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Extenuating circumstances.

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Extenuating circumstances (ECs) are events that affect your performance in assessment and are usually either unforeseen or unpreventable and outside your immediate control. For example: 

Sudden illness, such as appendicitis or food poisoning

A flare up of a chronic condition 

A mental health difficulty 


Responsibilities such as caring for someone close to you or jury service. 

The University has been making various adjustments to many aspects of teaching and assessment to account for the impact of the pandemic but if your studies have been particularly affected it is worth putting in an extenuating circumstances form via e-vision to explain this.  

Minor ailments such as colds and normal levels of exam stress or anxiety are not generally considered to be extenuating circumstances. Your circumstances will be taken more seriously if you can show that they were significant, unexpected, unavoidable and happened around the time of the assessment. 

If you're not sure about your particular situation,  contact Just Ask  or your school office for advice. 

It is a good idea to keep your school regularly informed of any personal matters affecting your studies. You are in charge of your personal information and what you do with it, so the University will only take into account what you choose to disclose. The only way that exam boards can be notified that a student has been affected by difficult circumstances is via the extenuating circumstances system. What this means is that you must fill in a form, even though you might also have discussed things with your tutor or another member of staff. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit Extenuating Circumstances?

Extenuating circumstances forms are available on eVision. Find more information and the link to the form here . 

When filling in your form, you will need to give as much information as possible but be clear and concise. There is a limit of 1500 characters for the 'explain your situation' section. You need to explain how your extenuating circumstances affected your studies. Make sure that you include all the units that were affected.  If you'd like help with wording your explanation of your extenuating circumstances, contact Just Ask and we can give feedback on your draft text. 

What evidence do I need?

If your extenuating circumstances are health-related you can provide a letter from your doctor, counsellor, psychiatrist or other health-care professional. If you have been a victim of crime, include a crime reference number or police report. Please contact Just Ask if you are not sure about this. 

Is there a deadline to submit Extenuating Circumstances?

The deadline for submitting your extenuating circumstances form is the first working day after each exam period. This includes the August/September resit period. Your school office will send you email reminders. If you don't submit your form before the deadline the University may not be able to consider your extenuating circumstances.  The eVision form will only allow you to submit the form for particular dates. If your circumstances continue for more than one date range, submit a form for each period. If you miss the deadline for submitting extenuating circumstances the only way you can get them taken into account retrospectively is by way of an academic appeal.

I’m ill, do I need to submit extenuating circumstances?

You need to submit an extenuating circumstances form with evidence if you are absent from an exam or timed assessment, or are ill during an exam, and have been unable to self-certify. See our page on self-certification .

I have been absent, do I need to submit extenuating circumstances? 

You need to submit an extenuating circumstances form with evidence if you are absent from teaching for more than seven consecutive days. We would also recommend that you let your personal tutor know about any periods of absence. 

I can’t finish my coursework, do I need to submit extenuating circumstances?

If you are unable to submit a piece of coursework by the deadline, or you submit it late, then you need to submit an extenuating circumstances form with evidence. 

I feel my performance in assessment has been affected, do I need to submit extenuating circumstances?

If you complete an assessment or exam but wish to tell the University about extenuating circumstances that affected your performance, then you need to submit an extenuating circumstances form with evidence. 

I have had an extension, should I still submit extenuating circumstances?

If you have had an extension for a piece of work, but you feel that your performance in the assessment was still affected, then you should submit an extenuating circumstances form with evidence. The extension and extenuating circumstances processes are separate, so it is important to do this if you feel the extension hasn’t adequately mitigated for your circumstances. See our page on extensions .

What happens to my form and what are the possible outcomes?

Your school’s extenuating circumstances committee (ECC) will review your form and evidence and assign a classification based on their severity and duration. The ECC provides the exam board with the classification. The exam board are told which assessments are affected but aren’t given any details of your circumstances or personal details. 

The exam board will look at your marks and your extenuating circumstances classifications and they will decide whether and how they can take your extenuating circumstances into account. Exam boards never change marks but possible options they can consider include: disregarding a mark for the purposes of calculating your overall degree classification, allowing a further attempt at a unit uncapped, allowing you to take a supplementary year uncapped. There is more information about this in the regulations (19.26-19.30) . 


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Reasonable Adjustment Extension Assignments - guidance for Module Leaders

Where a work item is set up in ISIS to feed into Blackboard as an assignment, any approved extension for that work item, will also be set up to be submitted via Blackboard. Marks for extended assignments will not automatically extract to ISIS and need to be given to your School Student Programme and Support (SPS) team to enter manually in ISIS.

This webpage is intended for use by Module Leaders as a guide to what they need to know about the extension assignments in Blackboard - it is not an explanation of the full extension request process.

Who creates the extension assignments?

Your School Student Programme and Support (SPS) team will create the extended assignment in your Blackboard module.

SPS have access to a function in Blackboard which creates a copy of the original ISIS fed assignment but with the agreed extended due date. The function adds an adaptive release rule which only permits specific students to see and submit to the assignment.

Are extension assignments created for Grade Mappings?

No. Extension Assignments are only created for work items set up to be full Blackboard Assignment submissions. If you have a grade mapping work item for which you have manually created an assignment in Blackboard, you will need to manually create an assignment for the extension too.

So that only the relevant student(s) has access to it, you will need to add an adaptive release rule to the extension assignment as follows:

Once you‘ve created the extension assignment, hover over the assignment name and click to open the drop down menu; Select Adaptive Release; the Date section will bring forward the start and dates that you have set in the assignment - leave these as they are; in the Membership section select Browse and select the appropriate student; Submit to save the Adaptive Release rule. The extension assignment will then only be visible to the student you‘ve added in the Adaptive Release rule.

There is full guidance available on manually creating assignments , including adaptive release rules.

How will I know if an extended assignment has been created in my module?

Once the extension is approved by your School SPS, part of that process is to inform both the Module Leader and the student.

Extension assignments for first run assessment work items will be placed in the Assessment area of your module. Extension assignments for resit run assessment work items will be placed in the Resit Materials area of your module.

Extension assignments are prefixed with RA to deadline for a Reasonable Adjustment extension. This prefix is in addition to the original assignment name. For example, with an ISIS fed assignment called ESSAY:2000 word essay, the extension assignment will be called RA to deadline:ESSAY:2000 word essay .

Once the due date has passed, all instructors attached to the module will receive the automated Available for Marking email notification. This will prompt you to looking in the Marking Tools for extension assignment submissions.

Will the student with the extension still see the original assignment submission point?

Yes. Both submission points will be visable to the student.

The student who has the extension will be given clear communication from your School Student Programme and Support (SPS) team on what the extension assignment is called i.e. it will have the appropriate prefix of RA to deadline .

Will the student with the extension receive non-submission emails?

Students who have extension assignments will still receive the non-submission emails regarding the original assignment submission. They will not receive non-submission emails for the extension assignment.

Non-submission emails are only generated for assignments fed from ISIS.

Can I see in Blackboard which student has been given the extension?

You will be informed by your School SPS when an extension assignment has been approved and for which student. In addition, you will be able to see which student(s) have access to the extension assignment by looking at the Adaptive Release rules.

To check the Adaptive Release rules, find the extended assignment in the module and hover over the assignment name, then expand the drop down and select Adaptive Release. Scroll down to the Membership section and you will see a table showing which students have been given access to the assignment.

How do I mark extension assignment submissions?

Please note that the Spreadsheet Marking tool cannot be used for marking extension assignments. Extension assignments should be marked via the Grade Centre - as the extension assignment is separate to the original deadline, it will have it‘s own column in the Grade Centre.

Carry out the marking as you would for other Blackboard assignment submissions. When you release marks and feedback, these will go to the students via Blackboard but the marks will not automatically extract to ISIS. You will need to provide your School SPS team with the marks for extension submissions manually so that they can enter them into ISIS by hand.

Back to top

Late submission window

The 48-hour late submission window is effective from 1 September 2023. Late submissions before this date will have five days.

What is the 48-hour late submission window?

You are expected to plan your workload to avoid being impacted upon by a minor illness or other causes, such as technical issues. However, if you encounter unexpected difficulties, a 48-hour late submission window is available to all students, during which you can submit your assignment without penalty. 

An assignment cannot be submitted after the late submission window has ended. Failure to submit the assignment within the 48-hour late submission window will result in a non-submission being recorded.

Can I access support during the 48-hour late submission window?

For the assignment that is due, your programme or module team will not be able to provide with you any additional assignment support within the 48-hour window. You will, however, be able to access support from other UWE Bristol services such as Student Support Advisers  and the Wellbeing Service . 

Do I need to provide evidence to use the 48-hour late submission window?

No, if you are unable to meet the original hand-in deadline you do not need to provide a reason or evidence indicating why you need to use the late submission window. 

Reasonable adjustment to a deadline

The reasonable adjustment length is 14 days following the original hand-in deadline for students who are eligible for the reasonable adjustment, as a disabled student, carer of a disabled person or due to pregnancy, maternity, and paternity. There are certain exceptions to this. Please see our page on applying for a reasonable adjustment for more information.

Apply for a reasonable adjustment

For resit submissions, the reasonable adjustment length is 5 days following the original hand-in deadline.

There may be cases where the 48-hour late submission window cannot be accommodated for due to the nature of an assignment. These assignments will be exempt from the 48-hour late submission window, and you must submit by the deadline. You can check whether your assignment is exempt on the module Blackboard page or the assignment brief.

Further support

We want all our students to be able to succeed and so we want to support you if personal difficulties or circumstances affect your studies and mean that you may be unable to complete, submit or attend assessments. If this happens to you, please contact us via the Information Point  and we will give you advice and support.

If you do not pass a module at the first sit, you will normally get an automatic resit. Find out more about uncapped resits .

Our  Information Point staff  will help you understand the options available, and can refer you to specialist staff or support processes as appropriate to your situation.

For further information, please look at our assessment support options webpage .

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  1. Coursework

    coursework extension bristol

  2. Coursework

    coursework extension bristol

  3. Coursework Extension Form 1

    coursework extension bristol

  4. Coursework Extension Doc Template

    coursework extension bristol

  5. The Coursework area

    coursework extension bristol

  6. Tips for successful completion of Coursework

    coursework extension bristol


  1. Request a coursework extension

    Bristol Veterinary School (BVSc courses and postgraduate taught programmes) contact your school to request an extension. All other students should use the coursework extension form. Complete the form. Be clear and concise but explain fully why your ability to submit your work by the due date has been affected.

  2. Assessment support

    How we store your data. Any personal information you share with us as part of exceptional circumstances, self-certification of absence or coursework extension process (including forms and evidence) is stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act.. It will be confidential to your School or Faculty's Exceptional Circumstances Committee (ECC) unless you raise it as part of an ...

  3. Extend your studies

    Apply to extend your studies. Speak to your school (PGT) or supervisor (PGR) for advice as soon as possible. Consider the implications of extending your study, for example, accommodation, visa, and funding. Request an extension of study form from your school or faculty office (depending on local arrangements).

  4. Supporting evidence

    a coursework extension request; an extension of studies request (PGT) a suspension request. Schools will not normally accept a request for exceptional circumstances or grant coursework extension requests if evidence is not provided. If you are requesting to suspend on medical grounds, you need to submit supporting medical evidence.

  5. Exceptional circumstances

    Exceptional circumstances are unexpected, unavoidable, and outside of your control. They: impact your ability to complete an assessment. impact your academic performance in an assessment. cause you to miss a coursework deadline where you did not have an extension. If you experience this, you can ask the exam board to consider the impact on your ...

  6. Forms

    [email protected]: Coursework extension request form: Undergraduate, postgraduate: Refer to: Request a coursework extension: Defer access to a research degree dissertation: Research postgraduate: Refer to: Delay public access to your thesis (dissertation) Exams outside of the UK request form (Office document, 33kB)

  7. PDF Extenuating Circumstances, Coursework Extensions and Notifying Absence

    up to and including 14 calendar days or may defer the coursework to later in the academic year (normally in the second summer assessment period or date as advised by the school). 10. Evidence is not required. 11. Any application will be automatically approved. 12. A student may request an extension but later choose to defer the assessment. 13.

  8. Coursework

    UWE Bristol defines "coursework" as a piece of work that you would normally complete outside of the classroom. The following are all types of coursework (so the information on this page applies to them): ... if the extension falls on a Saturday or a public holiday then it will last until 14:00 on the next working day.

  9. Extenuating Circumstances

    If you are unable to submit a piece of coursework by the deadline, or you submit it late, then you need to submit an extenuating circumstances form with evidence. ... The extension and extenuating circumstances processes are separate, so it is important to do this if you feel the extension hasn't adequately mitigated for your circumstances ...

  10. Reasonable Adjustment Extension Assignments

    Once the extension is approved by your School SPS, part of that process is to inform both the Module Leader and the student. Extension assignments for first run assessment work items will be placed in the Assessment area of your module. Extension assignments for resit run assessment work items will be placed in the Resit Materials area of your module. ...

  11. Late submission window

    However, if you encounter unexpected difficulties, a 48-hour late submission window is available to all students, during which you can submit your assignment without penalty. An assignment cannot be submitted after the late submission window has ended. Failure to submit the assignment within the 48-hour late submission window will result in a ...

  12. Coursework Extension Form Bristol

    Coursework Extension Form Bristol, The Hiding Place Essay, How To Write An Essay About A Person's Education Transformation, Customer Service Professional Resume Objective, Dowry Essay Topics, Sample Resume Hr, Persuasive Essay Stop Smoking

  13. Coursework Extension Form Bristol

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  14. Coursework Extension Form Bristol

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  15. Coursework Extension Form Bristol

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  17. Bristol Coursework Extension

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  19. Bristol Coursework Extension

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  22. Bristol Coursework Extension

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  23. Coursework Extension Form Bristol

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