9 Best AI Business Plan Generators (July 2024)

ai help with business plan

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ai help with business plan

In today's fast-paced business world, having a well-crafted business plan is essential for securing funding, guiding decision-making, and charting a course for success. However, creating a comprehensive and persuasive business plan can be a daunting task, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners who may not have extensive experience in this area. Fortunately, the rise of AI tools has improved the creative process, making it more accessible, efficient, and effective than ever before.

We will explore the top AI business plan generators that can help you create a winning plan for your venture.

1. Upmetrics

How to Write a Business Plan? | Business Plan Tutorial | Step by Step Guide

Upmetrics is an AI-powered business plan tool that guides individuals and small businesses through the process of writing a top-notch business plan. With its user-friendly platform and step-by-step guidance, Upmetrics makes it easy for anyone to create a professional-quality plan, regardless of their level of business expertise.

The tool offers a wide range of features, including 400+ business plan samples, AI-assisted writing, and financial forecasting up to 7 years. Upmetrics also provides an AI-generated pitch deck feature, allowing users to create a compelling presentation in less than an hour. The platform's flexibility and adaptability make it suitable for various industries, from tech startups to retail stores and service businesses.

Key features of Upmetrics:

  • 400+ business plan samples
  • AI-generated business plans (Entirely AI-generated)
  • Financial forecasting up to 7 years
  • AI to create pitch deck in less than an hour
  • Free guides and educational resources
  • Real-time cloud storage
  • Easy collaboration and sharing option

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Plus AI is an AI-powered tool that specializes in creating professional, well-designed presentations, making it an ideal choice for crafting business plans. The platform integrates seamlessly with Google Slides, allowing users to access built-in editing and collaboration features.

With Plus AI, users can generate a comprehensive business plan outline based on a brief description of their business, which can then be easily edited and rearranged to suit their specific needs. Plus AI offers the flexibility to generate slides one at a time or create an entire presentation in a single step, making it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes. The platform also provides a free trial, allowing users to explore its features before committing to a paid plan.

Key features of Plus AI:

  • Direct integration with Google Slides for easy editing and collaboration
  • Customizable slides that can be edited, revised, and themed after generating a first draft
  • Slide-by-slide or full presentation generation options
  • Free trial available for users to try Plus AI before committing to a paid plan

Use discount code: UNITEAI10 to claim a 10% discount .

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3. Storydoc

ai help with business plan

Storydoc is an AI-powered business plan generator that simplifies the creation of interactive and persuasive business plans, without requiring any design skills. The platform offers a user-friendly interface with a wide selection of interactive slides tailored for startups and new businesses, which can be easily customized to align with the user's vision and requirements.

Storydoc's AI Presentation Designer creates scroll-based, web-friendly, and mobile-optimized presentations, complete with performance analytics. The platform also ensures the security and privacy of user data, adhering to stringent security protocols and industry best practices. With Storydoc, users can create engaging presentations that capture the attention of investors and stakeholders.

Key features of Storydoc:

  • AI Business Plan Presentation Designer for scroll-based, web-friendly, and mobile-optimized presentations
  • Secure and reliable platform that ensures the security and privacy of user data
  • Interactive slides that can be customized to align with the user's presentation vision and requirements
  • Mobile-optimized presentations that look great on any device
  • Integrations with Calendly, Loom, YouTube, Typeform, and more for added functionality

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4. 15minuteplan

ai help with business plan


15minuteplan.ai is an AI-powered generator that streamlines the creation process, allowing entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to produce effective documents in just 15 minutes. Designed to make business planning universally accessible, the platform caters to users of all levels of business or writing experience.

With its advanced AI algorithms, 15minuteplan generates comprehensive, up-to-date plans based on the latest market trends and best practices. The platform also features a unique ‘Talk To Plan' functionality, enabling users to dictate specific changes or additions, which are then seamlessly integrated by the AI. Additionally, 15minuteplan supports various languages, making it accessible to users worldwide.

Key features of 15minuteplan:

  • AI Creation based on the latest market trends and business best practices
  • Talk To Plan functionality for easy dictation of changes or additions
  • Multilingual support for 10+ languages, with more being added continuously
  • User-friendly interface for inputting essential business information
  • Downloadable Word document for easy sharing and modification

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5. Notion AI

ai help with business plan

Notion AI is an AI-powered tool in Notion that simplifies the creation of comprehensive business plans, emphasizing an organized and structured approach to business strategizing. The platform offers a wide range of features designed to streamline the business planning process, including AI-driven content generation, rewriting, shortening, expansion, and tone adjustment.

Notion AI seamlessly integrates with the Notion platform, allowing users to access features such as database creation, organization, and management, as well as collaboration and sharing options. With Notion AI, users can create tailored content that aligns with their business objectives and voice, while significantly reducing their workload in crafting compelling narratives that secure buy-in from investors and stakeholders.

Key features of Notion AI:

  • AI-driven content generation, rewriting, shortening, expansion, and tone adjustment
  • Integration with Notion for database creation, organization, and management
  • Collaboration and sharing features for inviting team members and stakeholders
  • Real-time cloud storage for secure and accessible data
  • Streamlined business planning process for crafting compelling narratives

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6. Beautiful AI

ai help with business plan

Beautiful AI

Beautiful AI is an AI-powered presentation software that enables users to create stunning business presentations and plans in no time, without requiring any design skills. With this platform, users simply need to add text, and Beautiful AI will transform the content into elegant presentation slides, eliminating the need for manual image resizing or content placement.

The business plan template can be accessed by logging in, and users will be prompted to fill out a few key details about their business. Beautiful AI offers a wide range of features, including 65+ smart slide templates, custom presentation themes for brand consistency, and hundreds of customizable starter templates, ensuring that users never have to start a presentation or business plan from scratch.

Key features of Beautiful AI:

  • 65+ smart slide templates with pre-designed slide galleries
  • Brand consistency with custom presentation themes
  • Hundreds of customizable starter templates
  • Designerbot for creating first drafts based on user requirements
  • Effortless content transformation into elegant presentation slides

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7. Wordkraft AI

ai help with business plan

Wordkraft AI is an AI-powered web application that generates optimized, authentic, and high-quality content for various needs. Utilizing the powerful large language model GPT-3.5, Wordkraft AI specializes in creating content tailored to specific requirements, including professional and well-organized business plans. This tool helps users efficiently develop strategic documents that meet their unique business goals.

The platform offers a template that can be used to create a draft by providing essential details about the business. Wordkraft AI's AI capabilities assist users in creating content that aligns with their business objectives and voice, while also supporting collaboration and sharing features. With real-time cloud storage and seamless integration with the Wordkraft platform, Wordkraft AI is a valuable asset for business planning and presentations.

Key features of Wordkraft AI:

  • Integration with Wordkraft for database creation, organization, and management
  • A template for creating drafts by providing essential business details

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Bit AI is an AI-powered platform designed to enhance the creation of interactive and collaborative strategic documents. It features powerful wikis and AI writing tools that help in crafting well-structured and engaging content. With Bit AI, users can produce visually appealing and informative documents that effectively communicate their strategic vision.

The platform supports real-time collaboration, allowing team members to work together seamlessly on documents and incorporate feedback efficiently. Bit AI also ensures that documents are fully responsive, adapting to different devices for optimal accessibility and readability. Moreover, users have the option to create private documents, enhancing data privacy and security.

Key features of Bit AI:

  • Interactive and collaborative business plans for fostering teamwork and creativity
  • AI writer features for crafting clear and coherent content
  • Real-time collaboration for seamless teamwork and feedback integration
  • Fully responsive documents that adapt to different devices
  • Private document sharing for data privacy and security

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9. Simplified

Simplified is an all-in-one AI-powered platform that offers a comprehensive solution for managing marketing efforts and crafting engaging content, along with a unique feature for creating a business plan. The platform's AI Business Plan Generator is designed to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in rapidly producing professional and detailed strategic documents.

With its advanced AI capabilities, Simplified provides accurate growth forecasts and investment strategies, enabling users to make well-informed decisions for their ventures. The platform offers customization options to ensure that the final output aligns with the user's vision and goals. Additionally, it supports collaboration, allowing team members to contribute effectively to the document. Integrated marketing tools further establish Simplified as a versatile solution for both strategic planning and marketing needs.

Key features of Simplified:

  • Efficient business planning with a professional and comprehensive plan created in just a few clicks
  • Accurate growth forecasts and investment strategies provided by AI capabilities
  • Customization options to align the business plan with the user's vision and goals
  • Collaboration features for working with team members on a comprehensive and accurate plan
  • Integrated marketing tools for a cohesive and effective marketing strategy

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Creating the Best Business Plans with AI

The rise of AI-powered business plan generators has changed the way entrepreneurs and small business owners approach the crucial task of planning for their ventures' success. By leveraging the top 10 AI generators discussed in this blog post, users can streamline the creation process, ensure professional-quality plans, and access valuable insights and forecasts.

From Upmetrics' user-friendly platform and step-by-step guidance to Simplified's all-in-one solution for business planning and marketing, these AI-powered tools cater to the diverse needs of businesses across various industries. By harnessing the power of AI, entrepreneurs can save time, effort, and resources while creating compelling and persuasive plans that attract investors and guide their decision-making processes.

ai help with business plan

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ai help with business plan

Alex McFarland is an AI journalist and writer exploring the latest developments in artificial intelligence. He has collaborated with numerous AI startups and publications worldwide.

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ai help with business plan

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ai help with business plan

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Respond to a series of targeted questions about your business goals and objectives.

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AI Business Plan Generator

The engine analyzes your responses and generates a business plan tailored to your vision.

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Receive a detailed, tailored business plan that aligns with your requirements. Ready for funding.



Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Analyze your ventures through extensive business plans aligned with your vision and goals.


Business Owners

Back your business with a solid plan that aligns with your vision and goals. Perfect for startups and small businesses.


Educational Institutions

Develop your business understanding and vocabulary by analyzing your business idea and creating a plan.


Startups Accelerators

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Identified Risks

Mitigation Strategies

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Focus On Your Vision

Language support.


Key Features & Benefits

Ai editing companion.

Modify and regenerate sections of your business plan using premade or custom prompts. Our AI will help you refine your plan to perfection.

Multi-User Collaboration

Invite team members with easy sharing to collaborate on your business plan in real-time. Communicate and make changes together. Collaborate with your partners in real-time as you perfect your plan.

Education Center

Immerse yourself in a rich library of articles, tools, templates, webinars and resources for continuous business and professional growth. Learn all about the key aspects of starting, running and growing a business.

Powered by Chat GPT

Our algorithms are powered the latest in AI technology to ensure the most accurate and relevant output. We use OpenAI's GPT 4 and 3.5 engines for the perfect blend of accuracy and speed.

Business Resources

We recommend a variety of useful tools and resurces that help sustain your growth. We only recommend the best in the business. Filter your needs and equip yourself with the best tools.

Your plan in your language. We offer a choice of over 150 worldwide languages to ensure the best fit for your business plan.

Financial Projections

Take an additional questionnaire about your financial trajectory and get a detailed financial projection + 3 year income statement for your business.

Tools and Templates

Plannit's comprehensive suite that accompany business planning. From pitch decks to financial models, we have you covered.

Plan Export

Download your business plan in an editable .docx format. Fully edit & share your plan with investors, partners, and stakeholders.

Privacy & Security

Rest assured, your privacy is our top priority, and we're committed to keeping your information safe and confidential.


Business Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Initiate with Your Business Concept: Lay the Groundwork: Start by introducing your business idea into Plannit AI's Business Plan Generator. This first step is crucial, as it sets the tone for a tailored, insightful business plan that truly resonates with your vision. Capture the Essence: Our platform is designed to grasp the nuances of your concept, ensuring that the generated plan accurately reflects the core and potential of your business.
  • Navigate Through the AI-Guided Questionnaire: Tailored Interactive Experience: Plannit AI’s AI-guided questionnaire is your interactive guide through the planning process. It meticulously gathers information about your business's objectives, strategies, and market positioning, ensuring a comprehensive and reflective plan. Intelligent Feedback and Suggestions: As you progress through the questionnaire, benefit from smart prompts and suggestions, ensuring that your plan is not just detailed but also strategically sound and aligned with industry standards.
  • Generate Your Plan with Advanced AI: Intuitive Plan Creation: With the questionnaire complete, Plannit AI's advanced algorithms intelligently analyze your responses. They then craft a detailed, customizable, and strategically aligned business plan, providing you with a structured, coherent, and actionable format. Benefit from AI-Powered Insights: Plannit AI offers AI-driven insights and suggestions, ensuring your plan is not just a document but a strategic tool equipped with tailored AI prompts and an in-app plan editor. Get inspired by browsing through our sample business plans, a collection of successful strategies across various industries.
  • Finalize Your Plan with Confidence: Dynamic Adaptation and Refinement: Plannit AI recognizes that a business plan is a living document. Our platform allows for continuous adaptation and refinement, ensuring your strategy remains agile, relevant, and aligned with your evolving business goals. Professional Presentation and Sharing: Once your plan meets your standards, utilize Plannit AI's export features to present your plan professionally. Choose between various formats for exporting your business plan, ready to impress stakeholders, attract investors, or guide your team. Review and Adapt: Ensure your business plan is a living document, ready to evolve with your growing business. Plannit AI's dynamic platform allows you to adapt your strategy as new opportunities or challenges arise.
  • Roadmap for Success: At its core, a business plan acts as a strategic guide, providing detailed steps on how your business will achieve its objectives. It helps you navigate the startup phase, manage growth effectively, and tackle unforeseen challenges with a well-thought-out strategy.
  • Securing Funding: For startups and businesses looking to expand, a business plan is crucial for securing loans or attracting investors. It demonstrates to potential financial backers that your business has a clear vision, a solid strategy for profitability, and a plan for delivering returns on their investment.
  • Informed Decision-Making: A well-prepared business plan offers valuable insights into your market, competition, and potential challenges. This information is vital for making informed decisions, from day-to-day operations to long-term strategic shifts.
  • Market Analysis and Strategy: It allows you to conduct an in-depth analysis of your target market, understand customer needs, and position your product or service effectively. The marketing strategy outlined in your business plan helps in identifying the best channels and tactics to reach your audience and achieve market penetration.
  • Financial Planning: One of the most critical components of a business plan is the financial forecast. It outlines your funding requirements, expected revenue, profit margins, and cash flow projections. This section is essential for budgeting, financial management, and ensuring the financial viability of your business.
  • Goal Setting and Performance Measurement: A business plan sets clear, measurable goals and objectives. It provides a framework for monitoring performance, measuring success, and making necessary adjustments to stay on track.
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: If you're at the idea stage, looking to transform your vision into a viable business, Plannit AI offers the tools and guidance to bring your concept to life. Our platform helps you articulate your business idea, define your target market, and develop a solid plan to turn your dream into reality.
  • Students and Educators: For students delving into the intricacies of business planning and educators teaching the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, Plannit AI serves as an invaluable resource. It provides a practical, hands-on tool for learning and teaching how to create detailed business plans, analyze markets, and understand financials in a real-world context.
  • Startup Founders: In the dynamic startup environment, Plannit AI is the ideal partner for founders looking to pivot quickly, secure funding, or understand their competitive landscape. With our AI-driven insights and market analysis tools, startups can make informed decisions and adapt their strategies to thrive in competitive markets.
  • Small Business Owners: For small business owners seeking to optimize their operations, expand their customer base, or explore new markets, Plannit AI offers targeted solutions. Our platform simplifies the planning process, enabling owners to focus on growth while managing the day-to-day challenges of running their business.
  • Consultants and Freelancers: Consultants and freelancers specializing in business development, strategic planning, or financial advising will find Plannit AI a powerful addition to their toolkit. It allows them to provide clients with comprehensive, data-driven business plans and strategies, enhancing the value of their services.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Leaders of non-profit organizations can leverage Plannit AI to plan initiatives, secure funding, and manage resources more efficiently. Our platform helps non-profits articulate their mission, set achievable goals, and measure their impact, ensuring they can make a difference in their communities.
  • Innovators and Inventors: Individuals looking to commercialize innovative products or technologies can use Plannit AI to navigate the complexities of bringing new ideas to market. From patent strategies to go-to-market plans, our platform covers all bases, ensuring innovators can focus on what they do best.
  • Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) and Government Agencies: Government and SBA backed entities can greatly benefit from integrating Plannit AI into their services, enhancing their ability to support a larger number of clients more efficiently. By facilitating quicker, more in-depth business plan development, these organizations can spend more time assisting with plan execution and less time on creation, ultimately serving their communities more effectively.
  • Anyone with a Business Idea: Ultimately, Plannit AI is for anyone with a business idea, regardless of industry, experience, or stage of business development. Our mission is to democratize business planning, making it accessible, understandable, and actionable for everyone.
  • Interactive Questionnaire and ChatGPT Integration: Plannit AI transforms the business planning process into an engaging conversation. Through our advanced ChatGPT integration, we offer a questionnaire that dynamically adapts to your responses, ensuring your plan is personalized, comprehensive, and aligned with your business goals.
  • Dynamic Planning Environment: Unlike static templates provided by many, Plannit AI introduces a living platform that grows with your business. It features real-time updates, strategic insights, and a feedback mechanism that keeps your business plan current and actionable.
  • Extensive Educational Resources: Our Education Center is packed with articles, guides, and sample plans to bolster your planning process. It's designed to arm you with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of your industry confidently.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Customization: Recognizing the collaborative essence of business planning, Plannit AI supports team efforts with multi-user editing, annotations, and feedback features, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your strategy.
  • Customer Success Stories: Our users' achievements are a testament to Plannit AI's effectiveness. These success stories illustrate how diverse businesses have utilized our platform for strategic planning and growth.
  • Tailored Business Plan Creation: Our platform stands out with its tailored approach, featuring customizable templates that directly cater to your business type and industry, making plan creation straightforward and relevant.
  • Content Generation:: ChatGPT helps draft various sections of a business plan, from executive summaries to marketing strategies, by providing structured and coherent text based on the prompts given.
  • Strategic Insights: It can offer suggestions on business strategies by analyzing trends and providing examples from a wide range of industries.
  • Financial Planning: While it can't replace professional financial advice, ChatGPT can guide the structure of financial projections and statements, helping you consider important financial aspects of your plan.

Take The First Step Towards Success

AI Business Plan Generator

Get your professional business plan ready in minutes, join over 1000+ entrepreneurs & business owners.


Why Bizplanr is the Best Business Plan Generator?

Ai assistance - a way to save time..

Craft comprehensive business plans with our AI generator. Input your ideas, and let the AI handle the structuring and drafting, saving you time and effort.

It's Free - Say no to costly business plan writers

Access expert-level plans for free. Our business plan generator provides tailored advice and structured formats without financial commitment.

It works for any industry

Whether you are validating an idea or launching a startup, our AI generator provides industry-specific advice in your planning process.

Get your business plan ready in 3 simple steps

Start with simple questions.

Start by answering a few simple, context-aware questions about your business & idea. Our AI uses your responses to tailor the planning process uniquely to your business needs.

AI Crafts Your Plan

As you provide details, our AI constructs a comprehensive business plan that integrates all necessary components, such as market analysis and financial projections.

Review, Download, and Share

Once your plan is ready, review it for any final changes. Once you're finished, easily share your professionally-designed business plan with stakeholders and investors.


Explore How Bizplanr Meets Various Business Planning Needs

Secure your funding.

Use our AI to develop a persuasive business plan tailored for banks, investors, or grants. Ensure that your plan stands out by clearly describing your financial needs and potential.

Validate Your Business Idea

Evaluate the viability of your business concept with a solid business plan. By assessing the feasibility, our plan helps you confirm your idea's marketability.

Launch Your Startup

Create a detailed business plan covering all operations and marketing aspects for startup success. Our tool helps you map out each step, from conception to market entry.

Academic Planning Assistant

Our free tool streamlines students' project work, provides detailed business plans for assignments and presentations and ensures comprehensive learning.

Business Plan Examples & Templates

Bookstore Business Plan

Bookstore Business Plan

Yoga Studio Business Plan

Yoga Studio Business Plan

Pool Hall Business Plan

Pool Hall Business Plan

What our users have to say, frequently asked questions, is the bizplanr 100% free, do i need to pay to download my business plan, how should i edit my business plan, how much time will it take to create a business plan.

It takes just 15 minutes to create a business plan with our AI business plan generator. Our tool streamlines the process, making it quick and efficient to generate a comprehensive plan.

Get an Investor-ready business plan for free

AI Business Plan Generator for Crafting beautiful designs

  • Write a prompt to generate a first draft business plan.
  • Pick a style first and the Visme AI Business Plan will generate the text and visual graphics.
  • Add customization to any section of your business plan and share as a FlipBook document.

Generate business plan with AI

AI Business Plan Generator for Crafting beautiful designs

Brought to you by Visme

A leading visual communication platform empowering 27,500,000 users and top brands.

Penske Truck Leasing

Business Plans Created With Visme’s AI Business Plan Generator

Ai business plan prompt 1.

Develop a comprehensive business plan for a charity, outlining initiatives and fundraising strategies to support community causes.

AI Business Plan Prompt 2

Create a business plan for a travel agency, highlighting services, target markets, and marketing strategies for growth.

AI Business Plan Prompt 3

Draft a business plan for a wellness center, emphasizing services, client acquisition, and revenue projections.

AI Business Plan Prompt 4

Prepare a business plan for an educational institute, focusing on curriculum, marketing, and student enrollment strategies.

AI Business Plan Prompt 1

How it works

How to generate AI business plans with Visme

Save time and create eye-catching business plans quickly with Visme AI Designer. Input text prompts for the AI generator right inside the Visme template library. Generate stunning ready-to-go business plans quickly.

How to generate AI business plans with Visme

  • First, log in to your Visme dashboard. Then, access the business plan template section by clicking on Create New -> Project -> Documents -> Business Plan. On the results page, scroll down and choose the “Generate with AI” option.
  • A popup will appear where you must type in a prompt describing your business plan in detail. Explain your brand voice and tone in the prompt and ask the AI to include certain aspects you want the business plan to feature.
  • Visme Chatbot will propose suitable styles. Choose the one that matches your business plan’s visual strategy, then let AI create the first draft content and design. Preview and edit your AI-generated business plan, or generate again.
  • Visme lets you customize your project from end to end. First, choose a color theme, then adjust the text, or add photos, videos and graphics from Visme’s free assets gallery. Create new and unique visuals with Visme AI tools.

Other types of documents you can create with Visme AI Business Plan Generator

AI Business proposals

AI Business proposals

AI Reports

AI Newsletters

AI Ebooks

AI One-Pagers

AI Magazines

AI Magazines

AI Training Manuals

AI Training Manuals

AI Marketing Playbooks

AI Marketing Playbooks

AI Press Releases

AI Press Releases

AI Sales Playbooks

AI Sales Playbooks

AI Whitepapers

AI Whitepapers

AI Catalogs

AI Catalogs

Features of the ai business plan generator, ready-to-go business plans in seconds.

Visme’s free AI business plan maker produces results in just seconds. From a detailed text prompt, the generator offers a first draft business plan that’s ready to go with customization. It gives you a head start and saves lots of precious time you can invest in other aspects of your business.

Ready-to-go business plans in seconds

Customize every part of your business plan

Customization and personalization with Visme is easy and user friendly. The app provides a range of options like altering the color theme, modifying text and fonts, inserting images, videos and graphics from the Visme royalty free asset gallery. Create and customize new visuals with other Visme AI tools.

Customize every part of your business plan

Distinguish your business plans with interactivity and data visualization

Visme offers plenty of interactivity options for your business plan. Present your plan using a flipbook effect, add animation to text, graphics, shapes or objects in your design. For data heavy plans, Visme has a selection of over 60 graphs, charts and data widget to display information visually. Additionally, use diagrams, roadmaps and timelines to show other types of information.

Distinguish your business plans with interactivity and data visualization

Add your branding

Maintain your brand's integrity effortlessly even when working with AI-generated business plans. Set up your brand kit using AI-powered Visme Brand Wizard or manually. Incorporate your brand's color scheme, font pairing, logo design and other brand assets to ensure everything aligns with your company's branding.

Add your branding

Share online, privately or download

Present and share your business plans generated with Visme AI Designer using a flipbook effect to stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, you can download them in various formats, including PDF, share on social media or schedule them to be published as posts on your social media channels. Additionally, you can share your business plans as private projects with a password entry.

Share online, privately or download

More than just an AI Business Plan Generator

Unique Elements & Graphics

Beautify your content

Unique Elements & Graphics

Browse through our library of customizable, one-of-a-kind graphics, widgets and design assets like icons, shapes, illustrations and more to accompany your AI-generated documents.

Tables & Dynamic Fields

Stay Up-To-Date

Tables & Dynamic Fields

Add user-friendly tables to your docs and connect them to live data or add variables, Dynamic Fields, to keep your plans up-to-date.


Make it engaging


Share AI-generated business plans online with animated and interactive elements to grab your audience’s attention and promote your business.

More AI tools in Visme

Ai image generator.

The Visme AI Image generator will automatically create any image or graphic. All you need to do is write a prompt and let AI magic do the rest.

AI Image Generator

Visme AI Writer helps you write, proofread, summarize and tone switch any type of text. If you’re missing content for a project, let AI Writer help you generate it.

AI Writer

AI Text-to-Speech Generator

Convert text to speech with the AI Text-to-Speech generator. Input copy, select from 6 voices. Language detection and audio generation are automatic.

AI Text-to-Speech Generator

AI TouchUp Tools

The Visme AI TouchUp Tools are a set of four image editing features that will help you change the appearance of your images inside any Visme project. Erase and replace objects that you don’t want in your photos.

AI TouchUp Tools

Save yourself hours of work with AI Resize. This feature resizes your project canvas and adjusts all content to fit the new size within seconds.

AI Resize

The Brand Wizard

The AI-based Visme Brand Wizard populates your brand fonts and styles across a beautiful set of templates.

The Brand Wizard

Make the most of Visme's features

Choose the perfect visual from our extensive photo and video library . Search and find the ideal image or video using keywords relevant to the project. Drag and drop in your project and adjust as needed.

Incorporate 3D illustrations and icons into all sorts of content types to create amazing content for your business communication strategies. You won’t see these 3D designs anywhere else as they’re made by Visme designers.

When you share your Visme projects, they’ll display with a flipbook effect . Viewers can go from page to page by flipping the page like a digital magazine. If you don’t want the flipbook effect, you can disable it and share as a standard project.

Remove the background from an image to create a cutout and layer it over something else, maybe an AI-generated background. Erase elements of the image and swap them for other objects with AI-powered Erase & Replace feature.

Create scroll-stopping video and animation posts for social media and email communication. Embed projects with video and animation into your website landing page or create digital documents with multimedia resources.

With Visme, you can make, create and design hundreds of content types . We have templates for digital documents, infographics, social media graphics, posters, banners, wireframes, whiteboards, flowcharts.

Design and brainstorm collaboratively with your team on the Visme whiteboard . Build mind maps and flowcharts easily during online planning and strategy sessions. Save whiteboards as meeting minutes and ongoing notes for projects.

Edit your images , photos, and AI image-generated graphics with our integrated editing tools. On top of the regular editing features like saturation and blur, we have 3 AI-based editing features. With these tools, you can unblur an image, expand it without losing quality and erase an object from it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can i get better results with the ai business plan generator.

Like any AI generator that depends on a text prompt, the prompt is everything. To get better results with the AI Business Plan maker, you need better prompts. Write the prompt to be as detailed as possible. Include all the content topics you want the business plan to cover. As for style elements, there’s no need to include them in the prompt. Focus on choosing the style that you like from the Chatbot suggestions. Try to select the style that already features the color palette and shapes that you like. AI will change icons and photos based on text it generates.

How many AI business plans can I generate?

Visme AI Business Plan Writer is available in all plans with higher credits/usage available in Premium plans. Note: AI credits are spread amongst all AI features. So if you use other AI features, your credits will be reduced.

Can I use a generated business plan without customizing it?

It’s in your brand’s best interest to edit the generated business plan at least a litte. FIrst of all, fact check everything as AI is known for sometimes offering wrong information. Second, double check the tone and voice of the writing and scan for repeated words and phrases. Finally, revise all visuals to ensure they match your brand’s visual strategy. Change visuals individually after the business plan is generated.

Is the Visme AI Designer a third-party API?

No, Visme AI business plan creator was developed in-house and is a unique tool. However, it does use third-party APIs: ChatGPT and Unsplash.

What other content types can I generate with Visme AI Designer?

Right now Visme AI Designer generates presentations, documents and printables. We are working on supporting more content types and will be rolling them out soon.

What types of documents can I generate with Visme AI Designer?

You can generate over 35 types of documents with Visme AI Designer, including business proposals, reports, newsletters, plans, ebooks, whitepapers, and more. For a full list of documents, please register with Visme and visit the templates section of the Visme app.

ai help with business plan

ai help with business plan

6 Best AI-Powered Business Plan Generators (December 2023)

ai help with business plan

An entrepreneur is, in essence, a maker of plans. Actionable, specific plans for the realization of things that don't yet exist; turning ideas into action.

It sounds simple, but any business owner who has tried to start, build and grow a business knows how tricky this skill can be. Because, let's face it: business is too complicated to simply sit down and make 'one plan, one business plan to rule them all...'.

It's product and marketing plans. It's legal and financials; customer support and content plans. If you're doing it right, entrepreneurship means you are always standing at the edge of your next plan, always in a position to pivot as new information comes in and to update your plans accordingly.

The problem with such dynamic planning is that it takes time. Time to write out your plan. To assess what happened, and reassess if the current gameplan is still the best path. To think through the expected outcomes, costs and ROI.

Let alone making plans for things you're not-so-well-versed in. "I know I should have a Customer Onboarding Plan, but can someone please remind me of best practices again?"

Fortunately, we live in 2023 and some of the most powerful AI models in existence are available to help us with the more mundane and administrative side of business planning; so that you can focus on the strategic inputs and let your new AI-powered tools fill in the details.

In this post, I'll be sharing 6 of the best such AI-powered business plan generators. From tools to help you write out a formal business plan proposal (say, for applying for a business loan) to apps that will guide you through and generate plans for every step of your business building journey.

Let's take a look.

Best AI-Powered Business Plan Generators (2023 List)

  • Tarkenton GoSmallBiz

Bizway is a little bit different to the other platforms on this list. From the ground-up, it's built with a simple idea: every task in your business deserves an AI Assistant. And while that absolutely does include business plan writing; it also includes every other step in that process.

When you're planning your business, you'll need some help with a variety of tasks. With Bizway, you can create:

  • Market Research Assistants: To help you estimate market size, brainstorm target market segements and help with your pricing;
  • Product Experts: To help you brainstorm product ideas, features, and how you'll develop it;
  • Social Media Marketing Assistants: To write your content, brainstorm topics and ideas, do keyword research, and whatever else;
  • And whatever other roles you need to help perfect your business plan.

This gives you full flexibility and freedom to sharpen your thinking and ideas for your business, before concretizing it in a more formal business plan.

Then, if you do need a more formally written document for an investor or when seeking funding, simply:

  • Fill in the Business Model details that you'd like to include;
  • Create a custom AI Assistant, name it 'Business Plan Writer' and give it instructions about styling, length and sections;
  • Toggle on your new Business Plan Writer Assistant, and simply ask it to 'Write my business plan in full';
  • And voila! Your business plan is served;
  • Bonus: You can then follow up and ask for specific sections or details to be added/rewritten as you please.

The best part? Bizway doesn't end with a business plan. Once you have your plan, Bizway can serve as your new hub; with a team of custom AI Assistants to help you launch, grow and manage your business going forward.

Try Bizway .

2. LivePlan

Next on our list is LivePlan. This AI-powered tool is best known for its step-by-step guidance and interactive financial forecasting. It features easy-to-use templates and pitch guides, which can be a great starting point for startups and SMEs. LivePlan's Pitch feature helps you to quickly prepare a one-page infographic that highlights your business idea and its profitability to investors.

In addition, LivePlan allows you to benchmark your forecasts against similar businesses, giving you an insight into your competitive standing. The tool's performance dashboard also keeps you updated on your business progress, ensuring you stay on track with your plan.

3. Upmetrics

Upmetrics is an excellent AI-powered business plan generator that offers a plethora of features including a business plan editor, financial forecasting, and a collaboration feature that allows your team to work together on the plan. One standout feature of Upmetrics is its repository of more than 20,000 business ideas, which can provide inspiration for your own venture.

Additionally, Upmetrics has a Business Plan Analytics feature that allows you to analyze your business strategy and optimize your plan for maximum effectiveness. This is an excellent tool for entrepreneurs who want a deeper understanding of their business strategy.

4. IdeaBuddy

IdeaBuddy is a novel AI-powered business plan generator that targets entrepreneurs and startups in the initial stages of planning. The platform takes users through an organized idea development process dubbed "Idea Journey" that includes creating a business concept, building a business model, and planning a budget.

IdeaBuddy also offers an attractive feature named Storyboard. This tool allows you to visualize your business journey and share your vision with potential investors and stakeholders, fostering a deeper understanding of your idea.

5. GoSmallBiz

GoSmallBiz is a comprehensive business plan generator powered by AI. It covers all the essential aspects of a business plan including executive summary, company description, product/service line, and market analysis.

What sets Tarkenton GoSmallBiz apart is its integrated educational resources. With hundreds of business courses and webinars, users can deepen their business knowledge while creating a business plan. The AI tool also includes a real-time performance score that provides immediate feedback on your plan.

Rounding up our list is Bizplan, an AI-powered tool that makes business planning enjoyable with its interactive and easy-to-use interface. Bizplan breaks down the business plan creation process into digestible pieces through its "builder" approach.

Its standout feature is its ability to connect users to a global community of entrepreneurs, Fundable, where you can share ideas and seek feedback. Bizplan also has a robust financial forecasting tool that can help you project revenue, costs, and cash flow.

In conclusion, AI-powered business plan generators are an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses alike. They not only simplify the business plan creation process but also provide insights and features that can significantly boost the success of your venture. With tools like Bizway, LivePlan, Upmetrics, IdeaBuddy, Tarkenton GoSmallBiz, and Bizplan at your disposal, you can confidently create a business plan that is both compelling and investor-ready.

Gerrard + Bizway AI Assistant

Start your business journey, today.

Create your personalized 50-step business roadmap in under 1 minute.⚡

ai help with business plan

Bizway is brought to you by Landmark Labs Ltd.

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Frequently asked questions.

Professional AI Business Plan Generator

From a blank page to a professional business plan in a few clicks.

Use our AI business plan generator to craft a professional business plan for starting a new business, seeking funding, launching products or services, or entering new markets.

ai help with business plan

Featured on :

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Client testimonials

What clients say about Their Business Plans

“What a great program. It really came up with so in-depth information and gives a great starting point. With just a few information inputs and some pictures this will be fantastic business plan. Very easy to use and very quick, it would have taken me hours to write something like this. Excellent!”
“This plan is well articulated, the fact that I can edit it makes BizPlanner to be much better than option, also the customer service interaction is worth an applaud.”
“I've spent many hours building a business plan for a proposal and your product will improve on the existing work. Next time I shall start with your plan and then tailor it to my needs which will save a lot of time!”
“At first, I thought this tool will be just like ChatGPT result. But then, it surprise me. The Information is very complete and almost 100% correct like how exactly my business work. I wonder how this is work considering the information that I provide is very little. The fact that I also can edit it directly through the web is very good. Bizplanner save my money and my time for sure. That would be so cool if there is also pre-template that I can choose for cover of the file, but beside that, I wish I knew this tool earlier.”
“Just used your bizplanner! Nice job! Great tool. Tons of value for $10.”
“This is just perfect.”
“Simplemente espectacular, felicidades.”

How it works

Four steps to Your Business Plan

Our AI Business Plan Generator efficiently creates a customized, professional business plan for you in less than 15 minutes.

Answer a brief questionnaire

Our ai crafts your plan, edit, format or regenerate, export as pdf/word, watch how to create a business plan in under 15 minutes.

AI Business Plan Generator | Get your business plan in under 15 minutes

Table of contents

Your Business Plan's Table of Contents

Upon generating your business plan, you will receive detailed sections covering everything from your Executive Summary to Financial Projections, providing a complete and insightful overview of your business strategy.

AI business plan sample

Functional Highlights

Discover the core functionalities of our service, from intuitive in-browser editing to flexible AI regeneration and convenient export options, all designed to streamline your business plan creation.

AI business plan generator: Product screenshot

Examples & Templates

Business plan examples

Explore examples created with our AI Business Plan Generator. These are real outputs from our service, showcasing the depth and personalization achievable for your own plan. Click 'See more business plan templates' for additional examples.

Professional business plan for 10x less than hiring a consultant

Get your unique, professional business plan, custom-crafted and tailored specifically for your business

Compare and Save

Business plans on Fiverr can cost $90 or more . Our offer at just $14.99 delivers great value, making quality business planning affordable.

AI business plan generator pricing

/ business plan

Lifetime Access .

Done in under 15 minutes

From the blog

New Features: Manual Save and AI Text Rewrite

New Features: Manual Save and AI Text Rewrite

At Bizplanner AI, we’re always listening to your feedback and looking for ways to improve our AI business plan generator. This month, we’re excited to announce two new features designed to enhance your user experience and give you more control over your business plans.

New Feature: Add Images to Your Business Plan

New Feature: Add Images to Your Business Plan

Great news for BizPlanner AI users! We've added a new feature that lets you insert images directly into your business plans using our easy-to-use Notion-like editor.

Components of a business plan

Components of a business plan

A well-crafted business plan is crucial not only for securing investment but also as a roadmap for the future of a company. It outlines strategies for growth, operations, and overcoming challenges, serving both new ventures aiming to enter the market and established businesses seeking expansion or innovation.

Introducing the Best AI Business Plan Generator Version 2.0

Introducing the Best AI Business Plan Generator Version 2.0

Since the release of our initial version, our team has been diligently working on developing BizPlanner AI Version 2. We are committed to enhancing your experience and providing the best tools to support your business planning needs.

AI Business Plan Generator

Create your business plan in minutes with our ai assistant.

Answer few tailored questions about your business, and get a business plan in under 10 minutes. Its as simple as that.

ai help with business plan

You will be guided in the same way as a business coach

Upmetrics acts as your business coach, offering tailored guidance throughout your business planning journey

ai help with business plan

Navigate Your Plan with Our Step-By-Step Instructions

Upmetrics offers straightforward, step-by-step guidance for every aspect of your business plan. With our AI assistant, get clear instructions, practical examples, and a tailored guide for every stage of planning.

Leverage our extensive collection of over 400+ sample business plans for inspiration, and directly chat with our support for personalized assistance.

Ask anything to our AI Business Coach

Our AI Co-pilot is your on-demand research assistant and business advisor. Ask any question—our tool gets into your plan or conducts research to provide insightful answers.

 Powered by our cutting-edge language model, it boasts a depth of knowledge trained on vast quantities of internet, book-based resources, and business plan examples. With Upmetrics, harness AI that understands the breadth of business planning and beyond.

Ai business consultant

Writing will never become a problem for you

Upmetrics asks targeted questions to build your business plan. Our AI streamlines the process, providing expert-level guidance and suggestions at every step.

Let our AI Business Plan Assistant transform your ideas into polished, professional sections, enhancing your content’s tone, style, and correctness.

Get a head start with 400+ real business plan examples

Why start with a blank page? When you have access to the 400+ real business plan examples. If crafting your first business plan seems daunting, let our real-world examples illuminate the path to success.

Embark confidently on your entrepreneurial journey – a standout business plan is just a template away with Upmetrics.

business plan examples

Create a plan and build your dream business

Loved by forward-thinking entrepreneurs and business owners

The great USP here is the AI feature I used, where I can write my idea in simple terms, and I use AI to reformulate it in a more persuasive way where I saw the difference in the pitching level.

Abdelraouf Hammoud

Abdelraouf Hammoud

Solutions Design Manager at DHL Supply Chain

Having complete control over our business plan has been instrumental in being able to raise funds from investors. Upmetrics is an invaluable product that keeps getting better.

Jason Lorje

Jason Lorje

Founder & CEO at Agmondo

The Upmetrics platform is perfect for someone looking to start a business and has a range of tools to assist with planning from financial forecasting to AI-assisted business plans. Strongly recommend.

Jarred Bouffier

Jarred Bouffier

BDM at Mandoe

Drafting impactful and clear business plans is not easy. Navigating complex spreadsheets , creating financial projections, and generating and publishing financial reports take up a lot of a founder's time.

Deepak Dhanak

Deepak Dhanak

Founder at DocuX

I created a fantastic business plan in 1/4 the time with much more professionalism than without Upmetrics. I especially liked the templates I could work from.

Tom Brune

President at Ventures Lending Technologies

I loved the financial modeling capabilities of Upmetrics as they are exceptional and easy to use & understand. It simplifies the often complex process of creating financial projections and forecasts. Along with it, AI assistance worked wonders for me.

Vaibhav Kamble

Vaibhav Kamble

Founder at CloudOptimo

Leverage the full power of the Al Business Plan Generator

Al-assistant to save time.

  • Unlock rapid, automated plan drafting with our AI. Just input your business details and let our system handle the rest.

An affordable alternative

  • Gain expert planning insights without the hefty price tag. No need to hire costly business plan writers.

Set yourself up for success

  • Our platform not only crafts your plan but also equips you with tools for success. Access tools from financial forecast to strategy development.

Write your AI business plan

Ai powered business plan builder

Start with the Basics

Start by providing basic information about your business. i.e. your business name, and your business model. This foundational data sets the stage for a tailored AI-driven planning process.

Answer tailor-made questions

Get your first draft, refine your plan, every sections you need to plan for your business.

ai help with business plan

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ai business plan generator work, can i customize the business plan created by ai, is the upmetrics suitable for my industry, what makes upmetrics different from free templates or other tools for creating business plans.

Upmetrics redefines the business planning process by providing more than just software or a static template. It guides entrepreneurs through every phase of creating a business plan with interactive tools, tailored advice, and AI assistance eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets and manual chart creation.

As your business grows, Upmetrics helps you monitor progress and set actionable tasks ensuring your strategy stays competitive. Experience unparalleled support and user-friendly guidance, making Upmetrics a superior choice for entrepreneurs crafting their business plans.

Does Upmetrics allow me to try it before signing up?

Certainly! Discover the full capabilities of Upmetrics with a free tour —no sign-up required. Get a firsthand look at how our AI enhances your planning process.

Discover more:

  • Financial Forecasting Software
  • Business Plan Builder
  • AI Pitch Deck Generator
  • Strategic Planning Tool
  • Sample Business Plans
  • Strategic Planning Templates

Finish your business plan faster with Upmetrics AI

  • 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Change Plans Anytime
  • Cancel Anytime
  • AI for HR Teams
  • BPMN Symbols
  • BPMN vs UML
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Capacity Planning Guide
  • Case Management Process
  • How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Processes
  • Innovation Management Process
  • Project vs Process
  • Solve Customer Problems
  • Spaghetti Diagram
  • Startup Templates
  • Streamline Purchase Order Process
  • What is BPMN
  • Approval Process
  • Employee Exit Process
  • Iterative Process
  • Process Documentation
  • Process Improvement Ideas
  • Risk Assessment Process
  • Tiger Teams
  • Work Instruction Templates
  • Workflow Vs. Process
  • Process Mapping
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Meddic Sales Process
  • SIPOC Diagram
  • What is Business Process Management
  • Process Mapping Software
  • Business Analysis Tool
  • Business Capability Map
  • Decision Making Tools and Techniques
  • Operating Model Canvas
  • FAB Analysis Guide
  • Mobile App Planning
  • Product Development Guide
  • Product Roadmap
  • Timeline Diagrams
  • Visualize User Flow
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • Flowchart Maker
  • Online Class Diagram Tool
  • Organizational Chart Maker
  • Mind Map Maker
  • Retro Software
  • Agile Project Charter
  • Critical Path Software
  • Brainstorming Guide
  • Brainstorming Tools
  • Concept Map Note Taking
  • Types of Concept Maps
  • Visual Tools for Brainstorming
  • Brainstorming Content Ideas
  • Brainstorming in Business
  • Brainstorming Questions
  • Brainstorming Rules
  • Brainstorming Techniques
  • Brainstorming Workshop
  • Design Thinking and Brainstorming
  • Divergent vs Convergent Thinking
  • Group Brainstorming Strategies
  • Group Creativity
  • How to Make Virtual Brainstorming Fun and Effective
  • Ideation Techniques
  • Improving Brainstorming
  • Marketing Brainstorming
  • Plot Diagrams
  • Rapid Brainstorming
  • Reverse Brainstorming Challenges
  • Reverse vs. Traditional Brainstorming
  • What Comes After Brainstorming
  • Flowchart Guide
  • Spider Diagram Guide
  • 5 Whys Template
  • Assumption Grid Template
  • Brainstorming Templates
  • Brainwriting Template
  • Innovation Techniques
  • 50 Business Diagrams
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Certainities, Suppositions & Doubts
  • Change Control Process
  • Change Management Process
  • Cynefin Framework
  • DACI Framework
  • Decision Making Framework
  • Decision Making Model
  • Decision Making Techniques
  • Decision Matrix
  • Digital Customer Journey
  • Macro Environmental Analysis
  • NOISE Analysis
  • Product Portfolio
  • Profit & Loss Templates
  • RAPID Framework
  • Scenario Planning
  • Second Order Thinking
  • SPACE Analysis
  • Stakeholder Communication Plan
  • Strategic Vs Tactical Planning
  • Strategy vs Plan
  • What are Tree Diagrams
  • Winning Brand Strategy
  • Work Management Systems
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Developing Action Plans
  • Guide to setting OKRS
  • How to Write a Memo
  • Improve Productivity & Efficiency
  • Mastering Task Analysis
  • Mastering Task Batching
  • Monthly Budget Templates
  • Program Planning
  • Top Down Vs. Bottom Up
  • Weekly Schedule Templates
  • Cash Cow Matrix
  • Decision Tree Guide
  • Kaizen Principles
  • Opportunity Mapping
  • Strategic-Goals
  • Strategy Mapping
  • Strategy vs Tactics
  • T Chart Guide
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Developing Your MVP
  • Experience Mapping Guide
  • Incident Management
  • Needs Assessment Process
  • Perceptual Maps
  • Position Maps
  • Product Development From Ideation to Launch
  • Value-Proposition-Canvas
  • Visualizing Competitive Landscape
  • Communication Plan
  • Graphic Organizer Creator
  • Fault Tree Software
  • Bowman's Strategy Clock Template
  • Decision Matrix Template
  • Communities of Practice
  • Goal Setting for 2024
  • Meeting Templates
  • Meetings Participation
  • Microsoft Teams Brainstorming
  • Retrospective Guide
  • Skip Level Meetings
  • Visual Documentation Guide
  • Visual Note Taking
  • Weekly Meetings
  • Affinity Diagrams
  • Business Plan Presentation
  • Post-Mortem Meetings
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  • WBS Templates
  • Online Whiteboard Tool
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  • Idea Board Online
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  • Genograms in Social Work Practice
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  • How to Conduct a Genogram Interview
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  • Introduction to Your Workspace
  • Managing Workspaces and Folders
  • Adding Text
  • Collaborative Content Management
  • Creating and Editing Tables
  • Adding Notes
  • Introduction to Diagramming
  • Using Shapes
  • Using Freehand Tool
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  • Accessing the Contextual Toolbar
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  • Notifications
  • Using Creately VIZ
  • Meet Creately VIZ
  • Unleashing the Power of Collaborative Brainstorming
  • Uncovering the potential of Retros for all teams
  • Collaborative Apps in Microsoft Teams
  • Hiring a Great Fit for Your Team
  • Project Management Made Easy
  • Cross-Corporate Information Radiators
  • Creately 4.0 - Product Walkthrough
  • What's New

Harnessing the Power of AI: A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting a Dynamic Business Plan


If you have ever tried to write one, you know just how challenging crafting a business plan can be. There’s a lot of foresight, strategic thinking, and meticulous attention to detail involved. You have to understand what people want, figure out how to fund it, and explain your big ideas clearly. Entrepreneurs have to do all this while dealing with the everyday chaos of running a business.

To this end, one of the most useful applications of AI has been its ability to be your thinking- assistant- adding structure to your thoughts- and creating frameworks to help you navigate through complex problems.

  • Ready to use
  • Fully customizable template
  • Get Started in seconds

exit full-screen

Why Use AI to Write Your Business Plan?

The arrival of artificial intelligence has revolutionized how you gather and put together information. AI’s predictive analytics and data-driven insights help businesses make more informed decisions, often leading to a significant competitive edge. Here are some of the competitive advantages of integrating AI into business planning processes:

  • Enhanced accuracy in market analysis and financial projections.
  • Real-time adaptation to market changes and customer behavior.
  • Personalized strategies that align closely with company goals and customer needs.

By leveraging AI, businesses can visualize their business plan in new ways Now data can be used as a strategic asset that drives growth and innovation. Writing a business plan is no longer just about a document to present to investors; it’s about creating a dynamic blueprint that evolves with your business and the market.

Use AI as your thinking Assistant

The ability to automate complex processes, gain insights from big data, and enhance decision-making can help the way you think about designing your business. This includes streamling operations, predicting customer behavior, and personalizing marketing efforts.

The ability to collect, process, and analyze vast amounts of information is what makes AI so powerful in business planning.

A robust business plan typically includes components such as market analysis, financial projections, and marketing strategies. AI can optimize each aspect of a business plan:

  • Market Analysis : AI tools can analyze market trends and customer feedback, offering a more nuanced understanding of the competitive landscape.
  • Financial Projections : Machine learning algorithms can provide more accurate revenue forecasts by analyzing past performance and market conditions.
  • Marketing Strategies : AI can personalize customer interactions and optimize marketing campaigns for better engagement and conversion rates.
  • Decoding Customer Behavior: AI algorithms are adept at analyzing customer interactions and feedback across various platforms. By processing this data, businesses can gain a nuanced understanding of customer preferences and tailor their offerings accordingly.
  • Predictive Market Trends: AI doesn’t just analyze the present; it’s also predictive. By examining historical data and current market conditions, AI can forecast future market shifts, giving businesses a strategic advantage in planning their next move.
  • Real-time Market Insights: With AI, market analysis is not a one-time report but a continuous stream of insights. This allows companies to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics and maintain a competitive edge.

Using AI to Develop Your Business Plan (With Prompts)

Your Executive Summary : Begin with an AI-generated executive summary that encapsulates the financial health and projections of your business. You can use specific AI tools to analyze historical data and generate a concise summary that highlights key financial metrics and future goals. A useful prompt to help you do this:

  • Write a very detailed executive summary for a [insert your company type] that is requesting funding. Here is some context to get you started: {Succinctly summarize the key elements of your business} {List 5 business objectives} { 3 unique selling points}

Company Description : Utilize AI to provide a data-backed company valuation and financial history. This can include automated calculations of burn rate, cash flow, and other vital financial statistics that give stakeholders a clear picture of your company’s fiscal standing.

  • Write a very detailed mission statement for a [insert business] that values [insert values] and offers [insert products and/or services]
  • Write a very detailed business description for a [ insert business name] that sells [insert products and/or services]. The company values [insert values].
  • Write a very detailed product description for (insert products and/or services) that highlights [insert features to highlight]

Market Analysis : Deploy AI algorithms to analyze the market size, growth rates, and trends. This will help you to forecast demand and price points, which are essential for accurate financial planning.

  • Write a very detailed market analysis for a [insert business type].
  • Create a target audience for a [insert business type] who wants to target [insert who you want to target. Include their age, race, gender, likes, dislikes etc]
  • What are the top 3 market trends for the [insert industry] and why are they trending?

Competitive Analysis : AI can help you perform a deep dive into competitors' financial strategies. By analyzing public financial reports and market data, AI can uncover insights into pricing strategies, market share, and financial strengths or weaknesses of your competitors.

  • Write a very detailed competitive analysis for a [insert company] who’s advantage is [insert your advantage over the market]
  • Find 3 competitors for a [insert business type] and explain their competitive advantage.
  • Write a unique selling proposition for a [insert product or service type] that is [insert unique selling proposition].

Sales and Marketing Plan : Predictive analytics can forecast the ROI of different marketing strategies, helping you to allocate your budget effectively. AI can also optimize your sales funnel by predicting customer lifetime value and churn rates.

  • Write a very detailed sales and marketing plan for a [insert business type] that offers [insert products and/or services]
  • Write a very detailed growth strategy for a [insert business type] that offers [insert products and/or services]

Ownership and Management Plan : AI can assist in modeling different ownership structures and their financial implications, as well as predict the financial impact of management decisions.

  • Write a very detailed Ownership Structure for a [insert business type] that has [include the ownership roles that you have in your company]
  • Write a very detailed Management Plan for a [insert business type] that has [include the roles that you have in your company]

Operating Plan : Use AI to simulate various operational scenarios and their costs. This includes everything from supply chain optimization to energy consumption and staffing requirements.

  • Write a very detailed Operating Plan for a [insert business type] that operates [include where you operate your business ex: online, storefront etc]
  • Write a very detailed risk management assessment for a [insert business type] that operates [include where you operate your business ex: online, storefront etc]

Financial Plan : This is where AI truly shines. Machine learning models can provide detailed revenue forecasts, expense projections, and cash flow analysis. They can also help in stress-testing your financial plan against various economic scenarios to ensure resilience.

  • Create a detailed year sales forecast for a [Insert business type] with an average growth rate of [XX% per year and an average order value of $XX]
  • Create a break-even analysis for a [insert business type] with an average order value of SIXXI. The Total cost per unit is $[XX]. The yearly combined fixed and variable costs is[XXX]
  • Write a very detailed funding request section of a business plan for a [insert business type] that is requesting [XX] for [insert what you need the funding for]

Develop A Robust Business Plan with Creately VIZ

Use the AI-powered visual intelligence of Creately VIZ to develop strategic business plans. The AI templates help you generate, expand, organize and transform all the information you require to put together a complete business plan. You can use Creately VIZ as your strategic partner - taking advantage of visual frameworks to build out winning strategies.

Business Model Canvas: The Business Model Canvas is a strategic planning tool, that condenses a comprehensive business plan into a one-page visual. Comprising nine key building blocks, it offers a holistic view of a business, from customer segments and value propositions to revenue streams and cost structures.

Business Model Canvas Explained

Strategic Blueprint: A strategic blueprint is a detailed, overarching plan that outlines an organization’s long-term goals and the actions needed to achieve them. It serves as a guiding document for decision-making and resource allocation. Typically encompassing mission statements, objectives, and tactics, a strategic blueprint provides a roadmap for navigating challenges and leveraging opportunities. It considers internal and external factors, aligning organizational strengths with market demands.

Capability Mapping: A business capability map is a visual representation that outlines the core competencies and capabilities of an organization. It provides a comprehensive view of the skills, processes, technologies, and resources required to achieve business objectives. Like a strategic blueprint, a capability map guides decision-making but focuses on the specific abilities needed for successful operations. It often categorizes capabilities into key domains, such as operational, strategic, and customer-related. This map serves as a strategic planning tool, aligning business activities with organizational goals.

AI transforms a static business plan into a dynamic blueprint that evolves with your business and the market. The competitive advantages it offers, from enhanced accuracy in market analysis to real-time adaptation and personalized strategies, underscore the transformative power of AI. As you embark on crafting your business plan, consider leveraging AI as your thinking assistant, ensuring your strategies align with evolving market dynamics. With AI, the journey from plan to success becomes a continuous and adaptive process.

Join over thousands of organizations that use Creately to brainstorm, plan, analyze, and execute their projects successfully.

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Improve Productivity and Efficiency With Action Items

Chiraag George is a communication specialist here at Creately. He is a marketing junkie that is fascinated by how brands occupy consumer mind space. A lover of all things tech, he writes a lot about the intersection of technology, branding and culture at large.

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Start » startup, how to use ai tools to write a business plan.

These tools use artificial intelligence to generate full business plans you can take to investors.

 A man sits at a white desk and looks at the screen of an open laptop. Scattered elsewhere on the desk are a couple of potted plants, a cup of pencils and scissors, a tablet and smartphone, and a few stacks of papers. The man is wearing a dark blue plaid shirt over a purple T-shirt, and he has one hand held to his chin in thought.

Writing a business plan is an important, if arduous, task. Most investors and financial institutions will ask to see your business plan before providing startup capital. But, for many entrepreneurs, putting pen to paper to detail your idea can be burdensome.

AI tools can speed up the process of writing a business plan by providing the framework and initial content. However, you’ll need to go through the plan in detail to make sure it accurately reflects the financial modeling, mission and vision, and other elements that you’re starting to put into motion. Consider any business plan generated by these AI tools as a starting point from which to finesse your plan to perfection.

[Read more: Writing a Business Plan? Here’s How to Do It, Step by Step ]

ProAI is built to generate custom business plans that include financial projections, market research, and a SWOT analysis. These detailed plans can be edited in the app or exported to Google Docs and Sheets for further editing. Simply answer some questions about your business information and goals; AI will create a custom plan with financials. The report can be ready in a few days, depending on the depth and level of customization required — something you determine when you go through the initial process. ProAI can also provide pitch decks and business funding. Pricing for ProAI starts at $199/month.

[Read more: 4 Effective Ways Small Businesses Can Leverage AI ]

Simplified offers a unique AI generator for small businesses. Like ProAI, you simply enter your small business details and objectives, or work off one of their existing templates (such as for a gym, food truck, or real estate service). Simplified’s artificial intelligence can generate market analysis, financial projections, and a clear value proposition for your plan. It can be edited within the tool. The best part? Simplified is free up to 2,000 words.

LivePlan Assistant is the company’s AI writing tool that can help you create a business plan. With this option, you can select one of LivePlan’s business plan templates and get help filling in each section from the Assistant. LivePlan’s database of 550 free sample business plans gives you a good starting point. The Assistant’s “Help Me Write” function will then generate ideas for each section of your plan according to the information you give it. It includes financial forecasting functionality, too. Pricing for LivePlan starts at $20/month.

WriteCream develops generic business plans that can be customized to fit your vision.

Upmetrics ’ AI Assistant can autowrite sections of your business plan, adjust the tone of your content to be more persuasive or professional, and reformat sections to make the plan flow. Unlike other tools on this list, Upmetrics also offers well-designed cover pages so you can make your document stand out. The platform lets you collaborate with different users on the same document so you can stay organized and coordinate better. And, instead of using a set template, Upmetrics has a drag-and-drop builder so you can determine what sections you want to include. Upmetrics starts at $7/month.


IdeaMaster uses ChatGPT-3 to create fairly basic business plans; if you’re looking for a short two-pager to share with investors before fully developing your concept, this is a good starting point. Simply tell IdeaMaster your industry and product type to get started. Plans include the basics, such as market size, MVP features, value proposition, sales and marketing channels, and key resources, among other things. Best of all, IdeaMaster is free.

WriteCream develops generic business plans that can be customized to fit your vision. It’s less sophisticated than other tools on this list, and it can be used as a blank canvas if you have a great idea but no time (or patience) to write a full business plan. It doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of other tools, but it is affordable: WriteCream is free-to-use for up to 10,000 words per month.

CO— aims to bring you inspiration from leading respected experts. However, before making any business decision, you should consult a professional who can advise you based on your individual situation.

Applications are open for the CO—100! Now is your chance to join an exclusive group of outstanding small businesses. Share your story with us — apply today .

CO—is committed to helping you start, run and grow your small business. Learn more about the benefits of small business membership in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, here .

Apply for the CO—100!

The CO—100 is an exclusive list of the 100 best and brightest small and mid-sized businesses in America. Enter today to share your story and get recognized.

ai help with business plan

Get recognized. Get rewarded. Get $25K.

Is your small business one of the best in America? Apply for our premier awards program for small businesses, the CO—100, today to get recognized and rewarded. One hundred businesses will be honored and one business will be awarded $25,000.

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How to choose a business name, a small business guide to setting up an e-commerce business, 5 time-consuming entrepreneurial tasks you can outsource.

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ai help with business plan

AI Business Plan Generator

Create comprehensive business plans with ai.

  • Create a startup business plan: Develop a comprehensive business plan for your new startup, covering all key aspects of your business.
  • Plan for business expansion: Generate a business plan that outlines your strategy for expanding your existing business into new markets or product lines.
  • Prepare for investor meetings: Create a detailed business plan to share with potential investors, showcasing your business's potential and strategy for success.
  • Develop a product launch plan: Craft a business plan for launching a new product, detailing your marketing strategy, financial projections, and more.

New & Trending Tools

Text corrector and formatter, strategic planning and decision-making in healthcare tutor, healthcare organizational structures and governance tutor.

PlanPros Logo

The World’s Best AI Business Plan Generator

PlanPros’ AI-powered business plan generator is the absolute quickest and easiest way for you to create a professional business plan.

planpros ai business plan builder

As Seen in 500+ Media Outlets:

wallstreet journal logo

Discover the PlanPro’s Advantages

Save time and effort.

Let our AI business plan generator do all of the heavy lifting, creating a comprehensive business plan for you in just minutes.

Quickly Secure Funding

PlanPros will create a strategically sound business plan for you in the precise format that attracts investors and lenders.

Works for Your Business

PlanPros has been used to develop AI-generated business plans for over 1,000 types of business, so rest assured it will 100% work for your business!

Improve Your Strategy

Our AI business plan generator has been specially developed to improve your business, operations and marketing strategies to improve your long-term success.

planpros promotion plans

Craft The Perfect Business Plan With Artificial Intelligence In Just 12 Minutes

“planspro has been an absolute game-changer for my company. the user-friendly system coupled with its ai technology made crafting our business plan a breeze…the exceptional quality of the final business plan exceeded my expectations.”.

cristy ayala

Here’s a little bit about our team

  • 25+ years of business planning experience
  • Have helped over 1 million entrepreneurs and businesses create impressive business plans
  • Dedicated to YOUR success
  • Our business plan clients have raised over $5 billion

Planpros team home

We are so confident you’ll love PlanPros that we give you the opportunity to try it absolutely free!

Entrepreneurs & business owners love planpros....

“ PlanPros is hands down the best business planning software out there. As a long-time business plan writer and consultant who has tried his fair share of business plan tools, this one far outweighs the competition.

What used to be a laborious and complex process is now fast, easy, professional and dare I say quite fun!

I highly recommend PlanPros to any entrepreneur in need of a business plan.”

Tim Martinez

“ PlanPros is an incredible business plan generator. It transformed what was once a daunting task into a straightforward and quick process.

Its user-friendly interface, with clear and concise prompts, made creating a business plan much more manageable for me.

It also helped me to focus on the core aspects of my business and more confidently secure the right type of investor.”

Erica Anderson

“PlanPros is the kick-in-the-pants I needed after being in business for two years. It allowed me to quickly and easily create a great business plan for Love Equals that will surely help us in our next stage of development.

The business plan helped me better understand who we are and what we are trying to do, and it mapped out a roadmap for our company to achieve the success we want.”

Sarbjit Singh

The process is easy!

Our AI business plan maker asks you some quick and easy questions about your business.

The PlanPros AI business plan generator then writes your entire business plan, including the executive summary, market analysis, competitive analysis, complete 5-year financial projections and more.

Our AI-generated business plans are geared specifically to the needs of investors and lenders. Whether you need funding or not, our plans guide you to successfully grow your company!

ai help with business plan

Harness the power of AI for a smarter approach to planning

PlanPros.ai simplifies the planning process, providing you with a strategic roadmap to success. Optimize your business strategy with our AI-driven platform and watch your company thrive.

ai help with business plan

Impress Investors with a Highly Professional Business Plan

Attract the right potential investors and lenders with a polished, data-driven business plan from PlanPros. Showcase your business’ potential and secure the funding you need to succeed.

Create A Winning Business Plan In Minutes

PlanPros.ai’s intelligent AI-powered tool crafts the perfect business plan for you in just minutes, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

ai help with business plan

What PlanPros Clients are Saying…

“I needed a professional business plan quickly to present to an investor. PlanPros allowed me to create a great plan, in just minutes, that really impressed the investor. Thank you PlanPros!!!”

Steven Joachim

“ PlanPros is simply incredible! I highly recommend it for any small business owner or entrepreneur looking for an efficient way to create a professional business plan.”

Meghan Meeks

“ PlanPros is amazing! It is by far a superior tool for creating a business plan than anything I have ever seen. In just minutes, PlanPros allowed me to create a great business plan. Super simple to use and outstanding results. What a great product!”

Alex Transp

“ Wow! PlanPros really exceeded my expectations! I utilized it to create a business plan for my company, and I was truly impressed by its precision and efficiency. In the end, it worked its magic, producing an outstanding business plan complete with amazing financial forecasts.”


“ PlanPros.ai is a revolutionary tool for all business owners. It is so simple to use and allowed me to complete my business plan in minutes. Thanks to PlanPros we now understand which services and targets to focus our efforts on, and what our expansion possibilities are.”

gianp transp

“Not only did PlanPros help me complete my business plan in just minutes, but I already received funding from an investor! I highly recommend it! “

Tim K

Ready To Complete Your Business Plan? Get Started Now!

You ask, we answer.

Yes, we are so confident you’ll love PlanPros that we give you the opportunity to try it absolutely free! Just click any of the “Try it for free” buttons on this page. You’ll immediately be taken to the PlanPros business plan generator . There you’ll be able to quickly complete part of your business plan absolutely free. You’ll see just how simple it is to use, and how incredible the plan is that it creates for you.

Simply answer some questions about your business and PlanPros writes a comprehensive business plan for you. You can then edit your plan further if desired.

You will be able to complete and print out your professional business plan within minutes. That being said, we recommend reviewing and editing your plan…even with these additional steps, you should be able to complete your entire business plan within 1 hour of starting. 

We have different plans from which you can choose. See our  plans & pricing here .

Some sample questions include:

  • Tell us briefly about your business?
  • Which of the following promotional tactics might you want to use to attract new customers (click on relevant tactics from our comprehensive list)
  • Briefly describe your background or provide us with your LinkedIn URL so our AI can write the management team section of your business plan.

We are so confident you’ll love PlanPros, that if you’re not fully satisfied with it, simply contact us via email, phone or online within the 30 days and we’ll gladly refund your money.

PlanPros Logo

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  • / AI Business Plan Generator

Generate Your Business Future: AI Business Plan Generator

Craft Your Perfect Business Plan Easily with AI Assistance

ai business name

Craft Customized Business Plans with AI

Transform your entrepreneurial vision into a concrete reality with AI Business Plan Generator customized for aspiring entrepreneurs, startup founders, small business owners, and freelance business plan writers. Our AI Business Plan Generator Online Free tool helps you to generate high-quality business plans easily. Customize every detail to align perfectly with your brand guidelines, ensuring your business strategy reflects your unique vision and goals from the very first draft.

How to Generate Business Plan With AI

Three Simple Steps for generating Business Plan:

On the AI Writer Dashboard, click on "AI Chat" from the left menu section.

Type in your “Business Category with a little detail” in the provided field. Adjust your preferences by selecting advanced options like writing style.

Click ‘Generate’ to let the AI analyze your input and provide you with the Business Plan.

AI Business Nmae

Upgrade Your Business with AI-Powered Planning

Discover our AI Business Plan Generator, a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate tool designed to release your creativity in crafting comprehensive business plans. Whether you're new to business planning or a seasoned professional, our intuitive interface eases the process. Customize every detail easily, from financial projections to strategic goals, ensuring your business plan reflects your unique vision and objectives. Transform your ideas into actionable plans with precision and ease using our innovative AI-powered Business Plan Generator.

Enhance Your Business Plans with Interactive Features

Simplified provides extensive interactive options for your business plans. Showcase your plans with dynamic text effects and add animations into text, graphics, shapes, or objects in your designs. For data-intensive plans, Simplified offers a diverse range of graphs, charts, and data widgets to visually represent information. Utilize diagrams, roadmaps, and timelines to effectively convey various types of information.

Team Collaboration for Smooth Business Planning

Collaborate easily with Simplified AI Business Plan Generator, designed to facilitate teamwork and enhance collaboration. Whether you're working with colleagues, advisors, or stakeholders, our tool supports easy communication and shared access to project updates. Ease planning processes, delegate tasks, and ensure everyone is on the same page with real-time editing and commenting features. Empower your team to contribute their expertise and insights, driving collective success in business planning endeavors.

Most Used AI Writer Tools

AI Script Generator

AI Script Generator

Online Word Counter

Online Word Counter


AI Photo Captions Copy Generator

Discover More Writer Tools

Do more, write more with ai business plan generator.

Best Free AI Story Generators

7 Best Free AI Story Generators You Can Use Right Now

How To Use AI Sentence Expander

How To Use AI Sentence Expander For Essay Writing?

How To Write An Article For LinkedIn

How To Write An Article For LinkedIn

How to Write a Summary of an Article

How to Write a Summary of an Article in Minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ai business plan generator, is the ai business plan generator easy to use, can i customize the business plan templates generated by ai, does the ai business plan generator include financial forecasting capabilities, is there a free trial available for the ai business plan generator, how secure is my data when using the ai business plan generator, can multiple team members collaborate on a single business plan using this tool, what types of businesses can benefit from using the ai business plan generator, generate your business vision with simplified ai tool.

AI Business Plan Generator: Your Tool for Strategic Growth

Simplified G2 Leader Small Business

What our 10 million+ users are saying about Simplified

Aggregate review rating.


Date - Jan 28, 2024


Efficient and User-Friendly AI Tool

The tool's versatility is a key factor in solving various business problems, contributing to improved efficiency and creative outcomes.


Date - Feb 24, 2024

Simplified is for any business that is fed up with Marketing Firms

Simplified is user friendly , intuitively creative asset for any business wanting to generate ads, posts to drive people to their website. It is great for brand awareness as well as business focused advertising.

Date - Feb 29, 2024

When it comes to managing business processes, simplicity is key, and Simplified delivers just that. The user-friendly interface makes it intuitive for users of all backgrounds to navigate the platform and access the tools they need

Miracle M.

Date - Sep 05, 2023

How Simplified lives up to it's name.

Simplified truly stands out in assisting me with my business needs. I have been searching for a service that provides an all-in-one solution, encompassing features such as blog writing, social media management, and marketing

Verified User in Telecommunications

Date - Oct 02, 2023

I literally felt like I hired a team of business experts

With Simplified, I able to get help my business plan, create a brand kit that included everything involving my business like pictures, fonts, slogans, and logos, which made it very easy to create marketing campaigns.

Date - Oct 05, 2023

Great Tool, You Can See They've Really Put The Effort In To Providing What You Need

I use Simplify every day and am well impressed by this new tool for myself as an online business owner/digital media creator/marketer.


World's Best AI Business Plan Generator

Fill out simple forms, select language, and get a business plan in under 15 minutes. Try It Out!

ai help with business plan

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs looking for investor funding.

Our AI business plan generator helps entrepreneurs in creating professional business plans designed to impress potential investors and secure funding

Business owners and entrepreneurs looking for a bank loan

Our AI business plan generator is SBA-approved and follows to most banks' business plan template.

For anyone looking to make a business plan

Whether you want an AI generated business plan for self-learning, as a reference for a project, or for submission to a non-financial institution, we've got you covered.

What customers say about us

Our ultimate goal is to make a product that you love, to do that we need feedback. So we try to talk to as many customers as we can

ai help with business plan

Mentioned In..


Language Support

At the end of the plan creation process you can choose to generate a plan in multiple languages including..

How it works?

Our AI business plan generator guides you through a few questions, once done a business plan example will be generated

Enter General Business Information

Only basic business information is required e.g. business name, number of employees, and a little financial data

Edit and Save

Once your AI plan is generated you can easily edit the plan with our "Talk To Plan" feature. You can input what you want changed and AI will take care of the rest

Key Benefits

Our ai draws business knowledge from the entire internet.

GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 are our cutting-edge language models, trained on vast quantities of internet, book-based resources, business plan examples, and has demonstrated its knowledge by passing the Wharton MBA exam among many others

ai help with business plan

The whole process can literally take 15 minutes

Gone are the days of laboring over business plans for weeks on end, our AI business plan generator can create a comprehensive plan in just 15 minutes.

ai help with business plan

Our AI generated business plan template won't let you down

create a professional business plan in just 15 minutes with our AI business plan generator

ai help with business plan

More From Forbes

Are business leaders ready for ai here’s how to tell.

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AI is still in its early stages. Businesses are collectively figuring out how to best integrate it.

For many business leaders, discussions about Artificial Intelligence are clouded by unrealistic narratives. On one hand, they face a barrage of negative press stoking fears of job displacement and dystopian business futures. On the other hand, some portray AI as a magic bullet that can solve all their problems with a single instruction.

The reality, as with any major technological shift, lies somewhere in between. Just like past technological advancements that gradually permeated business operations, AI is still in its early stages. Businesses are collectively figuring out how to best integrate it.

Leaders often take a cautious approach to new and unfamiliar concepts. However, fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding AI risk is overshadowing its true potential to transform specific industries. This has led to a focus on short-term cost-cutting measures, hindering exploration of AI's broader transformative capabilities.

Shifting the Paradigm: From Cost Savings to Growth Engine

As someone at the forefront of AI commercialization, I can assure you: AI is here to empower your workforce, not replace it. Similar to past technological advancements, AI will complement human capabilities if it’s understood what it is you want to do with it. Take office work, for instance. AI can act as a powerful drafting and summarization tool, but its true value lies in its ability to identify patterns and insights beyond human perception. This fosters new perspectives and problem-solving approaches.

Best High-Yield Savings Accounts Of 2024

Best 5% interest savings accounts of 2024.

The recent focus on cost reduction has led to a misconception of AI as solely an automation tool. While cost savings can be a byproduct, it shouldn't be the primary driver. AI's true value lies in its ability to streamline operations while exploring entirely new revenue streams.

Consider any of the industries that rely on technical report writing, plan checking or other document intensive review processes where delays are a growing bottleneck. In the pharmaceutical industry for examples, technical writers typically spend months crafting reports for approval. AI can automate this process by generating final draft level quality in minutes, allowing human experts to refine the output and significantly expedite the drug development cycle. This isn't just cost saving; it's a breakthrough in delivering life-saving treatments faster. The same can be said for many different verticals in our economy requiring intensive regulatory approvals.

A seasoned employee has enormous institutional memory but they can’t scale that knowledge transfer to new recruits without some tool that can ingest and retrieve that 24/7 on demand. AI tools can do that, it means that no matter what level of experience you have all enquiring minds can be seasoned employees and vice versa. The new recruits are the ones that are most adept at applying new tools to the work.

The Power of Human-AI Collaboration

Veterans bring valuable experience, new hires often excel at adopting new technologies. AI tools can ... [+] become the bridge that connects these strengths.

Experienced employees possess a wealth of institutional knowledge. However, transferring this knowledge to new recruits can be a challenge. Traditional methods often lack scalability and accessibility. AI-powered tools can bridge this gap. These tools can ingest and retrieve knowledge on-demand, 24/7. This democratizes access to expertise, empowering both seasoned employees and new recruits.

While veterans bring valuable experience, new hires often excel at adopting new technologies. AI tools can become the bridge that connects these strengths. This allows everyone, regardless of experience level, to become a "seasoned employee" by leveraging the collective knowledge base. Imagine AI-powered virtual tools providing patients pre-and post-operative support, answering questions, and even assisting with medication administration. This doesn't replace nurses; it creates a new avenue for care, extending support to patients who wouldn't otherwise have access to healthcare. The key takeaway is that AI excels at repetitive tasks and complex data analysis, allowing your human workforce to focus on higher-level skills like creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking. This human-AI collaboration is the true driver of innovation and growth.

Unlocking New Frontiers: Experimentation and Iteration

The most successful companies in the AI era will embrace experimentation and continuous improvement through rapid prototyping and iteration. Leaders who support teams to test new applications, analyze results, and refine approaches in continuous cycles will not only learn what works for them but will excel at creating a curious culture in the workplace. Leaders who embrace a critical thinking culture when looking at how to utilize AI have seen firsthand how this opens up many new ways of collaborating, sharing of ideas and cross functional problem solving that can spread across the entire organization. This iterative learning cycle is crucial for unlocking the full potential of AI within your organization.

For example, a retail company could leverage AI to learn how to analyze purchase history and predict future customer needs in several different ways. This allows for more targeted marketing, optimized inventory management, and a more personalized shopping experience. By constantly testing and refining the AI model based on team and real customer feedback, they can create a powerful flywheel for driving sales and customer satisfaction.

Building a Successful AI Strategy

Building a successful AI strategy needs Clear Governance, Data Security & Team-Centered Design

Your human workforce is, and always will be, your greatest asset. By co-creating with them to understand what their needs are with the right tools and training, you can help them leverage AI to augment their skillsets. My experience at the intersection of AI strategy and commercial implementation has shown that many leadership teams underestimate their role in shaping AI outcomes. I've had the opportunity to guide several companies through the exciting yet complex world of AI. Here are some key considerations for building a successful AI strategy that I lead with:

  • Clear Governance: Establish clear guidelines for ethical and responsible AI development and deployment within your teams and for your customers.
  • Data Security: Prioritize robust data security measures to protect sensitive information used in AI models.
  • Team-Centered Design: Focus on designing AI solutions that complement and augment staff capabilities, fostering a seamless collaboration.

By following these principles, you can ensure that AI becomes a powerful force for positive change within your organization.

The Future of Business is Human-AI Collaboration

The future of business is not about AI replacing humans; it's about humans and AI working together. AI is not a magic bullet, nor is it a replacement for your workforce. By embracing AI as a collaborative tool, you can unlock new levels of innovation, efficiency, and sustainable growth. This is just the beginning, and I'm excited to be part of this technological shift.

Timothy Papandreou

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  • Reprints & Permissions

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How AI Can Change the Way Your Company Gets Work Done

  • Marc Zao-Sanders

ai help with business plan

Using AI to help you carry out tasks better and faster can fuel new growth in your organization.

AI offers many ways to enhance a company’s overall internal capabilities and skills. AI can be used to infer skills from employee profiles and their activity. AI can be used to classify learning content and make it more applicable and accessible for the whole workforce, as well as making learning more personalized to each individual. AI can be used to summarize, recommend, and augment learning content. GenAI, in particular, can be used by the world’s billion knowledge workers to boost performance, right in the flow of work. Research shows that GenAI can get knowledge work done 25% faster and 40% better. This article covers several ways that corporations, teams, and individuals can drive internal growth by enhancing organizational capabilities. Early signs are that double-digit growth via GenAI is eminently possible.

Most growth models and strategies — such as the Ansoff Matrix and McKinsey’s 7S Framework — are focused on external expansion: Grow by launching new products, by entering new markets, and by doing both at once. Yet growth can also come from within, by developing internal  capability.

  • Marc Zao-Sanders is CEO and co-founder of filtered.com , which develops algorithmic technology to make sense of corporate skills and learning content. He’s the author of Timeboxing – The Power of Doing One Thing at a Time . Find Marc on LinkedIn or at www.marczaosanders.com .

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AI Consultant & Coach

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  • Value Proposition: Define and refine your unique offering
  • MVP Planning: Develop a plan to test your idea in the real market
  • Problem & Solution Discovery: Articulate your market fit clearly
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Business Planning Made Easy: From Vision, to Plan, to Execution

  • Vision Development: Crafting a clear vision and mission for your business
  • Market Strategy: Identifying and targeting your ideal market segments
  • Competitive Analysis: Thoroughly understand your market landscape.
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Create, Build, and Amplify your Brand

  • Brand Strategy Development: Craft a compelling brand identity
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  • Taglines & USPs: Create memorable messages and unique selling points
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ai help with business plan

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Starter plan.

  • Some important point
  • 3 Ready Landings
  • 30+ Components
  • CMS powered
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Business Plan

  • Elevator Pitch: Create an effective pitch to introduce your business.
  • One Pager & Pitch Deck Outline: Summarize your business in a single page.
  • Marketing Plan: Outline strategies to promote your business.
  • SWOT Analysis: Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Competitive Analysis: Analyze your competitors and determine how to differentiate.
  • Customer Personas to better understand customer needs.
  • Market Analysis: Assess the size and growth of the market.
  • Unlimited Revisions, Edit, & Export
  • Create the basics for your project or business
  • Generate and edit a Lean Startup Canvas with AI
  • AI produced SWOT Analysis: Uncover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Elevator Pitch: Create an effective pitch to introduce your business
  • One Pager & Pitch Deck Outline: Summarize your business in a single page
  • Marketing Plan: Outline strategies to promote your business
  • SWOT Analysis: Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Competitive Analysis: Analyze your competitors and determine how to differentiate
  • Customer Personas: to better understand customer needs
  • Market Analysis: Assess the size and growth of the market
  • And so much more...

105 Sections, 23 Key Modules

Executive summary.

Create an effective summary to introduce your business.

Pitch Deck Outline

Outline the key points of your startup in a pitch deck.

Market Analysis

Assess your total addressable market size and growth of the market.

Competitive Analysis

Analyze your competitors and determine how to differentiate.

Customer Personas

Better understand your customer needs.

SWOT Analysis

Analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Marketing Plan

Outline strategies to promote your business.

Brand Strategy

Vision, mission, tagline, and brand positioning.

Your business's story written succinctly.

Porter’s Five Forces

Understand your competitive landscape quickly.

Benefit Statement

Highlight the compelling advantages of your product or service.

Strategic management framework. Stars, Cash Cows, Question Marks, and Dogs.

Solution Statement

A compelling narrative that showcases the heart of your business idea.

Lean Startup Canvas

Visualize and map out your business to identify key components critical to success.

Problem Statement

Identify the key issues your target market faces.

Generate a catchy, memorable phrase that encapsulates the essence and values of your brand.

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ai help with business plan

ai help with business plan

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11 essential social media tools to grow your business in 2024.

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Kseniia Volodina

Jul 9, 2024

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Social media is a lot of work: you have to create, schedule, approve, and distribute content, not to mention analyze its performance afterward. You can do it all manually, but once you have more than one or two accounts, you’re in for many headaches. Social media tools have your back during day-to-day operations, making everything less of a hassle and more effective.

Using the right social media tools is like having an extra pair of hands to make social media management so much easier. So, here are 11 proven social media tools that can help you streamline your processes and create content at scale without sacrificing quality.

What to look for in social media marketing tools

Social media tools can significantly enhance your everyday work on social media, from campaign management to performance analysis and audience engagement.

When choosing social media tools, consider:

  • Integrations . Ensure your social media tools of choice have seamless integration with social platforms and other tools you use.
  • Intuitive interfaces . Look for user-friendly tools that don’t require hours of onboarding either from you or your clients.
  • Collaboration features . Opt for social media management tools that facilitate easy collaboration among team members.
  • Advanced analytics . Prioritize tools with robust reporting and analytics capabilities to track your progress and make data-driven decisions.
  • Automation capabilities . Choose social media tools that automate repetitive tasks to save time and reduce errors.

Social media tools for content creation and scheduling

1. planable – best social media tool for collaboration, approvals, and scheduling.

Planable is the ultimate social media tool that makes running multiple social media accounts much easier and more efficient. Planable’s trump card is seamless collaboration when it comes to social media content management.

Screenshot of a social media post for Jusco Soda with a lemon image, client approval notification, and chat about product photos.

Planable allows you to create dedicated workspaces, making it ideal for marketing teams and agencies working with multiple brands or clients across diverse platforms. In each workspace, you’re free to set custom approval workflows to speed up content down the pipeline, set specific roles, and connect the required channels.

Workspace sharing settings for Jusco Soda, showing permissions for team members with options to view, approve, edit, publish, and admin.

Workspace permissions in Planable

You get four options when it comes to the approval workflow. They span from none, for solo acts who don’t need approval from others before posting, all the way up to multi-level.

Anyone invited to your workspace can be granted approval permissions, including external collaborators such as subject matter experts from other teams, or client stakeholders.

The multi-level approval option is the stand-out feature here. Perfect for teams who need approval on content at different stages, or for agencies who run internal approvals before presenting work to the client for the final go-ahead.

Multiple approval workflow settings for Jusco Soda, showing team and client collaborators with options for none, optional, required, and multi-level approvals.

Multi-level approval flow in Planable

I love how you can see mockup previews of exactly how your posts will look in Planable’s feed view. It helps your team and any other stakeholders to understand the full context of the content while providing feedback or issuing approval.

Jusco social media feed featuring posts about orange and pineapple juice, with comments from team members discussing hashtags and scheduling.

Mockup post previews in Planable’s feed view

With Planable, you can schedule and automatically publish content to any major social media platform directly from the calendar view. Facebook posts , Instagram Reels , YouTube videos , LinkedIn PDF carousels — schedule all your content to go live, regardless of the format.

Jusco's social media content calendar, featuring posts about greens, smoothies, and soda across various platforms.

Social media calendar view in Planable

Beyond social media, Planable supports other content types like blog articles, newsletters, briefs, and video scripts through its Universal Content feature, making it one of the few social media tools that cover all your content needs.

Editing interface for a blog post about green smoothies, showing collaborative comments from Jane and Dan, with newsletter and blog post previews.

Key features

  • Collaboration features . Exchange immediate feedback, set up custom approval workflows, assign different roles, and create dedicated workspaces for each client.
  • Social media content calendar . Visually plan and schedule content across multiple social platforms. Planable offers four views: calendar, list, feed, and grid, so you can see how your post will look in your account.
  • Built-in editor. Edit images and videos directly within Planable using tools for cropping, filters, and text annotations.
  • Analytics. Track the performance of your content to optimize social media strategies and make data-driven decisions.

Drawbacks: Planable doesn’t have social listening features.

Pricing: Planable offers 50 free posts to try the platform first-hand. After that, you can choose a plan befitting your needs in terms of workspaces, users, and features. The upgrade starts at $11/month per user.

2. Canva – best for creating social media visuals

Canva is a user-friendly tool for designing visual content for social media and beyond. Its simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to produce professional-quality graphics for various social media channels.

Designing a blog post titled "New Look" featuring three women in black outfits, with editing tools and a comment from Nischal.

At the risk of making a lot of designers very angry, I can say that Canva is a solid option for social media teams that don’t have a dedicated designer.

  • Template library . Canva offers thousands of customizable templates tailored for different social media platforms, making it easy to create eye-catching posts, stories, and ads.
  • Brand kit . Maintain brand consistency by storing your brand’s colors, fonts, and logos in one place, ensuring every design aligns with your brand identity.
  • AI tools. Use AI-powered features like the background remover, magic eraser, and more to remove any stubborn element from your pitch-perfect picture.

Drawbacks: Canva is simple, so its features might be insufficient for more elaborate designs.

Pricing: Canva has a robust free plan and two paid plans starting at $12/month.

3. SocialPilot – best scheduling tool with social inbox

SocialPilot is a social media tool for managing content across various social channels. Its remarkable feature is a unified social inbox that helps you keep all your DMs, mentions, and comments tidy and taken care of timely.

Social media management inbox showing messages from various platforms and users, with a draft response ready to send.

There are also some collaboration features in the mix, allowing you to draft posts together with your team.

  • Multi-platform scheduling . SocialPilot supports scheduling for major channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Google My Business, YouTube, and Pinterest, allowing you to manage all your accounts from a single dashboard.
  • Team management. Set up role-specific permissions and internal workflows to create polished social campaigns as a team. Leverage built-in approvals to truly rock your content curation.
  • Unified social inbox . Monitor brand mentions and reply to comments and DMs on multiple platforms from one place, enhancing your social media engagement and customer service.

Drawbacks: Compared to other social media tools on this list, SocialPilot has limitations, such as lacking social media listening features and detailed Instagram analytics.

Pricing: SocialPilot has four paid plans starting at $30/month.

Social media tools for team and client collaboration

4. planable – best social media tool for real-time collaboration.

Collaboration is the very heart of Planable, making it one of the best social media tools for teams who want to leverage their collective creativity. Planable helps you craft outstanding social media posts together with your team and clients, speeding up content creation , feedback exchange, and approvals.

Draft social media post for Jusco Soda promoting Sunset Peach Fizz, featuring feedback and suggestions, with an image of a woman balancing a pomegranate on her head.

Collaboration on a TikTok post in Planable

My favorite thing about Planable’s collaboration workflow is that it’s very thought-through and easy to get a grip on. The onboarding is very smooth, leaving little to no chance of doing things wrong.

And even if you did make an error or simply decided to go back on your content, you can always revert changes, thanks to the post-activity history.

  • Custom approval workflows. You can set up your approval process the way you want, from no checks needed to multi-layered approval flows. Planable can also automatically schedule a post to go live once approved.
  • In-context feedback . Leave real-time comments, suggestions , and annotations on social media posts, images, and videos to let your colleagues know exactly what needs polishing.
  • Roles and permissions. Divide creators from approvers by setting roles within your workspace. Leverage this to create internal notes visible only to your teammates or hide drafts from curious clients.

Drawbacks: Planable has multiple collaboration tools but no project management tool like a task tracker.

Pricing: Planable offers 50 free posts. After that, you can upgrade for $11/month per user.

5. HubSpot – best for internal marketing team collaboration

HubSpot is a robust all-in-one platform that enhances team collaboration through its integrated CRM and suite of marketing tools.

HubSpot has solutions for content marketing, social media management, sales, marketing automation, and customer support. These tools can work separately or together, integrating through HubSpot CRM.

Lead generation dashboard showing metrics like contacts created, new contacts by source, lifecycle stage totals, and marketing qualified leads.

Such an extensive ecosystem helps marketing teams sync between branches and trace the customer’s journey through the whole funnel, ensuring a cohesive marketing strategy at every stage.

  • Social media management tools . Schedule posts, gather analytics, and monitor social media performance across various channels to optimize your social media strateg y and overall marketing approach.
  • Content remix . Repurpose content across different channels, transforming blog posts into social media updates and vice versa, maximizing the reach and impact of your content.

Drawbacks: HubSpot is a solution for big companies with branched-out extensive marketing teams. It would be total overkill for a small agency or in-house social media marketer who only needs basic social media tools.

Pricing: HubSpot’s CRM is free. Each Hub (Content, Service, Marketing, etc.) is billed separately. A basic bundle of all Hubs starts at $20/month.

6. Sendible – best for agency-client collaboration

Sendible positions itself as a social media tool for agencies, emphasizing seamless collaboration with external clients.

Composing a new message about a best-selling shoe back in stock, with options to send it to James Quinn, Hannah Miles, or Emilo Dean.

Besides scheduling posts and gathering analytics, agencies can easily and securely onboard clients into their dashboards without the hassle of sharing passwords. This ensures prompt feedback exchange that speeds up social media content creation and approvals.

  • Content ideas . Generate content ideas with Sendible’s holiday calendar, automated RSS feeds, and Google Alerts, keeping your content relevant and timely.
  • White-label reports . Create customizable, branded reports for your clients to showcase the key metrics and impact of your social media efforts.
  • Direct scheduling . Schedule social posts directly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Business Profiles. Utilize bulk scheduling to streamline your content management.

Drawbacks: Unlike other social media tools, Sendible doesn’t support posting to TikTok.

Pricing: Sendible has four paid plans starting at $29/month.

Social media analytics tools

7. planable – best for in-app analytics tracking.

As a social media tool, Planable provides a built-in analytics solution for tracking your performance on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok.

Social media analytics dashboard for "Your Brand" showing metrics for followers, reach, impressions, engagement, and profile visits, with detailed statistics on video plays and interactions.

Social media analytics dashboard in Planable

You can track all your core metrics on account and post-level, identify top-performing posts, and get a pretty solid overall view of your social media efforts.

  • Account statistics . Analyze your account’s performance over time, including such metrics as follower growth, reach, total engagements, and profile visits.
  • In-depth post-level insights. Break down every piece of content to see how it’s performing individually, including data on engagement, video play length, impressions, reach, and other clicks.
  • Digestible reports. Add the data you need and generate a customized, easy-to-read report. You can either download it and send the file to your clients or use a link to share it.

Drawbacks: Planable doesn’t yet provide analytics for all supported platforms (but it’s getting there).

Pricing: Planable Analytics is available in any paid plan as an add-on for $9/month.

8. Hootsuite – best analytics tool with listening features

Hootsuite is an all-in-one solution for managing your social media presence. Beyond scheduling and publishing content, Hootsuite offers detailed analytics to measure performance across multiple channels.

Product sentiment dashboard displaying breakdown of positive, neutral, and negative feedback for usability, reporting, and analytics, with custom filters for reviews, surveys, social, and email tickets.

Its social listening features are particularly handy for tracking brand mentions and identifying upcoming trends online.

  • Brand mentions and sentiment analysis . After acquiring Talkwalker, Hootsuite can now track brand mentions across 150 million websites and 30 social channels in multiple languages, in addition to its trend-identifying capabilities.
  • Best time to publish . Gain insights on the optimal times to post content to maximize reach and engagement with your target audience.
  • ROI report . Generate comprehensive reports to evaluate the return on investment of your social media campaigns, breaking down the impact and effectiveness of your strategies.

Drawbacks: Hootsuite lacks the collaboration features other social media tools have that can streamline workflows.

Pricing: Hootsuite has three paid plans starting at $99/month.

9. Sprout Social – best social media analytics tool for big companies

Sprout Social provides a huge suite of advanced social media analytics tools , perfect for large companies that need detailed insights to guide their content strategy (and have a budget for that).

Profile performance dashboard showing metrics from August 1 to September 1, 2023, including impressions, engagements, link clicks, video views, and audience, with an engagement trend graph by social network.

This social media management platform offers in-depth account and post analysis, allowing differentiation between organic and paid results for more precise reporting. It also includes ROI reports you can customize based on your client’s needs.

  • Competitor analysis . Track and compare your social media performance against your competitors, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Hashtag tracking . Monitor the performance of hashtags to understand their impact and optimize your hashtag strategy.
  • Team reports . Analyze how efficiently your team handles requests, mentions, and interactions, helping you improve response times and overall engagement.

Drawbacks: Sprout Social is quite expensive compared to other social media tools.

Pricing: Sprout Social has four paid plans (plus add-ons), starting at $249/month.

Social media AI tools

10. planable ai – best writing wingman.

Do you ever feel stuck in front of a blank page? Or just tired of rewriting the same caption for all your social media accounts so it sounds unique? Planable AI is here to solve that.

Writing an Instagram caption about blueberries using AI, with a prompt and image of blueberries and mint leaves on a purple background.

Instagram caption generation with Planable AI

Planable AI can help you generate social media captions tailored to different channels. You can make your text shorter, longer, bolder, or whatever you’d like to improve it.

  • Generate captions for images . No idea what to write under your carousel post? Upload your pictures and ask AI to generate a catchy caption based on your visuals. Works with videos, too!
  • Create text from scratch . Provide a brief description of your needs, and the AI will generate the content for you. Start a new post, click on Generate with AI, and specify what you’re looking for.
  • Edit existing text. Choose from one of the pre-made prompts (make it shorter or longer, punchier, or rewrite in another tone of voice) or give Planable AI custom instructions to polish your text.

Drawbacks: Planable AI only works for creating text, not images or videos.

Pricing: Planable AI is included in all Planable plans alongside other social media tools within the platform. Try it for free for 50 posts and upgrade later for $11/month.

11. Emplifi – best for AI-powered social media management

Emplifi is a cutting-edge AI tool that enhances social media management through intelligent automation and data-driven insights.

Emplifi dashboard displaying unified customer engagement data for actionable insights, with sections for performance overview, organic data, and social media analytics.

The platform helps teams streamline their social media marketing efforts, engage with their audience more effectively, and optimize their social strategy with AI insights derived from content performance.

  • UGC management . Efficiently manage user-generated content to increase brand awareness and enhance engagement and authenticity with ultimate social proof.
  • Emplifi AI Composer . Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 framework, this tool helps you generate tailored content at scale.
  • Unified analytics . Emplifi provides detailed data on social media performance, including competitor research, omnichannel insights, customer data, and interactive data points, to refine your strategy.

Drawbacks: Emplifi lacks the listening capabilities or collaboration features other social media tools have. Some users also mention its “heavy” UX.

Pricing: Emplifi’s Social Marketing Cloud has four paid plans starting at $2400/year (or about $200/month).

ai help with business plan

Content marketer with a background in journalism; digital nomad, and tech geek. In love with blogs, storytelling, strategies, and old-school Instagram. If it can be written, I probably wrote it.

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3 warnings in effect for 9 counties in the area

Tax preparation company intuit to lay off 1,800 as part of an ai-focused reorganization plan.

Associated Press

WASHINGTON – Tax preparation and financial software company Intuit announced an AI-focused reorganization plan Wednesday that includes laying off about 10% of its workforce.

The company behind QuickBooks and TurboTax said it was laying off 1,800 employees, but that it expects to hire at least that many in fiscal 2025 as it accelerates its focus on incorporating artificial intelligence into its products and services.

Recommended Videos

In an email to employees, CEO Sasan Goodarzi said more than 1,000 of the layoffs were employees that were not meeting the company's elevated expectations.

Another 300 positions are being eliminated "to streamline work and reallocate resources toward key growth areas," the email said.

Mountain View, California-based Intuit will also close offices in Boise, Idaho and Edmonton in Alberta, Canada where more than 250 employees work. Some of those workers will transfer to new locations, the company said.

“The era of AI is one of the most significant technology shifts of our lifetime,” Goodarzi said in the opening of his email to staff. ”Companies that aren’t prepared to take advantage of this AI revolution will fall behind and, over time, will no longer exist.”

As for severance, Intuit said that all its laid off U.S. employees will get a minimum of 16 weeks of pay, plus two additional weeks for every year of service and “at least” six months of health insurance coverage. U.S. employees received 60 days notice of their termination, with a last day of Sept. 9.

In a regulatory filing, Intuit estimated the reorganization plan will incur between $250 million and $260 million in charges, mostly coming in its fiscal fourth quarter ending July 31.

Intuit shares fell 3.6% in morning trading to $626.29 per share.

Copyright 2024 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission.

SAP Business AI: Q2 2024 Release Highlights

SAP Business AI: Q2 2024 Release Highlights

SAP Business AI is making remarkable progress in our effort to redefine the way businesses run. More than 27,000 customers already rely on SAP Business AI to achieve unseen business outcomes and achieve real-world business results.

At SAP, Business AI is embedded across our enterprise solutions, grounded in contextualized business data and process knowledge, and built on ethical AI practices.

With Joule, our generative AI copilot, users can work in natural language, revolutionizing the user experience. By the end of this year, we will have over 100 new high-value AI use cases across the SAP portfolio and 80% of the most-used tasks will be infused in Joule , helping our customers be more productive and efficient.

SAP also provides now access to all frontier and leading open source models through the generative AI hub in SAP AI Core on SAP BTP, the only platform on the market that allows customers and partners to extend embedded generative AI use cases with full large language model (LLM) flexibility while relying on deep business process integration and secure data access.

This year at SAP Sapphire , we announced a myriad of new business AI capabilities throughout our cloud portfolio, new integrations of our generative AI copilot Joule, and partnerships with companies to lift enterprise software in the era of AI.

Opening Keynote Highlights | SAP Sapphire 2024 | Bring Out the Best in Your Business

Click the button below to load the content from YouTube.

Opening Keynote Highlights | SAP Sapphire 2024 | Bring Out the Best in Your Business

I’m incredibly proud of the innovations that our engineering teams are delivering, and there’s much more ahead in the coming months. The following summarizes Q2 2024.

  • Human Resources
  • ERP & Finance
  • IT & Platform
  • Sales, Services, Marketing, and Commerce
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Sustainability

Stay informed about the latest SAP Business AI news:

  • Visit sap.com/ai and explore the portfolio
  • Read the SAP Sapphire News Guide for the latest SAP Business AI announcements
  • Explore interactive value journeys to deep dive into the newest available capabilities
  • Review the SAP Roadmap Explorer for a detailed view of our upcoming product innovations
  • Join the SAP Community page to connect with experts and share knowledge
  • Sign up for the SAP Business AI newsletter and follow me on LinkedIn

SAP Business AI in Human Resources

SAP SuccessFactors HCM General Availability

As organizations and users begin to embrace AI, HR teams can achieve higher employee productivity, engagement, and growth. SAP SuccessFactors HCM provides the global foundation, skills framework, and the purpose-built AI capabilities to allow a people-first experience and take HR to the next level. In the first half of 2024, we’ve delivered more than 25 new AI capabilities to our SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite.

Here are some highlights:

AI-assisted personal goal generation helps employees create meaningful and aspirational performance and development goals in a fraction of the time. Managers and employees can save up to 60%* of their time on goal creation.

ai help with business plan

AI-assisted writing empowers employees to enhance the quality and tone of writing across a variety of areas within SAP SuccessFactors solutions, saving up to 30%* of their time in crafting written communications.

ai help with business plan

AI-assisted person insights give managers the employee insights they need to help drive more productive discussions and informed decisions.

Managers also benefit from AI-assisted person insights that summarize complex compensation data, make recommendations, and provide talking points for discussions with employees — saving time and improving retention rates. They can save up to 10%* of their time on compensation discussion preparation.

AI-assisted Q&A/support helps employees to get answers to natural language questions about an organization’s HR policy documents. Thanks to the document grounding capability in Joule, answers are grounded in the customers’ structured and unstructured business data. With this capability, HR teams may expect a 35%* faster HR ticket resolution and a reduction of up to 60%* in volume of HR tickets submitted by employees.

ai help with business plan

AI-assisted applicant screening helps recruiters improve the time to hire by extracting and inferring candidate skills from resumes and matching them with the skills on a job requisition.

New use cases supported in Joule help both managers and employees get work done in a conversational way, such as creating or changing a position, initiating spot awards, clocking in and out, and viewing pay statements.

Watch the video below to see the latest innovations in action, and leverage the interactive value journey and the product documentation to get started.

SAP SuccessFactors 1H 2024 Release Highlights Video

SAP SuccessFactors 1H 2024 Release Highlights Video

SAP Business AI in ERP & Finance

Joule in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition General Availability

Already available in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition through the SAP Early Adopter Care program since Q1 2024, Joule is now generally available in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition, streamlining user interaction and enhancing employee productivity.

Joule can offer quick, contextual access to content and applications; users can simply ask Joule for guidance in natural language and get pointed in the right direction. The navigational pattern can help complete goals by navigating the users to the relevant SAP Fiori app and letting them work directly in the app’s web UI, where they can take advantage of all features.

ai help with business plan

Get started with the product documentation .

AI-Assisted Matching of Employees to Projects in SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Projects Beta Release

Engagement and resource managers can now match employees to projects, using generative AI capabilities embedded in SAP S/4HANA Cloud for projects. This feature helps streamline the skill-based search for employees and reduces the time to staff them on suitable projects. By using this capability, organizations can save 15 to 30 minutes* per request by identifying the candidates with the required skill set without reviewing their profiles in detail.

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AI-Assisted Hands-Free Production Order Management in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition Alpha Release

Production supervisors are now able to increase the output of a production order — even being outside of the plant. They can interact with the system using natural language and react quickly to unplanned demand from sales colleagues.

This new generative AI-powered capability allows faster access and retrieval of relevant information on production orders, efficient release of production orders by chatting with the system, and quick check, review, and change of production orders directly at the facility via voice or text.

The time needed by employees to confirm production orders can be reduced by up to 50%*. This would result in a 30 to 50%* gain in operational efficiencies and time saved for companies in the manufacturing industry.

This feature is now available as an alpha release and will be shipped globally later this year. Watch a demo here .

For a deeper look at the released and upcoming AI capabilities in SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition announced at SAP Sapphire, read Unlock Tomorrow’s Potential with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition . Visit the Customer Influence program to experience the latest features.

SAP Signavio Co-Testing with Selected Customers Only

Business process consultants using SAP Signavio software will soon be able to leverage generative AI-powered capabilities to get instant best practice recommendations and discover metrics relevant to their processes.

The process recommender capability will enable consultants to obtain preconfigured process models based on a database of more than 5,000 best practices from SAP, allowing them to move fast from initial exploration to process design, and removing the need for consulting-heavy services to define the first process draft to start the modeling activity.

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Also, the performance indicators recommender capability will let consultants obtain quick recommendations on process performance indicators (PPIs) relevant to their business processes and problems. This will help them move easily toward solving problems through a measurement approach based on a repository of thousands KPIs and PPIs.

These two capabilities are currently co-tested with select customers and will be available in Q3 2024. Visit the SAP Signavio website to learn more.

SAP Business AI in IT & Platform

Joule in the Regulatory Change Manager Tool on SAP BTP General Availability

Joule’s integration with the new regulatory change manager tool on SAP BTP enables compliance and IT professionals to evaluate regulatory updates within the context of their business and SAP solutions. Typically, over 1,000 annual regulatory changes across SAP products and business processes occur annually. With Joule, users can get quick answers and therefore save up to 70%* of the time usually spent on understanding local and global regulations.

The tool also provides an impact analysis across SAP products and solutions, helping customers maintain compliance and seamlessly manage their day-to-day operations.

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SAP Enable Now General Availability

IT administrators, training managers, and content developers can cut the time spent writing content by up to 20%* with automatic content generation and enrichment in SAP Enable Now.

Customers can use the digital adoption platform to improve the adoption, productivity, and efficiency of their software by providing in-application help and e-learning content to users. New generative AI capabilities enable them to improve user-friendliness, consistency, and quality of text-based learning content​, while reducing time and effort required to author it.

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SAP Automation Pilot General Availability

SAP Automation Pilot helps developers generate DevOps automation flows based on a simple prompt and implement projects faster without the need for expertise in various SAP tools, coding, or pursuing a long onboarding process. With this tool, developers can increase their SAP application management productivity by up to 75%* and reduce the time to onboard new application management team members for DevOps tasks by up to 70%*.

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SAP Integration Suite General Availability

System integration is foundational to the success of enterprise automation initiatives and effective ecosystem collaboration, but connecting heterogeneous systems inside and outside the enterprise is an onerous task.

The new AI-enabled anomaly detection feature in SAP Integration Suite makes it easier for developers to identify a sudden surge or drop in API calls, an increase in latency, or an increase in the number of errors detected.

By making users aware of anomalies in API performance, this technology helps identify and address issues before they escalate. This minimizes disruptions, optimizes the system performance, and achieves greater operational efficiency.

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Generative AI Hub (in SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad) General Availability

Available on SAP BTP, the generative AI hub in SAP AI Core and SAP AI Launchpad enables developers to access market leading LLMs in a governed environment, run AI models securely and cost-effectively, and maximize value creation from generative AI use cases for SAP applications. Developers can benefit from new capabilities and models that are now available, including LLMs from the Amazon Bedrock model family, and leading AI models from vendors such as Meta and Mistral AI . The full list can be found here .

With SAP BTP, customers can now establish a safe, enterprise-ready playground for employees so they can experiment and innovate with generative AI. Since this quarter, developers can interact in a chat interface within the generative AI hub, allowing a more intuitive interaction with available generative AI models, multi-model support, contextual awareness with uninterrupted dialogue, and customizable settings. Developers can expect to become more productive and enhance problem-solving abilities while maintaining data security and privacy.

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Joule in SAP BTP Cockpit Beta Release

SAP BTP cockpit helps platform administrators manage resources, services, and security. They can also monitor application metrics and perform actions on cloud applications.

Joule in the SAP BTP cockpit supports them in finding information much faster and execute transactional tasks or navigation more quickly. It increases system reliability with consistent and accurate configurations, reduces administrative costs through automation and recommendations, and improves user onboarding efficiency with automated processes.

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ABAP AI Business Objects Generator Restricted Beta Release

The integration of generative AI with ABAP Cloud will simplify the work of the 5 million-strong ABAP developer community, accelerating the development of extensions that interact with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition, SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition, and SAP BTP, ABAP environment. Available as restricted beta release since Q2 2024 and planned for general availability in the second half of this year, this feature lets software developers create ABAP business objects using generative AI in SAP BTP, ABAP Environment.

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Learn more about the ABAP Cloud announcements at SAP Sapphire .

SAP Business AI in Sales, Services, Marketing, and Commerce

SAP Sales Cloud Version 2 General Availability

Sales teams are now able to get survey insights such as summary, recommendations, and differences for upcoming visits, saving them up to half* of the time spent in compiling and analyzing the store surveys. This feature equips the sales team with information on an account’s competitive landscape and facilitates targeted and relevant customer interactions by addressing specific challenges.

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Get started with the product documentation and get to know the released capabilities with the interactive value journey .

SAP CX AI Toolkit General Availability

Launched at the end of last year, SAP CX AI Toolkit provides a comprehensive, configurable AI solution for e-commerce, marketing, sales, and service teams. These professionals can use it to streamline content creation tasks and analyze data from across the enterprise — with e-commerce teams experiencing productivity increases of up to 50%*, larger average order values, and higher conversion rates.

With the new “Ask About This Product” AI tool in SAP CX AI Toolkit, e-commerce teams can ask questions about products and will receive answers based on the product details, attributes, and further content.

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In addition, sales and service teams are now able to build personalized AI tools within the SAP CX AI Toolkit using the “AI tools builder” to solve industry-specific business challenges.

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SAP Business AI in Industries

SAP Field Service Management General Availability

In SAP Field Service Management, field service technicians can access a detailed equipment service history quickly with self-diagnostics, streamline issue resolution to minimize unplanned downtime or outages, and optimize maintenance planning.

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Get started with equipment insights .

Intelligent filtering increases the first-time resolution rate achieved by field service technicians by implementing real-time, automated workforce scheduling, planning, and dispatching. Consequently, dispatcher productivity can be increased by streamlining order search processes and optimizing resource allocation through identifying and assigning orders swiftly.

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Get started with intelligent filtering .

To deep dive into these two capabilities, follow the interactive value journey .

SAP Intelligent Product Recommendation General Availability

Sales engineers in the manufacturing sector can benefit from more precise product configuration recommendations for complex, configurable products through SAP Intelligent Product Recommendation.

By describing their requirements in natural language, they can generate tailored recommendations that better meet customer needs. Generative AI services can analyze text from diverse sources, such as emails and notes captured in SAP Customer Experience solutions or multi-page specification documents such as request for proposals or requests for quotations.

SAP Intelligent Product Recommendation also provides suggestions based on estimated parameters for lead times and CO2 footprints, enhancing accuracy and efficiency of product configurations, and ultimately improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

With this feature, sales engineers can expect to reduce the cost of the quoting process by 10%* and the cost of sales representative training by 20%*.

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SAP Business AI in Procurement

SAP Fieldglass General Availability

Recruiters can easily be overwhelmed with the volume of candidates, job postings, and the matching process, spending countless hours manually sifting through resumes.

New generative AI capabilities in SAP Fieldglass help procurement departments to streamline the recruitment of external workers. Hiring managers can generate and maintain effective job descriptions, while project managers can deliver detailed statements of work (SOWs) more rapidly. This enables businesses to quickly identify and engage contractors with the right skills and qualifications.

Job descriptions can be translated into 21 different languages, which are supported by SAP Fieldglass solutions, and a new resume-matching capability can surface the most promising candidates, leading to a reduction in work orders by as much as 15%*. This flexibility allows customers to react to fluctuating workloads and rapidly fill expertise gaps.

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SAP Business Network General Availability

Business owners and sales executives can now benefit from new generative AI capabilities in SAP Business Network to generate accurate and timely RFI responses to potential buyers in a consistent manner, leading to up to 2-4x* higher lead conversion and reducing effort responding to requests by up to 75%*.

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In addition, suppliers can generate effortless, detailed, and accurate product summaries and descriptions of network catalog products. This can reduce content creation costs by up to 50%* and up to 20%* less lost business.

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SAP Business AI in Supply Chain

Automatic Outlier Correction in SAP Integrated Business Planning General Availability

Demand planners can benefit from the new AI-powered automated outlier correction feature available in SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) for Supply Chain.

By automatically pinpointing and adjusting outliers in sales history data, the automatic outlier correction feature in SAP IBP minimizes the time spent on data cleaning while increasing the accuracy of sales forecasts. Using machine learning algorithms, the system ensures that each data point is cross validated before being classified as an outlier, enhancing the reliability of the data.

Improved Forecast Accuracy with AI-Powered Automated Outlier Correction | SAP IBP 2405

Improved Forecast Accuracy with AI-Powered Automated Outlier Correction | SAP IBP 2405

SAP Digital Manufacturing General Availability

By simplifying and optimizing visual inspection processes, visual inspection for SAP Digital Manufacturing assists production workers in finding defects faster and more accurately. They can save up to 14 hours* per error correction and reduce the human error rate by up to 20 to 30%*, while increasing customer satisfaction and reducing warranty claims.

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SAP Product Lifecycle Management Beta Release

With generative AI, product owners can now create compelling and comprehensive campaign and idea descriptions faster. This ensures clear, engaging, and impactful product messaging for customers.

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Follow this step-by-step guide .

SAP Business AI in Sustainability

SAP Sustainability Footprint Management General Availability

At SAP, we are determined to harness the benefits of AI while minimizing its energy footprint and helping our customers do the same.

One example is a new capability in the SAP Sustainability Footprint Management solution that enables sustainability teams to significantly reduce their internal manual efforts of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting using generative AI.

This feature enhances the accuracy and speed of carbon footprint calculations through automated, intelligent suggestions. By reducing the manual effort involved in mapping emission factors, businesses can achieve more precise measurements and make informed decisions faster.

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Philipp Herzig is chief AI officer at SAP.

*Disclaimer: Values mentioned in this blog post are estimates based on average industry benchmark numbers, resulting from an SAP analysis. Customers interested in a specific business case calculation can consult their SAP account team.

SAP Infuses Business AI Throughout Its Enterprise Cloud Portfolio and Partners with Cutting-Edge AI Leaders to Bring Out Customers’ Best

SAP Infuses Business AI Throughout Its Enterprise Cloud Portfolio and Partners with Cutting-Edge AI Leaders to Bring Out Customers’ Best

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SAP’s New AI Innovations and Partnerships Deliver Real-World Results

Generative AI Innovations Take Center Stage at SAP Sapphire in 2024

Generative AI Innovations Take Center Stage at SAP Sapphire in 2024


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