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Loan Management and its Role in the Lending Process

19 Pages Posted: 15 Nov 2015

Sofika Nazaj

European University of Tirana

Tirana Business University College

Date Written: November 30, 2014

Bank loan management is crucial and it is instrumental in ensuring the success or failure of any credit institution. Albanian banking system as a relatively newcomer in the market economy, started to apply modern lending rules & procedures after the major loan portfolio was already created, whereas the key role of risk management and its respective procedures was mostly unknown for the majority of banks in Albania, during the credit boom. On the other side, Bank of Albania has been relatively late in taking up its role in controlling and monitoring the process of setting up the lending structure and regulation, as a mandatory standard, applicable in lending practices for commercial banks in Albania. The adjusted Basel I standards helped banks in Albania to weather the effects of the last financial crisis, but proved incomplete, in terms of ensuring long-term loan quality management. The paper shed light on main reasons why Albanian banks lagged behind in terms of applying and implementing modern risk management practices and procedures, during the credit boom period and explain why applying rules, procedures, intending to correct mistakes done during lending process, or improving the low quality portfolio, proved to be costly and of less success. Also, the paper put emphasis on lack of properly qualified and well-trained credit officers, within Albanian banks, as most of them practiced “on job training”, and only a few banks took care of training the staff, and arranging proper organizational structures, which were mostly focusing to sales rather than risk. Finally, the paper provides some recommendations on improving internal lending practices and procedures, along with modern risk management principles and near-future full implementation of Basel II standards by Bank of Albania.

Keywords: Credit portfolio, loan quality management, Basel requirements, NPLs

JEL Classification: G21

Suggested Citation: Suggested Citation

European University of Tirana ( email )

Bulevardi Tirana Albania

Elvin Meka (Contact Author)

Tirana business university college ( email ).

Rruga Rezervat e Shtetit Lunder Tirana, 1045 Albania

HOME PAGE: http://www.tbu.edu.al

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Loan Management System for HESFB

Profile image of PETER LUBEGA

2020, Loan Management system (HESFB)

The existing system only interacts with administrators and basically spreadsheet interfaced, where students‟ tuition invoices are submitted in form of hard copies and rear communications are made upon payment deadlines. In this manual driven system, students are never given a chance to know how much funds have been allocated to their institution accounts in respect to the requested variances usually occur. The only mode of communication across the students and administrators is through phone text massages which are expensive yet inefficient. The Loans Information Management System for the above issues is to strictly put much emphasis on availing a central portal from which all inter-communications will be made in relation to disbursements among other document management and will be over sighted by the Board Secretarial department.

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Michael Wisdom

ABSTRACT Fee payment and clearance for examination protocol in the institute is one exercise the student detest a lot . the reason is not far -fetched; the manual processing method in use is time consuming and prone to some errors. the delay is even more pronounced during the clearance period when all the student submit their receipts to the clearance officer for verification before examination. As expect in manual processes, this had led to queues during the clearance period. The queuing is as a result of the clearance officer personally going through the receipt of each students and in the process some have misplaced their receipt. This project work focuses on developing software that can handle the task efficiently. In this project, the implementation of the computerized management information system for bursary department was carried out using NETBEANS IDE 8.0 , JAVA, COREL-DRAW and MYSQL for Database.

loan management system research paper

International Journal of Management, Technology, and Social Sciences (IJMTS)

Srinivas Publication

This is an information system application called Electronic-College Management and Information System (ECMIS) which is useful for staff, faculty, and principal to deal with all information about student details, academic related reports, college details, course details, batch details and other related details. This is user friendly and easy to use system. All the important data are stored in the database and it avoids any miscalculation. It replaces the old and traditional file (paperwork) storing process; it even provides editing facilities for data which would be tedious through paperwork. It eliminates manual work (Manual system does not mean that we are working with pen and paper, it also includes working on spreadsheets and other simple software's). With this we can retrieve student‘s information instantly. The major benefit of this web portal is to store the student‘s information in one place and can be accessed easily. This is a software application which is responsive in nature.


After developing an application through which student from different location can access school information and take admission using online system. Fill admission form cost reduced , man power will be reduced. This project mainly aimed on developing a live project for school organization. This project can accessed by the user and clients with proper login credentials provided to them by the organization. This project will also handled by the administrator(Admin) who will monitor the whole project. The main objective of this project is to compute the fees of student studying in the organization. Also the objective includes maintainance of fee record of the students. An organization may contains hundred or more students so to keep the records of all of them , we need a system that is user-friendly and easy to understand and easy to operate. There are large number of students who pay all their fee through cash deposits or banks drafts to the school account in a specific bank branches. This method have proven inefficient in more ways than one. This system was developed using ASP.Net , C#(Sharp), Bootstrap, Css JavaScript and MySQL database.

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Yohanes S Japriadi

The verification system of tuition and thesis payment at ISB Atma Luhur which is running is felt to be less effective and efficient because students must come directly to campus with proof of payment during working hours to verify the payment. Also, there is the possibility of negligence by the finance department that only stamped the payment slip without doing a flag, consequently, related students were unable to carry out the selection of lecture groups and thesis supervisors when the schedule began. This caused them to not get the favorite lecture groups and thesis supervisors because the quota had run out. To overcome this problem, an information system for verification of tuition payment and web-based thesis verification will be developed with an adaptive layout design so that it can be accessed by laptop or smartphone users without reducing comfort during operation. The system development model and tool used in this research are the waterfall model and the Unified Modeling Lan...

abdul quddos wali khan

The project name is STUDENTS INFORMATION SYSTEM (SIS) for UOM. An SIS is a website that creates a single point of access to information collected from different sources .e.g. Different departments like computer science, software engineering etc. For students information and records manual system is used which is a headache for both administration and students. The project is basically for department of software engineering department where a desktop base application is used for students records maintenance. The current system does not have any feature of students fee record, no logout feature and only the clerk of department can use this system. It has no connection with examination section or finance section. The system we are going to develop can be used by all departments of University Of Malakand.

Equity Journal of Science and Technology

Maruf Oyelakin

Cooperative societies are growing in Nigerian Educational institutions. Members of different groups within theseacademic settings have been coming together to support each other financially through saving and incidental accessto loans. A good example of such cooperative groups is ASUP SICHST Makarfi cooperative society limited. Oneof the key challenges that most of these societies face in their day-to-day administration is the use of manualtechniques for management of cooperative records. ASUP SICHST Markarfi cooperative society limited is used asthe case study in this work. The society is registered by government of Kaduna State and is operating at Shehu IdrisCollege of Health Sciences and Technology, Makarfi. Despite having some proposals for deploying ICT solutionsto manage cooperative activities, it was observed that there is paucity of works that specifically identify the needto provide solutions to loan application management problem in a custom scenario. This study proposed a...

Manzu Gerald S . Kenyi

The rapid growth of Information in today’s world call for technology to be used in handling the ever increasing Information. Universities and Colleges keep tons of information about their students, academic staff, research and etcetera. Through studying the current existing system, it was easier to design and develop a functional, scalable and efficient Information System for the College of Computer Science and Information Technology. In-line with today’s technology, the College Information System eliminates most of the paper work within the college. Information concerning students, Courses and lecturers can well be managed using the system as opposed to paper work, which is associated with; time wastage, loss of information, inefficiency in updating records, and inaccuracy. The use of an Information System in a College not only eliminates the paper work for efficiency, but also aids the College administration in the decision making process, since reports and other management information can be generated from the system.

KnE Social Sciences

Shuja Shabbir

This project on “IIMSR Student Management System” is useful for easy user interface. The system utilizes the powerful database management, data retrieval and data manipulation. This project provides more ease for managing the data than manually maintaining in the documents. The project is useful for saving valuable time and reduces the huge paper work. It will help educational Institutions like schools and colleges will keep track of their student records like personal details,contact details,marks details, etc. The Internet is rapidly becoming a part of the everyday lives of a majority of people in the world. People perform various activities on the Internet and one of them is storing their data in data-base where they are interested in. In these data base’s they can post the queries and they can retrieve the required data. Obviously there is a need of Student Information System software for management of student’s data. There are many departments of administration for the maintenance of college information and student databases in any institution. All these departments provide various records regarding students. Most of these track records need to maintain information about the students. This information could be the general details like student name, address, performance, attendance etc or specific information related to departments like collection of data. All the modules in college administration are interdependent. They are maintained manually. So they need to be automated and centralized as, Information from one module will be needed by other modules. For example when a student needs his course completion certificate it needs to check many details about the student like his name, registration number, year of study, exams he attended and many other details. So it needs to contact all the modules that are office, department and examination and result of students.

Namakau Lubinda

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Engineering, MAthematics and Computer Science Journal (EMACS)

Fadhilah Nur'aini


SMCC Higher Education Research Journal

Marlon Juhn Timogan

Zenodo (CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research)

Ailen Laguda

Doreen Auma

nabila zati

International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET)

IJRASET Publication

International Journal of Advance Research and Innovative Ideas in Education

Mansi Ghadigaonkar

cindy dwi puspita sari


Peter G Obike

IRJET Journal

suraj kumar

babangida ibrahim

IJCSMC Journal , Ihsan Hassan

Tajebe Tsega

Lakshmi Narayana

aishwarya pandey

International Journal of Recent Innovations in Academic Research

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Kashif Hussain

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