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case study for international business

PON – Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School - https://www.pon.harvard.edu

Team-Building Strategies: Building a Winning Team for Your Organization

case study for international business

Discover how to build a winning team and boost your business negotiation results in this free special report, Team Building Strategies for Your Organization, from Harvard Law School.

  • Top 10 International Business Negotiation Case Studies

International business negotiation case studies offer insights to business negotiators who face challenges in the realm of cross-cultural business negotiation.

By PON Staff — on March 26th, 2024 / International Negotiation

case study for international business

If you engage in international negotiation , you can improve your odds of success by learning from these 10 well-known international business negotiation case studies:

International Negotiations

Claim your FREE copy: International Negotiations

Claim your copy of International Negotiations: Cross-Cultural Communication Skills for International Business Executives from
 the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

  • Apple’s Apology in China

When Apple CEO Timothy D. Cook apologized to Apple customers in China for problems arising from Apple’s warranty policy, he promised to rectify the issue. In a negotiation research study, Professor William W. Maddux of INSEAD and his colleagues compared reactions to apologies in the United States and in Japan. They discovered that in “collectivist cultures” such as China and Japan, apologies can be particularly effective in repairing broken trust, regardless of whether the person apologizing is to blame. This may be especially true in a cross-cultural business negotiation such as this one.

  • Bangladesh Factory-Safety Agreements

In this negotiation case study, an eight-story factory collapsed in Bangladesh, killing an estimated 1,129 people, most of whom were low-wage garment workers manufacturing goods for foreign retailers. Following the tragedy, companies that outsourced their garment production faced public pressure to improve conditions for foreign workers. Labor unions focused their efforts on persuading Swedish “cheap chic” giant H&M to take the lead on safety improvements. This negotiation case study highlights the pros and cons of all-inclusive, diffuse agreements versus targeted, specific agreements.

  • The Microsoft-Nokia Deal

Microsoft made the surprising announcement that it was purchasing Finnish mobile handset maker Nokia for $7.2 billion, a merger aimed at building Microsoft’s mobile and smartphone offerings. The merger faced even more complexity after the ink dried on the contract—namely, the challenges of integrating employees from different cultures. International business negotiation case studies such as this one underscore the difficulties that companies face when attempting to negotiate two different identities.

  • The Cyprus Crisis

With the economy of the tiny Mediterranean island nation Cyprus near collapse, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB), and the European Commission teamed up to offer a 10-billion-euro bailout package contingent on Cyprus provisioning a substantial amount of the money through a one-time tax on ordinary Cypriot bank depositors. The move proved extremely unpopular in Cyprus and protests resulted. The nation’s president was left scrambling for a backup plan. The lesson from international business negotiation case studies such as this? Sometimes the best deal you can get may be better than no deal at all.

  • Dissent in the European Union

The European Union (EU) held a summit to address the coordination of economic activities and policies among EU member states. German resistance to such a global deal was strong, and pessimism about a unified EU banking system ran high as a result of the EU financial crisis. The conflict reflects the difficulty of forging  multiparty agreements  during times of stress and crisis.

  • North and South Korea Talks Collapse

Negotiations between North Korea and South Korea were supposed to begin in Seoul aimed at lessening tensions between the divided nations. It would have been the highest government dialogue between the two nations in years. Just before negotiations were due to start, however, North Korea complained that it was insulted that the lead negotiator from the South wasn’t higher in status. The conflict escalated, and North Korea ultimately withdrew from the talks. The case highlights the importance of pride and power perceptions in international negotiations.

  • Canceled Talks for the U.S. and Russia

Then-U.S. president Barack Obama canceled a scheduled summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, citing a lack of progress on a variety of negotiations. The announcement came on the heels of Russia’s decision to grant temporary asylum to former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who made confidential data on American surveillance programs public. From international business negotiation case studies such as this, we can learn strategic reasons for  breaking off ties , if only temporarily, with a counterpart.

  • The East China Sea Dispute

In recent years, several nations, including China and Japan, have laid claim to a chain of islands in the East China Sea. China’s creation of an “air defense” zone over the islands led to an international dispute with Japan. International negotiators seeking to resolve complex disputes may gain valuable advice from this negotiation case study, which involves issues of international law as well as perceptions of relative strength or weakness in negotiations.

  • An International Deal with Syria

When then-U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, announced a deal to prevent the United States from entering the Syrian War, it was contingent on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s promise to dismantle his nation’s chemical weapons. Like other real-life negotiation case studies, this one highlights the value of expanding our focus in negotiation.

  • A Nuclear Deal with Iran

When the United States and five other world powers announced an interim agreement to temporarily freeze Iran’s nuclear program, the six-month accord, which eventually led to a full-scale agreement in 2015, was designed to give international negotiators time to negotiate a more comprehensive pact that would remove the threat of Iran producing nuclear weapons. As Iranian President Hassan Rouhani insisted that Iran had a sovereign right to enrich uranium, the United States rejected Iran’s claim to having a “right to enrich” but agreed to allow Iran to continue to enrich at a low level, a concession that allowed a deal to emerge.

What international business negotiation case studies in the news have you learned from in recent years?

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case study for international business

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Understanding how to arrange the meeting space is a key aspect of preparing for negotiation. In this video, Professor Guhan Subramanian discusses a real world example of how seating arrangements can influence a negotiator’s success. This discussion was held at the 3 day executive education workshop for senior executives at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

Guhan Subramanian is the Professor of Law and Business at the Harvard Law School and Professor of Business Law at the Harvard Business School.

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case study for international business

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case study for international business

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case study for international business

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Case studies are descriptions of real or hypothetical business problems.

Case studies can be found in:

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  • online business databases: 
  • ABI/INFORM collection Worldwide business journals for information on advertising, marketing, economics, human resources, finance, taxation, computers, and companies.
  • Business source complete Business Source Complete is a scholarly journal article database, providing bibliographic and full text access to business, finance, and management journal articles, as well as company & industry information.
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  • Tourism Cases "Tourism Cases is a growing collection of case studies written by international practitioners and academics. Designed to share experiences and expertise from the Tourism Industry, our case studies offer practical, real-life examples in one easily searchable platform."

case study for international business

These websites provide a few free case studies. Information on what is publicly available is generally noted in the details of the cases.

  • Business Ethics Business Ethics is the study of ethical dilemmas, values, and decision-making in the world of commerce.
  • MIT Sloan School of Management Learning Edge
  • The Case Centre
  • The World Bank Open Knowledge Repository

The following resources provide advice on how to read and interpret case studies, and how to prepare written case study analysis.

case study for international business

  • Case studies (Cengage Learning)
  • Preparing a Written Case Analysis (McGraw Hill)
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Ivey faculty and case writers work on the ground in locations around the world, conducting in-person interviews with the principals in the case to gain a personal sense of the local context. 

Ivey's active collection includes nearly 5,400 cases, and over 630 Ivey Business Journal articles. The Ivey case collection has cases involving nearly 100 distinct countries. There are particularly large collections regarding North America, China, India, the rest of Asia, United Kingdom, European Union countries, and South Africa. 

In addition, there are over 2,100 case translations. Ivey is the second largest producer of management case studies in the world.

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case study for international business

Breaking Into International Markets

From the outset of Bondi Chai, Martin Buggy knew that he eventually wanted to expand his business into the international market.

case study for international business

Attracting Attention In The US Market

Thinking big has always been a motto for Mellissah Smith, Marketing Director and founder of Marketing Eye. After establishing her company (a marketing services provider) in Australia, she saw a gap in the US market and seized the opportunity to expand. “The US was a space that had no global player,” she says.

case study for international business

Conquering Customer Skepticism

Vertaccount is an online bookkeeping, payroll and accounting company. Established only two years ago, it has experienced outstanding growth thanks to outsourcing its back-end administration to Manila. However, they had to deal with initial doubt regarding their offshoring business model.

case study for international business

Doing Business Across Multiple Borders

Manufacturing costs in China are cheap and turnaround time is fast, however, the process can be fraught with problems. Read on to see how Matt Cave of VAVAVOOM overcame obstacles and fostered a successful business that works across multiple borders.

Increasing Dollar Makes Exporters Holler

Discover how one business is managing the rapid and severe changes in business competitiveness because of the high Australian dollar (AUD).

Nightmare In China

An Australian designer learnt some tough lessons about doing business in China when she found her designs being onsold to manufacturers in other countries.

Deep Water Harvest

Founding a diving services business at the start of a massive boom in WA caused plenty of headaches for one entrepreneur. But surviving the boom has brought great results.

Now Hear This ...

Running a radio network with an audience of 150 different cultures and a staff that is almost as equally diverse has taught valuable lessons to an Australian expatriate.

Bouncing Baby

Building an export market during a world economic downturn has had its problems - but mainly to do with customs clearance and quality nappy wrapping.

Box Of Treats

Transforming a suburban Melbourne TAFE into an international education brand is a thrilling challenge for its CEO.

Sitting Pretty

When Moran Furniture began losing market share to low-cost Asian imports, it was time to change its manufacturing strategy. So it went to China.

Green China

A firm of Australian engineers has won its first big project in China, which is providing plenty of challenges and opportunities.

Cheap And Cheerless

Cheap imports can end up costing money and reputations. The key is to find good suppliers – and that takes research, effort and money.

The Personal Touch

A mid-life crisis got two Melbourne entrepreneurs into the book trade. Following their instincts and relying on a personal style of doing business have got them exciting new markets.

Business Projection

An Australian events company has hurdled the obstacles to opening its first overseas office - and managed to retain its unique culture.

case study for international business

Featured Article 1

A fresh approach to leading today's sales teams.

case study for international business

7 Types Of Self-care That Every Business Leader Should Be Mindful Of

case study for international business

Featured Articles

Why Tapping Into The Power Of A Growth Mindset Boosts Performance

Six Steps To Less Stress And More Balance


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IKEA - A case Study for International Business

Profile image of Suhair Jab

Related Papers

Shaik Nabil

case study for international business

Artur Twardowski

Hiba Sellaoui

Phuong Pham

Anthony Olabode Ayodele (Bode Ayodele)

DASH | Delft Architectural Studies on Housing

Irene Cieraad

Masud Gaziyev

This paper analyses multinational corporation IKEA and its sustainability strategy as described in its official sustainability strategy document. Several theoretical frameworks each describing various levels of analysis, namely individual, organisational, and network perspectives are introduced and applied to IKEA. Moreover, the justifications for why certain theories have bene chosen as well as insights they provide to understand IKEA and its sustainability strategy are discussed and analysed critically.

SSRN Electronic Journal

Jakob Lauring

Kevin Zentner , Rachel Killoh , Zhen Sun

Ikea is a worldwide success story; their stores were visited 915 million times and their website was accessed over 2 billion times in 2016 (Highlights, 2016). As the world’s largest furniture retailer, Ikea services a number of market segments. With significant volume discounts and a vertically integrated supply chain, the production of low-cost goods target young families and low income segments. Conversely, the flagship Stockholm line of furniture entices sophisticated consumers towards mid-priced, superior value products with quality materials such as walnut, bone china, and rustic grain leather.

Loading Preview

Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button above.


armin coronado

Türkiye Aile Hekimliği Dergisi

mehmet AKMAN

International Journal of Computer science and Information Technology (IJCSIT), Vol. 2 No. 2

Jisha Jayan

Educação &amp; Sociedade

Marcos Ketelhut

Progress in biomaterials

Nabanita Saha

Edith Glaser

Journal of Advanced Research in Materials Science

Siti Nur Raihan

Ciência &amp; Saúde Coletiva

Joana Cabral de Oliveira

Adelina Elena

The Contemporary Pacific

Mark Calamia

Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry

Fayaz Ahmad

Agriculture, Ecosystems &amp; Environment

Michal Hejcman

thiya marita

Lovia Nur Puspita

Revista Neurociências

Victor Hugo Bastos

Profetika: Jurnal Studi Islam

Muhammad Muhtarom

Devita Maya

Journal of Finance and Accounting

Dr. Peter Kithae

Spatial Economics

Anna Bardal

2021 IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering (QCE)

Alex Alekseyenko

Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

Maria Victoria Preciado

Dawid Grupa

Communications Biology

James McCullagh

jhkghjf hfdgedfg


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case study for international business

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3 Emerging Market Risks Companies Should Watch for in 2018

  • Joel Whitaker
  • Antonio Martinez
  • February 08, 2018

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Research Shows Immigrants Help Businesses Grow. Here’s Why.

  • Nataly Kelly
  • October 26, 2018

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7 Traits of Companies on the Fast Track to International Growth

  • March 06, 2015

Negotiating with Third World Governments

  • Louis T. Wells, Jr.
  • From the January 1977 Issue

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What Businesses Need to Know About Sustainable Development Goals

  • Bhaskar Chakravorti
  • November 20, 2015

case study for international business

When Should Multinationals Move Back into Venezuela?

  • Pablo González Alonso
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  • September 01, 2017

Making M&A Fly in China

  • From the March 2006 Issue

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Should an Emerging-Market Incubator Help U.S. Businesses? (HBR Case Study and Commentary)

  • William A. Sahlman
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  • Gururaj Deshpande
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case study for international business

How Benchmarking Can Help Countries Become More Digital

  • Ravi Shankar Chaturvedi
  • March 08, 2016

Who Is Them?

  • Robert B. Reich
  • From the March–April 1991 Issue

The Case of the China Diary

  • Alan M. Webber
  • From the November–December 1989 Issue

case study for international business

Entering a Market Where There's Little Demand for Your Product

  • Karl Ulrich
  • December 17, 2021

case study for international business

60 Countries' Digital Competitiveness, Indexed

  • Ajay Bhalla
  • July 12, 2017

case study for international business

How to Successfully Work Across Countries, Languages, and Cultures

  • Tsedal Neeley
  • August 29, 2017

Corporations Need a Better Approach to Public Policy

  • Ben W. Heineman, Jr.
  • April 01, 2016

Don’t Give up On Russia

  • Vladimir Kvint
  • From the March–April 1994 Issue

case study for international business

The 4 Dimensions of Digital Trust, Charted Across 42 Countries

  • February 19, 2018

case study for international business

Vispera: Visual Intelligence for Retail

  • Yael Grushka-Cockayne
  • Gamze Yucaoglu
  • September 30, 2019

Gavi and COVID-19: Pandemic of the Century

  • Tarun Khanna
  • May 05, 2020

Apollo Hospitals: The Journey of Digital Transformation

  • Srinivasan R
  • Amar Saxena
  • May 01, 2023

Haier India: Aiming for Market Leadership

  • Yih-teen Lee
  • Sebastian Reiche
  • Carlos Sanchez-Runde
  • January 28, 2020

Thierry Porté

  • Leslie A. Perlow
  • Matthew Preble
  • November 06, 2019

Birla Carbon Egypt: Building Soft Power in a Foreign Country

  • Jeremy Friedman
  • July 28, 2022

Marketing Chateau Margaux

  • John Deighton
  • Vincent Dessain
  • Leyland Pitt
  • Daniela Beyersdorfer
  • Anders Sjoman
  • October 06, 2006

pymetrics: International Expansion

  • John R. Wells
  • Benjamin Weinstock
  • September 12, 2019

Ant Financial (A)

  • Krishna G. Palepu
  • Anthony K. Woo
  • Nancy Hua Dai
  • March 27, 2017

Lincoln Electric Co.

  • Norman A. Berg
  • Norman D. Fast
  • August 01, 1975

Inditex: 2012

  • Galen Danskin
  • June 03, 2013

Uber's incursion into Uruguay (Epilogue) (B)

  • Leonardo Ramon Veiga
  • Pablo Enrique Sartor
  • December 14, 2023

Ken Durham and Unilever as a 'Multi-Local Multinational'

  • Geoffrey G. Jones
  • Stephanie Decker
  • August 31, 2007

Lincoln Electric: Venturing Abroad

  • Christopher A. Bartlett
  • Jamie O'Connell
  • January 14, 1998

BYJU'S The Learning App

  • John Jong-Hyun Kim
  • Rachna Tahilyani
  • February 28, 2017

Tokio Marine Group (B)

  • David J. Collis
  • Akiko Kanno
  • December 04, 2020

Climate Change: Paris, and the Road Ahead

  • Vincent Pons
  • Amram Migdal
  • March 29, 2018

Yum! Brands

  • Jordan Siegel
  • Christopher Poliquin
  • May 31, 2012

Lifting the Vail: Largest U.S. Snow Sports Resort Operator Takes on Climate Change

  • Christopher I. Rider
  • Joni Betrand
  • July 19, 2023

Arcos Dorados' Quest for the Digitalization of Last-Mile Delivery in Colombia (B)

  • Jorge Tamayo
  • Jenyfeer Martinez Buitrago
  • Mariana Cal
  • November 07, 2022

case study for international business

TikTok and Kuaishou: A Tale of Two Short-Video Sharing Apps from China to the Globe, Teaching Note

  • Zhigang Liu
  • Jianggan Li
  • Xinhe Zhuang
  • July 08, 2021

Uber's incursion into Uruguay (A) and (B), Teaching Note

Popular topics, partner center.

Hertz CEO Kathryn Marinello with CFO Jamere Jackson and other members of the executive team in 2017

Top 40 Most Popular Case Studies of 2021

Two cases about Hertz claimed top spots in 2021's Top 40 Most Popular Case Studies

Two cases on the uses of debt and equity at Hertz claimed top spots in the CRDT’s (Case Research and Development Team) 2021 top 40 review of cases.

Hertz (A) took the top spot. The case details the financial structure of the rental car company through the end of 2019. Hertz (B), which ranked third in CRDT’s list, describes the company’s struggles during the early part of the COVID pandemic and its eventual need to enter Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 

The success of the Hertz cases was unprecedented for the top 40 list. Usually, cases take a number of years to gain popularity, but the Hertz cases claimed top spots in their first year of release. Hertz (A) also became the first ‘cooked’ case to top the annual review, as all of the other winners had been web-based ‘raw’ cases.

Besides introducing students to the complicated financing required to maintain an enormous fleet of cars, the Hertz cases also expanded the diversity of case protagonists. Kathyrn Marinello was the CEO of Hertz during this period and the CFO, Jamere Jackson is black.

Sandwiched between the two Hertz cases, Coffee 2016, a perennial best seller, finished second. “Glory, Glory, Man United!” a case about an English football team’s IPO made a surprise move to number four.  Cases on search fund boards, the future of malls,  Norway’s Sovereign Wealth fund, Prodigy Finance, the Mayo Clinic, and Cadbury rounded out the top ten.

Other year-end data for 2021 showed:

  • Online “raw” case usage remained steady as compared to 2020 with over 35K users from 170 countries and all 50 U.S. states interacting with 196 cases.
  • Fifty four percent of raw case users came from outside the U.S..
  • The Yale School of Management (SOM) case study directory pages received over 160K page views from 177 countries with approximately a third originating in India followed by the U.S. and the Philippines.
  • Twenty-six of the cases in the list are raw cases.
  • A third of the cases feature a woman protagonist.
  • Orders for Yale SOM case studies increased by almost 50% compared to 2020.
  • The top 40 cases were supervised by 19 different Yale SOM faculty members, several supervising multiple cases.

CRDT compiled the Top 40 list by combining data from its case store, Google Analytics, and other measures of interest and adoption.

All of this year’s Top 40 cases are available for purchase from the Yale Management Media store .

And the Top 40 cases studies of 2021 are:

1.   Hertz Global Holdings (A): Uses of Debt and Equity

2.   Coffee 2016

3.   Hertz Global Holdings (B): Uses of Debt and Equity 2020

4.   Glory, Glory Man United!

5.   Search Fund Company Boards: How CEOs Can Build Boards to Help Them Thrive

6.   The Future of Malls: Was Decline Inevitable?

7.   Strategy for Norway's Pension Fund Global

8.   Prodigy Finance

9.   Design at Mayo

10. Cadbury

11. City Hospital Emergency Room

13. Volkswagen

14. Marina Bay Sands

15. Shake Shack IPO

16. Mastercard

17. Netflix

18. Ant Financial

19. AXA: Creating the New CR Metrics

20. IBM Corporate Service Corps

21. Business Leadership in South Africa's 1994 Reforms

22. Alternative Meat Industry

23. Children's Premier

24. Khalil Tawil and Umi (A)

25. Palm Oil 2016

26. Teach For All: Designing a Global Network

27. What's Next? Search Fund Entrepreneurs Reflect on Life After Exit

28. Searching for a Search Fund Structure: A Student Takes a Tour of Various Options

30. Project Sammaan

31. Commonfund ESG

32. Polaroid

33. Connecticut Green Bank 2018: After the Raid

34. FieldFresh Foods

35. The Alibaba Group

36. 360 State Street: Real Options

37. Herman Miller

38. AgBiome

39. Nathan Cummings Foundation

40. Toyota 2010

case study for international business

Volumes and issues

Volume 55 february - april 2024.

  • April 2024, issue 3
  • March 2024, issue 2
  • February 2024, issue 1

Volume 54 February - December 2023

  • December 2023, issue 9
  • October 2023, issue 8
  • September 2023, issue 7
  • August 2023, issue 6
  • July 2023, issue 5

Special Issue: International Business in a Digital World

  • April 2023, issue 3
  • March 2023, issue 2
  • February 2023, issue 1

Volume 53 February - December 2022

  • December 2022, issue 9
  • October 2022, issue 8
  • September 2022, issue 7

Special Issue: Informal institutions and international business

  • July 2022, issue 5

Special Issue: Making Dynamic Capabilities Actionable for International Business

  • April 2022, issue 3
  • March 2022, issue 2
  • February 2022, issue 1

Volume 52 February - December 2021

  • December 2021, issue 9

Special Issue: International Marketing

  • September 2021, issue 7
  • August 2021, issue 6

Special Issue: The Long-Term Energy Transition and IB

Special Issue: Innovation in and from Emerging Economies

  • April 2021, issue 3
  • March 2021, issue 2
  • February 2021, issue 1

Volume 51 February - December 2020

Special Issue: 50th Anniversary Issue, Part 2

  • October 2020, issue 8
  • September 2020, issue 7
  • August 2020, issue 6

Special Issue: Making Connections: Social Networks in International Business

  • June 2020, issue 4
  • April 2020, issue 3
  • March 2020, issue 2
  • February 2020, issue 1

Volume 50 February - December 2019

Special Issue: 50th Anniversary Issue, Part 1

Special Issue: Applying and Advancing Internalization Theory: Explaining the Existence of the Multinational Enterprise in the 21st Century

  • September 2019, issue 7
  • August 2019, issue 6
  • July 2019, issue 5

Review Issue

  • April 2019, issue 3
  • March 2019, issue 2
  • February 2019, issue 1

Volume 49 January - December 2018

  • December 2018, issue 9

Special Issue: Zoom In, Zoom Out, and Beyond: Locational Boundaries in International Business

  • September 2018, issue 7
  • August 2018, issue 6
  • July 2018, issue 5

Special Issue: The Creation and Capture of Entrepreneurial Opportunities Across National Borders

  • April 2018, issue 3
  • February 2018, issue 2
  • January 2018, issue 1

Volume 48 January - December 2017

  • December 2017, issue 9
  • October 2017, issue 8
  • September 2017, issue 7
  • August 2017, issue 6
  • July 2017, issue 5
  • May 2017, issue 4

Special Issue: International Business Responses to Institutional Voids

Special Issue: The Role of Financial and Legal Institutions in International Corporate Governance

  • February 2017, issue 1 This is a supplement
  • January 2017, issue 1

Volume 47 January - December 2016

  • December 2016, issue 9
  • October 2016, issue 8
  • September 2016, issue 7
  • August 2016, issue 6

Special Issue: Internationalization in the Information Age

  • May 2016, issue 4
  • April 2016, issue 3
  • February 2016, issue 2
  • January 2016, issue 1

Volume 46 January - December 2015

Special Issue: What Is Culture and How Do We Measure It?

  • October 2015, issue 8
  • September 2015, issue 7
  • August 2015, issue 6
  • June 2015, issue 5
  • May 2015, issue 4
  • April 2015, issue 3
  • February 2015, issue 2
  • January 2015, issue 1

Volume 45 January - December 2014

  • December 2014, issue 9

Special Issue: Governments as Owners: Globalizing State-Owned Enterprises

  • September 2014, issue 7

Special Issue: Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in International Business: Integrative Knowledge and Transformative Theories

Special Issue: The Multifaceted Role of Language in International Business: Unpacking the Forms, Functions and Features of a Critical Challenge to MNC Theory and Performance

  • May 2014, issue 4
  • April 2014, issue 3
  • February 2014, issue 2
  • January 2014, issue 1

Volume 44 January - December 2013

  • December 2013, issue 9
  • October 2013, issue 8
  • September 2013, issue 7
  • August 2013, issue 6

Special Issue: The Multinational in Geographic Space

  • May 2013, issue 4
  • April 2013, issue 3
  • February 2013, issue 2
  • January 2013, issue 1

Volume 43 January - December 2012

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  • October 2012, issue 8
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  • August 2012, issue 6
  • June 2012, issue 5
  • May 2012, issue 4
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  • February 2012, issue 2
  • January 2012, issue 1

Volume 42 January - December 2011

  • December 2011, issue 9
  • October 2011, issue 8
  • September 2011, issue 7
  • August 2011, issue 6

Special Issue: Qualitative Research in International Business

  • May 2011, issue 4
  • April 2011, issue 3
  • February 2011, issue 2
  • January 2011, issue 1

Volume 41 January - December 2010

  • December 2010, issue 9
  • October 2010, issue 8
  • September 2010, issue 7
  • August 2010, issue 6

Part Special Issue: Conflict, Security, and Political Risk: International Business in Challenging Times

  • May 2010, issue 4

Part Special Issue: Asia and Global Business

  • February 2010, issue 2
  • January 2010, issue 1

Volume 40 January - December 2009

The JIBS 40/AIB50 Anniversary Issue: Innovations in International Business Theory

  • October 2009, issue 8
  • September 2009, issue 7
  • August 2009, issue 6
  • June 2009, issue 5
  • May 2009, issue 4
  • April 2009, issue 3
  • February 2009, issue 2
  • January 2009, issue 1

Volume 39 January - December 2008

  • December 2008, issue 8
  • October 2008, issue 7
  • September 2008, issue 6
  • July 2008, issue 5
  • June 2008, issue 4
  • April 2008, issue 3
  • March 2008, issue 2
  • January 2008, issue 1

Volume 38 January - December 2007

Part Focused Issue: Internationalization – Positions, Paths, and Processes

  • November 2007, issue 6
  • September 2007, issue 5
  • July 2007, issue 4
  • May 2007, issue 3
  • March 2007, issue 2
  • January 2007, issue 1

Volume 37 January - November 2006

Part Focused Issue – Three Lenses on the Multinational Enterprise: Politics, Corruption and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • September 2006, issue 5
  • July 2006, issue 4
  • May 2006, issue 3
  • March 2006, issue 2
  • January 2006, issue 1

Volume 36 January - November 2005

  • November 2005, issue 6
  • September 2005, issue 5
  • July 2005, issue 4
  • May 2005, issue 3
  • March 2005, issue 2
  • January 2005, issue 1

Volume 35 January - November 2004

  • November 2004, issue 6

Focused Issue – Organizing Knowledge Processes in the Multinational Corporation

  • July 2004, issue 4
  • May 2004, issue 3
  • March 2004, issue 2
  • January 2004, issue 1

Volume 34 January - November 2003

  • November 2003, issue 6
  • September 2003, issue 5
  • July 2003, issue 4
  • May 2003, issue 3
  • March 2003, issue 2
  • January 2003, issue 1

Volume 33 March - December 2002

  • December 2002, issue 4
  • September 2002, issue 3
  • June 2002, issue 2
  • March 2002, issue 1

Volume 32 March - December 2001

  • December 2001, issue 4
  • September 2001, issue 3
  • June 2001, issue 2
  • March 2001, issue 1

Volume 31 March - December 2000

  • December 2000, issue 4
  • September 2000, issue 3
  • June 2000, issue 2
  • March 2000, issue 1

Volume 30 March - December 1999

  • December 1999, issue 4
  • September 1999, issue 3
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Volume 29 March - December 1998

  • December 1998, issue 4
  • September 1998, issue 3
  • June 1998, issue 2
  • March 1998, issue 1

Volume 28 March - December 1997

  • December 1997, issue 4
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  • June 1997, issue 2
  • March 1997, issue 1

Volume 27 March - December 1996


  • September 1996, issue 4
  • September 1996, issue 3
  • June 1996, issue 2
  • March 1996, issue 1

Volume 26 March - December 1995

  • December 1995, issue 4
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Volume 25 March - December 1994

  • December 1994, issue 4
  • September 1994, issue 3
  • June 1994, issue 2
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Volume 24 March - December 1993

  • December 1993, issue 4
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Volume 23 March - December 1992

  • December 1992, issue 4
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Volume 22 March - December 1991

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Volume 21 March - December 1990

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Volume 15 March - September 1984

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Volume 14 March - September 1983

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Volume 13 March - September 1982

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Volume 12 March - September 1981

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Volume 11 March - September 1980

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Volume 10 March - September 1979

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Volume 9 March - September 1978

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Volume 8 March - December 1977

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Volume 7 March - June 1976

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5 Common Challenges of International Business You Should Consider

business professional considering international business on laptop

  • 24 Nov 2020

The world is big and, when it comes to business, everyone is intertwined. Whether or not you produce and sell goods internationally, global business impacts every organization.

“Everybody has to care about macroeconomics and the global economy,” says Harvard Business School Professor Forest Reinhardt in the online course Global Business .

So, how can you, as a business owner, manager, or employee, stay informed and find your organization’s place in the global market?

Here’s an introduction to international business, some common challenges to consider, and suggestions for how you can prepare.

Access your free e-book today.

What Is International Business?

International business is the production and sale of goods and services between countries. There are several ways a business can be international:

  • It produces goods domestically and sells both domestically and internationally.
  • It produces goods in a different country but sells domestically.
  • It produces goods in a different country and sells both domestically and internationally.

Businesses typically produce goods overseas due to lower labor costs or taxes, and they sell products and services in the global market because of the high potential for gaining a larger audience, new customers, and increased revenue.

“Although international business is extremely exciting, it can also be risky,” Reinhardt says in Global Business .

Because every country has its own government, policies, laws, cultures, languages, currency, time zones, and inflation rate, navigating the global business landscape can be difficult. Here are five challenges to consider.

Related: 3 Economic Indicators to Consider Before Expanding Your Business Globally

5 Common Challenges of International Business

1. language barriers.

When engaging in international business, it’s important to consider the languages spoken in the countries to which you’re looking to expand.

Does your product messaging translate well into another language? Consider hiring an interpreter and consulting a native speaker and resident of each country.

One example of a product “lost in translation” comes from luxury car brand Mercedes-Benz. When entering the Chinese market, the company chose a Mandarin Chinese name that sounded similar to “Benz”: Bēnsǐ. The name translates to “rush to death” in Mandarin Chinese, which wasn’t the impression Mercedes-Benz wanted to make with its new audience. The company quickly adapted, changing its Chinese name to Bēnchí, which translates to “run quickly, speed, or gallop.”

It’s also critical to consider the languages spoken by your company’s team members based in international offices. Once again, investing in interpreters can help ensure your business continues to operate smoothly.

2. Cultural Differences

Just as each country has its own makeup of languages, each also has its own specific culture or blend of cultures. Culture consists of the holidays, arts, traditions, foods, and social norms followed by a specific group of people. It’s important and enriching to learn about the cultures of countries where you’ll be doing business.

When managing teams in offices abroad, selling products to an international retailer or potential client, or running an overseas production facility, demonstrating that you’ve taken the time to understand their cultures can project the respect and emotional intelligence necessary to conduct business successfully.

One example of a cultural difference between the United States and Spain is the hours of a typical workday. In the United States, working hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., often extending earlier or later. In Spain, however, working hours are typically 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 to 8 p.m. The break in the middle of the workday allows for a siesta, which is a rest taken after lunch in many Mediterranean and European countries.

3. Managing Global Teams

Another challenge of international business is managing employees who live all over the world. When trying to function as a team, it can be difficult to account for language barriers, cultural differences, time zones, and varying levels of technology access and reliance.

To build and maintain a strong working relationship with your global team , facilitate regular check-ins, preferably using a video conferencing platform so you can interact in real time.

Research by Gallup shows that employees who have regular check-ins with their managers are three times more likely to be engaged at work than employees who don’t.

When distance divides teams, as it has for many during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, communication is key to ensuring everyone feels valued and engaged.

Related: How to Foster Employee Engagement When Your Team Is Remote

4. Currency Exchange and Inflation Rates

The value of a dollar in your country won’t always equal the same amount in other countries’ currency, nor will the value of currency consistently be worth the same amount of goods and services.

Familiarize yourself with currency exchange rates between your country and those where you plan to do business. The exchange rate is the relative value between two nation’s currencies. For instance, the current exchange rate from the Canadian dollar to the US dollar is 0.77, meaning one Canadian dollar is equal to 77 cents in US currency. Make it a point to watch exchange rates closely, as they can fluctuate.

It’s also important to monitor inflation rates , which are the rates that general price levels in an economy increase year over year, expressed as a percentage. Inflation rates vary across countries and can impact materials and labor costs, as well as product pricing.

Understanding and closely following these two rates can provide important information about the value of your company’s product in various locations over time.

5. Nuances of Foreign Politics, Policy, and Relations

Business doesn’t exist in a vacuum—it’s influenced by politics, policies, laws, and relationships between countries. Because those relationships can be extremely nuanced, it’s important that you closely follow news related to countries where you do business.

The decisions made by political leaders can impact taxes, labor laws, raw material costs, transportation infrastructure, educational systems, and more.

One hypothetical example Reinhardt presents in Global Business is that if the Chinese government decided to subsidize Chinese dairy farms, it would impact dairy farmers in all surrounding countries. This is because, with extra funding, Chinese dairy farms may produce a surplus of dairy products, causing them to expand their markets to neighboring countries.

It’s both exciting and intimidating that the nuances of international politics, policies, and relations can impact your business. Stay informed and make strategic decisions as new information arises.

How to Formulate a Successful Business Strategy | Access Your Free E-Book | Download Now

Preparing for International Business Challenges

Global business comes with unique challenges but can be an opportunity for enormous organizational growth. To prepare for those challenges, vary your news intake and closely follow foreign politics, make connections in countries where you hope to do business, invest in interpreters to overcome language barriers, and consider taking a global business course to develop your international business skills and prepare for today's nuanced, interconnected business world.

Are you interested in breaking into a global market? Sharpen your knowledge of the international business world with our four-week Global Business course, and explore our other online strategy courses .

case study for international business

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case study for international business

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Image of GE sign on a jet engine

Cincinnati Business Courier: GE Aerospace launches in Cincinnati

Uc students continue to benefit from co-op experience at fortune 500 company.

headshot of Cedric Ricks

Greater Cincinnati welcomed a longtime friend who is now sporting a new image. With much fanfare, area business leaders and officials celebrated the relaunch of Evendale-based GE Aerospace earlier this month.

GE Aerospace is the legal successor to the General Electric Company, founded in 1892, and split into three companies over the past three years. GE Vernova and GE Healthcare also continue the company’s legacy. That breakup was completed April 2 with the company’s aerospace and energy businesses trading on the New York Stock Exchanges as separate entities.

The facility in Evendale has housed GE’s aviation division since 1979.

“This is going to be a moment that, 50 years from now, we look back and say it contributed to our growth in an incredibly meaningful way,” Cincinnati Regional Chamber CEO Brendon Cull said.

The Cincinnati Business Courier covered the official announcement of GE Aerospace .

Students in the UC College of Engineering and Applied Sciences benefit from co-op experiences at GE Aerospace and companies throughout the Tristate and beyond. Photo/Andrew Higley/UC Marketing + Brand.

GE Aerospace's footprint in the Tristate is enormous. It employs more than 10,500 in the Cincinnati and Dayton regions, representing the single largest concentration of GE Aerospace employees worldwide. Most are in Evendale, but hundreds more work at facilities in West Chester Township, Sharonville, Springdale, Hamilton, Dayton, Peebles and Erlanger.

Cull told the Business Courier the chamber is working with universities to create and retain talent in the region. Around a third of the company’s U.S.-based university-level new hires come from Greater Cincinnati colleges and universities. 

Many are University of Cincinnati grads who have completed a co-op or internship with the company. Co-ops are mandatory for the 7,000 students in UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. GE Aerospace and its suppliers are among the program’s major partners.

UC, the birthplace of cooperative education, has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as being in the Top 5 and No. 1 in the Midwest for its co-op program. The program, which partners with 1,851 co-op employers nationally, has provided paid experiences to over 8,200 students who have earned over  $75 million collectively each year.

Read about other co-op employers like Kinetic Vision and Honda . 

Learn more about cooperative education at UC .

Read the Cincinnati Business Courier article .

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UC invented cooperative education more than 100 years ago, and we continue to innovate all aspects of experience-based learning, including internships, service learning, virtual co-ops, community projects and industry partnerships.  Learn more.

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Wvxu: how university co-op programs help reduce student debt.

July 17, 2023

After the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a plan to cancel student debt, many borrowers will have to start paying back their loans later this year. UC started its co-op program more than 100 years ago and continues to create more experienced-based learning opportunities for its students, even helping some students graduate debt free.

Chronicle of Higher Education: More international students finding success in U.S., Cincinnati

October 17, 2023

UC's Jon Weller speaks with the Chronicle of Higher Education for a story about growth in new student visas. India has overtaken China as the largest source of international students in the United States. At UC, India also continues the largest share of international students on campus.

April 12, 2024

A Cincinnati Business Courier story on GE Aerospace's relaunch mentions the company's long-standing partnership with UC Colleges of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Cooperative Education and Professional Studies.


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  23. Cincinnati Business Courier: GE Aerospace launches in Cincinnati

    A Cincinnati Business Courier story on GE Aerospace's relaunch mentions the company's long-standing partnership with UC Colleges of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Cooperative Education and Professional Studies. ... More international students finding success in U.S., Cincinnati October 17, 2023 . UC's Jon Weller speaks with the Chronicle ...

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