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  1. 301-Ownership/Assignability of Patents and Applications

    A patent or patent application is assignable by an instrument in writing, and the assignment of the patent, or patent application, transfers to the assignee (s) an alienable (transferable) ownership interest in the patent or application. 35 U.S.C. 261 . II. ASSIGNMENT. "Assignment," in general, is the act of transferring to another the ...

  2. Forms for patent applications

    For general assistance in completing the patent forms below or to request paper copies of the forms, contact the USPTO Contact Center Division at 1-800-786-9199 (1-800-PTO-9199) or 571-272-1000, and select option 2. To report a problem with a fillable patent form, please email [email protected].

  3. 602-Oaths and Declarations

    The inventor's oath or declaration must be executed (i.e., signed) by the inventor or the joint inventors, unless the inventor's oath or declaration is a substitute statement under 37 CFR 1.64, which must be signed by the applicant, or an assignment-statement under 37 CFR 1.63(e), which must be signed by the inventor who is under the ...

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  5. PDF No.: For: ASSIGNMENT OF PATENT Whereas, Is transferring ownership of U

    ASSIGNMENT OF PATENT Hereafter referred to as said assignee is desirous of acquiring the entire right and interest in said patent/application. ... by these presents do sell, assign and transfer unto said assignee the entire right title and interest in aforesaid patent to the full end of the term for which said Patents is granted. Whereas, (Name ...

  6. Procuring U.S. Patents without a Signed Assignment of Patent Rights

    Recording an assignment may be necessary to permit the assignee to "take action" in the patent application during prosecution and for the patent to issue in the name of the assignee. 37 CFR 1.46; MPEP §§ 301, 302, 605 . In other words, assignees may face obstacles prosecuting a patent without an executed assignment.

  7. Assignment Center

    Sample of a Patent Assignment (PDF) Sample of a Trademark Assignment (PDF) Resources. Upload a Document (PDF) Trademark Assignment Fees (Fee codes: 8521 and 8522) Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) Trademark Manual of Examining Procedures (TMEP) Assignment Search ; Tutorial. Assignment Center Patent Training Guide (PDF)

  8. United States Patent and Trademark Office

    Select one. Enter name or number. This searchable database contains all recorded Patent Assignment information from August 1980 to the present. When the USPTO receives relevant information for its assignment database, the USPTO puts the information in the public record and does not verify the validity of the information. Recordation is a ...


    As a below named inventor, I hereby declare that: This declaration is directed to: The attached application, or. United States application or PCT international application number , filed on. The above-identified application was made or authorized to be made by me. I believe I am the original inventor or an original joint inventor of a claimed ...

  10. Frequently Asked Questions about Patent Assignment

    A license is a grant (assignment) to the licensee of various licensed rights. The situation can be further obscured by the fact that one can assign the licensed rights from one entity to another. Thus, the first recordation of a license may be recorded as a "license," while the assignment of those same licensed rights to another entity may ...

  11. Patent Application Declarations for Unavailable or ...

    A signed assignment may serve as a declaration if the assignment includes the information and statements required in 37 C.F.R. 1.63(a) and if a copy of the assignment is recorded in the USPTO's assignment database. A copy of an inventor's declaration from a prior application in a benefit chain may also serve as a declaration for the ...

  12. US Inventor Declarations & Assignments

    Declarations (i) and (ii) can be signed off by the acting attorney; declaration (iv) however must be signed by each inventor. 2/ Make sure any employment agreements, particularly for research & development staff, clearly address the employee's obligation to assign any IP rights created, and include language which actively and presently ...

  13. Patents Assignments: Change & search ownership

    Assignment Center makes it easier to transfer ownership or change the name on your patent or trademark registration. See our how-to guides on using Assignment Center for patents and trademarks. If you have questions, email [email protected] or call customer service at 800-972-6382.

  14. Assignment Center

    If the assignment has been recorded, it cannot be canceled. You must follow the procedures outlined in the Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP) Section 503.06. Regarding patents and patent applications, assignment records cannot be canceled and are rarely expunged; see MPEP 323.01 for correction of assignment records.

  15. Process Overview for Patent Assignments

    A process overview for patent assignments involves understanding the fundamental principles of intellectual property transactions, preparing and executing necessary documents, and identifying patent ownership rights. It is vital to determine the assignment value, negotiate terms, and draft agreements that comply with legal requirements. ...

  16. Patent Forms

    Forms for Applications filed on or After September 16, 2012. Power of Attorney Flowchart. Inventor Declaration for Utility or Design Application and Assignment for Single Assignee. Inventor Declaration for Utility or Design Application and Assignment for Multiple Assignees. Power of Attorney by Applicant (Inventor) - Use this form when the ...

  17. Patent Assignment Agreement Notarization Process

    A patent assignment agreement is a legal contract that transfers ownership of a patent or patent application from one entity to another, granting the assignee the right to exercise all rights and responsibilities associated with the intellectual property. This agreement is vital for maintaining patent protection, as it safeguards that the ...

  18. Filing an Assignment and Oath/Declaration for a Deceased Inventor

    One example is satisfying the assignment and declaration requirements for a deceased inventor in Post-AIA patent applications. Ownership of a patent gives the patent owner the right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, selling, or importing into the United States the invention claimed in the patent. 35 U.S.C. § 154(a)(1).

  19. PDF AIA Inventor's Oath or Declaration Quick Reference Guide

    Electronic Patent Application System (EPAS). 1. File the application via EFS-Web and obtain an application number. 2. Submit the assignment-statement for recording in EPAS on the same day the application is filed to avoid a surcharge for delayed submission of the inventor's oath or declaration. Check the box in EPAS to notify the Office that ...

  20. PDF Combined Declaration and Assignment (37 Cfr 1.63)

    I hereby acknowledge that any willful false statement made in this declaration is punishable under 18 U.S.C. 1001 by fine or imprisonment of not more than five (5) years, or both. Address all correspondence and telephone calls to LEXYOUME IP MEISTER, PLLC., 5180 Parkstone Drive, Suite 175, Chantilly, Virginia 20151; Telephone: (703) 263-9390 ...

  21. 37 CFR § 1.63

    (a) The inventor, or each individual who is a joint inventor of a claimed invention, in an application for patent must execute an oath or declaration directed to the application, except as provided for in § 1.64.An oath or declaration under this section must: (1) Identify the inventor or joint inventor executing the oath or declaration by his or her legal name;

  22. PDF Intellectual Property Agreement (IPA) assignment

    hip, and rights of one's property to another. Intellectual property (such as inventions and patents), is an intangible type of personal property, and under patent law, patent appli. ions have the attributes of personal property. By signing the Intellectual Property Agreement (IPA) an employee assigns to the University the entire title ...

  23. MPEP 602.01(a): Inventor's Oath or Declaration in ...

    The inventor, or each individual who is a joint inventor of a claimed invention, in an application for patent (other than a provisional application) must execute an oath or declaration directed to the application, except as provided for in 37 CFR 1.64.See 37 CFR 1.63(a) and 35 U.S.C. 115.An oath or declaration must: (1) identify the inventor or joint inventor executing the oath or declaration ...