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Essays About Life-changing Experiences: 5 Examples

Discover our guide for writing essays about life-changing experiences that combine three different elements: narrative, description, and self-reflection. 

Each of us has gone through life-changing experiences that shaped us into the individuals we are today. Because of how powerful they are, these events make for fascinating topics in writing. This subject doesn’t only let us tell our life stories, and it also pushes us to evaluate our behavior and reflect on why an incident happened.

Attract your readers by creating an excellent introduction and choosing a unique or exciting encounter. Paint a picture of the events that describe your experience vividly and finish with a strong conclusion.

5 Essay Examples

1. long essay on experience that changed my life by prasanna, 2. life-changing events: personal experience by anonymous on, 3. my example of a life-changing experience by anonymous on, 4. life-changing experience: death essay by writer annie, 5. a life-changing experience during the holiday season by anonymous on, 1. life-changing experience: defined, 2. the experience that changed my life, 3. life-changing events and how they impact lives, 4. everyday events that change a person’s life, 5. the person who change my life, 6. books or movies that changed my life, 7. a life-changing quote.

“Experiences can be good and sometimes terrible that results in a positive or negative impact on one’s life. Life is full of many unexpected challenges and unknown turning points that will come along any time. People must learn and grow from every experience that they go through in life rather than losing yourself.”

In this essay, Prasanna discusses her father’s death as her most challenging life-changing experience. She was cheerful, immature, and carefree when her father was still alive. However, when her father left, she became the decision-maker of their family because her mother was unable to.

Prasanna mentions that she lost not only a father but also a friend, motivator, and mentor. That sad and unexpected experience turned her into an introverted, mature, and responsible head of the family. Ultimately, she thanks her father for making her a better person, and because of the devastating incident, she realizes who she can trust and how she should handle the real world. You might also be interested in these essays about choice .

“In life, certain experiences present challenges that change the way people relate to themselves and their families. Certain life events mark life-changing moments that alter lives either positively or negatively. It matters how people handle their relationships at such critical moments.”

This essay contains two life events that helped the author become a better person. These events taught them to trust and appreciate people, be responsible, and value family. The first event is when their best friend passes away, leading to stress, loss of appetite, and depression. The second circumstance happened when the author postponed their studies because they were afraid to grow up and be accountable for their decisions and actions.

The writer’s family showed them love, support, and understanding through these events. These events changed their behavior, attitude, and perspective on life and guided them to strengthen family relationships.

For help picking your next essay topic, check out our 20 engaging essay topics about family .

“I thought it was awkward because he looked and acted very professional. In that moment I thought to myself, ‘this person is going to have a great impact in my life!’. I was very curious to meet him and get a chance to show him my personality.”

This essay proves that you should always believe in yourself and not be afraid to try something new. The author recalls when they had many problems and met an extraordinary person who changed their life. 

When they were in sixth grade, the writer had life issues that caused them to be anxious about any future endeavor. The author then says they don’t usually open up to teachers because they fear their reactions. Then they met Mr. Salazar, a mentor who respects and values them, and the writer considers him their best friend.

“When the funeral was over and he was laid to rest, I had a feeling I can’t even describe. It was almost an empty feeling. I knew I had lost someone that could never be replaced.”

Annie never thought that she’d go through a life-changing experience until the sudden death of her father. Her thoughts and feelings are all over the place, and she has many unanswered questions. She says that although she will never wish for anyone to experience the same. However, her father’s passing improved her life in some ways.

Her mother remarried and introduced a new father figure, who was very kind to her. Living with her stepdad allowed her to explore and do things she thought she couldn’t. Annie still mourns the loss of her birth father, but she is also grateful to have a stepdad she can lean on. She gradually accepts that she can’t bring her birth father back.

“This story as a whole has really changed me and made me an even better person in life, I’m so thankful that this happened to me because now I have a greater appreciation for the little things in life.”

The essay shows how a simple interaction on a cold day in December can completely change a person’s view on life. It starts with the writer being asked a small favor of an older man with Alzheimer’s disease to help him find his car. This experience teaches the writer to be more observant and appreciative of the things they have. The author was inspired to spend more time with loved ones, especially their grandfather, who also has Alzheimer’s disease, as they learned never to take anything for granted.

7 Prompts for Essays About Life-changing Experiences

Everyone has their definition of a life-changing experience. But in general, it is an event or series of events profoundly altering a person’s thinking, feelings, and behavior. Use this prompt to explain your understanding of the topic and discuss how a simple action, decision, or encounter can change someone’s life. You might also be interested in these essays about yourself .

Essays about life-changing experiences: The Experience That Changed My Life

For this prompt, choose a specific memory that made you re-evaluate your views, values, and morals. Then, discuss the impact of this event on your life. For example, you can discuss losing a loved one, moving to another country, or starting a new school. Your conclusion must contain the main lessons you learned from the experience and how it can help the readers.

Various positive and negative life-changing experiences happen anytime and anywhere. Sometimes, you don’t notice them until they substantially disturb your everyday life. 

To begin your essay, interview people and ask about a momentous event that happened to them and how it influenced their way of living. Then, pick the most potent life-changing experience shared. Talk about what you’d do if you were in the same situation.

Some life-changing events include common things such as marriage, parenthood, divorce, job loss, and death. Research and discuss the most common experiences that transform a person’s life. Include real-life situations and any personal encounters for an intriguing essay.

It’s normal to meet other people, but connecting with someone who will significantly impact your life is a blessing. Use this prompt to discuss that particular person, such as a parent, close friend, or romantic partner. Share who they are and how you met them, and discuss what they did or said that made a big difference in your life. 

Movies like “The Truman Show” help change your viewpoint in life. They open our minds and provide ideas for dealing with our struggles. Share how you reached an epiphany by reading a book or watching a movie. Include if it’s because of a particular dialogue, character action, or scenes you can relate to.

Essays about life-changing experiences: A Life-changing Quote

While others use inspirational quotes for comfort and to avoid negative thinking, some find a quote that gives them the courage to make drastic changes to better their lives. For this prompt, search for well-known personalities who discovered a quote that motivated them to turn their life around.  Essay Tip: When editing for grammar, we also recommend spending time and effort to improve the readability score of your essay before publishing or submitting it.

essay about something that happened in your life

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Mentor texts

Telling Short, Memorable Stories From Your Life: ‘My Secret Pepsi Plot’

An invitation to students to tell a meaningful story in a limited number of words, with an example from The Times’s Lives column to help.

essay about something that happened in your life

By Katherine Schulten

Our new Mentor Text series spotlights writing from The Times that students can learn from and emulate.

This entry, like several others we are publishing, focuses on an essay from The Times’s long-running Lives column to consider skills prized in narrative writing. We are starting with this genre to help support students participating in our 2020 Personal Narrative Essay Contest .

Our Personal Narrative Essay Contest is inspired by The New York Times’s Lives column, which ran from 1996 to 2017 and featured “short, powerful stories about meaningful life experiences .”

The editor of the column once posted some advice on “How to Write a Lives Essay” to guide those who submitted to the column annually. Much of that advice applies to our contest as well.

For example, several points boil down to reminders to keep it simple, including tips like:

Don’t try to fit your whole life into one “Lives.”

Don’t try to tell the whole story.

Tell a small story — an evocative, particular moment.

Better to start from something very simple that you think is interesting (an incident, a person) and expand upon it, rather than a large idea that you then have to fit into a short essay. For example, start with “the day the Santa Claus in the mall asked me on a date” rather than “the state of affairs that is dating in an older age bracket.”

This advice is similar to advice often given to high school seniors writing college essays : You have only 650 words to show admissions officers something important, interesting or memorable about who you are and what matters to you. A list of awards you’ve won won’t do it, but an engaging story about making brownies with your stepbrother just might.

As you’ll see when you read the texts below, none of them try to tell the whole story of a life, but, instead, illuminate an important aspect of it through focus on one event or moment. Yet that one focus ripples out, and says so much more.

Before You Read

Use the sentence starter below to write for a few minutes about whatever comes to mind. You will return to this writing in the “Now Try This” section.

A moment I’ll never forget from my childhood is …

Mentor Text: ‘ My Secret Pepsi Plot ,’ a 2014 Essay From the Lives Column, by Boris Fishman

This essay describes a memory from when the writer was 10 years old and his family had just immigrated from the Soviet Union to Brooklyn. “In the Soviet Union, we were secretly wealthy, but we arrived in Brooklyn as paupers,” he writes.

Somehow, his family ends up with 24 Pepsi-Colas in their refrigerator. The story of what happens next is Mr. Fishman’s short, powerful story:

Around this time I learned that American supermarkets gave back 5 cents for every returned empty. (Some states, like Michigan, its very name like a granite monument, gave you 10 cents.) I decided I would return those cans and give the money to my parents. My secret — a surprise.

Read the essay, focusing on how Mr. Fishman anchors the whole story in this one goal he had at age 10 — to return the Pepsi cans and get money for them.

As you read, you might trace the structure of the story. What does each paragraph do? What does each add to the telling of this small story?

Then, consider these questions:

How do the first two paragraphs set the stage for the story and give some necessary background?

How does telling this story allow the writer to show readers a particular time and place through the eyes of a new immigrant?

How does he pull you into the action, minute by minute, in the three paragraphs that begin “On Saturday afternoon …”?

How is money a theme throughout, in both stated and implied ways? What other ideas recur?

What is the role of the last paragraph?

Now Try This: Find Your Own Short, Powerful Stories

Look back at the writing you did before reading the mentor text. What is strongest about it? Could it become a short essay like the one you just read? If so, what would you need to do to shape it?

What other small stories — or “evocative, particular moments” — from your life might make wonderful short essays?

In a 2010 lesson plan, “ Going Beyond Cliché: How to Write a Great College Essay ,” we suggest students first make a timeline of their lives, or of one period in their lives, brainstorming at least 20 events, big and small, that were significant to them for any reason.

You might try that, or you can brainstorm answers to this list of prompts — or both:

-A time I took a risk: -A time I learned something about myself: -A memory from childhood I think about often: -Something that happened to me that still makes me laugh: -Something very few people know about me: -Something I regret: -A time when I felt rejected: -Something I am really proud of: -Something that changed the way I think or look at the world: -How I am different from most people I know: -Some of my fears: -A time I felt truly satisfied: -A time I failed at something: -An object I own that tells a lot about me:

Once you’ve chosen a topic, you might try to free-write for 10 minutes or so, asking yourself as you go: What was most interesting or memorable about this? What images come to mind when you think about this topic? Do you picture a person, a scene, a place? Do you hear a conversation or a bit of music? Do you smell, taste or feel something?

Finally, if you are still stuck, we have a list of prompts from our site that can inspire narrative writing . Take a look and see if any of them spark ideas for you.

More Mentor Texts for Telling Short, Memorable Stories

While the entire Lives column is devoted to “short, powerful stories,” the pieces we chose below are especially student-friendly in terms of both their subject matter and the way the writers focus on “an evocative, particular moment.” Below each title, an excerpt from the piece.

“ How Ramen Got Me Through Adolescence ,” a 2014 Lives essay, by Veronique Greenwood

When I was in fifth grade, I developed an intense dislike of eating around other people. The cafeteria was a place of foul odors, gelatinous spills, horrific mixtures of chocolate pudding, fruit cocktail and ketchup consumed on dares, and I found myself fasting from breakfast, at about 6 in the morning, until 3:35, when I walked home through the woods from the bus stop. Each step up our hill, a narrow ridge in rural California, I fantasized about the big bowl of ramen I would make myself when I reached the top.

“ Charmed ," a 2015 Lives essay, by Laila Lalami

‘‘Wait,’’ I said. From my pocket I pulled out a brown suede pouch bearing the name of a little jeweler in Rabat, the kind of place you send your friends to and say, tell him I sent you. In the pouch was a necklace with a silver khamsa — a charm in the shape of an open palm.

“ Montana Soccer-Mom Moment ,” a 2010 essay from the Lives column, by Laura Munson

I live in northwest Montana, and I have a teenager, and my teenager plays sports. That means a lot of driving — over-the-Rocky-Mountains-and-back-in-one-day kind of driving. I think about Meriwether Lewis every time I cross the Continental Divide, usually with sleeping soccer players wearing headphones in the back of my Suburban. I want to say, “Can you imagine everything depending on your horse and your ability to dream of an ocean past the mountains?” But it isn’t worth the eye-rolling.

“ All the Single Ladies ," a 2014 essay from the Lives column, by Jen Doll

“Single ladies to the dance floor!” came the cry, a masculine voice urging us forward. Wedding guests parted, creating a narrow path for the train of unmarried women to parade through in their finery. But we single ladies no longer looked so fine as we had that morning. We were worn and tired, sweat beading down our necks, sand crunching unpleasantly in our shoes, which were wearing raw the backs of our heels. We should have been lying down in cool rooms elsewhere, but the wedding was not over. We were 28. We knew what was next.

“ Working the Reunion ,” a 2008 essay from the Lives column, by ZZ Packer

My residential college always hosted the 45th reunion, one of the most well attended, I suppose because you just might not be around for the 50th. To my eyes, these guys were the picture of old money. Although they may have mastered physics or appraised the sharp beauty of “King Lear” in school, at reunions they reminisced about football glories and practical jokes. I sometimes felt less like a Yale co-ed who happened to be black than a black waitress who happened to be bringing them an extra fork. But after their dinner we reunion workers would drink up all the leftover bottles of wine while cleaning the dining hall.

Related Questions for Any Short, Narrative Essay

What is the one small moment or event this piece focuses on? Why do you think the writer might have chosen it?

What do you learn about the writer and his or her world through this moment or event? How? What lines do this well? What is implied rather than stated?

How is the piece structured? What does each paragraph do? How does each contribute to the story?

Look closely at how the writer tells a complete story in a limited number of words. Where, in terms of time and place, does the story begin? Where does it end? How does the writer weave in necessary background even while keeping the action of the story moving forward?

What else do you notice or admire about this essay? What lessons might it have for your own writing?

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You should say:

  • When and where it happened
  • What happened
  • How you felt about it

and explain how it changed your life in good ways

Sample Answer

Well, I can think of a moment that truly changed my life in a profoundly positive way. It happened a few years ago when I decided to volunteer at a local animal shelter in my hometown.

This transformative experience took place in the summer, at a small animal shelter located on the outskirts of our town. What happened was that I started volunteering there as a way to give back to the community and spend my free time productively. Little did I know that this decision would have such a profound impact on my life.

When I first walked into the shelter, I was greeted by a cacophony of barks, meows, and other animal sounds. The sight of so many animals in need of care was overwhelming. I began by helping with the daily chores like cleaning cages, feeding, and walking the dogs. As time went on, I got more involved in the rehabilitation and adoption processes.

The initial feelings I had were a mixture of compassion, sadness, and sometimes helplessness. Seeing abandoned and mistreated animals was heart-wrenching, but as I spent more time with them, I felt a growing sense of purpose and fulfillment. The gratitude in the eyes of the animals when they received care and affection was incredibly rewarding.

This experience transformed my life in several positive ways. Firstly, it deepened my sense of empathy and compassion, not only towards animals but also towards people. I started appreciating the importance of giving back to the community and supporting those in need. Secondly, it changed my career path. Inspired by my volunteer work, I decided to pursue a career in animal welfare and advocacy, which I find incredibly fulfilling. Lastly, it introduced me to a wonderful community of fellow volunteers who share my passion for making a difference.

And that’s all I wanna share. Thanks for listening!

Follow Question Part 3 – Changes in life

1. Why do some people quit and change jobs?

People may quit and change jobs for various reasons, including seeking better career opportunities, improved work-life balance, dissatisfaction with their current role or company culture, or a desire for personal growth and development. Changes in life circumstances or goals can also prompt job changes.

2. Who can adapt better to changes, children or adults?

Both children and adults have the capacity to adapt to changes, but the ease of adaptation can vary. Children often display more flexibility and adaptability due to their developing brains and fewer preconceived notions. However, adults bring experience and problem-solving skills that can aid in adapting to complex changes. Ultimately, adaptability depends on individual circumstances and personality.

3. When things like getting married or moving home happen, what kinds of things would you consider?

When major life events like marriage or moving occur, people consider various factors. These include financial stability, location, family needs, job opportunities, cultural and social considerations, and the impact on personal relationships and lifestyle. Decision-making often involves a careful balance of these factors.

4. What are the disadvantages when people keep making changes?

Continuously making changes can have downsides. It may lead to instability, making it difficult to establish long-term commitments or relationships. Frequent changes can also be emotionally draining and hinder the development of expertise in a specific area. Striking a balance between change and stability is often important for personal growth and well-being.


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Personal Narrative: Something That Changed My Life Essay

Something that changed me and let me be the person who I am today is friendship. Friends can raise you high above the skies. Or, they can pull you down under the ground. My parents are very close to me. They have enough knowledge and awareness from people around us. My father advised me every school year that I needed to keep enough distance from others. My father said to me, “Abdulelah, never go out with bad friends. They can affect you in a small matter of time. I know you’re smart. You will know the right thing from the wrong thing. “I knew that my father trusted me because what he had taught me.

My mother told me, “Abdul, focus on your schoolwork. Do not give up no matter what around you tells you. If you work hard today; tomorrow will be comfortable to you. ” Every time I get the feeling of quitting school, I remember my parents’ words. I try not to hang out with bad friends. For example, if they were doing something bad and got caught by the police, I would go to jail with them because they caught me with them. I tried my best to keep away from them. This way they did not enter my private space. My father told me about friends and how friends can change a person from good to bad in a matter of short time.

I was shocked. How come students do that to others? Their basic education is not built right. When I entered high school, I had the knowledge and the “vaccine” to choose my friends. My class was about 15 students. I only ended up with 3 friends and they are my best friends. When I was in school, my classmates were using inappropriate language. They had cursed others, and they had taught others bad language. That gave me a lesson that I should never trust any of my classmates who seem kind and lovely to me. I have to sit with them to see how they think and how they talk.

One time, they asked me, “Hey Abdul, we should get along one day” But for me, it was a very bad idea. If they were doing all that in my school, what were they going to do outside the school? On the other hand, there are good friends I have met in my life. I try not to lose those friends, because they have white heart. They wish good for others. They are generous. If I make a mistake, they tell me the mistake I did so I do not do it again. I try to look for friends like them. Because, they think the way I think, they talk the way I talk, and they do everything without being inappropriate.

I love to hang out with them because I will learn from them and they will learn from me. As time pass by, I realized those people, who are bad friends, are not responsible for what they are. When they were young, their parents did not raise their children in a good manner. So, they would go to unknown people on the streets and talk to them and learn from them. Children at some point need their parents close by to ask them and learn from them. When their parents realize what wrong behavior their children have learned, they would punish them for something the children are not guilty of.

Then, who is guilty? The answer is the parents. Bad friends don’t want peace to people. They are bad, so they want their friends to be bad, too. I have a big experience with friends. I visited a lot of countries and I saw how bad friends treated others. When I was in Morocco, I called bad friends “mentally ill. ” Because, if they had minds they would have used them. Those” mentally ill friends” were in my school. Some of my classmates were very bad students. The others were quiet. So, on my first week at school, I saw my best friend got into a fight with 12 grade boys.

The problem was my friend asked nicely to pass through the hall. The 12 grade boys said ” No you cannot because you are nerd. ” When I heard that; I immediately stepped in to help my poor fellow. I walked to them with anger on my face and I told them “It does not matter how strong you are if you do not have a mind to use it probably. ” After I said that, most of the students circled around us to attend the fight. The principle heard the noises. The principle instantly came and stopped the fight and took all the people who were involved to his office. We explained what had happened and made us write a pledge.

I tell my friends and advise them to use their brains. Because if they are not going to use. Someone else wishes to use it. In conclusion, I really thank my parents for giving me enough knowledge about the importance of selecting good friends. If they hadn’t given me the enough knowledge, I would not be studying outside my country with a scholarship. I would be in my country hanging out with friends. I would have played PlayStation with my friends from midnight until morning. I wouldn’t have the interest for studying in college. Even if I had the interest to study, I would not study a challenging major.

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Essay on An Incident That Changed My Life

Students are often asked to write an essay on An Incident That Changed My Life in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on An Incident That Changed My Life


Life is a series of events. Some leave a deep impact on us. For me, it was my first camping trip that changed my life.

The Incident

I was ten when I joined the Scouts. Our first camping trip was a challenging experience. We were lost in the woods at night.

That incident made me brave. I learned to face challenges head-on. It also ignited a love for nature in me.

That camping trip was a turning point in my life. It taught me resilience and made me a better person.

250 Words Essay on An Incident That Changed My Life

Life is a continuous journey, marked by profound moments that shape our character and destiny. For me, one such incident stands out distinctly – the day I volunteered at a local homeless shelter. This event not only changed my perspective but also became a pivotal point in my life’s trajectory.

A Day at the Shelter

One cold winter’s day, I found myself in a bustling homeless shelter, surrounded by faces marked with hardship and resilience. The shelter, a beacon of hope for many, was a place where the less fortunate could find warmth, food, and a sense of community. My task was simple: serve meals and engage in conversation.

The Encounter

Among the many people I met, one man’s story struck a chord. A former engineer, he had fallen victim to circumstances beyond his control and lost everything. Despite his dire situation, he radiated positivity and hope. Our conversation was a stark reminder of life’s unpredictability, and it shattered my preconceived notions about homelessness.

Life-altering Realizations

The encounter made me reflect on my privileges and the transient nature of success. I realized that compassion and understanding were more valuable than material wealth. It also unveiled my passion for social work and ignited a desire to contribute to society more actively.

The day at the shelter was an incident that profoundly changed my life. It taught me to value humanity over materialism, and it guided me towards a path of social service. Life is indeed unpredictable, but it’s these unexpected moments that hold the power to redefine our purpose and transform our lives.

500 Words Essay on An Incident That Changed My Life

Life is a series of events, some ordinary and others extraordinary. Often, it is the extraordinary incidents that have the power to transform our lives completely. This essay delves into one such incident that not only changed my perspective but also my life’s trajectory.

The Unexpected Encounter

During my sophomore year in college, I volunteered at a local homeless shelter. One winter afternoon, I met John, an elderly gentleman with a warm smile and eyes that held a thousand untold stories. His welcoming demeanor contradicted the harsh reality of his life. He was homeless, yet he carried an aura of contentment that was inexplicably infectious.

A Lesson in Resilience

John was a retired teacher who had lost everything due to a series of unfortunate events. Despite his circumstances, he never lost his spirit or his love for teaching. He would gather the children in the shelter every evening and teach them with an enthusiasm that was truly inspiring. His resilience in the face of adversity was a lesson in itself.

The Life-Changing Conversation

One day, I mustered the courage to ask John how he managed to remain positive. His reply was simple yet profound, “Life is not about what happens to you, but how you respond to it.” He explained that he chose to focus on the things within his control, like his attitude and actions, rather than dwelling on his misfortunes.

John’s words resonated deeply within me. I realized that I had been living my life in constant fear of the future, letting my anxieties dictate my actions. This encounter with John made me rethink my approach to life. I decided to adopt his philosophy and focus on my responses to situations rather than the situations themselves.

This incident was a turning point in my life. It taught me that our perspective shapes our reality. I learned to embrace life with all its ups and downs, understanding that the power to overcome challenges lies within me. John, the homeless man with an indomitable spirit, changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. His resilience and positivity continue to inspire me, reminding me that life is less about the circumstances we find ourselves in, and more about how we choose to respond to them.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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Apart from these, you can look at all the essays by clicking here .

Happy studying!

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16 Most Life-Changing Experiences People Go Through (Examples)

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On our life’s journey, we go through many experiences and moments that could change our lives forever. These life-changing experiences can either be positive or negative, and they could make our existence here better or worse.

A life-changing experience is any  event that alters your way of thinking , your feelings, well-being, relationships, and behavior. It is a moment that profoundly changes you and your life by shaping you into the person you become, opening or closing doors for opportunities, affecting your quality of life, and modifying the course of your life, sometimes forever.

In this post, we shall give examples of the common most life-changing events people go through. Read on…

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Examples of the Most Life-Changing Experiences People Go Through

  • Traveling to a new country or city

Not many things will change you as much as travel does. As such, it is no wonder that traveling to a new country or city is an example of the most life-changing experiences many people have had. 

Whether you travel at a young age or when you are older, visiting new places can affect you in various ways, often positively but sometimes negatively.

For example, traveling to a foreign country is an experience that changes you and your life by exposing you to new places, people, and cultures, helping you gain a new perspective, and promoting your personal growth. 

However, if you get robbed, harassed,  fall ill , get stranded or lost, find bad weather, or have some other bad experience while traveling, it can become one of the negative moments that change your life.

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  • Going to college

Being in college is one of the most life-changing experiences. Since most people go to college straight from high school, this is the in-between stage where you are not just an adolescent but you aren’t fully an adult either.

Many things that could  define your path in life  can happen during this period. For example, you choose a degree, thus your desired career; you meet new people who may or may not be the wrong kinds of people; you may fall in love, and you also make many good and bad decisions.

Additionally, going to college is an example of the most life-changing experiences people go through because you gain a lot of new skills from your classes, activities, struggles, and by interacting with others. These skills can come in handy in the future .

  • Moving out of your parent’s house

Leaving home is a common rite of passage and one of the most life-changing experiences for many people. You will never be the same person after moving out of your parent’s house to  live on your own , with roommates, or with a romantic partner.

For most people, moving out of their parent’s house is the first step in embracing adulthood. It is a life-changing event because it is only after leaving the nest to be on your own that you will know what the real world is actually like. 

You have to become more responsible and self-sufficient, but you also have more freedom to do the things you couldn’t do under your parent’s roof.

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  • Falling in love

Everyone wishes they could find love. However, falling in love is an example of the most life-changing experiences many people go through. It can transform you and your life positively or negatively.

For instance, falling in love with someone who loves you back is a life-changing moment because it will make you happy , help you see the world differently, and make you more caring and empathetic.

Falling in love may also make you think of the future more often and boost your motivation to work harder on becoming a better version of yourself .

However, falling in love with the wrong person or someone who doesn’t love you back can also be a life-changing experience. You may feel rejected, tolerate things you shouldn’t, or try to change who you are just because you are in love with someone.

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  • Getting married

Falling in love and dating are easy; getting married is a whole other thing, and it is an example of the most life-changing experiences that many people go through.

Marriage changes how you view yourself and your spouse, as well as the situations you go through in life.

Your life may become more fulfilling as you now have someone to share experiences and  be completely vulnerable with; you get a new set of relatives and friends; you could reap some financial benefits, and you can start a family.

Marriage is one of the most life-changing experiences for many because no matter how independent or self-reliant you are, you no longer should make decisions without thinking about how they will affect your partner first. You have someone else to consider in your plans.

For some people, marriage could be a negative life-changing experience. For instance, if they discover some hidden negative qualities of their spouse, such as being abusive, having  bad money habits , being a glutton, chronic cheating, being lazy, having a tendency to hold grudges, being  a bad parent , being envious of your success, etc.

  • Having a baby

Whether you are married or not, in your teens or older, having a baby is one of the most life-changing experiences. For most people, especially married couples, a baby is a reason to celebrate and it often strengthens the relationship.

Your life may change now that there are more people to love, take care of, and consider when making decisions and plans, but for the most part, having a baby while married is just one of the expected natural progressions of the relationship.

For many teenage moms and other unprepared mothers, having a baby can change your life completely, sometimes negatively. It could result in you having to drop out of school, being disowned by your parents, getting married early, resenting your child for limiting you, having to start working early, having increased stress levels, and missing out on things that other people your age are doing.

Even if one decides not to keep the baby and give it up for adoption, it would still be a life-changing decision for them and the child.

However, having a baby can still be a positive life-changing moment for some teenage parents and other people who get kids while not ready. It could motivate you to  get your life together , work harder at school or in the workplace to be better, not be promiscuous, be more responsible, and change the kinds of people you hang out with.

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  • Achieving success

Becoming successful at a particular thing is an example of the most life-changing experiences people go through. It could be success involving gaining power such as in politics, achieving your goals at work, becoming rich like after winning the lottery, or being famous such as on social media.

Achieving success is a life-changing event because it enables you to change your lifestyle, motivates you to try even harder, introduces you to new kinds of people, raises your status in society, reduces anxiety and stress about finances, and also makes you start to think and act differently.

Success also changes the way other people treat you, from fans and receptionists to bank managers and more. It can open opportunities that were closed before.

For some people, success can be a life-changing experience that transforms them negatively. It may change their personality and behaviors. For instance, they could become arrogant and rude or they may develop bad habits they couldn’t afford to have while they had no money.

Success can also ruin your existing relationships, affect your privacy and anonymity, and expose you to more people with bad intentions , some who may even try to kill you for your money or due to envy.

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  • Listening to a motivational speaker

Hearing another person’s life story can be a life-changing experience, for example, listening to motivational speakers on TED and other similar talks.

You can learn from other people’s struggles and how they dealt with the obstacles that could have  kept them stuck , relate to these people’s experiences, and get the inspiration and motivation to change your life and outlook from the advice they give.

  • Death of a loved one

Loss of loved ones through death is an example of the negative life-changing experiences many of us must go through at some point. Besides the grief that may last forever, a lot of things could change about you and your life.

The death of a loved one can make you develop the ability to be self-reliant and more resilient. It can make you love and appreciate your remaining family and friends more.

Additionally, the loss of a loved one can help you know the people who truly care through the support they provide .

Death could also change your perspective as you realize how short and valuable life really is. If you lose too many loved ones, you may become desensitized to death as you begin to  accept death and dying  as a part of life.

  • The end of a relationship

Heartbreak is an example of the most life-changing experiences people go through. No matter if it was a breakup with someone you were dating or a divorce, these life-changing events can transform you in positive and negative ways, whether you are the one who initiated the ending of the relationship or not.

For instance, going through the pain of a breakup or divorce can result in a change in your way of thinking about relationships or a particular gender, make you feel lost and hopeless, fill you with  regrets , affect your sense of  self-worth , and may even alter your entire personality.

However, heartbreak doesn’t only change your life in negative ways. It can be a positive life-changing experience, especially if you were the one to initiate the end of the relationship.

Even while feeling the pain of the breakup, you may realize that you deserve better and feel motivated to reinvent yourself. Later, when you have moved on, you will confirm that  time really does heal all wounds , and you may meet the right person for you.

  • Loss of a job

Most people experience having to  cope with a job loss  at some point in their lifetime. Getting fired, being laid off, and resigning from a job are examples of the most life-changing experiences people go through.

Losing a job, especially when you have no plans for what to do next, can be a devastating experience. It could affect your sense of self, how you think about the future, as well as  your mental, emotional, and physical health .

However, losing a job can be the best thing to ever happen to you sometimes. It could make you discover your strengths and weaknesses, force you out of your comfort zone, and give you an opportunity to change your life.

Many people often discover what they are passionate about,  start businesses , and figure out their purpose after becoming unemployed; thus, job loss is not always a negative life-changing experience.

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  • Becoming ill

Learning you are ill is another example of the most life-changing experiences that many people go through, especially when it comes to terminal illnesses, chronic diseases, conditions that require surgery, and accidents.

You will always classify your life ‘before’ and ‘after’ the diagnosis or the life-changing event differently because nothing will ever be the same, even if you heal.

Falling ill can be a moment that changes your life significantly by inhibiting your ability to go about your everyday tasks, causing financial difficulties , forcing you to make healthy lifestyle choices, changing your body, and shifting your outlook toward life.

  • Near-death experiences

Besides life-threatening health conditions, there are many other near-death experiences you may have gone through, for example, a suicide attempt, an accident, an attempted murder, or a drug overdose.

Near-death experiences  are usually among the most life-changing events for many people who have ever been in such a situation.

Depending on what caused it, almost dying can make you gain a new sense of purpose, appreciate life more, be more careful,  adopt healthier habits , stop fearing death, and become more spiritual.

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  • Unhealthy relationships

Whether it is your relationship with your parents, siblings, friends, and people at work or the one with your romantic partner, toxic relationships are one of the most life-changing experiences.

Unhealthy relationships can change how you view yourself, other people, and the world in general. For instance, they could lower your self-esteem, stress you out, isolate you, reduce your trust in others and yourself, and even  affect your physical health .

Being in a toxic relationship may change your personality completely.

Getting out of an unhealthy relationship could be a life-changing event as well. The experience could make you better at recognizing red flags in potential future partners or other people in your life, and you may also start to love and value yourself more,  put yourself first , and set boundaries.

However, you may still have some PTSD  from the experience that could be easily triggered even long after the toxic relationship ended.

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  • Failures and mistakes

Things don’t always go the way you hope they will; you will make mistakes and experience failures on your life’s journey. These failures and mistakes can become examples of life-changing experiences that affected you positively or negatively.

For example, failures and  mistakes can be positive  life-changing events if you use them to learn lessons, gain the motivation to do better next time, and redefine your goals. They could also make you appreciate success a lot more because you know how it feels not to get the desired results.

However, some people may see mistakes and failures as negative life-changing experiences and give up while wallowing in self-pity and blaming themselves instead of finding  ways to bounce back .

In recent years, extreme tourism is growing in popularity as more people want to try adrenaline-pumping adventures, domestically and internationally. The adventures and misadventures are examples of the most life-changing experiences as they can affect you positively or negatively.

For instance, going on successful adventures can be a positive life-changing experience because they will  make your life exciting and interesting , improve your motivation, and boost your confidence . You will feel like you are limitless.

On the other hand, if something goes wrong during your adventures, for example, an equipment malfunction, an injury, a kidnapping, an accident, robbery, getting stranded in the worst places, or some other unfortunate occurrence, the experiences can become negative life-changing events.

You may not look back at your adventures fondly or want to do something like that ever again.

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Final Thoughts

From losing a job, starting a new one, doing things that scare you, and having kids, to loss of loved ones and traveling the world, there are many life-changing moments people experience, some so small you may not realize they had such a profound effect on you and your life.

Although there are many more examples of the most life-changing experiences people go through on their life’s journey, these are some of the common ones.

These moments, events, and experiences can change your life forever for better or worse by altering your perspective, behaviors, feelings, body, and relationships.

Remember that how the above examples of life-changing experiences affect you often depends on the way you choose to view your situation. A life-changing event can be negative but have positive effects on you, or it can be positive but have adverse consequences.

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essay about something that happened in your life

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The Moment that Changed Everything: Personal Experience

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Words: 520 |

Updated: 20 October, 2023

Words: 520 | Page: 1 | 3 min read

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The Moment that Changed Everything: Personal Experience Essay

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How To Write Narrative Essay About Something That Changed Your Life

Table of Contents

How to start

  • How to write body

How to conclude

It is common to come across life-changing experiences or encounters with a particular person that makes a significant impact on one’s life. People normally talk about these interesting things that play an integral part in their life and thus reserve a particular part of their memories for such occurrences. The revelations that a person makes may range from extraordinary events to the simple or rather common gestures that they hold very close to the heart owing to the impact on their lives. Life-threatening experiences that change a person’s perception of their life also form a part of the narrations one may come across in different conversations. An essay outlining the life-changing experiences is a narration from the first-person perspective and follows the general structure of narrative essays giving a detailed account of events.

Narrative essays provide a breakdown of events in a limited number of words with maximum attention given to the author’s ability to engage the reader in the story to avoid boredom. The student’s ability to gain the readers’ interest is a critical aspect to consider in essay writing. It is easy to tell or narrate a story, but writing a narrative essay that captures the reader’s attention is an entirely different story. Hence, putting down to paper the events as they unfolded and how they changed or affected a person’s life can prove to be quite a task. A narrative essay about something that changed your life is totally dependent on the author’s real experiences and their ability to successfully recollect how the transformative event or encounter occurred. It is usually not such an easy task because no research materials should be used as they are also irrelevant in this case. On a positive note, though, writing a narrative essay on something that changes one’s life is integral to the development of a student’s ability to express opinion and imagination.

A narrative essay on life-changing moments has become a common assignment to students in various learning institutions across a range of academic fields. It is, therefore, common to come across discussions on how to write a narrative essay about something that changed your life, a question or an aspect that students should acquaint themselves with before setting out to write down their unique encounters in life.

Like in any other essay, a narrative essay on something that changed your life should start with an introduction of between one and two paragraphs.

  • The first paragraph should contain the essay’s topic which functions to introduce the reader to the main body of the article.
  • The introductory paragraph should not be too long as it may lose its purpose of capturing the interest of the reader. A precise introduction serves to lead the reader to the life events that are expounded within the body of the essay and upon which the author also makes the final remarks.

How to write body paragraphs

The main body of the essay also demands the author’s attention to certain details that ensure efficient delivery when writing an essay about your life. When you want to write about an event that changed your life, the essay’s main body should follow the following structure .

  • First and foremost, the student must give the reader a glimpse of the situation at hand. The creative ability of the author plays a significant role in bringing out or stating the idea and giving thoughts to it or simply explaining it.
  • An essay on a life-changing moment requires some reasoning for the event, arguing out of why the situation is important to your life, among other different ways through which the author states the situation in the essay.
  • The main body of an essay on a life-changing moment may also take the form of a thesis statement. The author may choose a particular idea in the thesis statement, the main idea, and validate it with facts and or other multiple proofs. Some authors prefer stating the thesis at the beginning of their arguments in the essay, though there is no harm in either start before or after the said argument.  However, caution should be taken in the statement of arguments for the thesis lest you confuse the readers or fail to convince them.
  • It is important always to remember that capturing the attention of the audience and maintaining interest is vital in writing a narrative essay about something that changed your life. Life events to write about in such essays may include a breakup in a relationship, meeting someone special, divorce, or surviving a fatal accident among many others.

The conclusion of such essays, and like in many others, is usually a summation of all the main ideas outlined in the article on what or something that changed your life. The conclusions should be limited to the text that the author writes and not an observation from any other event-related or otherwise. The attention and interest of the readers should not be abused at this juncture, but rather pampered with a good summary that is easy to understand from reading the text. The reader’s interest maintenance is the distinguishing factor between a good storyteller in narrative essays and a boring one.

essay about something that happened in your life

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Great Examples to Describe Important Life Events

Table of Contents

There may be times when you’ll be asked to  describe a significant event in your life . It could be for a school writing assignment or a college application essay. But some life moments can be so precious and overwhelming that it’s difficult to put them into words. If you find yourself stuck on what to write, don’t worry. This article is here to help you out.

Today we’ll share some tips with you on how to describe important life experiences. We’ll also review some great examples that you can refer to. Let’s get into it!

What Life Events Can You Talk About?

There are so many life-changing moments that you can talk about in your essay. If you haven’t been given a topic, here are some event examples you can consider discussing:

  • Your first day at work
  • An event that you love celebrating (e.g., a birthday, Independence Day, Christmas, an anniversary)
  • The day you met the love of your life.
  • A happy or memorable family event. (Wedding of a sibling, death of a family member, family birthday party, parents’ wedding anniversary, buying a house)
  • The time you had an intense argument with a person
  • A fight you had with a close friend
  • The day of your graduation from high school or college.
  • A memorable childhood event (e.g., a special birthday, starting school, moving home, a special trip, the birth of a sibling)
  • When your first child was born

A set of old photographs of road trips and cute dog pets.

How Do You Describe a Significant Event in Your Life?

Answer the 5ws (what, who, when, where, why).

Before you start telling your story, it’s essential to get your facts in order. In order to do that, it can be helpful to answer the 5Ws:

  • What happened?
  • Who were the people involved?
  • When did it happen?
  • Where did it occur?
  • Why was the event special?

By answering these questions, you can better organize your thoughts and structure the narrative you want to tell in your essay or text.

Get into the details.

Describing an event is all about going into the details. You want to help readers to visualize it as clearly as possible . Do your best to remember details like what the place looked like, the weather, what people were wearing, the atmosphere, and so on.

Choose the right descriptive words.

Words can go a long way to evoke emotions that can lead to memories. Do your best to choose appropriate and powerful words to describe events in your content.

Use an online writing tool.

If you’re still stuck on how to describe your topic, you can always get the help of online writing tools. The INK Event Description Generator is one of the best tools you can use to provide vivid and well-thought-out descriptions. It’s powered by AI technology, and it can generate text for you in a matter of seconds. There’s even an option for you to pick the tone of writing. You should definitely give it a try!

Example 1: When I Got Into My Dream University

I still remember it like it was yesterday. My nerves were all over the place, my hands were sweating, and I felt my heart beating so fast. It was Friday, and the college admission results were scheduled to be posted. My sister and I sat on the sofa, constantly refreshing the web page. She kept encouraging me every second, smiling with love on her face. My anxiety was not calming down any time soon.

Finally, my name popped on the page. A feeling of relief and tremendous joy washed over me. We were jumping up and down the coach, screaming like little girls. It was a life-changing moment I will never forget. That was the day I got one step close to my dreams and studying the course I wanted.

Example 2: Wedding of My Little Sister

It was three years ago when I saw my little sister walking down the aisle. The church was filled with daisies, her favorite flower. My mom sat beside me, and she couldn’t stop crying.

The church doors opened, and she walked through wearing the most beautiful white dress with a trail as long as the day. I couldn’t help but shed a river of tears when I saw her walk in. My little sister has always been my best friend, my partner in crime. And seeing her all grown up and ready to start her own family made my heart melt. I felt joyful and sad at the same time. But I knew she was embarking on her new journey, and my only wish was that she lived a long and happy life. 

Example 3: A camping trip with the family

My family and I first began going on camping trips when I was five years old. We would usually do it over the summer. My favorite part about camping was building a fire and roasting marshmallows. My dad once made french fries on the fire in a frying pan. It was so cool! I remember the feeling of being surrounded by my family and the smell of roasting hot fries on the fire. Every night before bed, I would lie awake and stare up at the stars. Those were simpler times. Now I’m 21, and I miss those days so much. I would often come to our old camping spot just to reminisce. I will forever hold those fun camping memories close to my heart.

To describe a significant event in your life, you need to take a trip down memory lane. Think about as many details as you can about a particular memory. It needs to be descriptive and interesting . This is no easy feat, so take your time and think of that moment in detail.

Great Examples to Describe Important Life Events

Abir Ghenaiet

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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An Embarrassing Moment in My Life Essay

February 21, 2018 by Study Mentor 1 Comment

Everyone faces some or the other type of embarrassment in their lives. While some are easy to digest, some that hit your mind hard every time.

When you are idle and not doing any work, you may be reminded of it. If you happened to meet the person who was in the situation when you felt embarrassed, you would get the same feeling again.

I also have experienced these sorts of embarrassing moments.

Actually, embarrassing moments could be easily recalled, it may even bring a smile on your face at times.

We wouldn’t expect ourselves to be part of embarrassing situations. When we are put under such situations, we really don’t know how to find a way out.

Though there are many embarrassing moments in my life I could only share a few of them below.

My first most embarrassing moment was when I was 10 years old, one day I was playing with my friends and I had an urge to attend to nature’s call. I steadily ignored my body’s warning signs.

I continued playing with my friends. In the meantime, everyone gathered in a group near a motor cycle (bike). On the pillion seat of the bike there is a provision of a tucked net.

It is generally used for holding some stuff.  I started playing with it pretending to be holding it ,stretching it, etc. All of a sudden, the owner of bike came from nowhere.

All my friends started running and I was standing there all alone. He held my hands tightly and started scolding me for what I was doing with his bike.

He started blaming me for playing with his possession. He inquired why I was scratching his bike’s seat with my nail. As I was playing with the net, I clarified my stand.

Surely enough, I was unable to speak anything more to save myself.  I got scared and then I peed then and there. All were looking at me.

The uncle released my hand and I ran towards my house crying loudly. My grandmother asked me worriedly.

I answered her that I fell into a puddle of muddy water. I asked her to give me clothes to change. That night was very hard indeed!

This experience may create a laughing sensation with readers. To me, it was very shameful, given I was a ten year old girl at that time!

The second experience was when I was in my high school. I was a student of biology. Everyone at class used to call me a doctor. This was quite a good thing for me.

It made me happy that everyone was calling me a doctor. One fine day I was getting down the stairs from my biology class. Normally, I used to jump on the stairs routinely.

On that day too, I repeated the same act. Some of the well known boys of our school were standing there. As I jumped, I lost my control and got smashed on the floor.

I fell down from 5th stair and hit the ground floor. Everyone out there just started laughing at me. Some came to help me.

To avoid any further embarrassment, I too started laughing. Later when I came home, I felt so humiliated that I didn’t attend school for 2 days.

The third experience was due to my overconfidence. I unnecessarily caught everyone’s attention for all the wrong reasons.

Last year my uncle bought me a new bike – Activa (Scooty). After taking riding lessons, I was very excited to ride my scooty. When my students left for home, I took the keys and went down to start the bike.

Half way through, I saw one of my students standing.  I began flaunting my new scooty. He greeted me and soon after that, I lost control over my scooty. Instead of applying brakes, I accelerated it and got hit with a washer man.

By god’s grace I just hit his chair and not him. There was no big loss to him. My scooty got damaged and I got hurt badly. That day, I got embarrassed in front of my students.

My fourth embarrassing experience till date is a very sad moment. Our 11th class had just begun.  I had also joined a coaching centre.

I had a lot of friends there too! One fine day, a guy approached me seeking good friendship with me. I smartly agreed.

Slowly we started talking. We chatted for long hours over phone, late night chats became common. At the coaching class too, our talks grew and I totally fell for him.

One day I proposed to him. In response, he said he needs some time to think over. He assured to maintain confidentiality of the matter.

I trusted him blindly. To my fate, the next day when I arrived at the institute, all his friends were smiling at me fishily. I tried to ignore them. After a few days I was in for a bigger shock.

I saw one of my friends holding his hands and learnt that they were actually in a relationship, I felt so unwanted and upset. I called him. I pleaded with him for keeping me in darkness.

Without speaking any further, I cut the call abruptly. Then he called me again and apologized. I accepted his apology. I trusted him not to tell anyone about my proposal but that wasn’t true.

His girlfriend asked me if I had ever proposed to her guy, to which I said a yes and left the scene. After a few days I came to know that he had spilled the beans right from the first day among all his friends.

This incident happened around 2 years ago. Now I have moved on and leading a happy life.

And the last embarrassing moment in my life was the last day of school. As Diwali vacations were going to start, I brought some crackers from home.

I wished to light them in school. The school authorities weren’t going to agree to this. So, I quietly went upstairs and lit one of the crackers.

I was caught red handed by one of my teachers. She scolded me in front of the whole class. She said it was not expected from me. That day luck wasn’t in my favor and I really felt bad and embarrassed.

Some embarrassing moments are lessons to us. We shouldn’t worry what people think about us.

We should move on from bad situations. One bad incident cannot erase our entire life. Every person comes into your life as a lesson.

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January 8, 2021 at 7:31 pm

I like the stories. Yhe only issue is that they have laughed at you for, in my opinion, no reason. I must say that I wouldn’t have laughed if I was there. Well, no one knows how I could have reacted, especially as a 15 year old, but still you have my support!

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