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  1. Managing home workers' health and safety - Risk assessment - HSE

    Overview. Risk assessment. Stress and mental health. Using computers and laptops safely at home. Working environment and accidents. 2. Risk assessment. You must make sure your risk assessment...

  2. Risk assessments - Wellbeing when working from home - Acas

    Risk assessments. By law, employers must conduct a 'suitable and sufficient' risk assessment of their employees' working environment. If an employer is not able to carry out a full risk assessment, they should provide their employees with information on working safely at home.

  3. Home Working Risk Assessment - University of Exeter

    Completing a risk assessment involves identifying the hazards relating to work activities carried out in the home environment and deciding whether appropriate steps (control measures) have been taken to prevent harm to them or to anyone else who may be affected by their work. risk assessment will:

  4. Risk Assessment for Working From Home | Free Download

    It's vital to ensure your workspace meets legal requirements. Download your free printable (and fillable online) risk assessment for working from home here.

  5. Understand a Home Working Home Risk Assessment - What It Is ...

    This blog offers a comprehensive overview of home working risk assessments, including their purpose, how and who can carry out risk assessments, and their core benefits to both companies and employees.

  6. How To Carry Out a Home Working Risk Assessment - Worksafe UK

    Employers must carry out a home working risk assessment for employees based at home. Make the process easy with our free assessment checklist

  7. Free Working from Home Checklist | PDF | SafetyCulture

    A working from home checklist is a tool primarily used by employers to assess the safety of a home office, and determine the suitability for employees to work from home.

  8. Working From Home Risk Assessment | Peninsula UK

    A working from home risk assessment template can help employers control safety measures for their staff who work from home regularly. When an employer is working at home, consider a working from home risk assessment checklist: How do you keep regular communication? What tasks will be set from them? And for how long?