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185 Social Work Dissertation Topics: Creative List

185 Social Work Dissertation Topics

If you are a student of social work, then there are so many subjects that you can write about in your dissertation topic. Social work, in simple terms, is a set of functions that allow you to improve the lives of others. Social workers help adults and children cope with everyday issues, relationship troubles, personal issues and family issues. Given the scope of work of a social worker, finding the right social work dissertation topics can be challenging as there are so many pressing issues to cover.

In order to write a good paper and choose a topic that interests you, here are a few things that you should consider:

Choose a topic that is close to your heart : If you have chosen social work as your field of study, then there must be some area of work that intrigues you. This could be related to child care, women’s rights or health. To write a good paper, choose a subject that is of interest to you and will help you in your line of work going forward. Make sure your topic is supported by data : Choose topics that have enough data to present strong arguments and discussions. The paper should be thought provoking : Once you have got an approval on your proposed social work dissertation topics, use as much information that is relatable. The readers should take back some ideas from your paper and also have questions about how the system can be improved to fulfill the purpose of social work. This means that you need to find loopholes in the system and address them in your paper effectively.

Now that you know what a good social work dissertation paper entails, here is a list of topics to help you start your journey. However if you have more interesting things to do, remember you have an opportunity to buy dissertation and get the best result.

Social Work Dissertation Ideas

These are good dissertation topics for social work students at all academic levels:

  • Write an in-depth paper on the perception and attitude of oppression between the community and healthcare professionals.
  • Write about the inherent perceptions related to social work among different cultures.
  • A comprehensive review of different approaches to strengthen users of social services.
  • The role of social workers in end-of-life decisions.
  • Is evidence based learning an excellent way of learning for social workers?
  • What are your views on the law of reflection and its role in social work?
  • What are the challenges faced by social workers with respect to inter-professional practices?
  • Is tutoring an integral part of social work training? Write your views.
  • Social work and government policies: Write a detailed review.
  • How social work interventions can protect vulnerable adults.
  • The common security issues faced by personal social workers.
  • Transitioning from employment to social work: Challenges and advantages.
  • Substance abuse among young adults. The role of social workers in prevention and management.
  • A review on why women choose to remain in abusive relationships.
  • The contribution of social services in helping families cope with a member with dementia.
  • The relationship between social work and communities of faith.
  • The role of social workers in promoting ethnic minorities.
  • The best ways in which social workers can improve the life of the elderly.
  • Does social work impact the quality of life of senior citizens?
  • Disparities in the society that can be resolved to improve the lives of ethnic minorities.
  • The importance of being gender sensitive in addressing the issues faced by the LGBTQ community.
  • Is rehabilitation of young offenders the new way of ensuring restorative justice?
  • Laws that allow the representation of marginalized societies in the government.
  • Can prohibition of alcohol preserve law and order in a community?
  • The role of drug addiction in increasing relationship problems within families.
  • The primary factors contributing to juvenile delinquency.
  • Does imposing a curfew on minors lead to increased chances of premarital sex?
  • The role of the media in determining the electoral process of any country.
  • Provide great examples of good governance with respect to the recovery of a city or locality after being affected by a natural calamity.
  • Provide a social work perspective on the growing popularity of political figures and icons.
  • How does education contribute to the ability of leaders to shape the social and political structure of a country?
  • Can reactivating the death penalty change the rate of crime in our society?
  • Do individuals who are in illicit relationships perceive the norms of a marriage differently?
  • Experiences with healthcare of people who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
  • Culture-based activism and its impact on the lives of Native Americans.

Easy Social Work Research Topics

These social work research topics cover a range of relatable and controversial subjects for you to write about.

  • How can survivors of domestic violence get better employment opportunities?
  • A study of women with sexual addiction.
  • Reintegration of individuals who have survived abuse into the society.
  • The primary causes and the best ways to prevent juveni;e recidivism.
  • Examples of great women leaders in our community.
  • Should immigrants be given health services?
  • What are the best housing options to support young people?
  • Medical care for the elderly: The challenges.
  • A detailed study of the relationships of HIV positive individuals.
  • Is customer satisfaction the most important goal for a business?
  • The barriers in social work with respect to climate change.
  • The experience of a home care worker in a caring relationship.
  • Are voluntary tourism communities in Chile an example of social development?
  • Why do we still hesitate to talk about sex?
  • How does organizational culture contribute to marginalism?
  • The role of leadership practices in eliminating new forms of marginalism.
  • Graduate students and the attitude towards couples therapy.
  • Review the employment services for domestic violence survivors in your region/ country.
  • Evaluate eviction risks based on social and cultural perceptions.
  • Write about the experiences of women who are in a relationship with an individual who is sexually addicted.
  • Provide a qualitative study of resilience and risk associated with young people.
  • How does health affect the employment of refugee and immigrant women?
  • Does encouraging traveling among women promote community leadership?
  • Humanities and the relationship with citizenship.
  • The perspectives of youth and service providers on the impact of housing options for young adults.
  • The role of arts in boosting healing processes.
  • How has dance impacted society?
  • How to improve medical facilities in rural areas?
  • The experiences of rural individuals with social workers.
  • How do the concepts of our society affect the lives of individuals with HIV and AIDs?
  • Improving care for individuals with HIV and AIDS.
  • Explore the nature of collaboration between individuals who suffer from poverty and various organizations in regions that are at a high economic and social risk.
  • The importance of sexual health education for immigrant women.
  • The social risks of gender identity.
  • How can the theory of dynamic systems be applied to countries that are in a war situation?

Child Protection Dissertation Ideas

Here are some good dissertation topics for social work students who are interested in childcare services:

  • The impact of agencies in protecting children: Provide a review of literature based on real practices.
  • Will children who experience or witness abuse and violence within the family perpetuate the same type of behavior?
  • Impact of family support and protection in child protection intervention by social workers.
  • The health problems of adults who have survived child sexual abuse.
  • The contribution of social workers in carrying out effective interventions for survivors of child sexual abuse.
  • Factors that contribute to adopted children seeking out their biological parents.
  • The impact of domestic violence on children and the resulting consequences for a social worker.
  • Review the educational achievements with respect to childcare in your region.
  • Review of literature of education and childcare in California and what the world can learn from it.
  • The effect of gambling on the lives of children.
  • The common factors that affect the socio-economic requirements of children.
  • How can social workers aid the emotional growth of children?
  • The impact of pornography in increasing the rate of crime and violence against chidlren.
  • The views of sexual abuse victims on pedophilia.
  • How do the physical changes during puberty affect the psyche of a child?
  • The risks associated with child welfare decisions.
  • How can education prevent violence against children?
  • An analysis of the maternal experiences of victims of child sexual abuse.
  • The experience of new social workers in child welfare.
  • Secondary traumatic stress between young counselors and children.
  • The best ways to protect a child in custody.
  • Support strategies to prevent child poverty in your country.
  • A study of resilience in individuals when building a strong future after emerging from a difficult childhood. Provide examples.
  • Immigrant families and adolescent development.
  • Is gender neutral upbringing overrated or is it the need of the hour?
  • How does the environment in the school impact the self esteem of children?
  • A case study to review the challenges of children with learning disabilities.
  • The benefits of studying child development in improving the contributions of social services.
  • The reason for the ignorance of child development for several years in history.
  • Write a detailed paper on the formation of ego with respect to different stages of development.
  • The effect of an absent parent on the developing years of a child.
  • How does domestic violence affect the concept of self in a child?
  • Child education and the impact of single parenting.
  • Factors that contribute to the retention of employees in childcare.
  • The causes and best strategies for the protection of runaway children.
  • The role of gender differences in shaping the outlook of children.
  • Why is play an important educational tool?
  • The best policies to promote the rights of children.
  • Factors that influence the quality of food in child care centers.
  • The risk factors and effects of bullying.
  • The best ways to reduce behavioral issues in children in foster care.
  • The relationship between disability and the chances of a child ending up in foster care.
  • The lack of child support and the effects on child care.
  • How does group therapy help children in foster care?
  • The impact of constant changes of family in orphaned toddlers.
  • How does homelessness impact the psyche of a child?
  • Recurring displacement and the effects on homeless children.
  • Factors that contribute to an antisocial lifestyle in children in foster care.
  • The effects of substance abuse on the lives of children.
  • The trauma of child-parent separation on the lifestyle and health of children.

Social Work Dissertation Topics Mental Health

Mental health contributes to some of the most important dissertation topics for social work students.

  • Why do individuals with obsessive compulsive disorders struggle to cope with society?
  • The effects of living with bipolar parents on the health and lifestyle of a child.
  • Why should we socially interrogate the stigma associated with mental health?
  • The role of social workers in improving support for individuals with mental health issues.
  • The occurrence of suicidal tendencies in military units and the best ways to address them.
  • The impact of death on the collective well-being of any family unit.
  • The positive impact of sponsors on the lives of recovering addicts.
  • Provide a clinical study on the current anti-depressants and their effectiveness.
  • How to stop social elimination of children suffering from Down Syndrome.
  • The role of a family in exacerbating depression.
  • The impact of alcoholism on personal lifestyle, family and society.
  • Provide a detailed analysis of the similarities and differences between ADHD and Dyslexia.
  • The best ways to improve awareness on degenerative mental health issues like Dementia.
  • The need for more awareness among educators about learning disabilities.
  • The most effective learning tools for children who suffer from ADHD, dyslexia and other learning disorders.
  • A detailed evaluation of socio-sexual education programs for individuals with developmental disorders.
  • Evaluation on the impact of developmental disabilities in the life events of an individual.
  • Life with a spouse who has memory loss.
  • Provide an exploratory study of different aids available to the primary caregivers of children with autism.
  • The meaning of well-being based on the cultural and ethic backgrounds of individuals.
  • Building resilience towards traumatic incidents using the mind-body connection of yoga.
  • Is the stigma against mental health disorders greater for women? Conduct a comparative study.
  • The perspectives of a woman living with mental illness and receiving assistance from community services.
  • Investigate how smoking gives individuals with depression a sense of belonging or acceptance.
  • Are mental health services equally accessible to minorities and other oppressed groups?
  • Do mental health service providers avoid detention of young males in their psychiatric units?
  • The relationship between government policies and effective mental health assistance.
  • Common behavioral issues of children in dysfunctional families.
  • The impact of foster care on the mental health of teenagers.
  • The effect of poverty and scarcity on the psyche of young children.

Social Work Masters Dissertation Topics

If you are writing a dissertation paper for your master’s degree, here are some interesting topics for you to choose from:

  • How is the lifestyle of a metropolitan city failed by the criminal justice system?
  • What are some sure shot signs of trauma in the workplace?
  • The effects of racial disparity on our society.
  • The best ways to control substance abuse and addiction.
  • How can the facilities at nursing homes for the elderly be improved?
  • The negative impact of food banks.
  • Government policies that have improved welfare conditions.
  • The impact of homophobia on our community.
  • Primary factors contributing to violence in a family.
  • The effects of unemployment on society.
  • Stigma and social issues faced by welfare mothers.
  • Experiences of women who live in shelter homes.
  • The inherent challenges of transracial adoption.
  • How to make wellness therapy more sustainable?
  • The impact of first-time menstrual experience on teenage girls living in foster homes.

Common Dissertation Topics For Social Work Students

If you wish to get top grades, here are some topics that give you a lot of literature and data to review.

  • Birth control laws and their negative impact.
  • The challenges of increasing housing costs on the youth.
  • Workplace abuse and the relationship with paid labor.
  • The impact of cultural belief on relationships.
  • The negative impact of teenage pregnancy.
  • Low income neighborhoods and the increasing cases of substance abuse.
  • The hazards of confinement and why they need our attention.
  • The need for therapy of poorly represented groups.
  • Misdiagnosis of mental health issues and its impact.
  • How can empathy improve social services?
  • The need for qualitative examination of foster homes.
  • The contributing factors for violence in correctional systems.
  • Do therapists need therapy?
  • How trafficking impacts societal well-being.
  • The reasons for unreported abuse cases.
  • The hidden trauma of survivors of natural calamities.
  • Traumatic experiences of children in foster homes. A clinical study with measures to prevent them.
  • Growing in a war zone and the psychological impact.
  • Common myths about child services and foster care.
  • Is there a disability disparity among social workers?

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Social Work Dissertation Topics (25 Examples) For Research

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If you are planning to make a career in the field of social work, you need to take a cognitive approach to improve the lives of many people. Your social work dissertation would be an important part of your degree program. You need to choose the right social work dissertation topics considering your area of […]

social work dissertation topics

If you are planning to make a career in the field of social work, you need to take a cognitive approach to improve the lives of many people. Your social work dissertation would be an important part of your degree program. You need to choose the right social work dissertation topics considering your area of interest.

We offer a list of social work dissertation topics providing suggestions on research topics on social work and project topic on social work. So, if you are stuck in choosing social work dissertation topics and project topics on social work, you can take our help. We not only help in topic selection but also offer writing services.

List of Social work dissertation topics

The role of social workers in the evolution of children raised in violent families.

Studying the impact of social work on the mental health of visually impaired people.

The importance of social work for domestic violence in slum areas.

The role of social workers in rescuing procedures of earthquake victims.

The risks involved in the areas of an epidemic for social work professionals.

Evaluating the legal rights of families of social workers working in susceptible areas – case of the UK.

Investigating the role of social work in the mainstream development of low-income groups.

The significant problems associated with dealing with children related to the victims of kidnapping.

How social workers can help in bringing positive changes and developments in society?

How social workers highlight the problems of society and contribute to developing solutions to reduce problems?

Impact of technology on mass communication and how it reaches the public.

What are the main reasons behind homelessness in the UK?

Are there any connections between race and the occurrence of child abuse in families?

Exploring the relationship between social work and social problems studying systems theory and constructionism.

The relationship between sociology, social work, and social problems.

Analysing the knowledge of social conditions and social problems.

How social work is contributing to solving social problems in underdeveloped countries?

The strategies that can be used by social workers to volunteer for helping elderly people?

Helping stray animals can help in creating a better place to live in – A qualitative analysis.

A literature review on how social work has a positive impact on society and communities.

Can social workers convince people to act responsibly and ethically?

Exploring the future of the newspaper based on qualitative analysis.

Values, dilemmas and political controversies faced by the professional social workers.

Analysing the societal challenges that affect the role of social workers.

Critique the social work profession’s response to social problems.

Discussing the cases of how the donations are used unethically and inappropriately.

Importance of a journalist’s integrity while reporting.

The importance of transparency and accountability in the field of social work.

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206 Interesting Social Work Research Topics You Should Consider

social work research topics

Many students struggle to find suitable social work research topics. This field has many subjects that learners can explore in their dissertations. The simplest social work definition describes it as a set of functions that enable you to improve other people’s lives. A social worker helps children and adults cope with daily issues, personal issues, family issues, and relationship troubles.

Considering the scope of this field, selecting an ideal social work research topic can be challenging. Learners have many pressing issues that they can cover in their papers. Nevertheless, choosing an interesting topic is essential in writing a winning dissertation.

Social Work Research Paper Outline

Once you’ve chosen a topic for your social work dissertation or research paper, the next step is to outline it. Your outline should highlight the components of your work, incorporating the argument. Also, identify your stance on an issue, tying up the other parts of the paper because it will enable you to create a thesis statement. Here are the key sections to highlight in your outline.

Introduction: The intro should present your study’s background while providing relevant details of the problem. Use a strong opening phrase to grab your readers’ attention and engage them so they can read the rest of the paper. The introduction should present your study’s context, formulate its primary goal, and end with an effective thesis statement. Main body: This section should feature the main arguments. It highly depends on your research type and the methods you use. It may include a literature review analyzing other scholars’ findings and identifying gaps in previous studies. Also, this section explains the methods you use in your research, results, and discussions. Conclusion: The conclusion should summarize the findings and wrap up the dissertation. You can restate your thesis statement to remind readers about your position on the issue and your goal. The best approach is to reward the thesis statement persuasively while encouraging readers to think about the problem. Also, you can recommend further research explaining why the topic is worth exploring.

After drafting an outline, you can proceed to research and write your social work paper. Edit and proofread the work or seek professional assistance to ensure its quality.

General Social Work Research Topics Ideas

Maybe you want to write a thesis on general topics in this study field. In that case, here are ideas you can explore in your paper.

  • How substance abuse influence parenting
  • Teenager adoption- Happiness and hardships that come with it
  • How to address the inclination to commit suicide
  • Should society question the stigma surrounding mental sickness?
  • Foster homes and group therapy- Is it effective?
  • How does the lack of child support affect childcare
  • Investigating autistic children and social displacement
  • How does clinical depression affect adolescent children
  • How does continuous mobility influence orphan toddlers
  • Analyzing the stigma surrounding depression
  • How to manage intrinsic PTSD for medical veterans
  • Exploring the stigma surrounding disability
  • How homelessness influences a person’s psychology
  • How does displacement influence aggressiveness among street children
  • How the works of several agencies affect child protection
  • Exploring perceptions and attitudes of oppression between the community and health professionals
  • Addressing cultural perspectives- Transiting to social work
  • The social worker’s role in deciding to end life
  • Lifelong learning model- Exploring evidence-based practices
  • The reflection law- a learning model or self-indulgence in social work

These are general ideas worth exploring in your social work dissertation. Nevertheless, please select any of these titles when confident you will be comfortable working on them.

Common Social Worker Research Topics

Maybe you’re searching for something your readers can quickly identify with when reading your paper. If so, this section lists some of the best ideas to investigate in your social work thesis.

  • How to create dyslexia patients’ awareness
  • Analyzing similarities and differences between ADHD and dyslexia
  • How alcoholism affects personal, family, and social lifestyle
  • How a family can exacerbate depression
  • Why academic and social integration matter for kids suffering from down syndrome
  • Investigating the social exclusion of kids with down syndrome
  • The effectiveness of anti-depressants- A clinical study
  • How alcoholism affects a person’s psyche
  • The positive impact of sponsors on recovering addicts’ lives
  • Investigating family support and its effects on alcohol recovery
  • Why group therapy matters for foster home children
  • How clinical depression affects teenage girls
  • How the lack of support affects child care in America
  • How ADHD affects foster home children
  • How mental illness misdiagnosis affects people
  • How to address suicidal tendencies in military units
  • Why social interrogation matters when dealing with stigma surrounding mental illness
  • How parents’ bipolar affects their children’s lives and parenting
  • Is childhood displacement the cause of antisocial lifestyle among foster children?
  • The joys and struggles of teenagers’ adoption
  • Investigating the undisclosed rape violence cases among military women- How it affects their service and lives
  • How substance abuse affects parenting
  • Child-parent separation- Investigating the stigma it brings
  • Positive impacts of divorce on children’s lifestyle and health
  • Addressing substance abuse issues among teenagers
  • How death affects a family’s well-being
  • Family support study- Is it a viable option for alcohol recovery?

Most people will identify with these topics because they touch on issues with which they are familiar. However, investigate the matter you select carefully to develop a winning dissertation.

Exciting Social Work Research Questions

Maybe you want to answer a question in your thesis paper. If so, consider any of these questions as a topic for your essay.

  • How can you support an adult living with a disability?
  • What are the social and psychological impacts of student loans?
  • What are the psychological, physical, and emotional effects of incarceration of pregnant mothers?
  • What challenges do minority children face in foster homes?
  • Transformative change- Can police brutality enhance it?
  • How can society deal with the rising obesity in America?
  • How can we support bipolar patients?
  • What are the effects of incarcerated individuals’ entry into the community?
  • What is the percentage of incarcerated adults among minority groups?
  • Does substance misuse increase alcoholism cases?
  • How does community violence affect LGBT lives?
  • What is the difference between Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2?
  • Can trauma inform children’s education in foster homes?
  • Can protesting police brutality promote transformative change?
  • Does divorce affect all children’s psyches negatively?
  • Does foster homes’ trauma cause kids’ disappearance from the facility?
  • Can implementing learning curriculums with a positive impact on dyslexic students enhance academics?
  • Does trauma-informed learning reflect parenting?
  • Do food and house security affect foster children throughout their lives?
  • Has the criminal justice system failed social lifestyle in America?
  • What are the primary workplace trauma signs?
  • How can society address workplace violence?
  • How do scarcity and poverty affect young children’s psychology?
  • How can you identify depression in a teenager?
  • Has the American healthcare system failed minority groups?
  • What are the risks of kids-parent separation?
  • What are the impacts of living with dyslexia?
  • Is depression a mental disorder?
  • What are the effects of racial disparity?

Any of these questions can be an excellent title for your dissertation. Nevertheless, consult various information sources to write a high-quality paper.

Human Services Research Paper Topics

Human services is a part of the social work field dealing with issues related to human services, factors affecting them, and how to address the challenges. Here are ideas to consider in this category.

  • How to address panic, anxiety, and depression in young children
  • The psychological impact of human trafficking on victims
  • Psychological effects of child trafficking
  • Similarities between adult incarceration and juvenile delinquency
  • How unemployment affects people
  • Factors that increase depression cases among the youth
  • Police system- Defunded, reformed, or abolished?
  • How the carceral system in America affects minority and low-income homes
  • Social integration of dyslexic and down syndrome patients
  • Effective ways to enhance welfare conditions
  • Food banks and their adverse psychological effects
  • The benefits of food banks on American lives
  • The impact of home violence on children
  • The result of high school bullying
  • Why welfare workers need support groups and therapy
  • How to enhance love in foster homes
  • Resilience practice among social workers
  • Juvenile delinquency impacts in America
  • The shortcomings of America’s carceral system
  • How to address the homophobia issue in the U.S
  • How homophobia affects LGBT+ adults
  • What causes family violence?
  • How to address spousal violence
  • How family cruelty affects lives
  • Undiagnosed bipolar cases and their effects
  • Impacts of misdiagnosed mental illnesses
  • How to enhance LGBTQ+ kids’ support systems
  • The result of home insecurity on the homeless
  • How to bridge the gap between community members and formerly incarcerated individuals
  • Incarceration- Abolished or reformed?

These human services topics are worth investigating in a research paper. However, take the time to research your chosen title to write an exciting piece.

Controversial Topics In Social Work

Some social work essay topics are controversial. Some people find these titles controversial because they provoke public interest. Here are some of them.

  • Flood and hurricane survivors and their hidden trauma
  • How hurricanes affect low-income neighborhoods
  • Trafficking- How it affects a society’s social well-being
  • Unreported abuse cases in homes and how they promote violence
  • Social, health, and psychological implications of the abortion ban for rape victims
  • Why the community should enhance awareness of AIDS stigmatization
  • Therapy continuous cycle- Why a therapist requires therapy
  • The unnoticed and hidden trauma among therapists and counselors
  • How court-sanctioned confinement promotes mental illness instead of facilitating correlation
  • How to address violence- Is it a social problem in the correctional system?
  • Sexual health education- Is it vital for incarcerated women?
  • How social media affects a person’s mental health and well-being
  • The effectiveness of different types of therapy for treating mental health disorders.
  • The prevalence of Eating Disorders in developed countries.
  • The role of family dynamics in the development and treatment of Eating Disorders.
  • How do different cultures view mental health and mental illness?
  • Is there a link between creativity and mental illness?
  • Does psychiatric medication use lead to higher recovery rates from mental illness?
  • What are the most effective interventions for helping people with substance abuse problems?
  • How to deal with grief and loss?
  • How can we better support people with chronic physical health conditions?
  • Drug abuse- Is it increasing in low-income neighborhoods?
  • The negative impacts of incarceration on the imprisoned people’s psychological well-being
  • Reasons to investigate confinement and its dangers
  • Ways to help addicts facing high drug vulnerability
  • How cognitive-behavioral therapy enhances the relationship between social workers and their situations or environments
  • The health benefits of hypnosis on individuals
  • Why treatment is essential for less represented groups
  • Distinguishing undiagnosed depression and clinical depression
  • A qualitative investigation of dyslexia among adolescents
  • How empathy can enhance the social work sector
  • Why qualitative examination of foster homes for peace and child safety matters

These are controversial topics to consider in this academic field. Prepare to take a stance and defend it if you pick any of these social work project ideas.

Social Work Topics For Presentation

Maybe you want to include a presentation in your paper. That’s because social work is a practical field requiring some displays. Consider the following titles for your essay if you want to include a presentation.

  • What are Stockholm syndrome and its effects?
  • How to understand syndrome victims better
  • How incest affects homes
  • Investigating sexually violated kids
  • Why free healthcare matters in foster homes and low-income neighborhoods
  • How adult incarceration and juvenile delinquency affect society
  • Juvenile delinquency and trauma
  • LGBTQ+ children trauma and adolescent transitioning
  • Foster kids and neglect-syndrome
  • Why diversity matters in the social work sector
  • Social workers- Understanding their trauma
  • Foster parenting- What are the positive impacts?
  • Do foster homes create a safe space?
  • Foster parents and their roles in preventing violence
  • Social workers and their role in preventing drug abuse
  • The effects of domestic violence
  • Psychological violence and its damages
  • How spirituality affects techniques in social works
  • Social works and their historical development
  • Social work and its importance in schools
  • Why teenagers’ therapy matters
  • Exploring the challenges facing social workers in the forensics sector
  • Investigating the struggles facing the minority groups
  • Studying abuse and violence in middle-class homes
  • Why finance matters in social works sustenance
  • The impact of compassion fatigue
  • Modern social workers and their challenges
  • Drug abuse and its effects on children
  • Why inclusivity matters in social works
  • Same-sex relationships- Why they matter to a social worker
  • Why high schools need drug sensitization
  • Investigating depression stereotypes

Pick any of these ideas and use them to draft a paper that includes a presentation. Nevertheless, research your topic extensively to prepare a winning dissertation.

Interesting Social Work Topics

Some issues in social work draw more attention than others because they are unique. Here are such topics.

  • The impacts of pregnancy on teenage mothers
  • The increasing pressure and effects of social media on teenagers’ lives
  • How welfare systems relate to low-income neighborhoods
  • Why are rehabilitation centers are essential in America than carceral systems
  • How cultural beliefs and gender roles affect marriages
  • Low labor and its role in workplace abuse
  • How the increasing housing cost affects young millennials
  • The part of abortion bans on psychological issues
  • How birth control roles affect society negatively
  • How are teenagers, the general community, and school related?
  • Analyzing first-time menstrual experiences and their impact on teenage girls within foster homes
  • Wellness therapy and its sustainability
  • Investigating poverty prevalence in the American Deep South- How it prevents the growth
  • The implications of relationships on social workers’ interactions
  • The negative impact of conversion therapy on the LGBTQ+ community
  • How an inclusive and functional healthcare system enhances social growth
  • Shelter homes women- Investigating their life experiences
  • The prevalent racial disparity in food bank systems in America
  • Understanding social relegations and stigma of welfare mothers
  • Client-therapist relationship- Investigating psychiatric therapists and their work

These topics address relevant issues that society often neglects. Pick any idea in this category and explore it further through research and analysis.

Social Work Thesis Topics

Educators will ask you to write different papers when pursuing social work studies. A sociology thesis is among the documents you might write when pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. studies. Here are topics to consider for these papers.

  • Investigating expecting mothers’ postpartum depression
  • How interdependency differs from codependency among youth adults
  • Emotional unavailability in homes- Does it enhance codependency?
  • Codependency- Is it a displacement feature?
  • Foster kids and future attachment methods
  • Social work and disability disparity
  • Disability challenges facing the healthcare system
  • Compassion integration in social works
  • ADHD- What are the most common myths about it?
  • How emotionally immature parents affect their adult children psychologically
  • Drug addiction and treatment plans
  • Addressing challenges facing visually impaired students
  • Investigating foster homes and child abuse
  • The emotional impact of a transition into a nursing home
  • Exploring immigrant families and parenthood
  • The intricacies of child labor

These are exciting topics to consider for your social work thesis. Nevertheless, prepare adequate time and resources to investigate any of these titles to develop a paper that will earn you the best grade.

Get Professional Thesis Assistance

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Theses/projects/dissertations from 2024 2024.



Caregivers of Dialysis Patients , Alyssa Bousquet and Amelia Murillo




Homelessness In The Coachella Valley , Katrina Clarke





THE EFFECTIVNESS OF FEDERAL PELL GRANT PROGRAM , Maria Delcarmen Garcia Arias and Ashley Hernandez



Child Maltreatment Primary Prevention Methods in the U.S.: A Systematic Review of Recent Studies , Maria Godoy-Murillo

Assessing and Meeting the Needs of Homeless Populations , Mitchell Greenwald






Exploring the Experiences of Minority Former Foster Youths During and Post Care: A Qualitative Study , Caithlyn Snow



Theses/Projects/Dissertations from 2023 2023





Understanding Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work Practice , Arielle Arambula






Program Evaluation of Teen Parent Support Group , Brianne Yvonne Irene Brophy


Adverse Effects for Siblings Who Witness Child Abuse , Leslie Chaires



The Media and Eating Disorders , Diane Corey


The Investigation of Knowledge and Practice of Child Welfare Workers Providing Case Management to Children with Disabilities , Giselle Cruz

Examining The Relationship Between Technological Skills and Success In Higher Education Among Formerly Incarcerated Individuals , Ebony Cubias




RESILENCY AND FATHERLESS HOUSEHOLDS , Joshua Ellis-Kennedy and Crystal Angelica Orellana


Staff Turnover in Child Welfare , Maleena Flores




How Stigma Impacts the Utilization of Mental Health Services Among Young Adults' Within Three Different Ethnic Minority Communities , Ivette Garcia and Melissa E. Gomez















Indigenous Women and Traditional Paths to Healing , Lisa Mariano-Grise



EFFECTS OF CORPORAL PUNISHMENT ON PARENTS , David Martinez and Linda Saleh Borghol







Attitudes of Social Work Students on the Use of Psychedelics as a Mental Health Treatment in Clinical Settings , Amanda Nickles



Examining the Obstacles in Rehoming the Homeless with Substance Use Addiction , Denise Ortuno

Access to Gender-Affirming Care and Mental Health of Transgender Individuals , Paola Osuna Berumen






Preserving Placement for Children with Behavioral Issues: A Qualitative Study of Child Welfare Social Workers in the United States , Jessica Katelyn Quin and Tara Belle Beam

Does the use of Social Media Have an Impact on Young Adults Body Identification? , Glycell Robledo Felix and Ashley Olmedo






Incarceration Effects on Children and Families , Sharon Rose





Social Justice Theatre and the Impact on Theatre Artists , Stevie Taken

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80 Social Work Research Topics

FacebookXEmailWhatsAppRedditPinterestLinkedInAre you a student searching for captivating research topics in the field of social work? Look no further. Whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree, finding the right research topic is essential for a successful dissertation. Social work is a multidisciplinary field that addresses societal issues and promotes social change, making it an […]

social work research topics

Are you a student searching for captivating research topics in the field of social work? Look no further. Whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree, finding the right research topic is essential for a successful dissertation.

Social work is a multidisciplinary field that addresses societal issues and promotes social change, making it an excellent area to explore for your research. Our comprehensive list of social work research topics covers a wide range of areas, including mental health, child welfare, community development, social justice, and more.

By selecting a topic that aligns with your interests and career goals, you can contribute to the advancement of the field and make a positive impact on individuals and communities. Utilize available resources, such as research articles, case studies, and ethical guidelines, to support your study. With dedication and a passion for social work, your research can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need.

A List Of Potential Research Topics In Social Work:

  • What are the long-term effects of social isolation and loneliness on the well-being of older adults during and after the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Addressing the mental health needs of children and adolescents in foster care: Strategies for social work practice.
  • How has the shift to remote and virtual service delivery impacted the effectiveness of social work interventions?
  • Assessing the impact of social work interventions on improving outcomes for children in care in the UK.
  • The role of social work in promoting and supporting mental health among diverse communities in the UK.
  • The impact of social work research and evidence-based practice on improving service quality and outcomes in the UK.
  • Exploring the role of social work in promoting inclusive education and supporting students with special educational needs in the UK.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of social work interventions in supporting individuals with disabilities to live independently in the UK.
  • The impact of school-based social work programs on student academic success and well-being.
  • How has the pandemic affected the provision of social services to homeless populations, and what strategies can social workers employ to address homelessness?
  • How has the pandemic exacerbated existing health disparities and inequities, and what role can social work play in addressing these issues?
  • Exploring the effectiveness of early intervention programs in reducing child poverty and improving child well-being in the UK.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of social work interventions in addressing domestic violence and abuse in the UK.
  • Exploring the role of social workers in addressing homelessness and housing insecurity.
  • Examining the impact of social work interventions on improving outcomes for children in foster care.
  • How has the pandemic affected the prevalence and dynamics of domestic violence and child abuse, and how can social workers respond effectively?
  • The impact of digital technology on social work practice and service delivery in the UK.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of mentoring programs for at-risk youth in promoting positive outcomes.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of restorative justice practices in reducing recidivism rates among juvenile offenders.
  • The effectiveness of trauma-informed care in supporting survivors of domestic violence.
  • Addressing the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on long-term well-being: A social work perspective.
  • The impact of social work interventions on mental health outcomes in low-income communities.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of social work interventions in promoting rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders in the UK.
  • Exploring the role of social workers in supporting individuals with substance use disorders in recovery.
  • Evaluating the impact of school social work programs on student attendance and engagement.
  • The role of social workers in supporting older adults in aging-in-place and long-term care decision-making.
  • The role of social work in addressing poverty and income inequality in the UK.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of school-based bullying prevention programs in promoting safe learning environments.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of family preservation programs in preventing child removals.
  • Addressing racial disparities in the child welfare system: Strategies for social work practice.
  • Exploring the experiences of social workers in rural and underserved areas: Challenges and opportunities.
  • Exploring the experiences of social workers in crisis and disaster response.
  • Examining the impact of social work interventions on reducing child abuse and neglect.
  • The role of social workers in supporting individuals and families affected by addiction.
  • Exploring the experiences of social workers working in rural communities in the UK and the unique challenges they face.
  • The impact of social work interventions on reducing substance abuse among adolescents.
  • Exploring the role of social workers in supporting individuals with disabilities in transition to adulthood.
  • Exploring the role of social workers in promoting social justice and advocacy for marginalized communities.
  • What are the impacts of the pandemic on community organizing efforts and collective action for social change?
  • Examining the experiences of social workers in child protection services: Ethical dilemmas and decision-making.
  • Exploring the intersection of social work and technology: Opportunities and challenges.
  • Exploring the experiences of immigrant and refugee populations in accessing social services.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of restorative justice approaches in the criminal justice system in the UK and the role of social work in facilitating the process.
  • Evaluating the impact of community organizing efforts on social change and empowerment.
  • Examining the impact of social work interventions on reducing school dropout rates.
  • What are the impacts of school closures and remote learning on the well-being and educational outcomes of children and adolescents, and how can social workers support them?
  • How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted mental health outcomes and access to mental health services among vulnerable populations?
  • Addressing the mental health needs of frontline healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: A social work perspective.
  • Exploring the experiences of social workers working in child protection and safeguarding in the UK.
  • Examining the experiences of LGBTQ+ youth in the foster care system and strategies for improving support.
  • The experiences and challenges faced by social workers in addressing the needs of older adults in the UK.
  • Exploring the experiences of social workers in supporting individuals with chronic illnesses.
  • The impact of Brexit on the rights and well-being of migrant populations in the UK and the role of social work in advocating for their rights.
  • How has the pandemic affected access to healthcare services for marginalized populations, and how can social workers promote equitable healthcare access?
  • Addressing the mental health needs of veterans: Insights from social work practice.
  • The impact of austerity measures on social work practice and service delivery in the UK.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of community-based mental health services in reducing hospitalization rates.
  • The effectiveness of group therapy interventions in promoting mental health and well-being.
  • How has the pandemic affected access to food security and nutrition, and how can social workers address food insecurity in their communities?
  • How has the pandemic influenced the provision of services for individuals with disabilities, and what strategies can social workers employ to promote inclusivity?
  • What are the emerging challenges and opportunities for social work practice in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How has the pandemic affected social work practice with immigrant and refugee populations, and how can social workers address their unique needs?
  • Examining the impact of social work interventions on reducing recidivism rates among adult offenders.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of community-based programs in reducing elder abuse.
  • What are the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic for social work practice and preparedness in future crises?
  • The role of social workers in supporting individuals with disabilities in accessing employment and inclusive workplaces.
  • Addressing mental health stigma in culturally diverse communities: Strategies for social work practice.
  • The role of social work in addressing substance abuse and addiction issues in the UK.
  • Evaluating the impact of community-based interventions on reducing substance abuse and addiction.
  • What are the best practices for social workers in addressing the mental health needs of healthcare workers during and after the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • What are the emerging ethical considerations for social workers in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • How has the pandemic affected the prevalence and management of substance abuse and addiction, and what interventions are effective in supporting recovery?
  • Exploring the role of social workers in addressing human trafficking and modern slavery.
  • What are the unique challenges faced by social workers in providing telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Addressing the mental health needs of refugees and asylum seekers: Challenges and best practices.
  • Exploring the experiences of social workers in engaging with and supporting diverse religious and ethnic communities in the UK.
  • What are the impacts of the pandemic on child welfare services and foster care systems, and how can social workers ensure the safety and well-being of children?
  • What are the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health and well-being of frontline workers, such as social workers and healthcare professionals?
  • Exploring the experiences of social workers working with LGBTQ+ individuals and communities in the UK.
  • The role of social work in addressing homelessness and supporting individuals and families in accessing suitable housing in the UK.

In conclusion, we have presented a diverse range of social work research topics tailored for students at various degree levels who are searching for captivating ideas for their dissertation research. Social work plays a critical role in addressing societal challenges, promoting well-being, and advocating for social justice. Whether you are an undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral student, our comprehensive list of topics offers a wide array of research opportunities to explore current issues, examine interventions, and contribute to the advancement of the field.

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Social Work Dissertation Topics: 10+ Ideas To Get Started

Author Image

by  Antony W

May 9, 2023

Social Work Dissertation Topics

Your social work dissertation is an essential component of your degree program. You must select appropriate social work dissertation topics based on your area of interest if you wish to write a comprehensive research work that you can easily defend.

In this post, we provide a list of 20+ social work dissertation ideas with options for social work study topics and social work project subjects. Therefore, if you are having trouble selecting social work dissertation ideas and social work project topics, you may seek our assistance.

To enhance the lives of many individuals, you must adopt a cognitive approach if you intend to pursue a career in the field of social work. You can start by exploring an issue in this segment and have yourself assessment on how effective you’d be in the social work field.

Social Work Dissertation Help

Writing a social work dissertation isn’t as easy. The dissertation is a long assignment, often between 100 to 300 pages long, with multiple sections that you must address. Given the intensity of the research, the project can be quite a challenge and, at any given moment, it might feel excessively overwhelming.

Fortunately, you can get the writing help necessary to complete the task on time.

At Help for Assessment, we value helping students to achieve academic excellence in all assignments, and we can help you complete your dissertation through our dissertation writing service . Whether you’ve chosen a social dissertation topic that’s easy to explore or you’ve decided to focus on a more challenging area, our writers are here to help.

What is Social Work?

Social work is a practice-based field that fosters social change, development, community cohesiveness, and the empowerment of individuals and groups. Understanding human growth, behavior, and the social, economic, and cultural structures and relationships is essential to the practice of social work.

Professionals in social workers who deal with families and institutions have contributed to and advanced of unemployment benefits, human rights, reduced psychological health stigma, and disability worker’s compensation.

There are typically three levels of social work practice: micro, mezzo, and macro. At each level, social work experts supply target groups with somewhat varied services.

At the micro level, social workers provide one-on-one, family, and small-group services to individuals dealing with a variety of socioeconomic problems. These may include housing assistance, treatment for substance misuse, and mental health therapy.

Mezzo social workers work with groups of individuals, such as in schools, prisons, hospitals, and communities. They may deal with students facing academic difficulties, people dealing with drug addiction, or patients who are in hospitals for long-term care.

Social work at the macro level comprises policy formulation, research, and community-based activities. At this level of practice, social workers are more likely to focus on and assist in addressing bigger societal concerns such as homelessness, substance misuse, housing, and others.

Social Work Dissertation Topics: 20+ Ideas to Consider for Your Research

  • The reaction of the social work profession to societal concerns
  • Examining instances in which gifts are utilized unethically and unfairly
  • The function of social workers in earthquake victim rescue processes
  • Knowledge of social circumstances and social issues are analyzed
  • Social work practitioners’ exposure to the dangers posed by epidemic zones
  • A study on the positive effects of social work on society and communities
  • Significant issues that arise while dealing with kidnapping victims’ children
  • The significance of social work in slum regions for domestic violence
  • Using systems theory and constructivism to investigate the link between social work and societal issues
  • Evaluating the legal rights of the families of social workers in vulnerable locations – the United Kingdom
  • Examining the effect of social work on the mental health of blind individuals
  • Helping stray animals can contribute to the improvement of living conditions – a qualitative investigation.
  • What are the primary causes of homelessness in the United Kingdom?
  • Values, conundrums, and political difficulties encountered by social workers
  • How may social workers contribute to constructive societal changes and advancements?
  • The function of social work in the mainstream development of low-income groups
  • How is social work helping to the resolution of social issues in developing nations?
  • The significance of openness and responsibility in the field of social work
  • Analyzing the socioeconomic problems that impact social workers’ roles.
  • The influence of technology on mass communication and its dissemination to the public
  • Based on qualitative investigation, examine the future of the publication.
  • The function of social workers in the development of children from violent households
  • Can social workers persuade individuals to act responsibly and morally?
  • The connection among sociology, social work, and social issues
  • What measures may social workers employ to assist the elderly as volunteers?
  • How can social workers expose societal issues and help to the development of remedies to lessen them?
  • Exist any relationships between race and the incidence of child abuse within families

How to Social Work Dissertation Topics

Consideration of the following when looking for the best dissertation topic for your social work research:

Choose a topic supported by one or more studies by U.S. or international research teams with strong article-related citation metrics, often published in reputable peer-reviewed academic journals .

The social work dissertation topic you choose should be practical. Theoretical research is vital, but nothing outdoes practical knowledge and effective intervention tactics. However, this characteristic may also rely on other variables, so for students, for instance, theoretical topics are acceptable.

You can also choose a dissertation topic that defies preconceptions. If you think about it, people are drawn to issues that challenge their preconceived assumptions, so such topics naturally attract attention.

It’s important to make sure that the social work dissertation topic that you choose to work on corresponds to current trends.

We know that not everything that is current merits consideration. However, there is a rationale for the emergence of trends.

Moreover, there are sometimes substantial benefits to diving into a field/subject that was only recently founded.

We hope this guide was useful in helping you find the best social work dissertation topic to work on. If you’re having a difficult time with your assignment, or you don’t know where to begin with your research, take advantage of our writing service and let us help you get the work done on time.

About the author 

Antony W is a professional writer and coach at Help for Assessment. He spends countless hours every day researching and writing great content filled with expert advice on how to write engaging essays, research papers, and assignments.

Digital Commons @ University of South Florida

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Digital Commons @ USF > College of Behavioral and Community Sciences > Social Work > Theses and Dissertations

Social Work Theses and Dissertations

Theses/dissertations from 2018 2018.

Transition of Persons with Developmental Disabilities from Parental to Sibling Co-Residential Care: Effects on Sibling Caregiver Well-Being and Family Functioning , Richard Steven Glaesser

An Exploratory Study of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Communication among Haitian Mother–Daughter Dyads in West Central Florida , Stacy Eileen Kratz

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

An Exploration of the Relationship between Child Welfare Workers’ Ambivalent Sexism and Beliefs about Father Involvement , Katrina Lee Brewsaugh

Physical, Verbal, Relational and Cyber-Bullying and Victimization: Examining the Social and Emotional Adjustment of Participants , Melanie Mcvean

Understanding the Experience of Early-Onset Bipolar Disorder: A Phenomenological Study of Emerging Adults , Kristin M. Smyth

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

A Mixed Methods Inquiry of Caregivers of Veterans with Sustained Serious "Invisible" Injuries in Iraq and/or Afghanistan , Bina Ranjit Patel

Exploring the Relationship of Healthy Lifestyle Characteristics with Food Behaviors of Low-Income, Food Insecure Women in the United States (US) , Kimberly Ann Wollard

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

Development of the Professional School Social Work Survey: A Valid and Reliable Tool for Assessment and Planning , Catherine E. Randall

Clinical and Criminal Justice Outcomes in the Jail Diversion and Trauma Recovery (JDTR) Program , Daniel Harold Ringhoff

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Evidence-Based Practice Attitudes, Knowledge and Perceptions of Barriers Among Juvenile Justice Professionals , Esther Chao Mckee

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

The Efficacy of Aggression Replacement Training with Female Juvenile Offenders in a Residential Commitment Program , Jody Anne Erickson

Rural Communities: How Do Individuals Perceive Change When Industry Enters the Area? , Katherine Danielle Ferrari

The Baby Blues: Mothers' Experiences After Adoption , Brigette Barno Schupay

Use of Services by Female Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: In Their Own Words , Michele M. Scordato

Efforts to Engage Parents and Case Outcomes in the Child Welfare System , Patty Sharrock

Continuing Attachment Bonds to the Deceased: A Study of Bereaved Youth and Their Caregivers , Erica Hill Sirrine

Spiritual Life Review With Older Adults: Finding Meaning in Late Life Development , Alicia Margaret Stinson

Theses/Dissertations from 2011 2011

Children Who Die of Abuse: An Examination of the Effects of Perpetrator Characteristics on Fatal Versus Non-Fatal Child Abuse , Donald L. Dixon

The Mediating Role of Social Support and Fulfillment of Spiritual Needs in End of Life Care , Kimberley A. Gryglewicz

Theses/Dissertations from 2010 2010

Examination of the Effect of Child Abuse Case Characteristics on the Time a Caseworker Devotes to a Case , Christopher J. Card

Evaluating Social Work Students’ Attitudes Toward Physical Disability , Rachael A. Haskell

Theses/Dissertations from 2009 2009

Prevalence of Client Violence against Social Work Students and Its Effects on Fear of Future Violence, Occupational Commitment, and Career Withdrawal Intentions , Pamela Myatt Criss

An evaluation of the influence of case-method instruction on the reflective thinking of MSW students , Marleen Milner

Theses/Dissertations from 2008 2008

Developing a School Social Work Model for Predicting Academic Risk: School Factors and Academic Achievement , Robert Lucio

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Social Work thesis and dissertation collection

dissertation ideas social work

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Search within this Collection:

Copyright and all rights therein are retained by authors or by other copyright holders. All persons copying this information are expected to adhere to the terms and constraints invoked by each author's copyright. In most cases, these works may not be reposted without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.

Recent Submissions

Critiquing the presence and absence of children and young people's participation in policies for looked after children in scotland , interrogating the ethics of telecare services: a conceptual framework for dementia home care professionals , forever home the complexity of adoption breakdown in scotland , exploring experiences of children who migrate to delhi: understanding gender and space , looking after grandchildren: the motivation, pattern, and the impact of intergenerational engagements on grandparents in rural china , topping up the tank: enhancing the emotional resilience of social workers in local authority adult services , intergenerational transmission of the effects of maternal childhood adversities via poor infant outcomes , contributing to the development of social pedagogy in the uk: a case study at 'santiago 1' residential care home in spain , helping the 'problem child' become loveable again a discourse analysis on childhood adhd in switzerland and implications for social work , health needs and services for refugee women and children in uganda’s settlements: articulating a role for social work , unpicking social work practice skills: an interactional analysis of engagement and identity in a groupwork programme addressing sexual offending , turkish fathering today: an enquiry and discussion arising from the views of turkish fathers and turkish young people , twenty first century contact: young people in care and their use of mobile communication devices and the internet for contact , quickening steps: an ethnography of pre-birth child protection , low income employment in dhaka: women’s lives, agency and identity , partnership, power and policy: a case study of the scottish partnership on domestic abuse , feedback systems, interaction analysis, and counselling models in professional programmes , the participation of looked after children in permanency planning , everyday social work practice: listening to the voices of practitioners , quality of life experiences of parents of children with autism in scotland .

dissertation ideas social work

Thesis Helpers

dissertation ideas social work

Find the best tips and advice to improve your writing. Or, have a top expert write your paper.

233 Social Work Research Topics: Helpful List For Students

social work research topics

Social work research topics deal with many things. They look into some of the problem generating areas within the social works field and the use of research methodology to understand these problems. They also try to sort these problems out and address some of the challenges encountered both in the lives of social workers and their primary field of practice.

Like every other research writing, writing a social work research topic requires the carrying out of in-depth research finding on the subject which requires the application of theories, the use of concepts, understanding the basic and advanced principles of social works, observing the intricacies within the field of study, finding ways to address these social issues through the use of experimental, survey, analytic, cause and effect researching procedure.

To craft an intriguing and compelling essay topic on social works, all of the aforementioned will need to be present as they help you not just in the topic formulation process but also in the research writing. Every research writing follows a particular style and writing on social works partakes in this process. Here are some social work-related research topics to put into consideration.

Social Work Research Topics

Social work as a field of work and field of study deals primarily with practicality. Even though the understanding of some of its underlying principles requires first the use and application of theories, social workers deal with practical applications daily. Writing a research topic on this field, therefore, requires that each topic will have undertones of practicality woven within it.

This is necessary as the primary goal of both social work research writing and the field itself is in carrying out investigations and the understanding of various issues that impact the lives of individuals and how they could be addressed. Research social worker research topics on it can look like.

  • The importance of group therapy for children in foster homes
  • Impacts of clinical depression on teenage girls
  • Lack of child support and its impact on child care in America
  • A look into depression and the stigma associated with it.
  • ADHD within foster homes and its impacts on children
  • The impacts of constant mobility in the lives of orphaned toddlers
  • Addressing the inherent PTSD in the lives of medical veterans
  • The social relegation of Autism children
  • Addressing the stigma surrounding disability
  • Disability and how it affects the lives of middle-aged parents
  • The recurring case of displacement and its violent effects on street children
  • How homelessness impacts people psyche
  • Misdiagnosed mental illness and its negative impacts on people
  • Suicidal tendencies within military units and possible ways to address them.
  • The need for the social interrogation of mental illness stigma
  • Parents living with Bipolar and how it impacts their parenting and children’s lives
  • How early childhood displacement amounts to antisocial lifestyle in foster children
  • Adoption of teenagers: the struggles and joys associated within
  • A look into the undisclosed cases of rape violence amongst women in the military and how it impacts their lives and service
  • Substance abuse and how it affects parenting
  • Understanding the trauma associated with child-parent separation
  • How divorce positively impacts the health and lifestyle of children
  • A close analysis of the myths associated with Welfare mothers
  • Addressing the issue of substance abuse amongst teenagers
  • Death and how it impacts the collective well-being of the family
  • A study into family support as a viable way for alcohol recovery
  • Alcoholism and its impacts on a person’s psyche
  • How sponsors positively impact the lives of recovering addicts
  • A clinical study of anti-depressants and their current effectiveness
  • The breeding of social exclusion of children with Down syndrome
  • Why social and academic integration is important for children with Down syndrome
  • Depression and how family exacerbates it
  • Alcoholism: it impacts on social, family, and personal lifestyle
  • An analysis of the difference and similarities between Dyslexia and ADHD
  • Creating awareness for Dyslexic patients

Social Work Research Questions

Social works as a field of study fall within the social sciences, as a result of this the field of study deals with the use of questioning as an approach to arrive at a conclusive and reflective answer (empirical evidence). This is why research in this field deals with data collection, data analysis, experimentations, investigation, etc. The research questions asked when researching within social works are important as it’s through it that informative research is carried out and meanings derived through it. Here are some social work research questions.

  • How does trauma inform the education of children in foster homes?
  • The protest of police brutality, does it have the potential of promoting transformative change?
  • Why does society insist that divorce impacts the psyche of all children negatively
  • Is informed trauma in foster homes the primary cause of children disappearing from foster homes?
  • Does the implementation of learning curriculums that positively impacts Dyslexic students improve their academics?
  • Is trauma-informed learning reflective of parenting?
  • Do house and food insecurity impact the lives of foster children for life?
  • How does community violence have effects on the lives LGBT+ community?
  • What are the ways the criminal justice system is failing America’s social lifestyle?
  • What are the signs of identifying workplace trauma
  • Workplace violence: how can it be addressed?
  • How do poverty and scarcity affect the psychology of young children?
  • What are the ways through which the American healthcare system is failing minority groups
  • What are the ways the misuse of substances breeds addictive behaviors?
  • How to point out the early signs of depression in teenagers?
  • Who is at greater risk of child-parent separation?
  • What are the consequences of living with Dyslexia?
  • Why is depression diagnosed as a mental disorder?
  • What are the defining differences between Bipolar I and Bipolar II?
  • How can bipolar patients receive support?
  • What percentage of incarcerated adults is from minority groups?
  • What are the results of racial disparity in America?
  • How does America’s racial disparity manifest in the healthcare system?
  • What are the challenges experienced by minority kids in foster homes?
  • How can the American government support welfare parents more?
  • How can addiction be controlled?
  • How does alcohol abuse affect college students’ academic performance?
  • What are the ways community reentry proves challenging for formerly incarcerated people?
  • What are the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of pregnant incarcerated mothers?
  • How can cases within addiction be curbed in America?
  • What are the ways to approach America’s carceral system?
  • What are the ways nursing homes can be better equipped for old folks?
  • What are the social and psychological impacts of student loans?
  • How can assistance be extended to adults with learning disabilities?
  • How can America’s rise in obesity be addressed?

Human Services Research Paper Topics

Human services research papers also fall within the social work research topics ideas to look into. This area of social works essay topics deal with issues which are primarily related to human service, how it’s being impacted, and ways to understand and address some of its challenges. Human services research paper topics that fall within it include.

  • How America’s carceral system affects low-income and minority homes majorly.
  • Social integration of Down syndrome and Dyslexic people
  • How the government can improve welfare conditions
  • The negative psychological impacts of food banks
  • How food banks benefit the lives of many Americans.
  • How home violence affects children
  • Understanding the effects of high school bullying
  • Welfare workers and why they need therapy and support groups
  • How to build love in foster care
  • The practice of resilience amongst social workers
  • The effects of juvenile delinquency in America
  • Understanding America’s carceral shortcomings
  • Minority groups at the expense of America’s carceral system
  • Addressing the issue of homophobia in America
  • Homophobia and how it impacts LGBTQ+ adults
  • Factors contributing to family violence
  • Spousal violence and how to address it
  • Family cruelty and how it impacts lives
  • Undiagnosed cases of Bipolar and its effects
  • Misdiagnosed mental illness and its effects
  • Improving support systems for LGBTQ+ kids
  • Home insecurity and how it impacts the homeless
  • Bridging the disparity of formerly incarcerated people
  • Understanding gender inequality when dealing with incarcerated people
  • The failure of America’s correctional system
  • Incarceration: Reformed or abolished?
  • Police system: Reformed, defunded, or abolished?
  • Factors contributing to increase in youth depression
  • Unemployment and its effects on people
  • Similarities between juvenile delinquency and adult incarceration
  • Psychological impacts of child trafficking
  • Human trafficking and its psychological effects on victims
  • Addressing depression, anxiety, and panic in little children

Interesting Social Work Topics

Within the field of social works, there are some topics and issues that draw extra attention due to their uniqueness. These topics often make for interesting research topics as they often draw on several relevant but often neglected issues or topics that are not paid due attention to. There are so many interesting social work topics that talk within this category and some of them include.

  • Understanding the experiences of women living within shelter homes
  • The racial disparity prevalent in America’s food bank system
  • A study and understanding of the stigma and social relegations welfare mothers are subjected to.
  • The challenges of living with both parents suffering from Alzheimer’s
  • A sociological and environmental outlook into the academic transition from high school to college and how it manifests in the lives of students.
  • An analysis of the client-therapist relationship of psychiatric therapists
  • An evaluation of the sociological impact of including sex education in the high school curriculum
  • An in-depth analysis of the emotional and psychological effects of induced child labor
  • Psychological, emotional, and physical effects of abusive parenting
  • Verbal and physical abuse in families and how it manifests in the lives of children
  • How emotional and psychological abuse encourages low self-esteem
  • A study of children raised in abusive homes
  • How physical abuse affects spousal intimacy
  • A critical study of the learning challenges of disabled children
  • How inclusivity in the social system will impact disabled children
  • Why there’s the need to encourage more flexible social structures for disabled people
  • A case study of the inherent challenges of interracial marriages
  • A case of study of how a functional and inclusive healthcare system improve social growth
  • How conversion therapy negatively impacts the LGBTQ+ community
  • How religion impacts social workers interaction with social issues
  • A study of the prevalence of poverty in the American Deep South and the ways it impedes growth
  • Sustainability of wellness therapy
  • An in-depth analysis of how first-time menstrual experiences impacts teenage girls in foster homes
  • The relationship between teenagers, school, and the general society
  • The negative impacts of birth control laws
  • How abortion bans are leading to more psychological issues
  • How the increases in the cost of housing in America is affecting young millennials
  • How low paid labor propagates workplace abuse
  • The impacts of gender roles and cultural beliefs in marriages
  • Why America needs more rehabilitation centers than carceral systems
  • The relationship between welfare systems and low-income neighborhoods
  • How teenage pregnancy impacts teenage mothers
  • The growing effect and pressure of social media in the lives of teenage children

Controversial Topics in Social Work

Social worker’s research topics also look into areas within the field of study that are often regarded as controversial. These topics are referred to as so due to their nature of occurrence which usually has provoked significant public interest. When writing on controversial topics in social work in this field, here are some of the topics that fall well within this category.

  • Rising cases of drug abuse in low-income neighborhoods
  • How incarceration negatively impacts the psychological well-being of incarcerated people
  • The dangers of confinement and why it should be looked into
  • Drug vulnerability and how to help addicts
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy and how it enables social workers to relate more to their environment and situations
  • Hypnosis and its health benefits on an individual
  • Therapy for the less represented groups and why it’s important
  • A clear distinction between clinical depression and undiagnosed depression
  • Misdiagnosis: how it’s affecting the lives of mentally challenged people
  • Understanding ADHD and the stigmas associated with it
  • An investigative study into the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy to improve the livelihood of incarcerated people
  • Understanding adolescents development about kids in foster cares
  • The social effects of living within an immigrant home in America
  • Social workers remuneration and how it impacts their dedication and diligence to their work
  • The negative impact of child-parent legally signed separation and ways through which it can be contained
  • A qualitative study of dealing with Dyslexia as an adolescent
  • Catering safe spaces for minority groups and the impacts of community on their mental health.
  • Child poverty, food insecurity, house insecurity: how they impact the academic abilities of children
  • Examining the use of empathy to facilitate the improvement of the social work sector
  • Why there needs to be more qualitative examining of foster homes for child safety and peace
  • The positive impacts within the foster home system and why it should be championed
  • Understanding sexual health education for incarcerated women
  • Addressing violence as a social problem within the correctional system
  • Court sanctioned confinement, how it promotes mental illness rather than facilitate correction
  • The hidden and unnoticed trauma prevalent in counselors and therapists
  • The continuous cycle of therapy: why therapists need therapy
  • The need to facilitate awareness on the stigma associated with AIDS
  • The social and health implication of abortion ban on women in low-income neighborhoods
  • The psychological, health, and social implications of abortion ban on rape survivors
  • The unreported cases of abuse in homes and how it propagates violence
  • Trafficking: the impacts of it on the social well-being of a society
  • Exploring the challenges of the hurricanes in low-income neighborhoods
  • The hidden trauma of hurricane and flood survivors

Social Work Thesis Topics

As a field of study on its own, social work will require you to write series of papers, research assignments and essays on a select topic of your choice. This is also compulsory if you are doing your master’s program or your Ph.D. You’ll be required to carry out evaluative or qualitative research on your area of interest. Some interesting social work essay topics to consider include the following ones.

  • The psychological impacts of adult children of emotionally immature parents
  • The treatment plan for diagnosed drug addiction
  • Navigating the challenges of visually impaired learners in the academia
  • Evaluating child abuse in foster care
  • The emotional effect of transitioning into nursing homes
  • A study of parenthood in immigrant families
  • The psychological weight of child abuse
  • Understanding child labor and its intricacies
  • Encouraging cognitive-behavioral therapy for foster parents
  • Trauma: Understanding the challenges of the foster kid
  • Abortion illegality as the increasing cause of teenage pregnancy
  • Understanding displacement and its nuances
  • The distinction between the displacement of children in war areas and children in foster homes
  • The psychological impacts of growing within a war zone
  • The barrier to working faced by formerly incarcerated people
  • Juvenile delinquency: how it harms rather than benefits children
  • Examining the American rehabilitation system
  • Examining the gender disparity in correctional facilities
  • The use of empathy: social workers in the discharge of duty
  • How to address compassion fatigue amongst counselors and social workers
  • The effects of structural racism on the welfare systems
  • Understanding depression from the welfare mom’s perspective
  • Myths associated with ADHD
  • Integrating compassion in social works
  • Building an inclusive system for foster kids
  • The disability challenges in the healthcare system
  • Disability disparity in the social works department
  • Future attachment styles in foster kids
  • Codependency: a feature of displacement
  • Home emotional unavailability as the rising cause for codependency
  • Understanding interdependency for the codependent
  • Distinctions between codependency and interdependency in youth adults
  • Prepatrum depression in expecting mothers

Social Work Topics for Presentation

One of the social work project ideas to look into while writing your paper is the possibility of including a presentation. As a practical field, social works research requires some level of presentation included. Here are some social work topics for presentation.

  • The historical development of social works
  • Importance of social works in school
  • Importance of therapy for teenagers
  • An exploration of challenges faced in forensic social works
  • Understanding the struggles of minority groups
  • A study of abuse in middle-class homes
  • Importance of finance in sustaining social works
  • The overall effect of compassion fatigue
  • Challenges of modern-day social works
  • Psychological impacts of child drug abuse
  • Importance of inclusivity in social works
  • Understanding same-sex relationships for the social worker
  • Importance of drug sensitization in high school
  • The abuse of drugs in low-income neighborhoods as an economic factor
  • Depression stereotypes
  • Effects and impacts of spirituality as a social works technique
  • Damages of psychological violence
  • Domestic violence and its impacts
  • Role of social workers in the prevention of drug abuse
  • Role or foster parents in the prevention of violence
  • Role of foster homes in creating a safe space
  • Positive impacts of foster parenting
  • Understanding trauma for the social worker
  • Importance of diversity in the social works sector
  • Understanding the neglect-syndrome of foster kids
  • Adolescent transitioning and trauma of LGBTQ+ children
  • Trauma and juvenile delinquency
  • Juvenile delinquency and adult incarceration
  • Importance of free healthcare for foster children and children in low-income neighborhoods
  • A study of sexually violated children
  • Understanding the impacts of incest in homes
  • The victim syndrome and how to better understand it
  • Understanding Stockholm syndrome

We have provided above a list of interesting social work topics that social science students, whether they are college students or master’s students, can choose from. But if you are hoping to meet up with your college or university essay deadlines, there are professional ENL US writers, including some of the best professors for hire online. They can assist you with fast and top-notch essays that will get you high grades all at a cheap rate. You will be provided with custom, amazing assignments that will attain you high grades.

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School of Social Work Dissertations and Theses

Theses/dissertations from 2024 2024.

Understanding the Other: Mentor Ethnocultural Empathy and Relationship Quality and Duration in Youth Mentoring , Miriam Miranda-Diaz

The Mirror Project: Reflections on the Experiences of African-American Female Adolescents Experiencing Foster Care , Bahia Anise-Cross DeGruy Overton

Theses/Dissertations from 2023 2023

Does Structural Racism Influence How Black/African Americans Define Memory Loss and Cognitive Impairment? An Africana Phenomenological Study , Andre Pruitt

Prosecutors or Helpers: An Institutional Ethnography of Child Protective Services Casework , Anna Maria Rockhill

Theses/Dissertations from 2022 2022

A Critical Discourse Analysis of How Youth in Care Describe Social Support , Jared Israel Best

Examining Demographic and Environmental Factors in Predicting the Perceived Impact of Cancer on Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivors , Nazan Cetin

Health Literacy and People Diagnosed with Mental Illness , Beckie Child

High School Persisters and Alternative Schools , Hyuny Clark-Shim

Examining the Role of Social Support and Neighborhood Deprivation in the Relationship Between Multiple ACEs and Health Risk Behaviors , Marin L. Henderson-Posther

A Typology of Foster Home Quality Elements in Relation to Foster Youth Mental Health , Paul Sorenson

"I'm Very Enlightened:" Assisting Black Males Involved in the Criminal Justice System to Deal With and Heal From Racism , Darnell Jackie Strong

The Mechanisms Connecting State Marijuana Policies to Parent, Peer, and Youth Drug Perception Leading to Youth Marijuana Use , Eunbyeor Sophie Yang

Theses/Dissertations from 2021 2021

E(Raced): Race and Use of Self Amongst BIPOC Social Workers , Anita Reinette Gooding

Theses/Dissertations from 2020 2020

A Colorless Nature: Exploring the Mental Health (Help-Seeking) Experiences of Pre-Adolescent Black American Children , Christopher Ashley Burkett

The Economically Disadvantaged Speak: Exploring the Intersection of Poverty, Race, Child Neglect and Racial Disproportionality in the Child Welfare System , Angela Gail Cause

Examining the Narratives of Military Sexual Trauma Survivors , Maria Carolina González-Prats

Theses/Dissertations from 2019 2019

Our Vision of Health for Future Generations: an Exploration of Proximal and Intermediary Motivations with Women of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma , Danica Love Brown

Interrogating the Construction and Representations of Criminalized Women in the Academic Social Work Literature: a Critical Discourse Analysis , Sandra Marie Leotti

Learning From Culturally Specific Programs and Their Impact on Latino Parent Engagement , Analucia Lopezrevoredo

Physical and Emotional Sibling Violence and Child Welfare: a Critical Realist Exploratory Study , Katherine Elizabeth Winters

Theses/Dissertations from 2018 2018

Is Therapy Going to the Dogs? Evaluating Animal Assisted Therapy for Early Identified At-Risk Children , Leah Faith Brookner

Investigating Time During Residential Program Until Transition for Adjudicated Youth: a Mixed Methods Study Using Event History Analysis with Follow-Up Interviews , Emily Carol Lott

Role of Spouse/Partner in Fertility Preservation Decision Making by Young Women with Cancer , Aakrati Mathur

Exploring the Association of Victimization and Alcohol and Marijuana Use among American Indian Youth Living On or Near Reservations: a Mixed Methods Study , Lindsay Nicole Merritt

The Intersections of Good Intentions, Criminality, and Anti-Carceral Feminist Logic: a Qualitative Study that Explores Sex Trades Content in Social Work Education , Meg Rose Panichelli

Latinas and Sexual Health: Correlates of Sexual Satisfaction , Christine Marie Velez

A Foucaultian Discourse Analysis of Person-Centered Practice Using a Genealogical Framework of Intellectual Disability , Nick Winges-Yanez

Theses/Dissertations from 2017 2017

Foundational Knowledge and Other Predictors of Commitment to Trauma-Informed Care , Stephanie Anne Sundborg

An Analysis of Oregon Youth Authority Populations: Who Receives Treatment and What Factors Influence Allocation of Treatment Resources? , Rebecca Arredondo Yazzie

Theses/Dissertations from 2016 2016

The Importance of Online Peer Relationships During the Transition to Motherhood: Do They Decrease Stress, Alleviate Depression and Increase Parenting Competence? , Bobbie Sue Arias

Bridging the Worlds of Home and School: a Study of the Relational Worlds of First-Generation Students in a School of Social Work , Miranda Cunningham

An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Long-Term Mentoring Relationships from the Youth Perspective , Kevin Richard Jones

The Development and Validation of the Social Recovery Measure , Casadi "Khaki" Marino

Theses/Dissertations from 2015 2015

A Queer Liberation Movement? A Qualitative Content Analysis of Queer Liberation Organizations, Investigating Whether They are Building a Separate Social Movement , Joseph Nicholas DeFilippis

Got Hair that Flows in the Wind: The Complexity of Hair and Identity among African American Female Adolescents in Foster Care , Lakindra Michelle Mitchell Dove

Assessing the Impact of Restrictiveness and Placement Type on Transition-Related Outcomes for Youth With and Without Disabilities Aging Out of Foster Care , Jessica Danielle Schmidt

Fathers Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs: Experiences of Work-Life Fit , Claudia Sellmaier

Investigating the Impact of Sibling Foster Care on Placement Stability , Jeffrey David Waid

Theses/Dissertations from 2014 2014

Understanding Sexual Assault Survivors' Willingness to Participate in the Judicial System , Mildred Ann Davis

The Relationship between Mindfulness and Burnout among Master of Social Work Students , Jolanta Maria Piatkowska

Out of the Way and Out of Place: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of the Experiences of Social Interactions of Bisexually Attracted Young People , A. Del Quest

Strengths in Action: Implementing a Learning Organization Model in a Human Service Setting , Barbara Ann Whitbeck

Theses/Dissertations from 2013 2013

"Who Would Have Thought, With a Diagnosis Like This, I Would be Happy?": Portraits of Perceived Strengths and Resources in Early-Stage Dementia , Jutta Elisabeth Ataie

Lost in the Margins? Intersections Between Disability and Other Non-Dominant Statuses with Regard to Peer Victimization and Psychosocial Distress Among Oregon Teens , Marjorie Grace McGee

Teachers' Negative Comments Toward Youth in Foster Care with Disabilities: How Do They Relate to Youths' Problem Behaviors, School Attitudes, and School Performance? , Sunghwan Noh

Exploring the Effects of Multi-Level Protective and Risk Factors on Child and Parenting Outcomes in Families Participating in Healthy Start/Healthy Families Oregon (HS/HFO) , Peggy Nygren

Public Opinion and the Oregon Death with Dignity Act , Peggy Jo Ann Sandeen

The Role of Psycho-Sociocultural Factors in Suicide Risk Among Mong/Hmong Youth , TangJudy Vang

Theses/Dissertations from 2012 2012

Increasing Social Work Students' Political Interest and Efficacy: The Experience and Impact of a Social Welfare Policy Course from the Students' Perspective , Christie Dianne Bernklau Halvor

Exploring Support Network Structure, Content, and Stability as Youth Transition from Foster Care , Jennifer E. Blakeslee

Understanding the Experience of Air Force Single Parents: A Phenomenological Study , Samantha Everhart Blanchard

Implementer Perspectives: The Implementation of a School-Based Mentoring Program , Amanda Angela Fixsen

Risk Factors for Homelessness Among Community Mental Health Patients with Severe Mental Illness , Rupert Talmage van Wormer

Theses/Dissertations from 2011 2011

Gender, Culture, and Prison Classification: Testing the Reliability and Validity of a Prison Classification System , Aimée Ryan Bellmore

An Investigation of the Relationships between Violence Exposure, Internalizing and Externalizing Problems, and Adolescent Alcohol Use , Gregory Lloyd Forehand

Identifying Modifiable Factors associated with Depression across the Lifespan in Stroke Survivor-Spouse Dyads , Michael Joseph McCarthy

Investigating the Predictors of Postsecondary Education Success and Post-College Life Circumstances of Foster Care Alumni , Amy Michele Salazar

Runaway and Homeless Youth: Changing the Discourse by Legitimizing Youth Voice , Donald Dale Schweitzer

Theses/Dissertations from 2010 2010

Visions and Voices: An Arts-Based Qualitative Study Using Photovoice to Understand the Needs and Aspirations of Diverse Women Working in the Sex Industry , Moshoula Capous Desyllas

Somatization and Engagement in Mental Health Treatment , Teresa Chianello

Parental Differential Treatment (PDT) of Siblings: Examining the Impact and Malleability of Differential Warmth and Hostility on Children's Adjustment , Brianne H. Kothari

Understanding the Development of Self-determination in Youth with Disabilities in Foster Care , Jennifer L. Powers

Child Welfare Workforce Turnover: Frontline Workers' Experiences with Organizational Culture and Climate, and Implications for Organizational Practice , Melanie Dawn Sage

Theses/Dissertations from 2009 2009

Developing One's Self: Adoption and Identity Formation Through the Eyes of Transracially Adopted Native American Adults , Jody Becker-Green

Primary Care, Males, Masculinity, and Suicide : a Grounded Theory Study , John Thomas Casey

Dependent Care and Work-Life Outcomes : Comparing Exceptional Care and Typical Care Responsibilities , Lisa Maureen Stewart

Factors Associated with Inclusion of Spirituality in Secular Social Work Education , Leslie Grace Wuest

Theses/Dissertations from 2008 2008

Up a Creek : the Perilous Journey of Recently Uninsured Low-Income Adults in Oregon , Heidi Allen

Attributes of Effective Head Start Mental Health Consultants : a Mixed Method Study of Rural and Urban Programs , Mary Dallas Allen

Staying Within the Margins: The Educational Stories of First-Generation, Low-Income College Students , Diane Lyn Cole

Children with Incarcerated Parents : a Longitudinal Study of the Effect of Parental Incarceration on Adolescent Externalizing Behaviors , Jean Mollenkamp Kjellstrand

The Child Care Self-Sufficiency Scale: Measuring Child Care Funding and Policy Generosity across States , Karen Tvedt

Theses/Dissertations from 2007 2007

Family-Friendly Workplace Culture, Flexibility, and Workplace Support for Dependent Care : the Perspectives of Human Resource Professionals , Katherine June Huffstutter

Family Participation : Exploring the Role it Plays in Outcomes for Youth with Serious Emotional Disorders , Jodi Lee Kerbs

"Creative Interpretation and Fluidity in a Rights Framework": the Intersection of Domestic Violence and Human Rights in the United States , Karen Lynn Morgaine

Food Security and Hunger among Low income US Households: Relations to Federal Food Assistance Program Participation , Rebecca Elizabeth Sanders

Engaging Our Workforce: How Job Demands and Resources Contribute to Social Worker Burnout, Engagement and Intent to Leave , Sara Laura Schwartz

Theses/Dissertations from 2006 2006

Is It Just Me? Felt HIV -Related Stigma among Adults with HIV , Rebecca Gila Block

Social Workers Addressing Student-Perpetrated Interpersonal Violence in the School Context : Awareness and Use of Evidence-Supported Programs , Natalie Diane Cawood

Sons Providing Care at End-of-Life : Common Threads and nuances , Patricia Ebert

Theses/Dissertations from 2004 2004

Applying the Transtheoretical Model to Cigarette Smoking by Pregnant and Parenting Adolescent Females , Barbara Mary Sussex

Theses/Dissertations from 2002 2002

Identifying and Building on Strengths of Children With Serious Emotional Disturbances , Michael Orval Taylor

Theses/Dissertations from 2001 2001

A Dissertation on African American Male Youth Violence: "Trying to Kill the Part of You that Isn’t Loved" , Joy DeGruy Leary

Theses/Dissertations from 1999 1999

Voices of our past: the rank and file movement in social work, 1931-1950 , Richard William Hunter

The Assessment of Children with Attachment Disorder: The Randolph Attachment Disorder Questionnaire, the Behavioral and Emotional Rating Scale, and the Biopsychosocial Attachment Types Framework , Alice Myrth Ogilvie

Theses/Dissertations from 1997 1997

Grandmothers Laughing: Intergenerational Transmission of Cultural Beliefs About Pregnancy and Childbirth Among Native American Women , Claudia Robin Long

Theses/Dissertations from 1983 1983

The needs of older people as seen by themselves and support providers , Sarah Movius Schurr

Theses/Dissertations from 1981 1981

Non-work-related services at the workplace : an exploratory study , William Roland Adix, Elizabeth March Christie, James J. Christrup, Carol M. Kaulukukui, Jennifer Idris Lenway, Cynthia A. Nelson, Linda S. Rielly, Steven Sorlien, Kathleen A. Sweeney-Easter, Lynn Campbell Tate, Patricia Jones Warman, and Donn C. Warton

Assessment of Needs of Adolescent Mothers in Washington County , John L. Arnold, Jean C. Austin, Gary L. Brink, Jane Hall, Patricia C. Hanson, Valerie A. Ivey, April A. Moran, John P. Pank, Mark J. Skolnick, James A. Tarr, and Roberta B. Vaughn

Burnout: Multi-Dimensional Study of Alienation Among Social Service Workers in the Willamette Valley , Sally Carignan, John Deihl, Judy Harris, Jay Jones, Bonnie Rothman, Sabrina Ullmann, Beth Weinberg-Gordon, Phyllis Weter, Patricia Whitty, and Loretta Wilson

Alternative Agencies: An Exploratory Study , Linda Crane, Carolyn M. Curnane, Mike Echols, Mary Ann Hanson, Susan Kouns, Richard Ono, Mark Pierman, Susan K. Rademacher, Sara Weisberg, and Bea Zizlavsky

An Alumni survey of the School of Social Work, Portland State University , Stephen R. Fishack, Robert A. Forlenza, Susan D. Fredd, Gigi Gandy, William P. Goldsmith, Thomas L. Grier, and Sheila K. Lehto

A Description and Evaluation of the Self-Help Information Service , Cathy Tuma and John Wadsworth

The Portland, Oregon ASAP : an evaluation of treatment effectiveness , Joan M. Wildebush Berry, Stefani K. Cuda, Judi L. Edwards, Mary E. Ericson, Emilie Ford Frisbee, Steve Ernest Hand, Mary Anne Hannibal, Laurel M. Myers, Sharon Lee Perry, Loree Richards, Barbara Burns Schmidtke, Stephen Walker Voris, and Barbara M. Westby

Theses/Dissertations from 1980 1980

Multiple impact therapy : evaluation and design for future study , Jacqueline H. Abikoff, Dennis C. Anderson, Patricia C. Bowman, Carolyn Crawford Caylor, Nancy W. Freeland, Jan A. Godfrey, Marlene Graham, Kelly Ann Mason Hall, Mary J. Hatzenbeler, Susan C. Hedlund, Carol Lewis Kast, Gayle Matson Lansky, Janet M. Lewis, Kathleen Patricia Muldoon, Victoria A. G. Stoudt, and Anita Waage

Salem Teen Mother Program : a follow-up study , Frances L. Barton, Florence C. Berman, Sharon M. Bertoli-Nordlof, Marilyn L. Cooper, Claire K. Murray, Rosanne Peratrovich, Arlene M. Showell, and Julio C. Velazquez

Evaluative Styles of Clinicians in Private Practice , Daniel R. Brophy, Elliot M. Geller, Stephan L. Grove, Nancy E. Hedrick, A. Jill Nelson, and Babette A. Vanelli

Adaptation to dominant society : a self study of a woman of mixed race, black/Indian , Helen Marie Camel

A study of the crisis nature of the preparenthood period and implications for preventative social work practice , Julie Jean Colton

A Generalist approach to social work practice : model and synthesis , Chuck H. Johnson, Paul S. Knight, Michael W. Krumper, and John H. Rademaker

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dissertation ideas social work

Social Work Dissertation Topics Ideas and Examples

Social Work Dissertation Topics: If you are trying to turn into a social worker for the improvement of the general public, your thesis work plays a crucial role in setting up your career. A typical difficulty that you may look at here is in picking an appropriate social work dissertation topic for your paper. Choosing […]

Social Work Dissertation Topics

Social Work Dissertation Topics : If you are trying to turn into a social worker for the improvement of the general public, your thesis work plays a crucial role in setting up your career. A typical difficulty that you may look at here is in picking an appropriate social work dissertation topic for your paper.

Choosing suitable Social Work Dissertation Topics is crucial for students pursuing advanced degrees in social work. These topics serve as the foundation for conducting impactful research and contributing to the field.

Dissertation topics in social work encompass a wide array of issues ranging from mental health and substance abuse interventions to policy analysis and community development strategies.

Exploring dissertation topics on social work allows students to delve into pertinent social issues, such as child welfare, aging populations, or marginalized communities. These topics not only provide avenues for academic exploration but also offer opportunities for practical application and real-world solutions.

Engaging with social work research topics enables students to address current challenges and contribute to the advancement of social welfare practices and policies.

Students frequently choose a topic that sounds incredible, yet they need enthusiasm for it. To light up your academic and expert profession, consistently pick the best dissertation topics in social work where you can display a subjective methodology towards a social change or a reliable assessment. To guide you further, here are some clear dissertation topics in social work for all students who are confused about choosing some good topics.

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  • Social Work Research Topics and ideas

Table of Contents

Mental Health and Well-being:

  • a. The impact of trauma-informed care on mental health outcomes.
  • b. Exploring the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy in treating depression among adolescents.
  • c. Addressing stigma associated with mental illness in underserved communities.
  • d. Integrating mindfulness-based interventions into social work practice for stress reduction.
  • e. Examining the role of social support networks in promoting resilience among individuals with mental health challenges.
  • f. More  Health Dissertation Topics Ideas and examples

Social Policy and Advocacy:

  • a. Analyzing the impact of welfare reform policies on low-income families.
  • b. Evaluating the effectiveness of anti-discrimination laws in addressing systemic inequalities.
  • c. Assessing the implementation of housing policies for homeless populations.
  • d. Advocating for policy changes to improve access to healthcare for marginalized groups.
  • e. Examining the role of social workers in influencing policy development at local and national levels.
  • f. More  Social Policy Dissertation Topics 

Child Welfare and Family Services:

  • a. Investigating the factors contributing to child neglect in vulnerable families.
  • b. Assessing the effectiveness of family preservation programs in preventing out-of-home placements.
  • c. Exploring the intersectionality of race, poverty, and child welfare involvement.
  • d. Examining the impact of early childhood interventions on long-term outcomes for at-risk youth.
  • e. Investigating best practices for supporting kinship caregivers in the child welfare system.

Community Development and Social Justice:

  • a. Analyzing community organizing strategies for promoting social change.
  • b. Assessing the role of social workers in addressing food insecurity in urban neighborhoods.
  • c. Exploring the impact of gentrification on marginalized communities.
  • d. Evaluating programs aimed at reducing recidivism rates among formerly incarcerated individuals.
  • e. Investigating restorative justice practices in resolving community conflicts.

Healthcare and Aging:

  • a. Examining the challenges faced by older adults in accessing healthcare services.
  • b. Assessing the effectiveness of interventions to promote healthy aging in older populations.
  • c. Exploring the intersection of social work and palliative care for terminally ill patients.
  • d. Investigating ageism in healthcare settings and its impact on quality of care for older adults.
  • e. Evaluating models of care for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers.

Substance Abuse and Addiction:

  • a. Investigating the effectiveness of harm reduction approaches in addressing substance abuse.
  • b. Analyzing the impact of substance abuse on family dynamics and relationships.
  • c. Exploring culturally competent interventions for addressing substance abuse among diverse populations.
  • d. Assessing the role of social workers in supporting individuals in recovery from addiction.
  • e. Investigating the effectiveness of school-based prevention programs in reducing substance abuse among adolescents.

Human Rights and Social Justice:

  • a. Examining human rights violations in the context of immigration detention centers.
  • b. Evaluating the role of social workers in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and equality.
  • c. Investigating social justice implications of mass incarceration and the criminal justice system.
  • d. Exploring the impact of globalization on labor rights and worker exploitation.
  • e. Assessing the effectiveness of international humanitarian aid efforts in promoting social justice in developing countries.
  • f. More Human Rights Dissertation Topics Ideas & Examples

Disability Studies and Accessibility:

  • a. Analyzing the barriers to accessibility faced by individuals with disabilities in public spaces.
  • b. Investigating the intersectionality of disability, race, and socioeconomic status.
  • c. Evaluating the effectiveness of inclusive education policies for students with disabilities.
  • d. Exploring the role of social workers in advocating for disability rights and accommodations.
  • e. Assessing the impact of assistive technologies on enhancing independence and quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

Global Social Work and International Development:

  • a. Examining the role of social workers in responding to humanitarian crises and natural disasters.
  • b. Assessing the effectiveness of microfinance programs in poverty alleviation and economic empowerment.
  • c. Investigating cultural competence in international social work practice.
  • d. Exploring indigenous approaches to community development and social work practice in global contexts.
  • e. Analyzing the impact of globalization on social work ethics and values in different cultural settings.

Environmental Justice and Sustainability:

  • a. Evaluating the social impacts of climate change on vulnerable populations.
  • b. Investigating environmental justice movements and their intersection with social work practice.
  • c. Assessing community resilience in the face of environmental disasters and climate-related displacement.
  • d. Exploring sustainable development strategies for addressing environmental degradation and resource depletion.
  • e. Analyzing the role of social workers in promoting environmental justice and sustainable practices within communities.

More Social work Dissertation Topics Ideas for college students

Below are some ideas for social work dissertation topics:

  • The effectiveness of different intervention strategies for child abuse and neglect
  • The impact of poverty on mental health and well-being
  • The effectiveness of substance abuse treatment programs for individuals experiencing homelessness
  • The impact of discrimination and prejudice on mental health and well-being
  • The effectiveness of trauma-focused therapies for survivors of sexual assault
  • The impact of parental substance abuse on child development
  • The effectiveness of group therapy for individuals with severe mental illness
  • The impact of social media on body image and self-esteem among adolescents
  • The effectiveness of community-based programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • The impact of immigration status on access to mental health services
  • The effectiveness of teletherapy for individuals with anxiety disorders
  • The impact of caregiver burden on the mental health of family caregivers
  • The effectiveness of peer support programs for individuals with severe mental illness
  • The impact of discrimination and stigma on the mental health of LGBTQ+ individuals
  • The effectiveness of interventions for individuals experiencing domestic violence
  • The impact of school-based mental health programs on academic achievement and social-emotional development
  • The effectiveness of therapy animals in the treatment of anxiety and depression
  • The impact of unemployment on mental health and well-being
  • The effectiveness of parent-child interaction therapy for families with young children experiencing behavioral problems
  • The impact of community violence on the mental health of children and adolescents
  • The effectiveness of trauma-focused interventions for refugees and asylum seekers
  • The impact of social support on mental health and well-being among older adults
  • The effectiveness of online support groups for individuals with chronic illness
  • The impact of social isolation on mental health and well-being among older adults
  • The effectiveness of family-based interventions for individuals with eating disorders
  • Fibromyalgia diagnosed: Health-care experiences of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
  • Youth recidivism: causes and prevention.
  • Childhood Sexual abuse: Should therapists ask childhood sexual abuse victims about their thoughts on sex with children?
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder: Living with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Adolescence on children’s psyche: The influence of physical changes during adolescence on children’s psyche.
  • HIV-positive: A study of relationships with HIV-positive people.
  • Native Americans Culture: Culture-based activism and its role in the lives of Native Americans today.
  • Domestic violence: Opportunities of employment for survivors of domestic violence.
  • Sexually addicted men: A study of women who are married to sexually addicted men.
  • Women leaders in communities.
  • Health care for older women in (select your country).
  • Surviving abuse and reintegrating into society.
  • Health care services for immigrants.
  • Supportive housing options for youth.
  • Client satisfaction: how far should you take it?
  • Below are more Topics with brief.
  • The effect of multi-office taking a shot at defending youngsters: a writing and practice-based survey.
  • An investigation of perspectives and impressions of mistreatment clear between medicinal services professionals and the Polish people group.
  • Figuring out how to keep down: The reasonable utilization of strengthening for administration clients.
  • Depict the medical problems that can emerge as a result of poverty.
  • The essentialness of persuasive practices in the working environment.
  • Reasons that offer ascent to separate from cases.
  • Open doors for work for overcome aggressive behavior at home.
  • Should specialists get some information about their musings on sex with youngsters?
  • Social Positioning in Social Work Practice: Stories of Hopes and Struggles among Radicalized Minority Workers.
  • The Risk of Risk: An Exploration of the Impact of “Hazard” on Child Welfare Decision -production.

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Social Work Dissertation Topics for Upscale Writing

If you believe that the narrower your major is, the more difficult it is to pick a worthy topic for a dissertation, it is time to dispel such stereotypes! The common issue numerous scholars face is a lack of knowledge about the intricacies of the proper dissertation idea selection. It seems obvious that you should select a matter you are competent at and interested in. However, can it be done in an ideal combination?

A title is the first impression of the work. Even if you devote months of thorough studies of the issue, you still should convince your audience of the significance and relevance of the dissertation. How to manage that? The most viable option is to opt for an appropriate matter for your investigation.

Although someone underestimates the criticality of the proper topic selection, why not become familiar with a few valuable tips from qualified authors? Routinely the solution to challenging questions lies much closer than you may believe! Figure out how it works to pick a title for your dissertation.

How to Select the Best Social Work Dissertation Topic – Guide from Qualified Authors

Learners with a major in social work have a set of skills and knowledge sufficient to prepare a valuable dissertation with applied concepts. However, most of them miss that and dwell on theoretical concepts in which they are savvy enough. Your competence in the industry is crucial to investigate and analyze the issue qualitatively while a few other points should be prioritized.

  • Be specific.

A dissertation should comprise your perspectives on the matter justified with appropriate analytical evidence. Uncertain statements without any context and proof have no place in such high-level academic works. The formulation of a topic matters as well. Opt for straightforward titles instead of too narrow or too multifaceted topics.

Although everyone may have a unique attitude towards any situation, you should substantiate your claims and see things. No biases based on your personal experience or triggered by other factors should not take place in upscale dissertations. Furthermore, you should back up your statements with corresponding references or use in-text citations.

  • Be responsible.

Among a vast bulk of social work dissertation topics UK, you should opt for one resonating with your practical background and pursuits. You should thoroughly explore the subject and prepare truly valuable material worthy of consideration by future generations. Rewriting other scholars’ works is not a sensible approach. You should prepare 100% authentic content worthy of decent grades.

Every competent author can make further recommendations while the above three points are paramount criteria for successful dissertation selection. Below, you can become aware of superb ideas for a thesis on social work to solidify the gleaned knowledge. Hone your mastery with valuable insights from well-versed specialists!

Social Work Dissertation Topics Mental Health

  • Psychological culture as a key to a harmonious life.
  • Mental health of the population during military operations in the country.
  • Fruitful techniques for taking care of mental health and activating resilience.
  • Awareness and regulation of human behavior in practice.
  • The influence of fine art on the emotional state of individuals.
  • Determinants of psychological disorders in the elderly.
  • Progression of depressive moods in the population of low-income countries.
  • The economic component of mental health and emotional perfection of the individual.
  • The distribution of problems of psychological disorders in the world in terms of different age groups.
  • Spreading awareness among young people about the importance of identifying and eliminating depressive moods in the initial stages.
  • Potential methods of eliminating or minimizing the direct impact of climatic conditions on mental health.
  • Psychological education at various stages of education.
  • A special need for mental health care in adolescents.
  • Interdependence of physiological and mental well-being of the body.
  • Virtual socialization and constant processing of information from the media as triggers of mental disorders.
  • Distance learning and work: Changes in thinking and worldview.
  • Risks of social distancing for the mental health of the individual.
  • Practices of correcting pessimistic and setting optimistic moods.
  • Primary assessment of the body’s mental state and preliminary diagnosis of potential threats to it.
  • Involvement of psychologists in the educational process: International standards for assessing students’ mental health.

Social Work Dissertation Topics Domestic Violence

  • Gender aspects of discrimination in families with children.
  • International practice of investigating crimes against humanity in married couples.
  • The problem of defenselessness of minor children in low-income families.
  • Psychological disorders of parents and their harm to children’s mental well-being.
  • Academic performance of students from families with domestic violence.
  • The dynamics of domestic abuse crimes in the countries with the highest level of development in recent decades.
  • Mental disorders of children as a genetic heritage from previous generations.
  • Silence about domestic violence crimes in families contributes to the deepening of problems.
  • The practice of taking security risks into account by the judicial systems of the world’s leading countries.
  • Relationship aggression at various stages of building connections.
  • Criticizing a person’s actions as an attempt to violate personal space.
  • Limiting a child’s access to education without consent: Framework of legal responsibility for committed actions.
  • Raising children with the use of force: Physical violence in all its manifestations.
  • Specifics of economic violence in couples: Unemployed family members and attitudes towards them.
  • Ignoring a person’s needs and feelings as a sign of psychological violence.
  • Manipulation of human feelings for personal gain: Common practices of psychological violence in families.
  • Distinguishing conflicts and domestic violence based on their primary features.
  • The role of international, public, and volunteer organizations in countering the violation of children’s boundaries in families.
  • Bodies and documents responsible for ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens in an intercultural marriage.
  • External intervention in solving domestic violence issues.

Social Work Dissertation Topics Child Protection

  • International treaties regulating the protection of children’s rights and freedoms on a global scale.
  • The place of guardianship bodies in preventing the violation of children’s rights.
  • Limitations of personality development from childhood: Key signs.
  • Ensuring an elevated level of protection of minor citizens as a guarantee of the future economic prosperity of the state.
  • Criticality of work with a psychologist for children who have lost a family member.
  • Global urgent need to spread children’s awareness of their rights and freedoms.
  • Social and material protection of children from disadvantaged families.
  • Ensuring a sufficient level of education for children from low-income families.
  • Anti-bullying in educational institutions and opportunities for children to use professional help.
  • Preservation of a satisfactory psychological state of the child during pretrial hearings.
  • Physical safety of children during hostilities.
  • Prospects for standardization of high requirements for the protection of children’s rights in the legislation of different states.
  • A child’s personal space and the risks of its violation in social networks.
  • Problems of the bureaucracy of protecting the rights of children of forced migrants.
  • Children’s health and rights: Unequal access to medicine in different regions of the world.

Good Dissertation Topics for Social Work

  • Functional duties of social work.
  • Legal provision of assistance and support to various categories of the population.
  • Activity of the state in the field of conducting and ensuring consistent social policies.
  • Possibilities of state support, in particular financial support, of low-income families.
  • Measures to resolve interpersonal conflicts resulting from difficult life circumstances.
  • The specificity of the hierarchy of development and functioning of social work in the context of the sources of its involvement.
  • Theories of providing social support according to individual needs.
  • Cognitive-behavioral model of providing social assistance.
  • Family therapy for solving psychological problems.
  • The desire for self-improvement is a key incentive for determining social needs.
  • Adaptation of a person to a new circle of communication as a stage of socialization.
  • System of institutes of social work: International practice.
  • Progress of alternative approaches to providing social assistance to citizens.
  • Specifics of social protection of minor children in high-income countries.
  • Responsibility of state bodies for serving the social needs of the population.

Interesting Social Work Dissertation Topics

  • Competences and responsibilities of a progressive experienced social expert.
  • The role of charitable measures in ensuring social protection of the population of countries with low levels of development.
  • Methods of researching a person’s life path to ensure an adequate level of social support.
  • Prerequisites of the inability to independently solve difficult life situations.
  • The phenomenon of extreme social conditions.
  • International protection of lonely elderly people.
  • Free medical care: Ways to minimize the vulnerability of the population to poverty.
  • The concept of benefits for the population as an effective way of social support.
  • Ensuring security in conditions of a high level of material insecurity of the population.
  • Scholarships for gifted students as an example of educational motivation.
  • Innovative technologies and implementation of social initiatives.
  • Formation of the system of social work on the example of specific countries.
  • The global problem of unemployment as an impetus to improve the social policies of states.
  • Research of psychological factors of social insecurity and possibilities of their minimization.
  • Social tension of society in the period of economic crisis: Historical experience and theoretical background.

Excellent Social Work Dissertation Ideas

  • Ways of balancing the goals of social policy considering the specific requirements of society.
  • The method of adjusting social policy depends on the economic capabilities of the state.
  • The root causes of the difference in cost and the filling of consumer baskets in different economies.
  • Social justice in terms of collective principles of social work.
  • Vocational training of students with the involvement of professional specialists at the expense of the state budget.
  • Peculiarities of social work with children of preschool age.
  • Ways of providing stationary social services to citizens.
  • Social activity within the framework of public health protection.
  • The problem of employment of the population of different age groups, genders, and nationalities.
  • Treatment of addictions of minor children.
  • Social control in society: The most common measures of influence.
  • Living standards and the impact of inequality on the mood of the population.
  • Models of equalization of levels of social support for different population groups.
  • Manipulation of marital status to receive social assistance.
  • Levels of working capacity of the population and the corresponding correlation of social support.

Searching for ideas for your dissertation on social work? Figure out the major vectors for investigation of social protection, support, aid, and its other aspects. Writing block is no longer your primary challenge when you are familiar with a vast bulk of themes for your scientific work!

dissertation ideas social work

Essay Assignment Writing Tips for Students of MBA, Masters, PhD Level

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145+ Best Social Work Research Topics and Ideas to Use

What is the best research topic in social work.

Social work research determines and addresses various community problems and explains all the possible solutions as well as new innovations to improve services. Topics can range from mental health, poverty or substantial abuse. How do you develop an interesting social work topic and potential areas to discuss in your research? Don’t worry; this blog from our online research paper writing service covers your concerns. The blog post will provide some social work research paper topics and ideas that you can consider for your social work research.

Social Work Research Topics

What Are Social Work Research Topics?

Any Social work research ideas are systematic investigations of the issues that pertain to any social work field. It can also be defined as the application of research methods for addressing various problems faced by social workers in their practices.

The majority of the research topics include a study of the concepts, principles, and theories, as well as the underlying methods like the employee skills and interactions with the groups or individuals as an internal process.

Social work focuses on practical applications, and your research aims to properly understand the efficacy of various intervention methods to reduce people’s suffering. Our team has subject matter experts to offer affordable online case study reports in social work .

Where to Find the Finest Research Topics on Social Work?

The finest research topics for social networks can be the basic textbooks that are used in social work courses in social work research topics. A variation exists between the textbooks on any topic.

Some of these are comprehensive and indulge in the topics very deeply and on a more advanced level. This variation is due to the different needs for relevant instruction at graduate and undergraduate education levels of social work education.

Most of the instructors at the undergraduate levels of education prefer simpler and shorter text. However, some of them teach at higher education levels and prefer bigger tests.

Other spaces are as follows:

  • Scholarly articles

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Tips on How to Choose a Social Work Topic Selection

  • Skim through the literate study like course notes or handbooks that you have already studied. It would help if you went through it to visualize all your studied topics or even the sub-topics. You can also share your new ideas here.
  • Brainstorming can help you a lot in this process. Here, you can access your basic knowledge and get a few interesting educational topics that are stored in your mind to explore later in detail.
  • You can browse through the already published article topics in various social work journals. You can also study the newsletters on social websites. You can also search on the platforms for field-related news from many journals. Even if some of the article topics can be a bit complicated, these can be a good choice for you.
  • Browse the online data to find good research topics for your research paper writing . By skimming through these lists, you can get more topics with good copes. The broadness of these topics will bombard you with new related ideas.

Any good social work research topic covers all the modern trends as well as incorporeal male ideas in the social work field. The topic also needs to break the specific stereotypes by using relevant evidence.

Different peer-viewed studies should also support it.

Related Service To Research Paper

List of best social work research topics and ideas, controversial topics in social work.

  • Can euthanasia be justified?
  • Substance abuse in adolescents
  • How to deal with drug abuses in orphanages
  • Which Societal groups are the most vulnerable to substance abuse?
  • How to reduce recidivism with family support
  • How imprisonment affects mental health.
  • What is the ethical issue related to human trafficking?
  • Issues of gender differentiation in modern society
  • Juvenile delinquents vs reeducation strategies
  • Whose role is it to develop resilience in social work?

Check the mind-blowing list of the Top  140+ Controversial Research Topics for Students to Consider

Hot topics in social work.

  • Domestic violence among children vs teenagers
  • How to encourage women to report domestic violence
  • How to save families from domestic valence
  • Is it justified to change a child from his setting?
  • Effect of child negligence in life and career
  • How to provide testimony in a court by a social worker
  • How to invoke social work in the healthcare field
  • Grief consoling for families losing a loved one
  • How to relieve grief symptoms
  • How to help pains of domestic violence
  • Risk factors associated with deep grief

Best Social Work Research Topics Ideas

  • Importee of group therapy in children
  • Ill effects of less child support
  • Effects of clinical depression
  • Impact of ADHD in foster homes related to kids
  • Effects of continued mobility in the lives of orphaned kids
  • The best counselling session for people suffering from PTSD
  • Best social relegation for children with autism
  • How to address stigma related to disability
  • How does diabetes affect the lives of middle-aged parents?
  • Bad effects on the lives of children living on the streets
  • How does homelessness affect people’s psyche?

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Social Work Thesis Topics

  • Effect of alcoholic buses and excessive alcoholism in society
  • How to arrange for a good family counselling session to prevent alcoholism
  • How to analyze the trauma associated with parent-child separation
  • Analyze substantial abuses in society
  • ADHD vs Dyslexia- compare and contrast
  • How parent’s divorce affects the life of children
  • Define the uses of anti-depressants among people of different age groups
  • How to take care of children suffering from downs syndrome
  • The death of a family member affects the mental health and lifestyle of a family
  • How to generate awareness for the Dyslexic patients in the society

Social Work Dissertation Topics

  • How can domestic violence survivors get better job opportunities?
  • A study of females with sexual addiction
  • Reintegration of the rape survivors within the society
  • How to prevent juvenile recidivism
  • How to give proper juvenile justice
  • Examples of great women world leaders
  • Should health services be provided to immigrants?
  • Best housing options for the economically challenged people of society
  • Challenges of providing proper medical care to the senior citizens
  • Position of the HIV positive people in today’s society
  • Is customer satisfaction the ultimate goal of any business?
  • How Climatic Change Affects Social Work
  • Role of home care workers in our society
  • Why do people still hesitate to talk about sex?
  • Is sex education needed?

Choosing the Perfect  Top 250+ Dissertation Topics & Ideas in 2023

Captivating social work research ideas.

  • Role of Social Worker in Making end End-of-life Decisions
  • Effect of adolescence’s physical changes on the psyche of kids
  • How social work can help in preventing school and college dropouts
  • Effect of media on kids’ preschool behaviour
  • Effect of parents’ drug abuses on children
  • How the social workers can help in building the life and career of kids
  • Describe how to prevent stereotypes related to depression.
  • How social work deepen historically
  • Pros and cons of being an alcoholic
  • Cause and prevention of youth recidivism
  • Effect of bullying on students
  • How can social workers help in preventing teenage pregnancies?

Innovative Social Work Research Paper Topics

  • Preparing Educators for Multiple Settings
  • Support Services for Families in Need
  • Evaluation of the Impact of Innovation on Social Workers’ Performance
  • How to give the best support serves to the families in need
  • Social service to address Reproductive Health
  • The main issues faced by social workers while working
  • How to educate people having ASD
  • Issus of gender differentiation at school levels
  • How trump effect the adults and children
  • How can religion reduce stereotypes?
  • Effect of death on the family members
  • Can Evidence-Based Practice Affect life-long Learning?
  • Homelessness affects people’s psyche

Social Work Research Topics for Literature Review

  • How can the Multi-Agency Working protect children’s rights?
  • Role of Therapists in preventing child Abuse and addressing them
  • How to address kids who have gone through trauma
  • Causes and preventives of Recidivism
  • Role of social worker towards the school teachers
  • How the Adolescence Physical Changes affect children’s psychology
  • Reintegration in society for abuse survivors
  • Roe of social services to help students bond their own value systems
  • Role of social workers within the health care practitioners
  • How to cope with Intrinsic Cultural Perspectives
  • Explain the process of holding back

Engaging Social Work Research Ideas

  • Effect of unwanted pregnancy on teenage mothers
  • The pros and cons of social media effects on young minds
  • Explain all the welfare systems in the lives of low-income people
  • Explain the importance of various rehabilitation centres
  • How do cultural beliefs play a role in marriages?
  • Explain various labour laws related to social services
  • How the rising home costs affecting the lives of individuals and families
  • Explain the pros and cons related to abortion laws
  • Explain the sustainability of wellness therapies
  • How the birth control roles affect our society
  • Explain how the general community, teenagers and school are interrelated
  • Explain the impact of first-time menstrual experiences among teenage girls

Human Service Social Work Research Topics

  • Discuss various issues involved with juvenile justice
  • How to deal with homeless people
  • How to prevent bullying of physically disabled children
  • Explain the pre-natal as well as post-natal care for the surrogate mothers
  • Explain the increasing suicide among military personnel
  • How to improve the lives of sexually exploited children
  • How to add the dyslexia cases
  • Effect of interracial adopting all across the globe
  • How to build proper resilience by the social workers
  • What are the causes of child abuse in the orphanages?
  • What are the ethical issues involved with human trafficking

Learn about  Human Resources Research Topics

Social work capstone project ideas.

  • How can music heal a soul?
  • How to deal with pediatric mental health
  • Effect on chided by high conflict divorces
  • Explain autonomous self-care
  • Meta practices at the bachelor level
  • Explain Black Lives Matter (BLM)

Social Work Topics for Discussion

  • Community-Oriented Policing
  • How to teach anti-racism practices
  • How to reverse the wheel of oppression
  • Coping with trauma disorder cases
  • Explain Perinatal Substance Use Disorders
  • Explain the history of racial trauma of black people

Best Social Work Essay Topics

  • How to meet the Psychosocial Needs of online learners over social media
  • Leadership future of social workers
  • How the organizational leaders can play a role in employee self-care
  • Does racism also play a role in the life and work of social workers?
  • How to cope with active suicide rates
  • How to address Juvenile Sexual Offending
  • What are the keys to solving deep-rooted social issues?

Also, Check –  120+ Unique Evaluation Essay Topics and Ideas

Social work topics for presentation.

  • How addiction is changing the world
  • Elder abuses in the USA
  • Influence of homosexuality in the modern society
  • Is gender a definitive thing- explain
  • Invasive vs Passive Interventions
  • How to obliterate gender pay gaps
  • Are domestic abuses also applicable to men?
  • Effect of rape and sexual abuses on human development
  • How to treat the most Vulnerable Inhabitants of the society
  • Explain the Naturalization of Human Needs
  • Are hard work and modern music leading to more drug abuses
  • Role of politics to shape any society

Thus, writing an effective research paper on social work is a tedious task. Therefore, you always need the best online Social Work Research Paper Writing Help from a reliable provider. The casestudyhelp.com is always the best choice for you.

Why Choose Casestudyhelp.com?

  • We are the number one Social Work Research Help provider
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300 Social Work Research Topics & Questions for Papers

Social Work Research Topics

Table of contents


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Social work research focuses primarily on studying problems experienced in social work field. The research, in this case, talks about challenges that caseworkers go through in their practice. Social work research topics cover various things, including problems in welfare work, and indicate how research can be used to gain a deep understanding of the issues. Have you been wondering how to develop an intriguing social work topic and possible areas to discuss in your research? Don't worry because this article by our online paper writing service covers all your concerns. The blog post will provide some social work research topic ideas that you can consider for your social work research.

What Are Social Work Research Topics?

Social work research topics are areas of study that involve applying research methodology to comprehend sectors that are challenging for social workers. These topic ideas concentrate on addressing some problems that caseworkers go through both in their lives and their field. Research topics for social work may vary. However, like any other research paper, writing social work research topics deals with application of related theories and concepts, as well as understanding the entire casework aspects. The research involves applying cause and effect, analytic, survey, and experimental procedures to find ways to address welfare challenges. The purpose of welfare work study is to understand the efficiency of various interventions used to address challenges people develop due to welfare deprivation.

Characteristics of Good Social Work Topics

As an individual seeking to conduct research in welfare work areas, you need to know some of the features that make social work topics to be of great value. Below are characteristics that will make topics for social work research incredible.

  • A good topic covers modern trends and incorporates the ideas in the social field.
  • The topic should break specific stereotypes using reasonable evidence.
  • It must also be supported by various studies that are peer-reviewed.
  • Topic chosen must be related to practices in the welfare field.

How to Choose a Social Work Topic?

A plan to decide on excellent social work topics to research starts with a general orientation into social work field. Here are some steps involved when choosing a social work research topic.

  • Pick a sector with research potential or simply the one you like.
  • Start with “why” and “what” questions and expand on them.
  • Read data on faculty’s research interests.
  • Read a proper research paper that find interesting and focus on literature review and background sections to gain insight into various issues.
  • Identify and browse journals that relate to your likes.
  • Lastly, you can look online for research topics that are ready and skim through them to gain new knowledge.

Once you pick a topic, don’t hesitate to contact our proficient research paper writers . Our experts are adept in many fields and can complete a research paper on any topic.

Social Work Research Topics List

Social work research topics cover various concepts and challenges related to caseworkers and their fields of practice. Below are comprehensive research topics in social work that are compelling to explore.

  • Parenting and how it is affected by drug abuse.
  • Hardship and benefits of teenage adoption.
  • Dealing with suicidal thoughts.
  • Societal view on mental sickness stigma.
  • Adverse impact of displacement on street kids.
  • Homelessness and associated psychological effects.
  • Managing PTSD among veterans.
  • Adolescents and associated clinical depression.
  • How group therapy helps to better the lives of foster residents.
  • Family role in reducing or increasing depression.
  • Effectiveness of anti-depressants.
  • Impact of death on wellbeing of a family.
  • Effects of divorce on lifestyle and health of children.
  • Ways to address military troops' suicidal tendencies.
  • Causes of suicidal thoughts in society.
  • Impact of disability on lives of parents.
  • Ways to address stigma associated with disability.
  • Children with autism are socially excluded.
  • Impacts of bullying on children’s wellbeing.
  • Complexities around child labor.
  • Debate for and against abortion.
  • Maltreatment of children in foster care.
  • Change in societal reaction to HIV/AIDS in the 1990s and now.
  • Rape and its psychological impact on the victim.
  • Ways to reduce human trafficking.

Unique Topics in Social Work

There are scholarly research topics in social work that draw extra attention from readers since they are unique in nature. Such topics often concentrate on issues neglected in society. Below are unique topics for social work research.

  • Is wellbeing therapy sustainable?
  • Teenage girls’ menstrual experiences in foster homes for the first time.
  • Poverty and how it impedes growth in the American Deep South.
  • Negative impact of conversion therapy on LGBTQ society.
  • Influence of inclusive healthcare system on ensuring good welfare lives of people.
  • Interracial marriages and their associated problems.
  • Effects of diversity on children with disabilities.
  • Effects of physical abuse on spousal intimacy.
  • Pornography as a primary contributor of incest in families.
  • Increase in violence against children and women.
  • Activism role based on culture in Native Americans ’ lives.
  • Sexual addiction of women to men.
  • Disparity in health services for immigrants.
  • Challenges experienced by people diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
  • Living with a spouse with memory problem.
  • Power issue in divorce mediation.
  • Issues related to having many partners.
  • Reintegration of those who survive substance abuse into the society.
  • Employment initiatives for women.
  • Dynamic systems applied to nations in war situations.
  • Transracial adoption and identity issue.
  • The hidden trauma in young counselors.
  • Ensuring access to medical services in villages.
  • Lowering the gender pay gap.
  • Reducing racism and antisemitism.

Controversial Topics in Social Work

Presently, there are several controversial issues in social work that may give rise to social research topics. Listed below are some controversial social work research topics.

  • Societal reaction to euthanasia.
  • Myths on adolescents’ substance abuse.
  • Societal groups that are most vulnerable to substance abuse.
  • Ways to deal with drug abuse in orphanages.
  • Ethical issues associated with human trafficking.
  • Family support role in reducing recidivism.
  • How imprisonment affects mental health.
  • Gender difference when dealing with imprisoned individuals.
  • Juvenile delinquents and reeducation strategies.
  • Whose role is it to develop resilience in social work?
  • What are strategies to build resilience among welfare workers?
  • Benefits associated with social health education among incarcerated women.
  • How unreported cases of abuse propagate violence.
  • Does constructivist therapy offer anything new to social work?
  • Should caseworkers support hypnosis use?
  • Who is responsible for misdiagnosis?
  • How does misdiagnosis affect lives of mentally ill individuals?
  • Health benefits associated with hypnosis on an individual.
  • Should parents be involved in preventing dyslexia?
  • Ways to address panic for both adults and adolescents.
  • Challenges faced by the LGBTQ community.
  • Do traffickers suffer psychological consequences of human trafficking?
  • Welfare workers’ roles in civil wars.
  • Various strategies to help anti-social students.
  • Was confinement sanctioning by the court a good move?

Interesting Social Work Research Questions

Before you start your research, it is essential to develop a social work research question that guides the type of information you will gather. Some of the social work research questions examples that talk about various interesting social work topics are listed below.

  • How can the US solve the rise in obesity cases?
  • How does taking student loans impact them psychologically?
  • How can America curb increasing addiction cases?
  • How do we help adults with learning disabilities?
  • How can we improve lives of pregnant incarcerated mothers?
  • What is America’s racial disparity prevalence?
  • How can PTSD patients receive support?
  • Does poverty have psychological effects on children?
  • What are workplace violence indicators?
  • What are strategies to ensure work-family balance?
  • What does society believe about divorce and its impact on children?
  • Do you think substance abuse can be regulated?
  • What are consequences of living with HIV/AIDS?
  • Do you feel traumatized living with dyslexia?
  • What are causes of bipolar disorder?
  • How does society treat those with bipolar disorders?
  • Who is more vulnerable to divorce?
  • Does the US criminal justice system play its role in reducing juvenile delinquency?
  • What are problems minority kids face at their foster homes?
  • Does substance misuse lead to alcoholism?
  • Role of police brutality in increasing transformative change?
  • What is the appropriate strategy to help patients with bipolar?
  • How can we avoid re-incarceration?
  • What does religion say about LGBTQ community?
  • How does ADHD affect children in foster homes?

>> Read more: Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

Hot Topics in Social Work

There are various topics in social work that a researcher can explore to address current hot issues such as COVID-19 pandemic. These topics are important since they help determine current and future solutions to an issue. Here are some social work issues topics that you can consider.

  • What are effects of Russian-Ukraine war on society?
  • Impact of COVID-19 on welfare workers’ psychological health.
  • Issues that arise in households with adopted children.
  • Social workers’ attitude towards older people.
  • Importance of religion in reducing stereotypes.
  • How building emotional intelligence helps caseworkers.
  • Demands that residents in a foster facility make.
  • Challenges single parents experience.
  • Support strategies for single parents.
  • Strategies to help sexually exploited children.
  • Factors leading to homelessness in the US.
  • Forms of abuse elders experience from young people.
  • Media role in shaping antisemitism stereotypes.
  • Approaches to working with elderly people who are cognitively impaired.
  • Parental role in shaping sexual orientation of their children.
  • When should a child be removed from a setting?
  • Child neglect and its effects on victim’s academic performance.
  • Psychological effects of children watching domestic violence.
  • Grief and its associated symptoms.
  • Methods for assisting kids who have seen domestic violence.
  • Ways to encourage domestic violence reporting.
  • Technology and addiction treatment.
  • Suicide prevention protocol in different localities.
  • Risk factors associated with secondary traumatic stress.
  • Ways to increase cancer screening rates.

Human Services Research Topics

Human services topics are important since they deal with human existence and ways to make it better. Human service topics focus on how social workers help to satisfy individuals’ and communities’ needs. Generally, social workers’ primary aim is to ensure people live in the most comfortable way possible. Some of the human service research topics are indicated below.

  • Adverse impact of unemployment.
  • Ways to deal with anxiety and depression among small children.
  • Reducing number of incarcerated individuals.
  • Impact of juvenile delinquency in the US.
  • Relevant ways to breed love in foster care.
  • Integration of dyslexic people into society.
  • Government intervention to enhance welfare conditions.
  • Importance of food banks for the US citizens.
  • High school bullying prevalence and impacts.
  • Factors leading to family violence.
  • Impact of homophobia on LGBTQ+ community.
  • Drawbacks of the US correctional system.
  • Effects of mental illness misdiagnosis.
  • The move to invalidate bullying in high schools.
  • Causes of panicking in kids.
  • Interventions to reduce unemployment rates in the US.
  • Strategies to show concern for individuals from communities with low income.
  • Challenges of homophobia in the UAE.
  • Social workers in reducing child abuse cases.
  • Strategies to enhance resilience among welfare workers.
  • The need for psychological therapy among welfare workers.
  • Important household policies that can reduce domestic violence.
  • Shortcomings of America’s carceral system.
  • Interventions for children raised in abusive homes.
  • Ways to improve learning experience for disabled children.

Best Social Work Research Topics Ideas

Social work plays a huge role in our daily lives. Therefore, exploring research topics ideas for social work will help us to understand welfare workers’ role in making our lives better. This section discusses various social work topics for research papers. It is categorized into subsections, starting with research paper topics, thesis topics, and dissertation topics. Here, you will also find social work capstone ideas, topics for discussion, essay, and presentation topics. Details for each subsection are provided below.

Social Work Research Paper Topics

As an individual in social work field, you will write several research papers and essays. Social work paper topics you can cover depend on your interests, trends, or any other factor. Some interesting topics related to social work you can consider include the following.

  • Social workers' perspectives on elderly.
  • Causes of people's unwillingness to take advantage of mental health care services.
  • Problems that foster children face that prevent them from completing their college degrees.
  • Welfare workers’ role in drug abuse prevention.
  • The significance of cultural awareness in casework.
  • Facilitation of prenatal and postpartum care for surrogate moms.
  • Assessing how PTSD affects psychological wellbeing.
  • Adoptive families face unique difficulties and concerns.
  • Benefits of play therapy interventions for school counseling.
  • Hemodialysis patients' mental health and the methods used to help them.
  • Importance of leisure pursuits for Alzheimer's patients.
  • Damages of psychological violence.
  • Trauma and adolescent transition among LGBTQ+ kids.
  • Understanding the neglect-syndrome of foster kids.
  • Understanding trauma for caseworkers.
  • Foster parenting's advantages.
  • Role of foster parents in violence prevention.
  • Domestic violence and its impacts.
  • Foster homes’ role in creating a safe space.
  • How diversity helps in social works sector.

Social Work Thesis Topics

There are several thesis topics in social work to research during your master’s program or PhD, which can vary depending on your interest or occupation. Below are some of the social work literature review topics that you can look into.

  • Effectiveness of group therapy for alcoholics.
  • Mental health services’ effectiveness for pedophilia survivors.
  • Inaccessibility of mental health care for members of underrepresented groups due to language barriers.
  • Prepartum depression and connection to expecting mothers.
  • Relationship between codependency and emotional unavailability.
  • Strategies to handle fatigue among welfare workers.
  • Burnout causes among social workers.
  • Challenges associated with child birth and labor.
  • Depression and the perception of welfare mothers.
  • Prevalence of mental health in the US.
  • The use of an integrated system in various foster homes within America.
  • Nurses’ commitment level and how it is associated with health outcomes.
  • Impact of legalizing abortion in some states.
  • Comparison between displacement in foster homes and war sites.
  • Analyzing displacement and associated challenges.
  • How immigrant families benefit from parenthood?
  • Issues that visually disabled students face at school.
  • Essence of welfare work sector diversity.
  • Learning about depression from the welfare mom's viewpoint.
  • Ways to improve healthcare system.

Social Work Dissertation Topics

Dissertation is a crucial part of your education life as a social worker. Therefore, dissertation topics in social work have to be properly framed and specific. Here are some of the dissertation topics for social work to consider.

  • Coping strategies of men during violence at home.
  • Rape and how it affects victim’s psychological development.
  • Acceptance rate of addiction by addicts within the US.
  • Vulnerable groups and government’s role in improving their lives.
  • Justification of gender pay gap in America.
  • Addiction to substance abuse and its role in the contemporary world.
  • Prevalence of homosexuality in the US.
  • Naturalizing human needs as a way to break down taboo and barriers.
  • The association between stigma and drug abuse persistence.
  • Drug abuse and how music increases its prevalence.
  • Rate at which American citizens care for their forefathers.
  • Technological role in shaping our sexual preferences.
  • Reasons why men and women commit suicide.
  • Existing protection policies for children in New York State.
  • Investigating US women who have experienced child sexual abuse.
  • Assessment of healing strategies for drug abuse survivors.
  • The role of parents in supporting their children’s ambitions.
  • Volunteering and its impact on self-satisfaction.
  • Therapies used to treat effective disorder in an American youth.
  • The need for sexual education among young girls with mental health issues.

Social Work Capstone Project Ideas

As a social worker, you should consider some social work project topics for your capstone project . Capstone project social work research topics are highlighted below.

  • Impact of domestic violence on marital satisfaction.
  • How does government support minority groups?
  • Media role in ensuring public safety.
  • Causes of child neglect.
  • How juvenile crime affects the US.
  • How government ensures food security.
  • Enhancing public safety in minority communities.
  • Problems associated with criminal justice system.
  • Social integration of individuals with Down Syndrome.
  • Role of school administration in reducing bullying.
  • Bullying and victims’ academic performance.
  • Trauma experienced by social workers.
  • Parenting and its role in children’s sexual orientation.
  • What causes panic in schools.
  • How child support is essential in divorced couples.
  • Child neglect and its causes.
  • Damages caused by psychological violence.
  • Trauma of adolescent transitioning in LGBTQ+ children.
  • Understanding foster kids’ neglect-syndrome.
  • Causes of increase in reincarceration among youths in America.

Social Work Topics for Discussion

Highlighted below are some social work discussion topics to consider.

  • Root causes of domectic violence.
  • Location-specific suicide prevention and crisis protocols.
  • How does drug dependence influence parenting?
  • Public policies for and against LGBT community.
  • Ways of providing support for bipolar patients.
  • Prenatal depression in expectant mothers.
  • How to cope with imprisonment stigma.
  • Ways to improve living standards in foster homes.
  • What are the best community service strategies for refugees?
  • How can backyard farming be used to empower women?
  • Utilizing gender sensitivity to help the LGBT community.
  • Cultural importance of generation gap.
  • Secondary traumatic stress: symptoms, risk factors & ways of managing.
  • How to motivate women to report family violence.
  • Various ways in which unemployment influences immigrants.
  • How peer service providers confront reproductive health issues.
  • The major problems faced by welfare workers.
  • Detrimental influence of alcohol and drug on adolescents.
  • Effectiveness of the prohibition of liquor.
  • Key reasons for heightened crime rates in modern society.

Social Work Essay Topics

Here are some of social work topics for essays that you should consider in your writing.

  • Global challenges faced by deported women.
  • Street hawking opportunities for teenagers.
  • Main factors that lead to incest.
  • Positive and negative effects of health care reforms.
  • How environmental welfare work is undertaken.
  • Care strategies for immigrants.
  • Impact of corporate social responsibility on community wellbeing.
  • Does welfare scheme affect worker’s performance?
  • The impact of sexual violence on adolescent girls.
  • How does diversity affect various communities?
  • Effect of play therapy interventions in school counseling.
  • Influence of poverty on children’s development and education.
  • How should welfare workers deal with pedophilia victims?
  • How should caseworkers prevent burnout?
  • How to establish a high school service-learning program.
  • Elder abuse: most prevalent forms.
  • The central issues associated with special education.
  • Personal perspective on the obstacles faced by vulnerable populations in search medical help.
  • What is the greatest risk of fetal alcohol exposure?
  • Ways to enhance caseworkers’ mental health.

Social Work Topics for Presentation

Presentation social work topics for research discuss different aspects of the field of social work. The research topics have to be practical for them to be presented well. Below are some good research topics for social work presentation.

  • Strategies to ensure equality during job recruitment.
  • Autism and its risk factors.
  • Causes of depression in kids.
  • What are risk factors of PTSD among victims?
  • Ways to reduce suicide cases in society.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of rehabilitation centers.
  • Community initiatives to cater for the elders.
  • Effects of misdiagnosis of mental illness.
  • Ethics of abortion.
  • Importance of early cancer screening.
  • Strategies to reduce unemployment rate among minority communities.
  • How foster parents can help in countering youth violence.
  • Euthanasia and how various religions view it.
  • Compare societal preparation to COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS.
  • Contemporary ways to substance abuse.
  • Eating disorder and its causes.

Research Topics for Social Work Students

College students also apply social work research topics in their study of related subject, which covers various aspects in the field of social work. Here are some of social work research topics for college students.

  • Resident’s experience in long-term care facilities.
  • Strategies to handle life when both parents suffer from Alzheimer’s.
  • Pregnancy experience among immigrants and how they approach it.
  • How does death affect the collective wellbeing of the family?
  • Enhancing digital literacy among immigrant students.
  • How socioeconomic disparity affects the old.
  • Social and mental effects of loans on students.
  • Social problems that autistic children face.
  • Conversion therapy’s negative effects on the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Impact of science on cancer treatment.

You will find a lot of topics in different fields on our platform. If you are looking for  topics in laws  or mental health research paper topics , just go to our library and find what you need.

Bottom Line on Social Work Research Topic Ideas

Feel free to choose a topic of your choice from the social work research topics examples recommended above. Apply appropriate topic categories during the process of choosing topics depending on your needs, knowledge in the field, and the type of paper you are writing. Practice using the provided examples will make you perfect.


In case you need a personalized research topic, or require a complete social work research paper, you can buy research paper online from StudyCrumb. Particularly, our writers will help you choose social work research paper topics, write papers for you, and proofread the work to ensure there are no grammatical errors.


Joe Eckel is an expert on Dissertations writing. He makes sure that each student gets precious insights on composing A-grade academic writing.

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Social Work Dissertation Topics

Published by Alvin Nicolas at December 22nd, 2022 , Revised On February 2, 2024

The systematic study of issues relevant to the social work profession is called social work research. It can be described as the use of research techniques to solve daily problems that social workers face.

There is a plethora of topics that you can write about in your dissertation as a social work student. Simply put, social work involves a range of activities that enable you to improve the lives of others. Social workers help adults and children deal with general, interpersonal, personal, and family problems.

It might be difficult to find the best topics for a social work dissertation because there are so many important issues to address, given the span of what a social worker does. We have prepared a list of topics to assist you in beginning your adventure of writing a social work dissertation. Let’s have a look!

  • An in-depth analysis of the many strategies to improve the use of social services.
  • The impact of community violence on the quality of life of LGBT+ people.
  • How is the criminal justice system failing America’s social culture?
  • Discuss the impact of sexual trauma and the support social workers can offer.
  • Describe the systems that have worked best to address workplace violence.
  • What difficulties do social workers encounter in interprofessional practices?
  • Analyse how the repressive American healthcare system affects minority populations.
  • Analyse the prevalence of obesity and its impact on the population.
  • Young adults who abuse drugs. The function of social workers in management and prevention.
  • Psychological harm suffered by victims of human trafficking.
  • Reflect on the difficulties faced by the twenty-first-century social worker that did not exist in the past.
  • Identify the inequalities in society that can be ameliorated to improve the lives of racial minorities.
  • A study to determine if children who see or experience domestic violence continue this type of abuse as adults.
  • The impact of family support and protection on child protection in social work.
  • Is ensuring restorative justice through the rehabilitation of young offenders the new strategy?
  • Explores the reasons why women from the South remain in violent situations.
  • Mental health providers refrain from disproportionately committing and detaining young men in mental health facilities.
  • Laws that allow the government to represent underprivileged societies.
  • Research to address the issues of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons and the importance of gender sensitivity.
  • How does education affect a leader’s ability to shape a country’s social and political system?
  • The impact of alcoholism on a person’s society, lifestyle and family.
  • Examine how to deal with social worker fatigue.
  • Show how sexual health education can help prevent teenage pregnancy.
  • Incest in families and rising rates of violence against women and children are caused by pornography.
  • The function of the media in the electoral process of a state or nation and the impact of its influence on the outcome of elections.

Easy Social Work Dissertation Topics

  • How can victims of domestic violence get better job opportunities?
  • Is it crucial for children with Down syndrome to integrate socially and academically?
  • A country’s political and social structure is further enhanced by education as a means of developing strong leaders. Discuss
  • the reintroduction of the death penalty and its impact on the rising crime rate in society.
  • Examine the norms or standards of marriage regarding how people involved in illegitimate or unmarried relationships perceive them.
  • Examine the support programs for victims of domestic abuse in your region or country.
  • Investigate the public’s perception of the limit on the number of children per household and how this affects the socio-economic structure.
  • Analyse the likelihood of eviction in light of social and cultural attitudes.
  • Why does society believe that divorce harms the psyche of children?
  • Discuss the increasing difficulties faced by people with disabilities in today’s civilised countries.
  • Should foster children experience the long-term effects of housing and food insecurity?
  • Name any two presidents and compare their domestic policies to see how they affected or benefited people.
  • The impact of physical changes during puberty on the psyche of children.
  • Discover the procedures and effects of migrant parents’ participation in their children’s education: Overcoming cultural barriers.
  • Family support and social integration play an important role in reducing ex-offenders recidivism.
  • Social workers face difficulties working with clients who have been sexually exploited and are of the opposite sex.
  • Comparing and contrasting Bipolar I and Bipolar II.
  • The impact of communal violence on the LGBT community and their quality of life.
  • Alcoholism is caused by substance abuse. Critically examine the claim.
  • Give a qualitative analysis of the risk and resilience of young people.
  • How does a woman’s health affect her ability to find work?
  • Young people comment on the care homes they have used in the past.
  • Does encouraging female travel promote civic leadership?
  • The link between humanities and citizenship. Discuss
  • Young people’s and service providers’ views on how housing options affect young adults.

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  • Tourism Dissertation Topics
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  • History Dissertation Topics

Child Protection Social Work Dissertation Topics

  • Provide an overview of research based on actual practice on how authorities influence child protection.
  • Will children exposed to or witness abuse and violence at home continue this pattern of behaviour?
  • Impact of family support and safety during social workers involved in child protection.
  • The role of social workers in implementing successful interventions for victims of child sexual abuse.
  • Factors that make it more likely for adopted children to seek their birth parents.
  • The impact of spousal violence on children and how this affects a social worker.
  • Examine your region’s educational progress in child care.
  • Review California’s education and childcare literature and identify the lessons the rest of the world can learn from it.
  • A study of how people recover from traumatic childhood experiences and move on with their lives. Give examples.
  • Is gender-neutral education outdated, or is it still necessary today?
  • How is a child’s self-esteem related to the school environment?
  • A case study to explore the difficulties of children with learning difficulties.
  • The benefits of studying child development for the enhancement of social services.
  • The cause of historical ignorance of child development over many years.
  • Explore the self-development of the different stages of development.
  • The most effective approaches to reducing behavioural problems in foster children.
  • The link between a child’s impairment and the likelihood that he or she will enter foster care.
  • How can group therapy benefit foster children?
  • The impact of frequent family changes on young orphans.
  • What is the psychological impact of homelessness on children?

Mental Health Social Work Dissertation Topics

  • Why do people with obsessive-compulsive problems find it difficult to function in society?
  • The impact of bipolar parents on children’s health and lifestyles.
  • Why is it important to socially challenge the stigma attached to mental illness?
  • The contribution of social workers to improving support for people with mental illness.
  • The prevalence of suicidal thoughts in military units and the most effective methods for dealing with them.
  • The best learning supports children with learning problems such as dyslexia, ADHD and others.
  • An in-depth analysis of programs for people with developmental disabilities that educate about sexuality.
  • Analyses of how developmental disabilities affect a person’s life events.
  • A preliminary analysis of the many tools available to primary caregivers of autistic children.
  • Using the mind-body connection in yoga to increase resilience to traumatic events.
  • Are mental health problems more stigmatised in women than in men? Make a comparative analysis.
  • The perspective of a woman who receives support from social services in coping with a mental illness.
  • Determine whether smoking makes depressed people feel like they belong or are accepted.
  • Can minorities and other marginalised groups access mental health care equally?
  • Do mental health service providers refrain from placing young men in psychiatric units?
  • The link between successful mental health care and public policy.
  • The psychological and emotional impact of immature parents on adult children.
  • How can cognitive behavioral therapy in foster care change lives?
  • Lack of emotional availability at home and codependency.
  • Leisure activities are important for Alzheimer’s patients. Discuss why?

Here yo will find detailed psychology dissertation topics , if you are interested to write a research paper about psychology.

Miscellaneous Social Work Dissertation Topics

  • An investigation into the direction of practice with survivors of child sexual abuse.
  • To examine societal perceptions and their impact on the treatment and prevention of HIV and AIDS in two at-risk groups.
  • Discuss how environmental issues affect students’ academic performance in classrooms.
  • Discuss the sociological aspects that affect students’ lifestyles and self-image.
  • Critically describe the physical, psychological, social and emotional changes a pregnant woman undergoes before and after childbirth.
  • Critically address the emotional and psychological impact of low self-esteem.
  • Elaborate on the impact of physical and verbal abuse in school and how this affects the student’s ability to concentrate in class.
  • Identify the type of sexual and physical violence both parties agree to improve the sexual experience.
  • Examine in detail how inclusion affects the social lifestyle to improve it.
  • Discuss the basic problems that arise in interracial relationships.
  • Examine how religious diversity affects social workers’ efforts to promote religious inclusion.
  • Resilience in young people who have had a difficult adolescence: a qualitative study.
  • Exploring youth hostels and the network of young people in difficulty: A place for all seasons.
  • Discuss the role of cultural diversity in the workplace in achieving cultural inclusion in society.
  • Analyse the extent to which the average white person exploits members of a minority group.
  • Examine the stress or anxiety girls experience when they first notice their period.
  • Critically examine the impact of high housing costs in the UK.
  • Discuss the impact of teenage pregnancy on teenage mothers’ educational and professional lives.
  • A study of the relationship between education and self-esteem in girls.
  • Examine the importance of hypnosis in therapy and discuss whether it should be used during sessions.
  • Discuss how cognitive therapy helps people become more stable and how it affects the care of children.
  • Analyse causal models used in the research literature to explore theories about the causes of poverty and unemployment.
  • Analyse the difficulties of misdiagnosis and how it affects people with mental disorders.
  • Compare and contrast clinical and undiagnosed depression.
  • A case study method enables researchers to assess how children with non-verbal difficulties develop socially.

How Can you Research a Leading Social Work Dissertation Topic?

There are numerous ways to search for social work dissertation topics. To get a rough idea of these productive ways, scroll down.

  • Discuss this with your professor, who can best advise you on an under-researched topic in the field.
  • Choose a topic supported by one or more published papers by scholars in the US or abroad. Citations should also be specific, and the majority should appear in reputable peer-reviewed journals.
  • Also, a theoretical approach cannot compete with practical knowledge, so social work research topics should relate to practice. However, the group of students is an exception, as theoretical concepts are appropriate.
  • Overcoming a certain stereotype should be your topic because it is necessary to dispel people’s preconceived ideas.
  • It can be considered significant if a topic offers readers actual benefits, useful arguments and tangible evidence.

Social work is indispensable in our daily lives. Therefore, it would be necessary for social work practitioners and students to put this research into practice. Even though scholars have made significant contributions to the discipline, there is still much room for growth. Since there are so many different research topics in social work that can be explored, it would not be necessary to repeat the previous research topics. Without regard to your level of study, there is a good chance that you will find excellent social work dissertation topics .

Significance of a Good Social Work Dissertation Topic

The social work research has the potential to be transformed by a strong social work dissertation topic. Additionally, but not always, the topics should align with the latest social trends. Since most trends are overrated, you should limit yourself to a few that matter. It will benefit your career if you choose a topic that has recently gained attention. Therefore, it is advisable to identify trends that have the potential to be relevant in the future.

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How ngos gather funds by the social work.

NGOs gather funds for social work through various channels like grants, donations, fundraising events, corporate partnerships, and online crowdfunding.

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Social Work Dissertation Topics

100 social work dissertation topics help for your assignment project.

  • Child abuse
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Correctional system
  • support systems
  • Bipolar syndrome
  • LGBTQ+ Community
  • Counselling
  • Foster Care
  • Teenage Adoption
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Down’s syndrome
  • Social Sigma

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100 Social Work Dissertation Topics Ideas

General topics for social working .

1. Social work and its historical evolution

2. Therapy and its importance for modern teenagers

3. A study on domestic abuse in middle-class homes

4. Compassion fatigue: An exhaustive study

5. Child drug abuse and psychological impacts in the society

6. Modern-day social work and the challenges associated with it

7. Minority groups and understanding their struggles

8. An investigation into drug sensitisation in high schools

9. A study on the social stereotypes associated with depression

10. Psychological violence and the damages it causes

Social Work Dissertation Topics Help

11. Impact of trauma in the education of foster home children

12. Impact of community violence on the lives of the LGBT+ community

13. Criminal Justice System and how it is failing America’s social lifestyle

14. How to identify workplace trauma

15. Addressing Workplace violence: The remedies

16. Depression: Teenagers and the early signs of anxiety

17. The child-parent separation issue and the associated risks

18. Expensive American healthcare system and its influence on the minority groups

19. Psychological effects of poverty and scarcity on young children

20. Studying addictive behaviour as a byproduct of substance abuse

21. A comparative study on Bipolar I and Bipolar II

22. On controlling Addiction: Finding a cure

23. Alcohol abuse and its impact on the academic performance

24. Bipolar patients and designing a supporting mechanism for them

25. Addressing the obesity problem in America

Human Services Topics for Social Work

26. Food banks and their positive impact on the lives of young Americans

27. Nature, Extent and Remedies of high school bullying

28. On cultivating a loving culture in foster care homes

29. An analysis on America’s carceral shortcomings

30. Homophobia: The nature and problems in America

31. A study on socially integrating Dyslexic people

32. Foodbanks and their negative effects on the psychology of teenagers

33. Developing a support system of LGBTQ+ children

34. American correctional system and its failures

35. A closer look into the Police system of America

36. Juvenile delinquency and adult incarceration: A comparative study

37. Child trafficking: Impact on the society and the psychology of a child

38. Psychological trauma related to Human trafficking on the victims

39. Schooling system and a study on depression, anxiety and panic in toddlers

40. Homophobia: Assessment of impact on LGBTQ+ Adults

41. Family Cruelty and its impact on children

42. Effects of misdiagnosed mental illness

43. On Addressing domestic and Spousal violence

44. Why welfare workers require therapy and support groups

45. Home violence and its negative psychological influence on children

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dissertation ideas social work

Social Work Dissertation Topics Help on Thesis

46. Psychological and emotional impacts of immature parents on adult children

47. Addressing and evaluating child abuse in foster care

48. Child abuse: A psychological burden

49. Cognitive behavioural therapy in foster care and how it can change lives

50. Trauma: Effects and remedies

51. Examining Harmful effects of Juvenile delinquency

52. Reassessing the American rehabilitation system

53. Gender Disparity in correctional facilities: Truth or Perception

54. Structural racism inside the welfare system of America: A study

55. ADHD: Investigating the myths associated and finding remedies

56. Studying codependency as a feature of displacement

57. Expecting mothers and the effects of prepartum depression

58. The role of Interdependency and codependency in the society

59. Home emotional unavailability and how it gives rise to codependency

60. Social workers and their roles in preventing drug abuse

Miscellaneous topics on Social work

61. Sexually violated children: How sexual violence shapes the life of a future citizen

62. On understanding the victim syndrome

63. Positive and Negative effects of foster parenting

64. Diversity and how to apply it in the social work sector

65. Foster kids and the evils of neglect-syndrome

66. Spirituality: How it can get used as a social work technique

67. Same-sex relationship in the light of social work

68. Importance of therapy for the less represented groups

69. Differences between clinical depression and undiagnosed depression

70. Drug vulnerability: Nature and benefits for addicts

71. Misdiagnosis and the challenges it presents for mentally challenged people

72. Confinement: The dangers and concerns

73. A psychological study on the negative effects of physical abuse on spousal intimacy

74. Abusive parenting: A study into the psychological, emotional and physical effects

75. The infectiousness of Verbal and Physical abuse in the children’s lives

76. Inherent challenges of interracial marriages: A case study

77. Negative impacts of conversion therapy on the LGBTQ+ community

78. Birth control laws: Impact on the society

79. Increased cost of housing in America and the psychological effects on young millennials

80. Low income and its relationship with the rising cases of drug abuse

81. Wellness therapy and its sustainability in the long run

82. In-depth analysis of the impacts of first-time menstrual experience on teenage girls

83. Abortion bans and the psychological dangers associated with it

84. Low paid labour and the problems it creates in the workspace

85. Impacts of teenage pregnancy on teenage mothers

86. Social media: A study on the online platforms and the pressure they create on the lives of teenage children

87. Experiences of women living in shelter homes: A case study

88. A closer look into a healthy client-therapist relationship in psychiatry

89. Disability disparity in the Health care system and the social works department

90. A study on the Foster kids and the future attachment styles they adopt

91. ADHD and its effect on the adults

92. PTSD and the challenges it brings to the life of war veterans

93. The social relegation of Autism children: A case study

94. Psychological effects of homelessness and building a support system

95. Bipolar parents and the effects of flawed parenting on the lives of the children

96. Challenges and Advantages associated with teenage adoption

97. Addressing the stigma surrounding the stability

98. Alcoholism and its relationship with the rising cases of domestic abuse

99. A closer look into the undisclosed rape cases

100. Addressing the suicidal tendencies within the Military

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dissertation ideas social work

Preliminary Research Proposal

Sociology Dissertation Topics

Sociology Dissertation Topics

dissertation ideas social work

  • Dissertation Topics

Social Work Dissertation Topics

Social work is a dynamic field of social study that aims to bring positive change in society by addressing the issues of the vulnerable or ignored segments of society. Today, human beings face multiple social challenges like pandemic disease, social violence, drug abuse, and conservative social norms. To analyse social issues properly, you need to provide complete attention while selecting social work dissertation topics .

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You may also like to review ;

Humanities Research Topics | Sociology Dissertation Topics

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New Social Work Dissertation Topics for 2024

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  1. 185 Social Work Dissertation Topics

    Common Dissertation Topics For Social Work Students. If you wish to get top grades, here are some topics that give you a lot of literature and data to review. Birth control laws and their negative impact. The challenges of increasing housing costs on the youth. Workplace abuse and the relationship with paid labor.

  2. Social Work Dissertation Topics (25 Examples) For Research

    List of Social work dissertation topics. The role of social workers in the evolution of children raised in violent families. Studying the impact of social work on the mental health of visually impaired people. The importance of social work for domestic violence in slum areas. The role of social workers in rescuing procedures of earthquake ...

  3. Best Social Work Research Topics

    Addressing cultural perspectives- Transiting to social work. The social worker's role in deciding to end life. Lifelong learning model- Exploring evidence-based practices. The reflection law- a learning model or self-indulgence in social work. These are general ideas worth exploring in your social work dissertation.

  4. Social Work Theses, Projects, and Dissertations

    social work's role in addressing police oppression: social workers' perspectives, jess husband. pdf. the relationship between mental health and the african american academic experience, adelola ige. pdf. examining the contributing factors to aging out of foster care, aida justiz skipper and ericka ross. pdf

  5. 80 Social Work Research Topics

    Social work is a multidisciplinary field that addresses societal issues and promotes social change, making it an excellent area to explore for your research. Our comprehensive list of social work research topics covers a wide range of areas, including mental health, child welfare, community development, social justice, and more.

  6. 100 Social Work Research Topics and Tips on Choosing One

    50 Controversial Research Topics. Group therapy vs individual therapy for increasing autistic children adaptability. Impact on parents having children with autism spectrum disorder. Role play vs group discussion efficiency in increasing knowledge regarding drug abuse among high-school students. Addressing the stigma associated with depression.

  7. Social Work Dissertation Topics: 10+ Ideas To Get Started

    Social Work Dissertation Topics: 20+ Ideas to Consider for Your Research. The reaction of the social work profession to societal concerns. Examining instances in which gifts are utilized unethically and unfairly. The function of social workers in earthquake victim rescue processes. Knowledge of social circumstances and social issues are analyzed.

  8. Social Work Theses and Dissertations

    Theses/Dissertations from 2017. An Exploration of the Relationship between Child Welfare Workers' Ambivalent Sexism and Beliefs about Father Involvement, Katrina Lee Brewsaugh. Physical, Verbal, Relational and Cyber-Bullying and Victimization: Examining the Social and Emotional Adjustment of Participants, Melanie Mcvean.

  9. Dissertations

    2023. Li, Ke (2023) Social Isolation and Psychological Well-being of U.S. Older Adults: Exploring the Moderating and Mediating Effects of Psychosocial Factors. VanHook, Cortney (2023) A Person-Centered Approach to Increase the Uptake of Mental Health Services among Young Black Men. Ballard, Adrian (2023) Development, Validation, and Exploratory ...

  10. Social Work thesis and dissertation collection

    Topping up the tank: enhancing the emotional resilience of social workers in local authority adult services . Rose, Sarah (The University of Edinburgh, 2022-11-17) The emotional resilience of social workers has increasingly been a focus of research, particularly in response to high levels of stress in the profession.

  11. 233 Brilliant Social Work Research Topics To Use

    Social Work Thesis Topics. As a field of study on its own, social work will require you to write series of papers, research assignments and essays on a select topic of your choice. This is also compulsory if you are doing your master's program or your Ph.D. You'll be required to carry out evaluative or qualitative research on your area of ...

  12. School of Social Work Dissertations and Theses

    Theses/Dissertations from 2022. PDF. A Critical Discourse Analysis of How Youth in Care Describe Social Support, Jared Israel Best. PDF. Examining Demographic and Environmental Factors in Predicting the Perceived Impact of Cancer on Childhood and Adolescent Cancer Survivors, Nazan Cetin. PDF.

  13. 201 Best Social Work Dissertation Topics in 2024

    Below are some ideas for social work dissertation topics: The effectiveness of different intervention strategies for child abuse and neglect. The impact of poverty on mental health and well-being. The effectiveness of substance abuse treatment programs for individuals experiencing homelessness.

  14. Social Work Dissertation Topics

    Social Work Dissertation Topics for Upscale Writing. If you believe that the narrower your major is, the more difficult it is to pick a worthy topic for a dissertation, it is time to dispel such stereotypes! The common issue numerous scholars face is a lack of knowledge about the intricacies of the proper dissertation idea selection. It seems ...

  15. 145+ Best Social Work Research Topics and Ideas to Use

    Best Social Work Research Topics Ideas. Importee of group therapy in children. Ill effects of less child support. Effects of clinical depression. Impact of ADHD in foster homes related to kids. Effects of continued mobility in the lives of orphaned kids. The best counselling session for people suffering from PTSD.

  16. 300 Social Work Research Topics & Ideas 2023

    Social Work Dissertation Topics. Dissertation is a crucial part of your education life as a social worker. Therefore, dissertation topics in social work have to be properly framed and specific. Here are some of the dissertation topics for social work to consider. Coping strategies of men during violence at home.

  17. Social Work Dissertation Topics

    Example social work training dissertation topic 1: The act of reflection: Self-indulgence or a model for learning in social work. The need to reflect upon one's own professional practice is seen as paramount within the training that one receives in social work.

  18. Theses and Dissertations (Social Work)

    A social work study on factors contributing to a high rate of depression amongst university students from the age of 19 - 23 years. Matthew, S. A. (2022-12) Over the past few decades, the increase in depression amongst university students has become a global concern. In attempting to understand the increase in the prevalence of depression ...

  19. The Best Social Work Dissertation Topics

    Social Work Dissertation Topics. Published by Alvin Nicolas at December 22nd, 2022 , Revised On February 2, 2024. The systematic study of issues relevant to the social work profession is called social work research. It can be described as the use of research techniques to solve daily problems that social workers face.

  20. Dissertation Topics on Social work

    4. Time and money: Learning to do research is like learning to drive. One cannot expect to become a pro F1 rider from the word go. Therefore, it is better to start slow and choose a topic that is ...

  21. Social Work Dissertation Topics

    100 Social Work Dissertation Topics Ideas General Topics for Social Working 1. Social work and its historical evolution. 2. Therapy and its importance for modern teenagers. 3. A study on domestic abuse in middle-class homes. 4. Compassion fatigue: An exhaustive study. 5. Child drug abuse and psychological impacts in the society. 6.

  22. Social Work Dissertation Topics

    Social Work Dissertation Topics. Social work is a dynamic field of social study that aims to bring positive change in society by addressing the issues of the vulnerable or ignored segments of society. Today, human beings face multiple social challenges like pandemic disease, social violence, drug abuse, and conservative social norms.

  23. DSpace

    Doctorate in Social Work (DSW) Dissertations. ... While there has been a surge in the texting literature related to the innovative uses of mobile technology in clinical social work practice, there is a dearth of knowledge related to the use of texting between clients and clinicians. Regardless of a clinician's individual preference for using ...

  24. Comprehensive Dissertation Editing

    I have read and understood all your project details "Comprehensive Dissertation Editing - Social Work" and I feel my self the best candidate to complete this project with 100 percent accuracy. I am Faisal Mahmood, I have more than 10 Years of experience in crafting tailored solutions for success, including; Business Plans, Pitch Decks ...