases the conversion rate of first time visitors to paying and/or repeat users. Looking at revenue from membership fees to access detailed...

  • Digital Era

Relationship Between Customer Satisfaction And Revisit Intention

When a customer visits a certain enterprise and holds the desire to visit the mentioned enterprise yet again then that intent of the customer is known as revisit intention (Bach and Eichner, 1999). This is the definition of the variable. Behavioral intention is regularly utilized...

  • Consumer Behavior

The Role Of Customer Segment Identification In Retail Business

Retail is no exception, entering a new era of predictive commerce. There are many advantages for online retailing when compared to offline in which the flexibility for changing price of the product is more. Online retailers are able to accurately track the customer’s interactions with...

The Role Of Shopper Protection Laws In Our Lives

Mainly the choices of food and the quality of nutritional diet depends on the regulations and policies implemented directly or indirectly. It adversely affects the costs of producing commodities as it affects the prices of consumer goods. Governments are frequently in prices of installing region...

  • Consumer Protection

Changes In The Structure Of The Customer Service Centre In RR Company

Introduction Every company reaches a point where it reconsiders changing how it does things to serve their customers properly and keep the business making the highest amounts of profits. This paper will aim at RR as a company which is considering changing its structure of...

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  • Family Business

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Importance of Customer Service Essay Sample

Customer service is the support offered to customers that helps to provide an easy and enjoyable experience with your company. Customer service is about going above and beyond to keep the customers happy. Answering their questions, addressing concerns, and simply listening allows the customer to know you are putting them first. It is about the clear communication between the customer and business, making sure that the customer is content. Even by resolving their issues with a positive attitude, it is an important part of the promise your company makes to ensure your customer’s needs are being met. To provide quality customer service, there are many rules to ensure quality service. Being helpful, listening, and taking the extra step are all important. The biggest rule is that employees of the company must be trained properly. Companies must train their staff first and foremost because if a customer’s needs are poorly met, this will affect how satisfied the customer is or not at all. If the employee is not taught the knowledge on how to satisfy their customer, this not only affects business but the customers perceptions as well. That being said, employee training has a positive and negative impact on customer satisfaction in customer service. 

In the hospitality industry, the direct interactions between the consumer and business are crucially important. Businesses simply do not exist without customers. Catering to the needs of each customer is key to customer retention, to create loyal returning clients. To provide excellent customer service, the culture of aiding customers must be widespread throughout the organization. This creates a powerful work environment, where the goal for all staff as a team is to make each and every customer happy and do what it takes to get there. When quality customer service is understood, employees become empowered and only strive to succeed more with the organization. Satisfying customers leads to a successful business, and that's where the initiative will be taken to keep providing quality service across the board. Overall, this training is an important tool that businesses use to ensure all employees within this culture are on the same page. As a necessary part of onboarding, you may have to pour some money and mainly time into it. According to the ATD report, employers use an average of 33.5 training hours per employee (Gray).  Despite the process, in the long run, successful training helps to provide more revenue for the business and increase employee retention. Training the employees properly the first time helps to reduce the risk of employee turnover. In the same report, one study found that 43.98% of employee turnovers take place within the first six months (Gray). Since training and the onboarding process also take place during this time, making sure training methods are effective is crucially important. Otherwise, the process may have to start over, taking away more time and money for your business a second time. 

Effective training methods provided by your employer help to create star employees. By being trained with the proper knowledge of customer service consumers are happier with their experience. In the archive, Customer Service Delivery Research and Best Practice, the third chapter goes into research of using employee perspectives to improve organizational performances. In training, employees have written development plans to take advantage of the skill opportunities that exist within the company, they have the training to perform their current jobs well, and new employees are oriented and able to come up to speed quickly, without undue burden on existing staff (Fogli, Lawrence 56). When looking at the results of training, employees understand their role in the organization, and now have enough information to do their jobs. There is a larger opportunity for teamwork, as the employees can collectively strive to achieve their individual goals. Employee retention and satisfaction are now created as the employee can now see their value and are satisfied with their organization’s work. Employees value their relationship with the organization and have no short-term interest in leaving (Fogli, Lawrence 57). Employee motivation is also evident. According to the study “Impact of employee motivation on employee performance,” it is considered a force that drives the employees toward attaining specific goals and objectives of the organization. Nowadays, it is one of the sizzling  issues in organizations since everyone wants to make the best use of their financial and human resources (Shahzadi). By the organization providing all the tools and knowledge to this employee, are skills developed as the employee can now effectively work successfully for the company. Understanding the true values of the organization helps to properly serve customers so their needs are met. Proper training has a positive impact on customer service ensuring that customers are happy, as well as the employees with themselves. 

Although quality customer service is important, sometimes it is not always what the customers receive. In the web archive, The effect of employee training and participation on customer satisfaction, does Jacob Zulnaidi dig deeper into the true impact of poor training and the impact it has on the customers. It is stated that “Training is essential for organizational aims, to develop effective and positive employee attitudes...This report revealed the positive outcome of employee training on both employee and customer satisfaction. The training itself is found to be one of the most important factors for employees to remain motivated in performing their jobs, because training provides them with new skills and knowledge, both of which require them to perform their jobs.” In addition, “Training would enable employees to improve their knowledge and skills related to their work, which later becomes translated into higher productivity…” The archive supports the idea that training has a direct correlation to both employee and customer satisfaction. Proper training has many opportunities including employee retention, customer retention, and even employee empowerment in the workplace. It is evident that through improper training, there is no chance for any of this. Poor training falls back to how that employee handles customers and how they are treated/serviced. Employee training can harmcustomer service and satisfaction.

In conclusion, it can be proven that employee training has a direct correlation with customer satisfaction within customer service. There are many factors that are impacted by this, but most importantly, poor and proper training affects the individual, the organization, and the customer's experience. This research has shown many insights on the positive and negative aspects of training, as well as the impact on customer service. Any business values quality customer service as there is the need to keep customers and clients happy. Within the hospitality industry specifically, customer service is even more crucial as guests need to be engaged in order for repeat business and referral purposes. If customers are happy with their experiences, there is an increased chance they will create a positive word of mouth and help your business succeed. To ensure that the organization values this quality service, it is important to properly train staff in accordance with this. Knowing how to fix problems and solve them with a positive attitude is a helpful skill for anyone to learn. It is important through proper training to learn this skill set and understand why quality customer service is so important. Happy customers make happy employees. By ensuring customer satisfaction are employees happier and more confident in their work. Proper training creates an empowering work environment, where the employee values themselves and the company. Strong quality customer service is achieved when the employees are happy, and the customers are happy as well.

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Benefits of crowdsourcing for company development.

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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service

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Steps in Improving Customer Service in Logistics Management

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What Does Customer Service Mean to Me: a Personal Perspective

Customer service, a vital component of any successful business or organization, holds a unique significance in my understanding of effective interpersonal interactions and organizational excellence. In this essay, I will share my perspective on what customer service means to me, exploring its core values, its...

Community Engagement: Case Study of Nuffield Health

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Nestlé's Global Citizenship: Balancing Profit and Social Responsibility

Nestlé is a Swiss multinational company whose main currency is the Swiss Franc. At Nestlé, the core spirit of world citizenship is 'creating shared value.' At present, Nestlé's operating conditions are divided into two types, one for the outside and one for the internal problems....

Total Quality Management in the Market Hospitality Sector: Marriott Hotel

Hospitality and guest service management are responsibilities for managing and handling customers and other hotel operations. A guest service manager is a professional who is engaged in managing and handling hotel operations. He ensures that all functions are carried out smoothly and effectively. There is...

Credit Terms: Strategies, Benefits and the Main Elements

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