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Presentation error for online judge in C++

This is the problem. https://dunjudge.me/analysis/problems/838/ . Essentially its to create a square with layers that keep increasing like so.

I have already figured out the logic and have implemented it myself. I can replicate the testcase and tried to work out some examples.

However it is always giving me a so called presentation error whilst I can match the sample case. Hence I am not sure how to fix my answer.

  • presentation
  • Are you supposed to have a space at the end of each line? Probably not, so you'll have to figure out a way around that. Perhaps print the space before each value except the first on each line. –  Retired Ninja Commented Nov 19, 2020 at 5:09
  • Oh thats a good idea i'll give it a shot thanks –  user14666472 Commented Nov 19, 2020 at 5:11
  • 2 I hope you're aware of Why should I not #include <bits/stdc++.h>? and Why is “using namespace std;” considered bad practice? –  Some programmer dude Commented Nov 19, 2020 at 5:14
  • Yeah I am aware, just decided to use it for strictly competitions. In project work I take note of that. Thanks for the heads up still. –  user14666472 Commented Nov 19, 2020 at 5:45

This might be a simpler way to go about this

Kostas's user avatar

  • It prints a space after every column and \n after the last one. The string is indexed by a bool (0|1). –  Kostas Commented Nov 19, 2020 at 7:17
  • I'm not sure if I'm horrified or amazed by that trick! :) –  Retired Ninja Commented Nov 20, 2020 at 0:48

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presentation error vjudge

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Presentation error: Judge does not trim or wrap trailing spaces and judges 'Wrong Answer' #365


joonion commented Apr 3, 2021

Hi, thanks for your great job.

In my testcases with trailing spaces, judge does not trim or wrap the input and output.
Therefore it judges the submission as a 'Wrong Answer', if the input has different number of trailing spaces.

As an example, a submission with the following input and output is judged as a 'Wrong Answer'
1.in: 1 2 3\n4 5 6
1.out: 1 2. 3' '\n4 5 6

No branches or pull requests


OJ中常见的一种presentation error解决方法

presentation error vjudge





presentation error vjudge




presentation error vjudge


presentation error vjudge


presentation error vjudge


presentation error vjudge

您的余额不足,请更换扫码支付或 充值

presentation error vjudge

1.余额是钱包充值的虚拟货币,按照1:1的比例进行支付金额的抵扣。 2.余额无法直接购买下载,可以购买VIP、付费专栏及课程。

presentation error vjudge

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presentation error vjudge

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Presentation error

presentation error vjudge

lbarion asked 7 years ago

Já adicionei o "enter" ao final de cada texto pedido, mas o Presentation error persiste. O que pode ter acontecido?

Remember not post solutions. Your post may be reviewed by our moderators.

presentation error vjudge

lfvtrivelatto replied 7 years ago

Talvez algum espaço faltando entre dois pontos e o número? Presentation error indica que a sua saída difere da saída correta apenas por espaços em branco, pode ser um 'enter', tab ou espaço. Se postar o código, talvez alguém veja algo que está faltando.

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Anyone knows why my submission in Vjudge said "Submit Failed " ?

I already tried to submit different code. But the result is same


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  1. Presentation error for online judge in C++ - Stack Overflow

    for (int k = w - 1; k > 0; k--) if (k == w - 1) {. cout << w << ' '; } else {. cout << ' ' << w; cout << endl; return 0; However it is always giving me a so called presentation error whilst I can match the sample case. Hence I am not sure how to fix my answer.

  2. 292 Presentation Error - Online Judge

    To eliminate any subjectivity in deciding between a Presentation Error and a Wrong Answer, the Jury of this year’s Programming Contest has defined an exact procedure to determine whether a program produces a 'Wrong Answer', a 'Presentation Error', or should be Accepted.

  3. Online Judge - Verdict information

    Presentation Error (PE): Your program outputs are correct but are not presented in the correct way. Check for spaces, justify, line feeds...

  4. Presentation Error ?? - OJ Board - Online Judge

    Presentation error means: The data in your output is correct, but it is not formatted in the proper way. Check the problem statement. (Missing/excessive blank lines and unnecessary spaces are likely to have caused this message.)

  5. Presentation error: Judge does not trim or wrap trailing ...

    In my testcases with trailing spaces, judge does not trim or wrap the input and output. Therefore it judges the submission as a 'Wrong Answer', if the input has different number of trailing spaces.

  6. OJ中常见的一种presentation error解决方法 - CSDN博客

    解决我的是每行最后一列数组元素都输出了空格+换行而正确的是每行最后一列数组元素输出换行不能加空格。 很隐蔽,很坑。 沉迷单车的追风少年. “相关推荐”对你有帮助么? 点我去创作中心查看更多活动~ 举报. 文章浏览阅读1w次,点赞18次,收藏16次。 我经常会遇见这种错误说明是结果正确了,但是输出格式错误了,常常是多了或者少了空格、换行之类的。 我的代码: for (int i=0;i<r+1;i++) { for (int j=0;j<c+1;j++) printf ("%d ", M [i] [j]); cout<<endl; } cout<<endl;显示PE,但..._presentation error.

  7. uHunt :: Presentation Error (Presentation Error)

    uHunt is a complementary tool for UVa online-judge that keeps statistics, provide selections of problems to solve, and exposes a web API for other web developers to build upon it. See a brief history of uHunt. To submit your solution, use UVa Quick Submit. Your UVa username: Search Problem Number: . Clear. { {search_error}}

  8. 1001 - presentation error - beecrowd

    The problem that I see in your code is: You're putting line break ("\n") before to print the result. Your code is like this: X = A+B print(" ") print("X = ", X); What it makes with your output be like this: >>>. >>> X = 19. Rather than it, what is required by the problem:

  9. Presentation error - beecrowd">1040 - Presentation error - beecrowd

    Talvez algum espaço faltando entre dois pontos e o número? Presentation error indica que a sua saída difere da saída correta apenas por espaços em branco, pode ser um 'enter', tab ou espaço.

  10. Vjudge said "Submit Failed">Anyone knows why my submission in Vjudge said "Submit Failed

    You should probably attach a screenshot of that error message, what ever the problem is and your code. It'll make helping a lot easier