Essay on Holiday for Students and Children

500+ words essay on holiday.

Holidays are very important parts of everyone’s life, be it a student or a working person. Everyone deserves to take a break from the monotony to rejuvenate and maintain their health. Holidays help us do exactly that.

Essay on Holiday

Other than that, a holiday allows us to complete all our pending work. Nowhere will you find a person who dislikes holidays. From a school going toddler to your house help, everyone looks forward to holidays and see them as a great opportunity to relax and enjoy .

Importance of Holidays for Students

When one thinks about what a holiday means for students, we notice how important it is for the kids. It is a time when they finally get the chance to take a break from studies and pursue their hobbies.

They can join courses which give them special training to specialize in it. They can get expert in arts, craft, pottery, candle making and more. Furthermore, they also make new friends there who have the same interests.

In addition, students get to visit new places on holiday. Like during summer or winter holidays , they go with their families to different cities and countries. Through holidays, they get new experiences and memories which they remember for a lifetime.

Furthermore, it also gives them time to relax with their families. Other cousins also visit each other’s places and spend time there. They play games and go out with each other. Moreover, students also get plenty of time to complete their homework and revise the syllabus.

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Importance of Holidays for Working People

Holidays for working people are somewhat similar to what they mean for students. In fact, they carry more importance to them than students. Though they are adults, they also yearn for the holidays. Why so? They do not get as many holidays as students do.

Most importantly, the holiday no matter how little it gives them a great chance to relax. More so because they work tirelessly for so many hours a day without a break. Some even work when they get home. This makes their schedule very hectic and gives them little time to rest. A holiday fills the gap for this rest.

Read 500 Words Essay on Summer Vacation

Similarly, due to such a hectic schedule working people get less time to spend with their family. They get distanced from them. Holidays are the perfect chance to strengthen their bonds and make amends.

In other words, a working person needs holidays for the smooth functioning of life. Without holidays they will face pressure and won’t be able to be productive when they work non-stop. After all, when a person earns, they must spend it on something recreational from time to time so they also remain happy and work happily.

Thus, we see how holidays play an important role in maintaining a great balance between our work and play. We must try to make the most of the holidays and spend them wisely so we do not waste time. Never waste a holiday as they are very few in number where you can actually, rest or utilize it properly.

Q.1 What importance does a holiday hold?

A.2 A holiday is one of the most important parts of anyone’s life. It brings joy and comfort to everyone. Everyone loves holidays as they give them time to relax and enjoy themselves with their families.

Q.2 How can one spend their holidays?

A.2 There are many ways to spend a holiday. You can pursue your hobby and take professional classes to master the art. Furthermore, you may also travel the world and discover new places and experiences to get more exposure.

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An Overview of My Favorite Holidays Throughout the Yaer

An Overview of My Favorite Holidays Throughout the Yaer essay

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My Favourite Holiday Essay: 100,200,250 Words For Class 3

My favourite holiday essay 100 words.

My favorite holiday brings a pause to the daily rush, offering a cherished chance to unwind and reconnect with loved ones. This day is eagerly awaited, as it promises freedom from the routine, allowing for leisure and the pursuit of hobbies.

Whether it’s spending quality time with family, exploring new places, or simply enjoying the tranquility of home, every moment is treasured. The joy of not waking up early for school or work, and the liberty to plan the day as desired, makes it profoundly special. This holiday symbolizes relaxation, happiness, and the simple pleasures of life, making it my absolute favorite.

My Favourite Holiday Essay 150 Words

My favorite holiday stands as a beacon of relief in the relentless flow of daily commitments, offering a much-needed respite that reinvigorates my spirit. This special day, freed from the clutches of routine, is a sanctuary where time slows, and life’s simple joys are amplified.

It’s a day marked by the warmth of family gatherings, the laughter shared over meals, and the serene moments of solitude that replenish my soul. Each activity, whether it’s a leisurely stroll in the park, diving into the pages of a gripping novel, or engaging in cherished hobbies, is imbued with a sense of freedom and contentment.

The anticipation leading up to this holiday is filled with dreams of relaxation and the joy of stepping away from the usual demands of life. It’s a time when connections are deepened, and memories are made, embodying the essence of joy and the importance of taking time to celebrate life’s beautiful moments.

My Favourite Holiday Essay 200 Words

My favorite holiday stands out as a beacon of relaxation and joy in the relentless tide of daily routines. It’s the time when the constant ticking of the clock seems to pause, allowing us to breathe freely and immerse ourselves in the warmth of cherished moments. This holiday is not just about stepping away from the demands of work or school; it’s about reconnecting with the essence of life that often gets overshadowed by our responsibilities. It provides a perfect blend of leisure and adventure, enabling us to explore new places or rediscover the comfort of our own homes through a different lens.

On this special day, the joy of sleeping in without an alarm, indulging in hobbies that time usually doesn’t permit, and savoring unhurried meals with family transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s a day where laughter fills the air, and the worries of life are put on hold. For students, it’s a break from the pressures of academics, a time to play and dream. For working adults, it’s a precious opportunity to unwind, rejuvenate, and perhaps tick off some long-postponed personal projects.

What truly elevates this holiday above all others is the way it stitches memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s a simple family dinner, an impromptu backyard camping adventure, or a quiet afternoon spent with a good book, these moments become treasures. This holiday is a reminder that in the pursuit of our ambitions, taking time to cherish life and loved ones is paramount. It encapsulates the essence of joy, peace, and the simple yet profound pleasure of just being.

My Favourite Holiday Essay 250 Words

Holidays serve as a precious break from the monotonous rhythm of daily life, offering a sanctuary for relaxation and the pursuit of hobbies. Among all, my favorite holiday encapsulates the essence of joy and tranquility, standing out as a cherished pause in the ceaseless flow of responsibilities. This holiday, observed amidst the bustling life, is eagerly anticipated for its promise of leisure and family time. It’s a period when the usual rush to school or work halts, allowing for moments of unhurried pleasure and togetherness.

On this particular holiday, the significance extends beyond mere respite; it embodies the joy of being home, not bound by the constraints of time and schedules. It’s a day when sleep is not cut short by alarms and the day’s agenda is filled with activities of choice rather than obligation. For students, it brings the delight of freedom from academic duties, offering ample time to indulge in play or to dive into the world of their favorite books. Working individuals find solace in this break too, seizing the opportunity to unwind, attend to personal projects, or cherish quality moments with family and friends.

What makes this holiday my favorite is the blend of relaxation and the opportunity it offers to strengthen bonds with loved ones. It’s a time when families come together, sharing stories, laughter, and possibly embarking on short, memorable excursions. The simplicity of enjoying a home-cooked meal with family or watching a beloved movie together holds unparalleled charm.

This holiday reminds us of the importance of taking a pause, stepping back from the hustle of life to relish the simpler joys. It reinforces the idea that while pursuing our goals is vital, finding moments of peace and happiness in the company of our dear ones is equally essential. It’s a testament to the fact that sometimes, the best memories are forged not through grand adventures but through the warmth of spending time with those we love.

My Favourite Holiday Essay For Class 2

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love Christmas because it is very happy and exciting. We put up a big tree in our house and decorate it with lots of colorful balls and lights. It looks so beautiful.

Santa Claus comes on Christmas night. I put a sock near my bed, and in the morning, I find gifts in it. Opening the gifts is so much fun. I wonder what I will get every time.

We eat yummy food like cake and cookies. My family sits together, and we laugh and talk. We also sing Christmas songs, which makes me feel very happy.

I love Christmas because I spend time with my family and get presents. It is the best holiday for me.

My Favourite Holiday Essay For Class 3

My favorite holiday is Christmas because it is very fun and special. Christmas means we get to decorate our house with lights and a big Christmas tree. The tree looks so pretty with all the colorful ornaments and shiny tinsel. On Christmas morning, I wake up excited to open the presents that Santa left under the tree. I love guessing what each gift could be before I unwrap it.

On this day, my family comes together, and we all help to make a delicious dinner. We have tasty foods like turkey, mashed potatoes, and lots of cookies for dessert. After dinner, we sit together and watch Christmas movies. It makes me so happy to see everyone smiling and having a good time.

What I love most about Christmas is not just the presents but being with my family and feeling happy together. We play games, tell stories, and laugh a lot. Christmas is a time when we show love to each other, and that makes it my favorite holiday. It’s a very special day that I always look forward to every year.

My Favourite Holiday Essay For Class 5

My favorite holiday is Christmas, and I love it because it’s a time filled with happiness, beautiful lights, and family gatherings. Christmas is special to me not just because of the presents, but because it’s a day when my whole family comes together to celebrate. We decorate our house with sparkly lights and a big, green Christmas tree. The tree gets decorated with colorful balls, stars, and lights. It looks so beautiful that I could stare at it all day.

On Christmas morning, I wake up early, excited to see what Santa has brought for me. Opening presents with my family is the best part. We all sit together, and it feels like a big treasure hunt. After opening gifts, we have a big meal. My family cooks delicious food like turkey, pies, and my favorite, mashed potatoes.

Another reason I love Christmas is that we get to share joy and love. We sing Christmas songs, and sometimes, we even go caroling around our neighborhood. It’s fun to see everyone’s smiling faces. We also spend time talking, playing games, and watching Christmas movies together. It’s a holiday that brings my family closer, and we make lots of happy memories.

Christmas is about giving, caring, and sharing joy with others. It reminds me to be thankful for what I have and to spread happiness. That’s why Christmas is my favorite holiday. It’s a magical time that fills my heart with joy.

My Favourite Holiday Essay 200 Words In English

My favorite holiday is Christmas because it is full of joy and brings my family together. Every year, we decorate our house with colorful lights and a big Christmas tree. The tree looks amazing with all its decorations and twinkling lights. It makes our home feel very cozy and festive.

Christmas morning is the most exciting part. I wake up early, full of excitement to open the presents Santa left under the tree. My family gathers around, and we take turns opening our gifts. It’s fun to see everyone’s happy faces.

We also enjoy a special meal on Christmas. My family cooks delicious foods like turkey, stuffing, and lots of sweet treats like cookies and pies. We all sit together at the table, share stories, and enjoy the food. It feels great to be with everyone I love.

During Christmas, we do fun activities like singing carols and watching holiday movies. These moments are special because we laugh and have a good time together. Christmas is about giving, loving, and spending time with family. It reminds me to be thankful for all the good things in my life.

I love Christmas because it’s a happy time that brings joy and peace. The time I spend with my family. Christmas always leaves me with beautiful memories that I cherish all year long.

My Favourite Holiday Essay 100 Words

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Reflective Essay: My Favorite Holiday Memory

I’ve had many wonderful holidays, but my favorite memory is that of a few summer weeks spent in Italy when I was about 13. My mom had to go to a clinic there for treatment (nothing severe or worrisome in any way, thankfully), and we all went together as a family and took the opportunity to have a beautiful vacation as well. Why this is my favorite holiday memory is because, besides the fact that it was the first time abroad for me, it was a vacation that has broadened my perspective, taught me a lot, and helped shape a bit of who I am today.

Although we did visit many famous places in northern Italy, we stayed mostly in a little town where some friends of my parents lived. While all the renowned attractions in the country were, indeed, marvelous, nothing immersed me in the Italian culture and nothing helped me understand the locals’ Latin spirit better than my stay in this picturesque, almost magical town that many haven’t even heard of.

At 13, I was quite a shallow girl who was interested mostly in having fun with the girls – and not much else. Thanks to the holiday spent in Italy, I also discovered my passion for music, which stayed alive in me to this day and will probably stay forever. My parents’ friends had a son, Ricardo, who was a pianist. While dad had repeatedly but unsuccessfully tried to make me study an instrument (and stick to it), when I heard Ricardo play, I instantly fell in love with music and felt a great desire to learn it. Ricardo taught me the first song I ever played on the piano, a silly, playful little tune that I still know by heart. Oh, and he was my first crush, too.

Another reason why I will never forget my holiday in Italy is the short trip we took to the Italian Alps at some point. I had never seen such majestic beauty before! The snow-covered peaks, the intimidating rocks, the fresh, harsh air – what an experience! And what I remember impressed me the most was the fact that, although this was a popular touristic area, the region was incredibly clean, still “natural”, with places that seemed to never have been touched by humans. Then, the shallow teen that I was learned what a real treasure nature is and how important it is to protect it.

Finally, there’s one peculiar memory from this vacation that stuck with me for reasons that I can’t say I grasp. It’s a pineapple & cheese sandwich that they sold at the clinic my mom went to for treatment. What a simple and ingenious mix of flavors – a sheer joy for the taste buds! I think it was the first time I tasted a mix of “regular food” and exotic fruit all in one, and I believe this is what triggered in me the pleasure I know have for experimenting with flavors in my cooking and coming up with unusual dishes. Looking back on it, this simple sandwich can also be a good metaphor for how you shouldn’t overcomplicate things in life – sometimes, the simplest solution and a bit of flair or courage can bring astonishing results.

My trip to Italy helped me understand more about other cultures, allowed me to find my passion (and let’s not forget about my first crush), taught me to cherish nature and do my best to protect it, and – maybe – inspired in me the courage to experiment (or, at least, it gave me the opportunity to discover that I adore pineapple & cheese sandwiches). This is why it is my favorite holiday memory.

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Essay on Holiday


Essay on Holiday for Students

‘Holiday’ is such a fascinating word that catches the fancy of each one, be it she or he, everybody finds it bliss to go for a holiday. We may be from any walk of life but we quite relate to this term ‘holiday’ equally. Professional people love holidays and children pray for the same. When it comes to holidays every grown-up and the working person acts like a child, desperate to relish the days of holidays. With the odds, if the holiday is cancelled, they will be sad and grumble as a child.  

Holidays are rightly known as pressure busters for the people. The normal routine of life requires a few days to relax. The holidays are always welcomed and awaited by all. Holidays give us immense peace and we cherish the memories of these well-spent days for the rest of our lives. Holidays help us in the following ways:

Mental Peace:  

We can derive mental harmony and mental calmness by staying at home and also by spending the holiday time with friends and family. 

Social Activities:  

The students in their holidays can also include the social activities that they do with their loved ones. 

Family Trip:  

We enjoy a family trip or a family excursion during these holidays.  

It is to be understood that gaining money is significant for livelihood, but relaxing the mind to make it function better is also as important. Hence, for the smooth working of life, a break is certainly required. 

Essay 1: Essay about Holiday with My Family

This time, in the winters, our small family planned for a holiday in the hills of Darjeeling. This was a much-needed break for the members of this family to remain quite busy in their daily scheduled life. They remain occupied in the strictly disciplined life of either work or study. My little sister and I study in grades 8 and 4, respectively, my father is a deputy manager in his reputed company, and my mother is a working lady and also a housewife. So, you can guess how our life will be in the strict realms of schedule. Thus, this time, my father and I decided on a short trip to the hills. 

We started our journey on the 1st of December, 2019. On the way, we played a variety of games. The view over the hills was quite pleasant to watch. When we were on the top of the summits, we looked down at our town, which seemed like a toy town; how small that was from the top! 

We clicked pretty snaps of the places, clicked pictures of us, of the local residents there, after which we went to a famous restaurant to eat our afternoon meal. We had the most delightful dumplings and noodles, which were cooked and served to us when still on steam. 

As dusk dawned on us, the jungles over the hills seemed to tell us another story of spirits and supernaturals. My sister and I were quite fantasized about this view. We preferred to keep our eyes shut till we reached our destination. It was half-past 8 when we reached the hotel where we would spend the night. The hotel staff was kind people who welcomed us with great warmth. We freshened up and went downstairs to watch their cultural program. The tribes danced to the music of one of their traditional songs, which was quite amazing for us to watch. After this, dinner was served. The dinner was quite rich and they served us in a sophisticated manner. After the tiring day, we decided to call it off and went to sleep.

The next day, we went hiking in the mountains. When we reached the peak of the mountains, it was a very delightful view. We decided to camp for the rest of the day there in the hills. The scenario and being on the lap of nature were quite peaceful and serene.   

After the trip, we came down to our town and normalized our lives. 

This trip had ushered a sense of great peace and calmness in my mind, which was to be instilled. The memories of the trip were to remain fresh in my mind like the fresh droplets on the leaves. 

Essay 2: Essay on Holiday 

Holidays have joyous feelings related to them. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love this holiday because it comes in December, which is also my birth month. There are a lot of exciting things we do during Christmas. We start making preparations for Christmas early before the month starts. 

This year, my friends and I made snowmen with snow outside our houses. My dad put up all the lights in the interior and exterior of the house. It was looking really bright and pretty. My mom made a lot of food, cakes, and snacks, and ate with our family. My cousins from the US came over to spend time with us. 

Our whole group of family and friends ate and talked and laughed with each other, sitting cozily near the fireplace, with the Christmas tree towering over us. I had a lot of fun. It is one of my best experiences and I hope to feel it again. 

Essay on Importance of Holidays for Students 

Holidays are very important for students. The importance of the same can be listed as follows:

Students can join courses, like in extra activities like arts, crafts, pottery, candle making, and more. 

Students get to visit new places in the holidays. 

They can go out with their families and friends and can make abundant memories, which will leave an imprint on their life. 

Holidays give them time to relax with their close ones.

Students also get a lot of time to complete their homework and revise their syllabus.

How to Spend School Holidays Essay 

To spend the school holidays, students must include this list:

Educating self

De-stressing and relaxing 

Improving physical health 

Getting a new hobby

Visiting interesting and fun workshops

Learning skills, like martial arts

Being a part of a book club or a public library

My Best Holiday Experience Essay 

In writing about the ‘Best Holiday Experience’ Essay, I would say the best holiday I spent was on the sea beach; the sunny weather on the beach of goa was no less than a divine holiday. The best experience of this holiday came from sharing nature’s beauty and also staying at the best resort in Goa. 

The holiday is a day off or a few days off from the monotonous routine of the everyday schedule. Holidays are equally loved by students as well as by the working people. Holidays prove to be beneficial to us in many ways when they are spent with memories and good activities.


FAQs on Essay on Holiday

1. How important are Holidays for Working People?

 Vacation or holidays improves the blood pressure levels and also the mental health of the working people. Vacationing ensures that these people have a healthy body and also a happy heart. The working people crave to spend their days with their family and loved ones; what better can it be than going on vacations with them. Honestly, holidays keep working people from becoming monotonous robots who only work to get paid. The holidays help them feel recharged and relaxed, after which they are more receptive and active towards work.

2. What kind of Social Activities are to be done on a Holiday?

Social activities such as getting a new hobby, starting to read a new book, organizing a get-together party, playing games, talking about an interesting and informative topic, visiting a peaceful place, paying a visit to the parents or grandparents can make wonderful holidays.  

3. How would you Define a Holiday?

A holiday is such a day that is given a day off by a custom or by law on which all the normal activities, especially the business or work including the school cease to operate. Holidays are stress-busters, which act the same for all the people. 

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Essays About Holidays With Family: Top 5 Examples and Prompts

Looking for an interesting topic for your next essay? Check out our top essays about holidays with family and a list of prompts for inspiration. 

Holidays with family can create memories of a lifetime – some for good reasons and some for unpleasant incidents. Aside from giving the weary a break from work, holidays also provide an opportunity for families to gather, enjoy and make new, lasting memories together. Many cultures celebrate holidays differently and have holidays unique to their cultures and countries.

If you’re writing an essay about holidays with family, here is our list of essays that will keep you glued and reflect on your holidays. 

1. A Guide To Navigating Food And Family During Holidays by Katherine Speller

2. forgiveness perfect gift for the holidays by käri knutson , 3. everything that went wrong on our family vacation (and why it was still totally worth it) by michelle weisenberg, 4. consumerism culture is dangerous to the true meaning of christmas by frank portillo, 5. holidays away from home: an ofw christmas by beatrice del rosario, anakin loewes garcia, ronald manuel laylo, 1. your most memorable holiday with family, 2. why are holidays with family important, 3. an eco-friendly family holiday, 4. planning the best holiday destination, 5. camping for the holidays, 6. holidays on the beach, 7. history of spending holidays with family, 8. avoiding covid-19 while on holidays, 9. how to ensure a stree-free family holiday, 10. budget-friendly tips for holiday travels.

“The confidence you bring — from listening to your body and being sure that you are allowed to feel however you want about your food choices — will do wonders for dealing with any criticism, comments or plate-policing from (mostly) well-meaning family members or people with their own food hang-ups.” 

Planning what to bring or cook for a family holiday dinner may come with many anxieties and pressures, especially if you have critical family members. The article presents the thoughts of a psychotherapist and eating disorder expert who advises readers on how to best respect their own dietary needs and boundaries while embracing those of their families. 

“During the holidays, people who otherwise avoid each other can be thrown together in family or social situations that force the issue. It can be painful to ask for forgiveness and risk rejection… but it’s something we sometimes have to accept.” 

There’s no better gift to present to your family on holidays than forgiveness. In this article, psychology professor Robert Enright is interviewed to talk about the process of forgiveness, why people hold back from forgiving, and what helps people let go of their anger.

“Our vacations are NEVER dull. They usually entail at least one sick child/trip to the ER and one major catastrophe. It’s gotten to the point where we simply expect these things. As our pediatrician says, ‘I wish you people would just stay home.’”

Family holidays for this author cannot be complete without a disaster, from water-submerged diabetes testers to stolen backpacks and a kid getting wounded by a knife. Yet, despite these incidents, Weisenberg still sees the beauty in their travels, with its indelible memories outweighing any unfortunate event happening in all their family holiday travels.

“Instead of buying gifts for one another, we should be focused on creating memories with each other — an immaterial gift that will last far longer than this year’s Apple Watch.”

Instead of strengthening family bonds, many look forward to holidays to get a hand at things they’ve been meaning to buy. The article laments how the culture of consumerism and materialism has engulfed us, spoiling the true meaning of family holidays, wherein making memories together should suffice. 

“OFWs sacrifice quality time with their loved ones by providing for them from afar. Each family has their own way of coping with that absence. Every shared moment, be it physically or through the aid of technology, encapsulates the spirit of Christmas for loved ones near and far.”

The article interviews overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) or those who sacrifice their time with loved ones to bring more income to their families. As Christmas has a special place in the hearts of all Filipinos, OFWs’ nostalgia is at its peak during this holiday when they cannot be home with family. OFWs in the article talk about their homesickness and how they cope at Christmas time.

Writing Prompts  on Essays About Holidays With Family

Here is our round-up of creative prompts for your essay:

Essays About Holidays With Family: Your most memorable holiday with family

Describe your most memorable holiday with your family. Put in as many elements that made this holiday profoundly impact you. Then, for a more powerful effect, make the narration as vivid as you can, from the dining table filled with delectable food to how your siblings stifled a laugh upon seeing the neon sweater your aunt gave you as a present.   

Aside from creating new memories that strengthen relationships, holidays with family can help you immerse in new cultures and experiences. Collate studies that investigate the impact of family holidays on one’s well-being. Summarize their findings and provide your analysis.

Environmentalists lambast the overindulgence that comes with holiday merry-making. Enumerate the holiday practices that are dangerous to the environment. Next, encourage families to strive for a green holiday instead of resisting the strong temptation of excess. Then, provide tips on how one can step up to reduce carbon footprint and care for Mother Nature.

Deciding which destination is best for your family will largely depend on the preference of each family member and your budget. Provide tips on how one can choose their destination and how one should prepare for this. Remind readers that they don’t have to spend too much for the “best” holiday destination. As long as families are together on this special day, that should mean more to them than anything else. 

Camping is the best way to get close to nature while creating a stronger bond with parents, siblings, and relatives. Enumerate why camping is the best way to spend your holiday with family. You may also provide a list of essential things to bring when going on a camping trip. 

Frolicking on the beach is not just the best way to beat the heat. It’s also an excellent way to spend the holidays with your family, especially if you have kids who love water activities — but who doesn’t? For this prompt, you can narrate your holiday spent on the beach with your family. You can also provide your reader with a list of the best beach spots in your country.

There are several national holidays around the world. The origin of each has its unique story that makes them all interesting and worth experiencing. Pick one or a few holiday celebrations, particularly those best spent with family. First, write about their history and how they earned the designation as holidays. Then, detail the family traditions that come with their celebration. 

While many countries are now mask-free, COVID-19 remains to infect like wildfire in some places. List a few tips on how families can enjoy the holidays and be safe from COVID-19 or any raging virus. Examples could be encouraging readers to avoid COVID-19 hotspots, bringing antigen tests, and placing alcohol bottles within easy reach. 

What makes one full of fidgets when a holiday with relatives is fast approaching? Is it the critical aunt who might notice your added weight or the thought of celebrating the holidays in a remote place without internet access? First, cite the most common sources of holiday stress. Then, offer recommendations on how to put aside the nervous energy before and during the holidays.

You may also interview some friends to know their major sources of family holiday anxieties. Then, find out how they overcome them. 

Holidays can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Write a list of tips on how one can spare extra cash for accommodation, public transport, and more. Remind your readers that holidays can be fun without pumping out a lot of cash. If you’re not into travel, you can focus on budget tips for holiday shopping.

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essay about favourite holiday

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Essay on My Favorite Holiday Destination

Students are often asked to write an essay on My Favorite Holiday Destination in their schools and colleges. And if you’re also looking for the same, we have created 100-word, 250-word, and 500-word essays on the topic.

Let’s take a look…

100 Words Essay on My Favorite Holiday Destination

My beach adventure.

My favorite holiday place is the beach. It’s full of fun and sunshine. The beach has soft sand where I love to build castles and dig holes. The sound of waves is calming, and I enjoy collecting colorful shells along the shore.

Splashing Around

Swimming in the sea is the best part. The water is cool and refreshing, especially on hot days. I can jump over waves or float on my back, looking up at the blue sky. Sometimes, I even see fish swimming near me!

Evening Calm

As the day ends, the beach becomes peaceful. The sunset paints the sky in beautiful colors. I like walking with my family, eating ice cream, and watching the sky change as stars appear. It’s the perfect end to a perfect day.

250 Words Essay on My Favorite Holiday Destination

My favorite place to visit.

Every year, many people look forward to their favorite holiday. For me, the best place to spend a vacation is the beach. The beach I love most is in a small town called Seaside Town.

The Journey to Seaside Town

The trip to Seaside Town is part of the fun. It is not too far from my home, so my family can drive there. We play games and sing songs along the way. When we see the blue sea from our car window, we all get very excited.

Fun on the Beach

The beach is the best part of Seaside Town. The sand is soft and golden, perfect for building sandcastles. The sea is clear and cool, great for swimming. I love to collect shells and sometimes, if I am lucky, I find starfish. Playing beach volleyball with my family is also something I enjoy a lot.

Delicious Food

Seaside Town has some yummy food. We eat at small restaurants that serve fresh fish and chips. Ice cream from the beachside shops is a treat I always look forward to. Everything tastes better with the sound of the waves in the background.

Why I Love It

This beach is my favorite holiday destination because it is peaceful and fun. I can relax with a book under an umbrella or join in the lively games. Every visit brings new adventures and happy memories with my family. That is why I can’t wait to go back to Seaside Town every year.

500 Words Essay on My Favorite Holiday Destination

Introduction to my favorite holiday spot.

When school is out and the weather is warm, many families pack their bags and head out for a vacation. My family is no different. Out of all the places we have visited, there is one spot that stands out as my favorite: the sunny beaches of Goa, India.

The Beauty of Goa

Goa is a small state on the west coast of India, but it’s big in beauty and fun. The beaches are lined with golden sand and the sea is a clear blue. Palm trees sway in the breeze, and the sunsets are like paintings in the sky. Every time I visit, I feel like I am in a paradise where the days are long and the nights are lively.

Fun Activities in Goa

There is no chance of getting bored in Goa. During the day, the beaches are perfect for building sandcastles, playing volleyball, or just relaxing with a good book. If you love adventure, you can try water sports like jet skiing or parasailing. My favorite is banana boat rides, where you try to stay on a banana-shaped boat as it speeds across the water.

Goa is also famous for its food. The local dishes are a mix of Indian and Portuguese flavors. Seafood is very popular, and I always look forward to eating fresh fish, prawns, and crabs. There are also plenty of sweet treats like ‘bebinca,’ a layered cake, which is a must-try for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Learning About Culture

Goa has a rich history and culture. Old churches and forts tell stories of the past. I love visiting the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which is a famous church that holds the remains of St. Francis Xavier. It is not only a place of worship but also a spot where you can learn about the history of Goa.

Meeting Friendly People

The people in Goa are very friendly and always have a smile on their faces. They are happy to talk to tourists and share stories about their home. This makes the trip even more special because you feel welcome and part of the community, even if you are only there for a short time.

Goa is my favorite holiday destination because it has something for everyone. Whether you like relaxing on the beach, trying new sports, eating delicious food, learning about history, or meeting new people, Goa is the perfect place to be. Every trip there is a new adventure, and I can’t wait to go back again. It’s a small piece of heaven on Earth that makes every holiday memorable.

That’s it! I hope the essay helped you.

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Student Opinion

15 Prompts for Talking and Writing About the Holidays and the New Year

Share your traditions, weigh in on a seasonal debate, write a creative story or reflect on the year behind you while preparing for the one ahead.

Hands fill up plates from dishes of food on a table with a red tablecloth. A bowl with a green salad is in the center of the table, and next to it is a casserole dish of macaroni and cheese and a candleholder with six red candles.

By Natalie Proulx

Merry Christmas , happy Hanukkah , joyous Kwanzaa and happy New Year.

To celebrate the season, we’ve rounded up 15 prompts we’ve written over the years that you can use for writing or discussion in the classroom, among your friends or at your holiday gatherings. You might talk about your beloved family traditions, weigh in on a seasonal debate, write a holiday-themed short story or poem, or reflect on the year behind you and prepare for the one ahead.

Each of these prompts was inspired by a New York Times article, essay or image, and many of them are still open for comment for students 13 or older.

For more writing prompts and conversation-starters, see our related column .

1. What Holiday or Holidays Are You Celebrating This Month?

Hanukkah? Christmas? Kwanzaa? A combination? Something else? Use this prompt to talk or write about your own holiday celebrations — or those that other families have that you wish you could be a part of.

2. What Are Your Family Traditions?

Students who weighed in on this prompt told us about preparing 12 meals for Ukrainian Christmas, making the haft sin for Nowruz, lighting the candles on the menorah for Hanukkah and playing the game White Elephant. What rituals help you mark the holidays or reflect on the year?

3. What Foods Will Be on Your Holiday Table?

Food is an important part of holiday celebrations all over the world. What dishes will be on your table this year? You might talk about the best festive snacks and finger foods with this prompt , or take inspiration from Lunar New Year and share your favorite holiday food traditions with this prompt .

4. How Do You Decorate for the Season?

Traditional or modern? Over-the-top or more understated? Discuss the way your family decorates for the holidays — or how you wish it did — with these two prompts. How do you think you will choose to decorate your home when you are older?

5. What Role Does Religion Play in Your Holiday Celebrations?

Several of the winter holidays have religious roots. In “ Saying Goodbye to Hanukkah ,” a writer asks whether you can celebrate traditionally religious holidays without religion. What do you think? Read the essay and then use this prompt to talk or write about how much religion is a part of your life and your holiday celebrations.

6. Do You Look Forward to Family Get-Togethers This Time of Year?

The approaching holidays often mean spending more time with family members, who come from near and far. Who do you look forward to seeing this time of year? Do you enjoy large family get-togethers or do you find them overwhelming? Use this prompt to talk or write about your most memorable family gathering.

7. What Makes a Great Gift?

What are you giving this holiday season? What are you hoping to get, or what have you already received? Use this prompt to share your gift-giving dos and don’ts, talk about the best and worst gifts you’ve gotten and weigh in on the adage “It’s better to give than to receive.”

Or, use this prompt to debate the commercialization of Christmas and whether experiences make better gifts than physical items do.

8. Should Phones Ever Be a Part of Family or Holiday Gatherings?

Now it’s time for a holiday debate: Are phones and other electronics welcome at your family or holiday gatherings? Do you think they should be? Can they ever be helpful? Or are they a distraction from spending quality time with your loved ones? Discuss these questions and others with our related prompt .

9. What Will You Be Watching, Listening To and Wearing This Season?

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”? Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”? An ugly Christmas sweater, perhaps? Use these prompts to debate the best and worst holiday films , share what’s on your seasonal playlist and plan your special holiday outfit .

10. What Can You Do for Others This Year?

This year, Nov. 29 was #GivingTuesday on social media, a day when you were invited to take a break from buying things, and, instead, show generosity to others. The Giving Tuesday website suggests thinking about it this way:

Whether it’s making someone smile, helping a neighbor or stranger out, showing up for an issue or people we care about, or giving some of what we have to those who need our help, every act of generosity counts, and everyone has something to give.

What do you have to give? What people, issues or causes are important to you? What can you do this holiday season to give back? Tell us here , and then get more inspiration from the Opinion section’s Holiday Giving Guide .

11. What Seasonal Story Could These Images Tell?

Related Picture Prompt

essay about favourite holiday

A magical gift. A sledding adventure. A family gathering. What story could these images from around The Times tell? Choose one or more of the holiday- and winter-themed picture prompts from the slide show above, and then write a creative short story, poem or memoir inspired by them.

Another option? Use one of these images to play Exquisite Corpse with your friends, family or classmates: One person starts by writing or saying aloud the first line of a story based on the image, and then another person adds on, and so on.

12. What Were the Best and Worst Things About 2022 for You?

The Times’s art and culture critics often end the year by compiling a series of “best of” lists — the best TV shows , movies , art , songs , podcasts , books , comedy , poetry , theater , dance performances and more .

What would be on your “best of the year” list? What would be on your “worst of the year” list? What art or pop culture did you love or loathe? What news, sporting events or viral social media moments did you think were great or terrible? What were the most notable aspects of your personal, family or academic life? Use this prompt to help you make your “best” and “worst” lists and then compare them to those of other students.

13. What Would You Pick as Word of the Year?

Every year the Oxford English Dictionary selects a “word of the year” that is meant “to reflect the ethos, mood or preoccupations” of the previous year. For 2022, the publisher chose “goblin mode.” What do you think of this choice? What is one word or phrase that you think sums up this year? Weigh in on our related prompt .

14. What Was the Best Day of Your Year?

When you look back on the past year, what would you say was your most memorable day? Were you celebrating a big life event or achievement, like getting your license? Or were you doing something more mundane — perhaps talking to a friend on the phone, making a meal for your family or taking a long walk alone? What made that day so special to you?

Even though this prompt was written in 2021, you can still use the article and questions to take some time to appreciate your favorite day of this past year.

15. Do You Make New Year’s Resolutions?

As one year ends and another begins, will you take stock of all that you have (or haven’t) accomplished and make resolutions for the year ahead? Or, like other Gen Zers, according to this article , do you set goals all year round? Use this prompt to talk or write about the various goals or self-improvements you are currently working toward, as well as those you’d like to focus on in the New Year.

Students 13 and older in the United States and Britain, and 16 and older elsewhere, are invited to comment. All comments are moderated by the Learning Network staff, but please keep in mind that once your comment is accepted, it will be made public and may appear in print.

Find more Student Opinion questions here. Teachers, check out this guide to learn how you can incorporate these prompts into your classroom.

Natalie Proulx joined The Learning Network as a staff editor in 2017 after working as an English language arts teacher and curriculum writer. More about Natalie Proulx

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